Fiona – My Friend, My Goddess Ch. 01


“I’m here. What floor you on again?” I typed, hitting send and waiting for the reply.

I stood in the foyer of Fiona’s building. She’d only moved into the building a few weeks ago, finally getting into her own place. Fiona had broken up with her ex only a few weeks ago and had been crashing with friends, couch surfing, while she was waiting for approval for a rental apartment. She was getting desperate, housing in our town is hard to come by so when this apartment came up, she jumped on the chance, sending in an application almost before she had read the description.

My phone buzzed, looking down at the screen “15th floor, number 1508. See ya soon xox” Was the reply from Fiona.

I punched in the call button, picking up the cooler bag at my feet. I’d stopped off on the way over and brought a nice bottle of wine. Ok, maybe I’d brought two. I’m not a wine drinker myself, but I knew Fiona was a fan of a decent bottle. I’d grabbed a bottle of rum for me. I figured we would have a lazy afternoon chilling out, having a few quiet drinks as we celebrated her new found ‘freedom’ as she put it and I was only more than happy to spend time with her. The elevator doors opened. Stepping in I mashed the button for floor 15, leaning back on the back wall of the elevator enjoying the cheesy elevator music that all elevators seem to be playing. With a little bump, the elevator started its journey to the 15th floor.

Maybe I should wind things back a bit here. Fiona and I met through work. We’d both started working at our company on the same day, going through training together. It was by chance I sat next to her that day. We introduced ourselves and hit it off quickly. Fiona’s stunning. About 5ft 2, 130lbs, Long brunette hair, Hazel eyes, Nice round ass, Firm 38DD boobs (hey, I’m a red blooded male, of course I checked her out) and one of the funniest personalities I’ve met. I’m nothing special, 6ft 3, 240lb of mostly muscle. I’m not 6 pack model, but I lift weights, train martial arts a few times a week and generally like to look after myself. Over the weeks we grew a friendship that saw us catching up after work for drinks, hanging out on days off and enjoying each others company. We shared stories, spoke to each other about everything as we become comfortable with each others presence and in short order became thick as thieves. That’s when she told me about the troubles with her ex. Long story short, they ended up going their seperate ways. Which leads us to basically where we are now.


I shook my head, clearing my mind from its reverie as the doors opened. I wandered down the hall, apartment 8 would be right down the end, since there was only 8 per floor. Turns out she had scored the jackpot with this place, being right on the end, she had no neighbours to worry about, and a view of the mountains from her balcony that none of the other places on her floor would get.

I hit the buzzer beside her door, hearing her feet softly thud on the floor as she came to the door. As the door opened I was greeted by Fiona, silver coloured spaghetti strap singlet, barely covering her amazing tits, tight denim skirt that reached half way down her thighs, just, that didn’t require much imagination to know it was showing off her ass.

“Hey Red,” she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck, stepping onto her tip toes to reach. I leaned in, snaking my right arm around her back, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Fi,” I replied, “fucking sweet pad you scored.” I continued as she untangled herself from me.

“Not bad huh, I still can’t believe I managed to score it,” she said as she turned around, leading me into the living room.

“I mean shit, look at the view, I still haven’t unpacked all my stuff. I keep getting lost just sitting on the couch and staring out at it,” Fi said motioning to the balcony and the incredible view beyond. I couldn’t disagree, but the view I had as she sauntered in front of me made my cock twitch, that skirt hugging her curves in all the right places.

“I can’t blame you, it’s impressive that’s for sure,” I replied as I dragged my eyes up to admire what she was seeing, just in time to see her looking over her shoulder, eye brow raised and a smirk on her face.

Busted I chuckled to myself as she turned away and dropped herself onto the couch.

“Drink?” I asked, as I dropped the cooler onto the counter top in the open plan kitchen, “I grabbed a couple of bottles of white and some rum?” I continued as I pulled the bottles out of the bag.

“Red, you know I can’t stand rum,” giggling, “The wine please” was the reply.

“Yeah, well you never know, one of these days you might want to give it a try,” I shot back as I turned around trying to figure out where the glasses were hiding.

“Top cupboard, beside the fridge” Fi directed. I grabbed out 2 glasses, pouring out a wine and a straight rum for myself. I have never been a fan of mixing rum with anything. I grabbed our drinks and headed Maraş Escort over to the couch, handing Fi her wine as I settled into the couch.

