Favour Returned Ch. 04


Having giving me a tour of the grounds Ann took me on a tour of the house. As we turned a corner of one of the corridors we saw the maid walking towards us, the look of surprise on her face unmistakable. She could not and did not fail to notice the signs of the sex we had enjoyed outside, her face coloured with embarrassment. Ann introduced me to her and told her that I was to have anything I wanted. Mary, for that was her name, blushed even more. Did Ann’s comments have a hidden meaning? We continued, Ann showed me where her suite was, that of her husband’s, where the staff bedrooms were, finally we reached my room.

“Dinner at 7 sharp in the Dining Room.”

With that she opened the door and left.

I entered. The room was a suite of rooms, a large lounge overlooking park land at the rear of the house, a bedroom off to the right with a four poster bed, off the bedroom was a walk in wardrobe and dressing room, a room with a double jacuzzi, and finally a large bathroom. Never before had I seen a bathroom like it, a large double bath, large double shower enclosure, twin hand basins, and what initially I took to be two toilets before I realised one was a bidet. My imagination ran riot with the possibilities that this now presented for use in her further sexual education.

As the grandfather clock chimed 7 o’clock I entered the dining room, Ann and her husband were already seated. He motioned me to a chair positioned such that I was facing the both of them across the table. The door opened and Mary entered with the first course, she was followed by the nurse. Obviously Mary had been chatting with the nurse for, despite her best efforts, she could not avoid staring at me. As the nurse fed Ann’s husband and Ann and I ate our meal the conversation was banal in the extreme. Each time Mary entered she seemed to look at me more intently and, to my surprise, longingly. As she cleared away the dishes from the last course I looked deep into her eyes, she held my look and blushed. There was something about her that set my pulse racing but I couldn’t put my finger on it, she wasn’t overly attractive, her figure was average and I’d hardly spoken to her.

With the meal finished and everything cleared away the nurse left, the conversation became more personal.

“When Ann came to see me this afternoon I smelt the unmistakable odour of sex and could see the cum on her thighs. I knew from looking at her that you had given her the pleasure I cannot.”

There was a resigned sadness in his voice, they looked at each other and Ann grasped his hand. A look of love and understanding passed between them, I felt very uncomfortable.

“I asked her for the details and she described the tremendous climaxes you gave her, I used to get great pleasure giving and seeing her orgasm. Now I am reduced to experiencing her pleasures at second hand.”

Again they looked at each other, I did not know what to say. Then without thinking I blurted out.

“Why don’t Ann and I have sex with you present, you can still pleasure her with your tongue while I fuck her. You can kiss each other, and you will be there when she climaxes.”

They both looked at me, the silence was deafening, had I overstepped the mark? They looked at each other, a slight nod to each other.

“Thank you. I would appreciate that but not tonight, I’m too tired.”

A pause as they smiled at each other.

“You chose well”

He looked at me.

“Tomorrow afternoon, 3 o’clock.”

Ann looked at me, tears in her eyes. They looked back at each other.

“Can you take me to my room now?”

Ann rose and moved the wheelchair to the door, I thought I would not see her till tomorrow but now he surprised me again.

“I shall look forward to tomorrow, in the meantime Ann will come to your room later, say 10.30.”

Ann turned to me and smiled, with that they left as the clock chimed 9 o’clock.

I had an hour and a half to wait and decide what to do. Should I give her the next lesson in sexual awareness that I had planned or let her take charge as she had done earlier? Preparing for the lesson but waiting to see how things would develop seemed the obvious answer. Having prepared everything I looked at the clock, it was 10.15. Looking out of the window at the view across the fields lit by moonlight my attention was caught by a light coming on in one of the staff bedrooms. Something told me to keep looking, my patience was rewarded when I saw Mary move to the window and look out, another figure joined her, it was the nurse. She put an arm around Mary’s waist, they turned towards each other and kissed before drawing the curtains. Interesting. Now I had an idea for yet another lesson for Ann, although Mary might take some persuading, but I had a hunch I could persuade her.

