First Date


This is my first story, please let me know what you think. Thank you. Special thanks to Angel for help with editing.


“Damn,” she thought to herself. Lizzy had been sitting at the bar for 45 minutes — alone. Since her divorce 2 years earlier she has had a hard time meeting men that she thought were suitable. She decided to try the internet match-making services. Maybe she would have better luck and they would already weed out the undesirables. Tonight she was meeting Joe…or at least that is what she thought. “I cannot believe that jackass stood me up!” She was getting angry — she didn’t even realize she had downed 4 martinis already.

“Everyone knows that I am being stood up,” she couldn’t help but think that everyone judged her at all times.

Lizzy was 26 years old and petite. She stood only 5’2″ and weighed around 105, she had perfect C cup tits and loved to show them off in low cut blouses. She had dark auburn hair just below her shoulders and eyes almost as black as night. She was stunning, the kind of beautiful that is unapproachable for mere mortals. The man to sweep her off of her feet would have to be a god among men. She settled with her first husband, she was just ready to get out of her parents house and he offered a way. She knew she deserved so much better, but she was desperate. Now here she was — 8 years older than that young girl she was before, but still feeling desperate. Her vibrators and dildos could only do so much…she needed a man and she needed one now!

“Maybe I should lower my standards?” she questioned herself constantly. Who says Mr. Right is at least 6 feet tall, slender, with a dark complexion, black hair and crystal blue eyes? Maybe he could be 5’8″ muscular and blond…about that time there was a tap on her shoulder…as she turned on her bar stool she was looking up into the greenest eyes she had ever seen.

“Are you Lizzy?” asked a voice with a slow southern drawl.

“Um, yes…Joe?”

“Yes, I am so sorry to have kept you waiting, I was half expecting you to be long gone from here by now” he said sincerely.

“Well, Joe, I had considered leaving, but I was enjoying the atmosphere and the martini’s are killer!” wow, she usually wouldn’t have said something like that — must be the vodka talking!

“If you don’t mind, I would love to join you for a drink…if you are still interested?”

“What the hell”, she replied, “we are both here now, I guess that is all that matters.”

They spent the next 3 hours in intense conversation; everything was discussed from childhood through that afternoon. She was so comfortable talking to Joe she let all of her walls down and really got to know him, in turn she let him know her. The bar was about to close for the night, but they were not ready to say goodbye. He suggested that they go back to his apartment, since she was so at ease with him she didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Joe’s place was only 4 blocks away and it was a nice night so they decided to walk off some of the alcohol they had consumed. They continued talking as they walked it seemed they had known each other much longer than a few hours. His accent was charming her right to her core. She grew up in Connecticut and never really met anyone from the south. He was from Arkansas, grew up on a farm, and loved his “momma” and “daddy” dearly. It was endearing how honest and charming this man was. Even though he didn’t meet all of the criteria on her checklist, she was thrilled at the new possibility before her. He was 28 years old, never married, and a very successful attorney in Little Rock. He decided to take a year off to explore his possibilities. He had never been to New York, so he decided that was as good a place as any to start his life…maybe he would stay; maybe not, only time would tell.

When they reached the apartment he offered her a glass of wine, being a generally cautious woman she opted for coffee instead. He flipped on the TV, an old movie was on that he had wanted to see and she seemed like Mardin Escort she needed a break from all the talking. He went to the kitchen and popped a bag of popcorn for them and returned to the living room. She had taken her shoes off and was sitting under the throw. He sat gingerly beside her and she instinctively snuggled up to him. They sat in silence for 2 hours watching this movie and sharing a bowl of popcorn. When the film ended it was nearly 4 in the morning and she was wide awake. He suggested they go to a diner around the corner for breakfast, she had a better idea. They headed back to her place after he showered and changed clothes, he looked really good in his well-fit jeans and ‘Razorback’ sweatshirt, and she looked a mess! (This is why we aren’t going to breakfast, she thought).

Back at her place she told him to make himself comfortable while she freshened up. Lizzy went to take a quick shower and change her clothes. When she exited the bathroom she noticed Joe sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of food in front of him and another across the table.