“Thanks,” Fi said, swinging her feet up onto the couch between us, “I’ve been hanging for this all day” she said taking a sip.

“No problems, I’ll admit I’ve been keen to hang out. How you settling in?” I asked.

“Getting there. It’s weird having the place to myself. I mean it’s perfect for me, but you know after so long living with another person, it’s, weird” She stated.

“I can imagine, just think, you’ve got all this space for activities,” I said giving her a wink and a smirk, “who knows what you can get up to.”

“I can run around naked if I want, not like anyone can peek in right,” Fi said with a laugh.

I’d tuned out for a second, my mind wandering to the image of this cutie prancing around in nothing but her birthday suit, her toned body free from the confines of clothing.

I felt a kick on my leg, snapping back to the present I looked back a Fi.

“Lost you big man” she said, looking at me with a look that said she knew what was running though my head. I took a drink from my glass looking back at her over the rim of the glass, the unspoken message of ‘and?’ passing between us.

The conversation flowed. We spoke about work, the childish and annoying behaviour of our fellow colleagues. We spoke about anything that came to mind. Whenever we hung out we just went with what ever came up. Nothing was off limits and it never followed a logical order. If you were to listen in it’d be hard to follow, we changed topic and track so often you’d swear we had multiple personalities.

We talked through the afternoon, and quite quickly we’d drunk through a bottle of wine and I was making a fair dent on my rum.

“Another?” Fi asked, as we finished talking about her application to the Police.

“Shit I won’t say no,” I said as I drained the last of my drink. Fi wandered back over, wine and rum in hand, “Although I’ll be catching a cab home at this rate” I said as she handed my drink over.

Fi dropped herself back into the couch, this time sitting beside me, leaning her back into my left side, knees pulled up as she shuffled herself into a comfortable spot.

“No reason why you can’t crash here,” Fi replied getting comfortable, “Beats a cab, and then we can keep going into the night, we’ve got booze to drink,” she stated.

“If you’re cool with that, thanks,” I said as I draped my arm over her shoulder. I felt her push back into my side just a little more at this.

Time passed as we talked, laughed, shared stories, and enjoyed each others company. We watched the sun dip down behind the mountains, not talking, just enjoying the view and the company. I don’t know how much of it was the alcohol, but as I sat there, this beautiful woman laying back into me, the smell of her was intoxicating, her body heat, the sensation of her as we sat there. I could feel my cock hardening.

Fi stretched. As she did so she absentmindedly raised her right hand to her neck, slowly running it down her chest, over her right breast, trailing her fingers down her stomach and rested on her thigh. I heard her breath catch at that contact of her hand on her breast, a slight quiver of her body as her fingers raised goose bumps on her body. Without thinking, my mind on autopilot, my left hand started to slowly draw circles on her stomach.

“Mmmm,” I heard her exclaim softly, placing her hand on top of mine. She gently entwined her fingers in mine, raising our hands and placing them onto her right breast once more. The action was pretty clear, as I started to gently massage her breast.

Fi shifted, tilting her head back as she reached up with her left hand, grabbing the back of my head and pull me in. Our lips locked, softly, tenderly kissing, tongues gently exploring. I felt a moan escape her mouth. She broke our contact, untangling herself form my grasp as she stood.

“I’m happy you came along Red,” She said, her voice husky, “You’ve showed me that not everyone is an asshole,” she continued as she stood there right arm hooked behind her back. She looked beautiful.

“Fi what’s wrong?” I asked, slightly concerned, my mind foggy with my desire for this goddess, but also trying to make sense of what was happening.

“I want you. I’ve wanted you for ages. But I don’t want to lose what we have.” Fi said quietly.

“Fi, you know me, you know nothing will change between us. I care about you a lot. We know I’m pretty open about relationships. If you want this, you just have to say so. We’ll make it work.” I said as I reached out to her.

Fi hesitated for a second, before she stepped into my arms, kneeling either side of my legs, she straddled my lap. I reached up, pulling her into a passionate kiss. I could feel her slowly gyrating on my lap. I began to run my hands up and down her back, never breaking contact from our kiss. I Maraş Escort Bayan could feel her heart beating, her breathing becoming deeper. Her hands reached down between us, grabbing the bottom of my shirt and pulled. I leaned forward, making it easier for her to lift my shirt over my head. She dropped it beside the couch. I leant forward, kissing her exposed neck, gentle moans escaped her lips.

