First Meeting Pt. 01


This is our first meeting. I arrive at your door and knock at precisely the time you specified. I hear your voice tell me to come in, and I enter.

I find you sitting in your living room, wearing a satin robe. The lights are soft, and you are holding a glass of wine. You look at me and say, simply, “Undress”. I quickly obey.

You watch me intently and beckon me over to you when I am completely naked. I notice that your crossed legs and feet are bare, and I’m hoping that the robe is all you are wearing. My growing erection betrays this thought to you, and you smile knowingly.

When I have stood before you, Your gaze inspects my penis, as if to see if it meets with your approval. Apparently, I must pass this test, because you gesture me to kneel. When you extend your foot to me, I know what to do. I begin to kiss and lick your foot, sucking on your toes, running my tongue down the arch of your foot. Then, I continue kissing and licking up the inside of your calf to your knee. You lift your crossed leg to permit me access the soft skin of your inner thigh. As I do this, I catch my first scent of your arousal, which makes my head Mardin Escort spin for the briefest moment. A quick glimpse of the edge of your bush confirms for me that you are gloriously naked under your robe.

I switch to the other foot and repeat my climb, kissing and licking my way toward the treasure hidden between your legs. This time, you part the robe as I reach your thigh, and I understand that I am not to stop. As I kiss higher up your leg, you slide closer to the edge of the cushion to give me better access. Now your scent is enveloping me in a sexual haze, and I am completely focused on your pussy. I get my first look at her, labia swelling in arousal, like the opening petals of a flower. You squeeze your thighs together against my head to hold me still for a moment, wanting me to just stare, transfixed by your beauty. To think you are offering to share this treasure with me!

Now as you place your thighs over my shoulders, your hand on the back of my head brings me to you. I’m like a moth to the flame as I approach your pussy. I begin to kiss your lips top to bottom, bottom to top, fleeting, butterfly Mardin Escort Bayan kisses, barely making contact. Your guiding hand soon indicates that you are ready for more pressure, so I press my lips more firmly to your vulva. My tongue begins to snake between your labia, giving me my first taste of your honey. Your flavor is exquisite, like the finest wine. I lick around your lips, around the outside and in between. Then, I stick my tongue into your vagina as far as it will go, hungry for your sweetness.

You have begun a gentle rocking of your pussy against my face, allowing my mustache, beard and tongue to rub the places most in need. Finally, you direct me upwards to your clitoris. She is hard, poking out from her hood, and I gently make love to her with my tongue and lips. Your rocking hips spread your wetness over my face, soaking me in the your wonderful sex scent. You moan and cry in that most wonderful sound of a woman being pleasured.

Increasing the pressure on your clit, I am rewarded with your first orgasm of the evening. Your thighs clamp my head in place, as your climax rushes through Escort Mardin you. You are holding me still as you take your pleasure against my face. Your voice rises in a beautiful song of need and release.

I continue to lick your pussy, to bring you down slowly from your orgasm. You are still holding me between your thighs, but you want less pressure. Since this is the first time you have come on me, I am closely studying your reactions to each move I make, to be sure that I understand thoroughly how to pleasure you.

I keep kissing and licking your thighs and around your pussy, avoiding the now too-sensitive spots, cleaning you and readying you for your next pleasuring. Every once in a while, your hips jerk, as you feel the last, lingering spasms in your vagina. I look into your half-closed eyes to see your expression of momentary satisfaction, coupled with one that says you intend to repeat the experience again, very soon.

You touch the wetness that covers my face, amused, as if to say, “Did I do that?”

“That was a good start”, you tell me. “Before I let you leave, I expect you to learn how to make me come many more times, even better than that”. I say that I am ready for the chance to give you pleasure, and I will do my best to learn all you have to teach me.

My answer must please you, because you stand and signal me to do the same. Grasping my erection, you lead me to your bedroom.

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