At this point you may be wondering why Ann’s husband did not appear Manisa Escort concerned that she might leave him for me despite her obvious love for him. The answer was simple, he knew she would not leave the house and the wealth it represented. A life with a salesman who could give her great sex but could not even afford to buy her a Gucci handbag; no contest.

It was 10.30, I was sitting in a chair, naked apart from a towel draped across my lap. A tap on the door, it opened, she slipped in, closed the door with her back to me, then turned to face me. She was wearing a silk dressing gown.

“You’ve made him so happy. What are you going to do to make me as happy.”

With that she undid the loosely tied belt, her gown opened to reveal her ample cleavage and shaven pubic mound. I stood, the towel fell to the floor, my rampant cock standing to attention. A smile flickered across her lips as she saw my now bald pubic area which I had depilated while waiting for her. A little shake of the shoulders and the gown fell to the floor to leave her standing there in all her naked beauty. I held out my arms in invitation, we walked towards each other and embraced, my cock pressed against her pubic mound, her tits squashed against my chest. Once more our tongues explored the others mouth, her hands on my shoulder blades pulling my chest tightly against her tits, my hands squeezing her arse cheeks. After what seemed an eternity we moved apart while still holding hands and admired each others bodies. Her chest showing the red blotches of arousal, her nipples erect, my cock hard and already showing traces of precum.

“Tonight we’ll have the sensual shower we didn’t have at the hotel.”

“I hoped we would, I’ve been dreaming about it ever since.”

I led her to the bathroom, stepped into the shower and pulled her in, twisting her round as I did so. Now I was cuddling her from behind, my cock pressed into the small of her back, left hand on her mound, right hand on her tit, lips gently kissing her shoulder and neck. Her head arched back as she purred with pleasure. She turned the water on, it sprayed onto her chest and my arm, ran down onto her stomach, my hand and down her legs. I moved my arms away, the water not only ran down her body but cascaded off her nipples like two waterfalls.

Two handfuls of shower gel to caress her tits, her nipples rock hard against my palms, the lather washed down her body, across her mound and down her legs. Another handful of gel to caress her mound, her legs moved apart as I rubbed the gel onto her clit, and between her cunt lips. Her clit now enlarged with excitement, cunt juices mingling with the lather. Her purring became moans of pleasure. Moving to her side my other hand lathered her arse cheeks and arsehole while still massaging her clit with my palm, her own hands massaged her tits. She gasped, her body shuddered then relaxed. She had climaxed, not the body wracking orgasm of penetration but the gentle orgasm of stimulation. She turned to face me.

“Your turn.”

With that she loaded her hand with gel, grasped my cock and pulled me under the shower, water ran down my body onto my cock and balls. As she massaged them with both hands so the lather was washed away down my legs. The motion of her hands sometimes slow sometimes fast, her grip sometimes tight other times loose, the squeezing and releasing of my balls was exquisite. I was near to cumming and she knew it. She stopped.

“Bend over.”

I did as I was told, the water now hitting my back, running over my hips and onto my cock to run off the tip just as if I were peeing. Now my arse cheeks were washed only to be pulled apart, my arsehole exposed to the shower jet. She cleaned it with her finger. I thought she was going to slip her wet, soapy finger into my arse but her hand moved between my legs to wash my balls from behind. A final caressing of my cock then the water stopped, she left the cubicle, grabbed a towel and beckoned me.

She was going to dry me. I had only just managed not to cum when she’d rubbed my cock in the shower, with a rough towel there would be no holding back. I could see from the look in her eyes that she wanted to see me cum.

She knelt before me and gently started to dry me as I stood with my cock erect and hands on hips. It would have been so easy to grab her wet hair and pull her open mouth onto my cock but I knew this was not what she wanted. Her rubbing grew faster and rougher, her grip tightened, my cock was getting redder and harder. I held off as long as I could. The first spurt hit her face, she flinched but kept rubbing, the second spurt hit her neck the third spurt her left tit. She placed my cock on her right tit as she squeezed the remaining cum from my cock. The cum on her face had trickled onto her top lip, her tongue flicked out and licked it away. Now Manisa Escort Bayan her hands were on her tits as she massaged my cum into a cream which she spread all over her tits and stomach. Her fingers went to her neck to wipe the cum away, she looked at it and grinned. The cum covered finger went to her clit, my cum was now creamed into her clit and cunt lips. The air was heavy with the unmistakable smell of cum.