“Hey beautiful!” he exclaimed, “Did you enjoy your shower?” Wow, what a thoughtful man she thought to herself as she lightly brushed his lips with hers. “Yes, I did and I see you have been busy…thank you so much for making breakfast.” They ate in silence as they both contemplated what to do next. They had just met a few hours ago; it was way too soon for sex, wasn’t it? They both wanted it so bad you could cut the tension with a butter knife. All too soon breakfast was over and the table was cleared. It was creeping up to 7am now and neither of them had a wink of sleep since yesterday. She told him that normally on Saturday mornings she would sit in bed and watch cartoons for a while before starting her day. He thought that sounded like a wonderful idea, so they kicked off their shoes and climbed into her queen sized bed and snuggled up.

They woke up around 2 that afternoon.

He rolled over and kissed her cheek lightly, she turned to look at him and she could see the passion burning in his eyes. What the hell she thought, he is sexy and so kind — even if she never sees him again it will be worth it to have this one amazing experience with him.

She placed her hand gently on his face and urged him closer for a real kiss. As her lips parted she could feel the heat of his body against her and felt his tongue slide slowly into her waiting mouth. The kiss was perfection. It was just enough to send them both spiraling into oblivion. Neither could remember how they ended up naked, but they were kissing and fondling and exploring each others most intimate parts. Lizzy did not have any experience with men as she had only been with her husband.

By all accounts it was like her first time again, only better because she did have some idea as to what to expect. As she covered his neck and chest with kisses her hands did not dare slip lower than the small of his back. She knew it was highly unacceptable behavior for a woman to be so wanton with a man, her mother had told her often that sex was a duty for a wife to perform for her husband whenever he demanded it from her.

Joe was slowly trailing kisses down her chest and stomach, when he got just below her navel she squeezed her legs tightly together. He abruptly stopped his downward movement, but didn’t move his body. He looked into her frightened eyes and asked her what was wrong.

She explained to him that she wasn’t sure if he should put his face down there, as no one had ever and she wasn’t sure what he wanted, but was pretty sure it wasn’t respectable to allow him to do that to her. While she explained what she thought sex was supposed to be he was lightly stroking where her thighs were still clenched. She could feel warmth building inside of her, but wasn’t sure what that was about. When she finally stopped talking he explained to her that “mother” was a nut-case and probably never felt a single moment of passion or lust in her miserably appropriate life. Mardin Escort Bayan He told her that sex could be wonderful and beautiful or it could be rough and sexy, but either way both people should feel satisfied when it was over. It wasn’t a duty or a task, it was a pleasure and a thrill and he was dumbfounded that she had been married for 5 years and didn’t know what an orgasm could feel like. If she was willing he would love to have the honor of bringing her from this shell her family had kept her in, but she would have to trust him completely.

She agreed that she would do whatever he asked of her, and he promised that when all was said and done she would love sex as much as any normal, sexy 26 year old woman should. He told her then to relax her legs and just feel his touch. He wanted her to keep her eyes closed so she wouldn’t know what was coming, but would just be able to enjoy the sensations.

She did as she was told and relaxed her whole body (as hard as that was for her to do) and closed her eyes. She could feel his hands moving up and down along the insides of her thighs, stopping just short of her most special place. He told her that he was going to gently part her lips and look at her pussy, she shivered when he said this as she knew that words like that were generally not used in the presence of ladies. He then told her how beautiful her pussy was and then he asked for permission to taste it…her eyes flew open in a panic.

“You want to do what?” she asked in shock.

“Sweet Lizzy, so pure and innocent, let me take you to heaven, I need to taste you, please darling allow me to do this for you.” She slowly closed her eyes and laid her head back on the pillow — he saw an angel laying in front of him. He slowly dipped his head and gently swept his tongue down her inner lips. She quivered from the new sensation and he took that as a sign to continue. For the next several minutes his tongue worked its magic on her inner lips, every now and then dipping inside of her for a better taste — then out of nowhere she felt the most intense feeling building up inside of her tummy — he had move up to her clit and was licking and nibbling and sucking while he slowly inserted a finger inside of her wet hole. It didn’t take long before her hips were bucking wildly and his head was being crushed by her thighs. She was thrashing on the bed and pulling his head closer to her, she was screaming his name and he was loving every minute of it…he was giving her her first oral orgasm. When her orgasm finally subsided her eyes were glassy and heavy-lidded, she looked so sexy to him at that moment. He didn’t want to push too far today, they had plenty of time to explore her inner whore. He knew that she wanted to feel sexy and erotic; she would make a good lover.