I pushed my hands under her singlet, lifting, pulling it over her head. Her hands slipped behind her to unclip her bra, letting it fall away, her firm, round breast free, inviting me to nuzzle on them. Without hesitation I took one of her tits into my mouth, feeling the nipple harden as I flicked my tongue over and around the nipple. My hands continued to roam over her body, tracing lines over her bare back.

I could feel her hands sliding down my front, searching the front of my pants. Her hands found their prize, as she traced the outline of my rock hard cock as it strained against my shorts.

“Fuck,” Fi exclaimed as I nibbled her tit, my other hand grabbing her free tit. I let my free hand roam down over her tight ass, pulling her into me.

Suddenly, I stood up, lifting Fi with me. I said I worked out, and Fi was light as a feather as she wrapped her slender legs around my waist. I carried her over towards the kitchen table. I lowered her onto the table. Pushing her back, I started to kiss her breasts, slowly making my way down towards her stomach. As I was tenderly kissing my way down, I lifted her skirt up past her hips, fingers hooking into the top of her panties and in one smooth motioned, pulled them down past her ankles. I never broke my kissing, hands now roaming up and down her legs I continued towards her smooth pussy. Fi was squirming on the table, hands wrapped in my hair as she tried to guide my kisses. I had other ideas in mind as I kissed down her thighs, fingers continuing to trace randomly over her legs and stomach. I began to kiss the inside of her thigh, higher, closer to her enticing pussy. Fi’s breathing became more ragged. Without warning I planted my lips onto her pussy, tongue suddenly flicking her clit.

“Ugh FUCK!”, Fi nearly shouted, arching her back, her hands pawing and pulling at her tits. I worked her clit, flicking, sucking, teasing her as she writhed in pleasure on the table, juices flowing I could sense that she was getting close. I focussed on her, focussed on her pleasure as primal noises escaped from her lips.

“Fuck, I’m cummmm…” She never finished her statement as her orgasm washed over her. Arched back, legs clamped onto my head grinding her cunt into my face her whole body shook. I let up my assault on her pussy as she came back down to earth, trying to catch her breath. Fi lay there, panting, softly massaging her breasts. I stood up, her legs finding their way around my hips. I leaned over her, kissing her. She returned the kiss with passion and fire before placing a hand on my chest and pushing me up.

Fi slid off the table, pushing me around to lean back on the table. She settled onto her knees in front of me, her face squarely inline with my shorts contained cock.

“Guess it’s only fair I return the favour,” she stated as she undid my fly, grabbing the top of my shorts and boxers, pulling them down to the floor.

Freed, my cock sprung free, thick, hard, it pointed straight at her.

“Damn, how have you been hiding that monster?” She asked as I felt her hands try and wrap themselves around my girth, “I can barely hold it with both hands!” She stated as I looked down at her gorgeous face. She knelt there, slowly stroking my cock, as she flicked her tongue over the tip. I gripped the edge of the table, enjoying the sensation of this vixens hands pumping my iron hard cock while she teased the tip. Fi kissed the head of my cock, slowly easing her mouth over the head, tongue running under the bottom, she barely got the head in before pulling it back out with a slight popping noise. She drew a breath in, one hand releasing its grip from my cock she lowered it between her legs, fingers slowly running circles over her clit, before plunging her mouth back over my cock.

Up and down. Fi settled into a slow, sensual rhythm, as she sucked my cock. Taking about half of it in at a time. I could tell she was unsure if she could take the whole thing. I wasn’t going to push the issue, I was lost in the sensation of her hot mouth, lips, tongue, dancing over my cock as her hand stroked the length her mouth couldn’t fit. Without warning, I felt her grip the base of my cock hard as she moaned on my cock, her body trembling once more, she’d brought herself to another orgasm. A raging urge built inside of me, I could feel my own desire taking over.

I pushed her off, leaning down I drew her up, hands cupped under her perfect ass I lifted her up. Standing there, Fi seemed to understand what I wanted.

“Fuck me. Slide that hard cock into my cunt. I need to Escort Maraş feel you deep inside me,” she whispered into my ear.

