First Girlfriend


I am 29 yrs old and working with a multinational firm as a senior consultant and writing this from USA. First of all i am not great to look at, my height is around 5’6 and around 65kgs and dark in color.

I was working in a hotel in Bangalore as a head of finance and doing well. This was a five star hotel in bangalore and it was routine for me to work and go home. I never used to meet any one either supplier or our customers and it was a back office job. Once i was called to sign a contract for a vendor opening a flower shop in the hotel. A girl (Mini) not the Correct one, had come to sign as she was incharge of the place. We did the necessary work and then parted after a coffee. She was a malayali aged around 26 and was good looking, she had a 36 C sized breasts and a big ass. While days passed by i had no contact with her. However one day I recd a bill from their shop for floweres supplied by them to the hotel. I enquired with everyone in my dept before authorising as to who had bought the flowers and not one knew of it. Then i decided to call the shop and it was Mini who picked the phone. I enquired about the purchase. She gave me the details and i told her to come and collect the payment by 6 in the evening. Usually i sign cheques only in the evening and that was once in a day. That day i had a dept head meeting and had to come to my cabin only at 7 PM and saw a huge bunch of papers to be signed. Just then i got a call from this girl asking for cheque. I told her that the cheque will be given to her tomorrow since I do not know where it is. But she wanted the cheque since she had to pay the money to he flower vendor. I asked her to come down. To my surprise she was there in a minute. Since most of the guys had left i asked her to sit inside my cabin while i can fetch the paper for her.

While looking for her cheque we just chatted as to how her business was and plans for expanding the business. I asked her to look for the cheque in another pile of papers and while she was looking i found something which i was looking and tried to take it, by chance my hand touched hers. I asked for pardon buut she sasid it is ok. I told her i cannot find the cheque, but if it really that urgent i will give u my personal cheque and u can return the money later Mardin Escort when u get from the company. She told me that she is desperate and asked me to help her. I Immediately pulled cheque and gave her the same for which she was excited and wanted to repay me for my help. I told her she can do that when she gets the money. She asked me for my birthdate so that she can send flowers home. i Gave her my birthdate and after four days she gave me the money i had lent her.

It was such a that the very girl had bought flowers to my house on my birthday. I was dressed to leave for office and received her at home and thanked her for the gesture. While speaking to her with a cup of coffee in both our hands she asked me what am i going to do for the day. I told her work!!!. She asked me to take off and go with my girl friend. I replied that i have none. She asked me if i can go around the house fr which i told her yes, U may but not the bath room for it is dirty. She looked at the kitchen, hall and the bed room and told me to employ a maid for the house. I toldher that it is not possible for they come at 11 in the morning and that i leave for work at 9 am. and i dont believe in leaving the keys with her. She told me that she will clean the place for the day since it was a special day. while cleaning she sweeped the place cleaned the refridgerator and the then she took charge of cleaning my bed room. On seeing the pillow she asked me as to why i was using so many pillows. for which i told her i think of someone and embrace it in my sleep for which she gave a laugh. While putting the bed spread when she bent i saw her breasts and was wondering whether to touch them, but decided not to. after cleaning the bed room She went to the kitchen. There were many soiled utensils. She wanted to clean them. I told her not mess her clothes and that i will do it in the evening. She asked me to give her a shirt which she can wearwhile cheaning. I gave her a Tshirt. She took the tshirt and went to the bed room to change. I really wanted to see her in the bra so i peeped into the key hole. Alll she did was removed her salwar and then her Bra too. It was the first time i saw a breast and she wore the tshirt and called me inside. She asked me for a lungi so that Mardin Escort Bayan she her pyjama is not dirtied while cleaning. now i cud see her breasts boucing and my heart was pounding too. I gave her the lungi and again stood near the door to see her bottom. She removed her pyjama and then her panti and came only with the lungi and started cleaning. I cud see her breasts and really wanted to touch it. WHile she was cleaning i was standing close and watching her do things. i was really hot. She finished her work and wanted to have a shower. I told her to use my bath room inside my bed room and took a towel and went in. When she went in i touched her pantie and bra and wanted to do something. After she opened the tap for the first time i really wanted to do something. SO i ran up and closed the value of my flat. She started calling for me and when i came in she told me that there is no water. I told her to open the tap properly and that it shud be fine. she did everything but no water was flowing. I offered to help her by coming inside the bath for which she opened the door. First i pretended not to see her, and was concentrating on adjusting the tap. but later i turned back to find her standing nude., Now i cud not control, but told her to wait to ensur ethat the tap is set right. i went up and opened the valve. and came to the bath room. she unbuttoned mty clothes and started sucking my hard penis and asked me to suck her breasts. Since i never had a any experience i sucked it adn bit at times. i ejaculated my spearm inside her mouth and we had bath together and came out. we kissed a lot and it was heaven for me. i pressed her boobs rather hard and sucked her dark nipples relentlessly. we wiped each other in a towel and asked me to sit on the bed and she took my penis again and started to suck it. It was hard within seconds and she came over me to kiss, while my penis was mean her pussy. she was trying to put it inside but was not going inside for i had a thick one and she is still a virgin and was really tight. I made her sleep and asked her to suck my penis once again for which she told me that once we finished fucking she will take it in her mouth. I with great difficluty puched my penis inside her pussy and when it was fully in we Escort Mardin fucked hard. She came in minutes. There was litlle blood and she started to suck my penis once again. and then we decided to go out for lunch. I called my office and applied for a day off.

Meanwhile in the restaurent she was telling me that it was paining a lot, but she enjoyed it. she asked me how i felt, I replied by saying it was heavenly. After luch we went to shopping street and i got her a dress and she sked me if she can buy a special bra and pantie. I replied with a yes. when we came back to the flat she immediately stripped herself and took my penis and started to suck it. I wanted to try anal with her. but did not know how to proceed. i asked her if i can do it with her. She said go ahead. I trie dhard to put in but cud not suceed. we fucked each other for 6 times that day and had lots of fun. we continued fucking each other until she had to close her shop and go back to keral for her marriage. I pleaded with her not leave me and that we can marry. But she did leave me. She in now dubai with her husband. But before she left for kerala she game a gift in the form of a servant maid from kerala whom i have been fucking her every night. Most people think that she is my wife since she is good looking and i make sure that she gets the best dress. While at home she is always in her mini skirt or skin tight shorts and a tshirt. Most nights we both sleep without anything on us. she is an expert in massage and her speciality is kissing my penis before i leave for work everyday. If in the afternoon i feel like going home she will make sure fucking me. recently she had to abort our baby. I am enjoying my sex life so much so that i never thought that it is such a pleasure to fuck someome. Ihad the pleasure of trying ananl sex with her though she says it is very painful. I have fucked her in the car, and she has given me a blowjob when in a bus to Kodai kanal. I once late in the night at Goa on the shores made her strip all her clothes and she liked the experience and we did a 69 position but ended up without fucking in the open air.

She is still at Bangalore with her sister and whenever i call her she keeps telling me how she misses me. I happened to tell her to send her sister back to kerala the day before i land, she tells me that i can enjoy her too and she is waiting for me to come. I am desperately looking forward to having sex with two girls both of whom are sisters. I have bought them lots of sexy under garments and wish to photograph them.

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