He ran her a bubble bath while she contemplated what he had just done to her and wondered why her mother and husband kept this treat a secret from her. He carried her into the bathroom and lowered her into the waiting tub. He told her to relax and enjoy the warmth of the water on her sensitive body. While she bathed he was going to run out to get them some dinner.

It took all of his strength to walk away from her he needed his own release, but he wanted her to feel everything she could before he entered her. He went into every restaurant he passed to make sure he had something she would enjoy eating. An hour later he walked back into her apartment where he found her curled up on the sofa in a fluffy robe and slippers — he had never seen a more beautiful creature in all of his life he wanted to drop the food, gather her in his arms and make love to her over and over again until she realized just how wonderful she was and what she deserved from a man. He knew that in order to make her his he would have to go slow and make her desperate to feel his cock inside of her hot, wet cunt. So instead of ravishing her he unloaded the bags of food he brought in with him.

She glanced over her shoulder when she heard the door click Escort Mardin closed. “He came back” she thought warmly. She smiled warmly at him and joked about leaving some food in the city for everyone else. He had brought all kinds of choices for her — Chinese, pizza, burgers, Italian, Indian…so many dishes to choose from, she had a hard time picking just one.

As they were settled at the table eating from each dish he brought back he asked her “Darling do you trust me?”

She did not even hesitate to tell him that she trusted him unreservedly. He stood up and took her by the hand and led her back to her bedroom where he slowly removed her robe. As it fell from her shoulders he noticed there was nothing underneath, his large cock felt as though it would rip through the zipper on his jeans. She said she wasn’t sure if he wanted her to get dressed or not, so she decided on the robe to keep her warm.

“You look perfect” he said to her. He bent his head to her rosy nipple and flicked it with his tongue; she could feel that familiar warmth in the pit of her stomach and wanted more. He then began sucking her nipple and caressing the other breast with one hand while the other held her up on the small of her back. He would gently twist and tug on her taut nipple while sucking and nibbling the other. She knew that she would explode soon and needed to feel all of him. He was guiding her back to the bed while never missing a beat with his fingers and tongue working their magic on her sensitive tits. Then she felt the bed on the backs of her knees and was so glad for that moment, she knew she could fall safely and not ruin this moment he was giving to her.

She knew that he wanted more, she did too; he was being so deliberate with his foreplay…he was pushing her to the brink and she knew that when she had her release it would be worth the wait. He laid her down on the edge of the bed and began kissing her neck, he found the most sensitive spot above the collar bone and she felt as though her soul was flying above them. He worked his way back down to her tingling nipples at the same time his hand was brushing down her flat tummy to her dripping pussy. When he took her nipple into his hot, hungry mouth his finger dove inside of her waiting body. She was in heaven, he was taking her to places she had never been before and she never wanted to leave. He began slowly fucking her with his finger while alternating his mouth from her nipples to her neck and mouth. He was so horny it was getting harder to control the urge to rip off his jeans and ram his cock into her inviting slit.

She was moaning loudly and bucking against his hand wanting to feel him deeper and harder inside of her. She began to beg him to fuck her, she wanted to feel him inside of her, no she needed to feel him inside of her. She had gone so long without contact from a man; she wanted Joe to be the man that brought her back to life.

Joe had never disrobed so quickly, he heard what he had been waiting for since the moment they met in the bar. He wanted her. He shifted her to the head of the bed and lowered himself gently on top of her, the head of his fully erect cock and her very inviting entrance. He bent his head to hers and kissed her deeply and passionately. It was the kind of kiss that would have buckled her knees if she had been standing. He looked into her dark, lust filled eyes and asked one time if she was sure. “Please” was all she said and he slid his rod into her depths. Her breath caught in her throat when she felt the size of his manhood penetrating her sacred places. He slowly pulled back and drove into her once again, this time she screamed out his name. He wanted to fill her with his cum, but knew he would have to control himself longer. They found a rhythm that suited them both, slow back and hard in, she could feel her release building inside of her, he could tell that she was almost ready. Moments later the world stopped spinning, the clock no longer ticked, the sounds outside of the window ceased and they came together. As Joe cradled Lizzie in his arms he whispered in her ear, “This has been the best first date of my life!” She never wanted this moment to end, but knew that she and Joe would be doing this again and again for many years to come…they had found what they were looking for all along.

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