I had watched this while I finished drying myself, now it was my turn to dry her. The cum on her face stained the towel, her nipples glowed red with the vigorous rubbing I gave her tits, more staining on the towel, yet more stains as I wiped her stomach. I wondered what Mary would think when she collected the laundry.

“Legs apart.”

Now to dry her pleasure palace. The towel was passed between her legs, one end held halfway up her back, the other by her stomach, now to begin the sawing motion, back and forth and up so that she had to stand on tiptoe. Her cunt lips and clit being rubbed roughly, cunt juice stains mingling with the cum stains. The arousal she was enjoying was clear to see and hear. I kept sawing until I new she was very near but I did not intend her to climax yet, I let the towel drop to the floor. A look of disappointment covered her face.

“That was just a taste of what you’ll get tonight.”

I could tell she was excited by the thought of the unknown as I led her to the foot of the bed.

“Lie on the bed and grip your ankles.”

She did as instructed, her knees pulled back to her chest, her cunt and arse presented in all their glory. I took four silk ribbons from my bag alongside the bed, two were used to tie her wrists to her ankles. I pulled her forward so that her arse was over the edge of the bed and tied the other ribbons to her knees then to the uprights of the bed. She lay there, legs apart, cunt and arse available for my attention, tits spread either side of her chest.

She was at my mercy and knew it.

Now to get to work. I took a normal sized dildo from the bag, she looked at it and pouted.

“I want a real cock not rubber.”

“By the time I’ve finished you’ll love rubber.”

It slipped into her juicy wet cunt. Next out of the bag an anal toy, four round balls on a flexible shaft the end one being the smallest, an inch in diameter, an inch along the shaft a larger one, the shaft grew thicker and the spacing longer to the next ball, larger again, then on to the final ball, two inches in diameter, three inches of thick shaft to the handle.

As she saw it her eyes widened with surprise and a trace of fear.

“What’s that for?”

“You know the delight of a cock up your arse, now you’ll experience the ultimate pleasure of anal insertion.”

“It’s too big, it wont go in, it’ll hurt.”

By the tone of her voice I knew her protests were not real.

“You trusted me before, trust me now.”

Another foray into the bag and out came a bottle of lubricant with nozzle attached. Gently the nozzle was pushed up her arse, she relaxed as she felt it enter, a generous dose of lubricant squeezed up her shit tube, the remainder of the lubricant was smeared over the toy. Now to begin.

Gently the first ball was pushed against her arsehole, it slipped in, the arsehole closed around the shaft. A slight push and the second ball slipped in, another push and the third ball was against the arsehole. It didn’t slip in easily, there was resistance, a pull and the second ball emerged, a push it disappeared. Out and in, the delight on Ann’s face as she felt the muscle stretch and contract was plain to see. The third ball disappeared, the same routine followed but this time with two balls coming out and going back in. She was really enjoying her arsehole being stretched. Finally the last ball disappeared but this time accompanied by a gasp, obviously not so enjoyable. Now three balls were appearing and disappearing. After a few strokes the gasps stopped as her arsehole accepted the stretching, only a look of contentment on her face. With all four balls in her I stopped, now for the next stretching.

I eased the dildo from her cunt, it was so slippery with her juices that it slipped from my fingers onto the floor. Again to my bag, now to use a dildo somewhat thicker than my cock. Her eyes widened as she saw it.

“I can’t take that.”

“You can and will, you took the balls up your arse, this’ll go up your cunt.”

She knew objecting would be pointless, I sensed that she was enjoying the unusual situation of being helpless with someone else in control.

More lubricant smeared over the dildo before the tip was placed between her cunt lips, a slow push, the head started to disappear. To my surprise there was no resistance, her cunt just stretched as it slid right in until it could go no further. Escort Manisa A few thrusts just to make sure then out it came.

I had not expected it to be so easy. I had thought this would have been her limit but luckily I had brought a larger dildo which I took from my bag.

“Not that, it’s much too big, I’ll never stretch, I’ll be torn.”