I lifted her higher, as she wrapped her legs around me, her hand reached between us to grab my cock, guiding it to her hot, tight cunt. I felt the head of my cock settle at the her entrance, felt her breath catch. I lowered her only slightly, allowing only the tip to enter her. She jolted, as if she had been shocked ever so slightly. I lifted her up again as her legs tried to pull herself down onto my throbbing member.

“Shit, Ugh, Fucking cunt. Fuck me, ram that cock into my tight pussy,” She ordered. I was only too willing to honour that request, since you know, she asked so nicely.

“You ready for this?” I teased, as I lowered and raised her once more, again only allowing the tip to enter her briefly.

“Fuck me al…” She didn’t get to finish that sentence as I suddenly lowered her, ramming the full length of my iron hard cock into her waiting pussy. Without waiting, I lifted her back up, till just the tip remained, before I slammed her back down again. Over and over I rammed my cock into her hot pussy, building a steady rhythm as her legs clamped around my waist, hands holding onto my shoulder for support.

No words came from Fi, just random noises, moans, the sounds of pleasure. She was lost in the moment, pleasure hitting every nerve, every sense in her body. We stood there, the sounds of fucking filling the room. I could feel her pussy walls starting to tighten around my cock, another orgasm building. I had other ideas.

I lifted her off my cock, a look of surprise and mild annoyance crossing over her flushed face. Without giving her a chance to complain, I spun her around, Pushing her over the table. It was a little tall for Fi, so she had to stand on her tip toes to be able to bend at the waist, that stance making her calves and legs look that much more toned and defined. I stepped behind her, one hand reaching towards to entwine in her hair, my other hand gripping my cock as I guided it once more towards her pussy.

A slight gasp, mixed with a giggle of pleasure escaped her lips as I pushed my full length into her in one smooth motion, hips pressed into her ass. I stood there, not moving, enjoying the feeling on my cock buried fully in that tight, wet cunt. I adjusted my grip on her hair, pulling her head back up. I pulled out and rammed back in watching her ass jiggle ever so slightly from that impact, table squeaking as it slid on the floor. I built up a steady pace, watching as my cock disappeared into her cunt. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the incredible sensation. Time lost all meaning, we moaned, grunted, words of pleasure and desire exchanged between us as we fucked.

“Don’t stop. I’m close, I’m close, Faster, Harder, Give it to me, I’m almost there, Keep going, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, FFFFUUUUCUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!”

I felt her push back against me hard, her legs shaking as she arched herself right up, hands grabbing at my head to hold herself up. I let my hands release their holds on her and grabbed her tits, palms rolling over her hard nipples as I continued to piston in and out of her, not relenting on her this time. I pulled her back into me with each thrust, determined to make her feel every bit of pleasure I could.

I felt her legs going weak. I slowed to a stop, Standing there, Holding her up. Fi panted, sweat glistened off her back. I gently massaged her tits, leaning in to kiss her neck.

“My god you’re sexy,” I said, “Your a goddess, you’re my little goddess.”

“Mmmm, I’m all yours,” She replied gyrating her hips, my cock still in her pussy, “My turn,” She said as I let my cock slowly slide out of her.

Taking me by the hand, Fi lead me back to the couch, pushing me down. She pulled her denim skirt down her legs, bending over to give me an amazing view of her ass. Absently I wondered if I would ever get to feel my cock in her ass. Once again she straddled my legs. Raising herself up and sliding down the length of my cock in one motion. I rested my hands on her hips as she lifted herself up and dropped back down, hard. Over and over. Fi rode my cock, rocking, bouncing, her hands pulled and tweaked her tits as nonsensical words passed her lips. I leant forward once again planting my mouth over one of her breasts, alternating between them as i sucked, nibbled, flicked my tongue over the nipples. Her paced quickened. I felt my urge building. My hands took firm grip on her hips as i began to thrust up meeting her bouncing, my hips and her ass slapping together as we fucked harder, purpose building within us both. Fi leaned back, hands backing on my knees, loudly moaning, panting, a look of pure joy and pleasure on her face, her eyes locked on mine.

Grunting, moaning, panting. Together we became lost in each others pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warned, feeling my nuts tighten, my cock twitch and expand in impending orgasm.

Fi pulled herself off me, sliding down between my legs. She took my cock into her warm mouth once more, sucking as hard as she could, her hands pumping my length. I grabbed her hair, pulling her onto my cock as far as she could manage.

“Fuck baby, here it comes,” I warned.

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