Fantasy Visit


My heart beats quickly as I step off the plane and into the gate. My green eyes scan the crowd of people, hoping to see you. I set down my bag and pull my long, brown hair up into a ponytail. The April air is muggy and the moisture from my body has caused my damp shirt to cling to me.

A tall figure steps through the crowd. Dressed in khakis and a blue button-down shirt, you approach me with a smile on your face. Although I am not naked with nothing but a trench coat on, as I once joked, my light purple tank top and short black skirt please you enough. Your eyes glance up and down my body, stopping at my tits, which are not large, but have wonderful nipples that you can see poking through my tank top. You continue moving your eyes down my body, pausing at my skirt. You remember what I told you I do when I wear a skirt. This makes you smile. You look down at my legs, which are long for my 5’3” body, and see my small, manicured feet; my toenails painted a deep purple.

I wrap my arms around your strong shoulders in an embrace, as I feel your hard cock pressing against my stomach. I know how easily you get excited, and I like the thought of knowing that I am the reason for this. The thought produces an increasing dampness between my legs. I pick up my bad and follow you to your car.

On the way to your apartment, you ask me how my flight was and tell me a little about your day at work. The whole time, your eyes are staring at my thighs, wanting to see the rest of my beautiful body. My eyes look Manisa Escort into yours, but also glance down at the huge bulge in your crotch. I feel my nipples harden again, as they brush against the fabric of my top. The wetness in my pussy is becoming too much to handle, and I hope I am not leaving a spot on your seat.

You put your hand on my thigh and I smile. My excitement is obvious on my face and body. I lean my head back against the seat and close my eyes, as your hand travels farther up my thigh, under my skirt. You are teasing me. We come to a stop and I open my eyes, realizing that we are at your apartment.

I follow you to the elevator and you push the “Up” button. We stand in silence, then you look at me, putting your hand on my face and bringing my mouth to yours. Our lips meet and our mouth open, as your tongue begins to explore mine. I can only imagine where else your tongue will soon be exploring.

The elevator doors open and we step in. I see your lean forward and press the “Stop” button. You know how erotic I find elevators to be and you quickly pull me to you, grabbing my tight ass with your strong hands. Your cock is now harder than it was before. You kiss me deeply and feel my tits pressing against your chest. My hands are running up and down your strong back. Your hands begin to push my skirt up, revealing the secret I let you in on…I am not wearing any panties. You grab my tan, naked ass and push me to the corner of the elevator. You tell me to Manisa Escort Bayan sit on the railing, and I do.

I spread my legs wide open for you, my wet pussy dripping down my thighs and back to my ass. You kneel in front of me and rub the inside of my thighs. You suddenly bring your tongue to my clit and slowly start licking. You lick the entire length of my slit, tasting me. My wetness is pouring onto your tongue. You bring your index finger to my clit and rub it in small circles. I am now breathing quickly and moaning heavily, begging you not to stop.

Your tongue dives in and out of my wet cunt, faster and faster. My orgasm is building and I feel as if I am going to explode. Faster and faster you fuck my pussy with your tongue, your finger expertly massaging my clit. I grab my tits and pinch my nipples as I scream out, your tongue thrusting into my pussy. My orgasm flows through my body, as my juices overflow, filling your mouth. You drink them up. You look up at me and smile, with wetness dripping down your chin. I pull you towards me and kiss your lips, tasting my own sweetness. Now, it’s my turn to thank you.

I get down on my knees and reach for the zipper on your pants, pushing them down. I can see how badly your cock wants to be released. I pull down your boxers and your large cock spring out, sticking straight up at me. I lean forward and slowly lick up, from the base to the head. I continue licking, while massaging your balls in my small hands.

I Escort Manisa bring my hands to your cock and put my lips on your balls. I gently take them into my mouth, sucking and rolling my tongue over them. My hand is jerking your cock and you ache for my mouth to be there instead.

I grab your ass and open my mouth wide, bring the entire length of your meat deep into my throat. I suck up and down as you hold my head for support. Your cock hits the back of my throat with each thrust as I swirl my tongue around at the same time. I can feel you growing inside my mouth, so I stop.

I lick in circles around your shaft, moving my tongue to the head. I linger there, flicking my wet tongue on your engorged head. I take the tip of my tongue and dip it in your hole, swirling your precum around. I suck the head, then let it pop out of my mouth. You are moaning and begging for me to continue, so I do.

I look up into your eyes as I wrap my lips around your cock, bringing it inside of my hot mouth. I begin to suck faster and faster, moaning at the same time. I grab your ass and thrust your cock into my mouth, as deep as I can, forcing you to grunt as you shoot loads of hot cum into my mouth.

I try and swallow it all, but a few drops escape my lips and drip down my chin, onto my tits. I slowly get up and passionately kiss you, wanting you to taste what I have just swallowed. You press the button for your floor and I wait in anticipation. My pussy is soaked again as the door open and you lead me to your apartment.

My eyes wander the room, stopping at two pair of handcuffs placed on a table next to the bed. I am quickly aroused at the thought of what will happen in the next few days. You tell me to make myself comfortable, and I do.

To Be Continued…

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