Now her protests were real but she also knew there was no going back.

“A baby’s head is bigger.”

“I’ve never had a baby.”


More lubricant. This time I parted her cunt lips with my fingers and guided the tip to her slit. I could see she really was nervous for cunt had tightened, one finger inserted, then two, then three, then four. She relaxed, now the dildo. Sure enough, the rim of the helmet would not slip in even with a fair amount of pressure.

“I can’t take it, it hurts!”

A decision to be made, quit or press on. I eased the pressure and began to remove it, she relaxed as she thought I was removing it. I did no more but rammed it really hard into her. A momentary resistance then it slid into her cunt. She screamed. Had I gone too far? No point worrying, what was done was done, I slowly moved the dildo back and forth, she relaxed. The pain and shock of the sudden penetration had passed, now she was enjoying the sensation of her cunt being stretched to its limit. I left it embedded deep in her cunt for it was now time for the finale. An electric clit stimulator from my bag for the last but one stage of my plan.

Getting on the bed I knelt over her facing her cunt, my cock inches from her face. The desire to fuck her mouth was hard to resist but it was not on tonight’s agenda, I lay on her, my chest on her stomach, my cock between her tits, my balls resting on her chin, my mouth above her clit, the clit stimulator gripped between my teeth.

I switched the stimulator on, held the dildo in one hand, the anal toy in the other. Now to work. Each time I pulled back the dildo I pushed in the anal toy and vice versa. Slowly at first to get a rhythm going then gradually getting faster. Initially she had been licking my balls but now she was lost in her world of pleasure. Now to apply the clit stimulator. Gently at first, her breathing got heavier, more pressure on her clit, faster movements with the toys, her hips started to move, she started to moan, finally she orgasmed. Her hips bucked, a loud series of moans came from her lips. I stopped until she calmed down.

I started again, the dildo was dripping with her juices, they had run down onto the anal toy, her clit was purple and enlarged. The next time she came a lot quicker. I did not stop this time but kept going. I have no idea how long we kept going, I was lost in a world of giving her such stimulating sensations, she was lost in a world of orgasm. Her climaxes seemed to be continuous.

“Stop. Stop! Stop!!”

I was brought down to earth as I realised she was screaming but not with pleasure and her body had stopped moving. I stopped.

“I can’t take any more.”

Tears were in her eyes. I got off the bed and went back to the foot of the bed.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it before but now I’m sore and it hurts.”

Her tone was very matter of fact with no hint of pleasure.

I looked down, her clit was red from the stimulator, her cunt lips were red and puffy from the dildo, her arsehole inflamed by the toy.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to go so far.”

“Don’t be. We both got carried away.”

I untied her, she sat on the edge of the bed and looked down her body.

“You didn’t cum?”


“Lay on the bed.”

She knelt over me, placed my cock against her cunt lips, and slowly sank down. I could see the discomfort on her face.

“You don’t have to.”

“Yes I do.”

She slowly moved up and down, a grin appeared on her face.

“I still prefer flesh to rubber.”

I would have liked her to keep riding me for a long while but I decided to cum quickly to lessen the soreness she must be feeling. As her hand caressed my balls, my cock twitched and I came deep in her cunt. She kept riding to cream my cum onto my cock and her cunt lips before dismounting. She saw my puzzled look.

“It will ease the soreness.”

As she said it she rubbed the cream into her arsehole, cunt lips and clit.

“Let’s have a bath and I’ll apply some moisturiser.”

“No, I want my husband to see, smell and lick it tomorrow.”

“OK, so it’s bedtime.”

“No, if we sleep together we’ll fuck in the morning. I want you to have a full load for tomorrow afternoon. I want him to see the pleasure I get from your cum up my cunt and running down my legs.”

With that she walked to her dressing gown, slipped it on and opened the door, then looked back at me.

“Mary will fetch your breakfast up at 8 o’clock, lunch will be at 1 o’clock in the dining room but unfortunately you’ll be on your own. I’ve a meeting in town in the morning and shan’t be back till early afternoon. Be ready for me at a quarter to three.”

The door closed, she was gone.

(To be continued)

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