Fourway Foreplay


Mine and my GFs first foursome experience was just a random thing that happened out of the blue one night in California.

My GF Sherrie and I had some friends of ours over one night, just drinking and having a good time listening to music and playing games. Sherrie was a very gorgeous girl, Brown hair to her shoulders, captivating blue eyes, a very nice set up C cup breasts and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of as the saying goes.

We had known Ron and Jessie for a while and used to drive to the beach every now and then to swim, tan and just have a good time. Jessie was knock out gorgeous. Very tanned body with a an ass like my gf. her legs were very tanned and very shapely with smaller tits then Sherries but still very firm. I would always catch myself glancing over at her, checking her out and and thinking to myself, man I would love to fuck that ass of hers.

Ron was more like me, more on the average size as far as looks went, but in shape just the same. Little did I know that a few weeks would go by and he would be fucking my girl and me finally getting to fuck Jessie.

So, back to that night. We had been drinking and playing games as I said and I don’t remember just how exactly the topic came up but next thing I know we were talking about sex stuff and experiences we had and then the topic of swapping GF”s came up. It was a hot summer night so as always Jessie was wearing her typical tight shorts that barely covered that beautiful ass of hers. I had caught myself a few times checking her ass out whenever she walked by. And those legs of hers. So tan and sexy. I had noticed Ron taking glances Sherries way also from time to time whenever she got up to do something also so I guess it just seemed fındıkzade escort right.

After a few minutes of discussing it, and everyone agreeing that they would like to try it, we got up and went to the bedroom to see how awkward things could get, which as it turned out they didn’t. Along with those super tight and short shorts, Jessies was also wearing a tank top with no bra like usual, he nipples poking thru her shirt slightly and just turning me on all night.

Sherrie was also wearing short shorts but not as short as Jessies were, and a tee shirt with no bra on also. Her tan and shapely legs looking as hot as usual with her nipples poking thru her tee shirt as well.

I was walking with Jessie and Ron with my girl in tow. Sitting on the bed, Jessie straddled me and we began to kiss, our tongues swirling together in a ravenous kiss. I pulled her shirt over head, exposing her firm breasts before she got off me, pulled down her shorts and underwear, standing before me naked and asked if I liked what I saw. I was like ” hell yeah, you are hot as hell”. She pushed me onto my back, pulled down my shirts, got on her knees and took the head of my cock into her mouth. Grabbing the base of my already hard cock, she looked up at me then slides the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat. After a few minutes of watching her head bob up and down on my cock, I heard a gagging noise so looked to my left and saw Sherrie sitting on Rons face and sucking his cock as well, which she was very good at. She was grinding her pussy on his face and slurping on his cock when I saw his legs tense up and I knew what was coming. She stopped her bobbing and moaned a bit as I watched his cock start to throb taksim escort and dump his first load down her throat.

Seeing that got me even more excited as Jessie was still still working on my cock, mouth devouring me like she was hungry and wanted me to cum as well. Next thing I know, I could feel me getting ready to spew load and took Jessies head in my hands, and tensed up as I shot my load into her hungry mouth. Like Sherrie, she swallowed all my cum.

Jessie got up, crawled on top of me and planted her sweet, juicy pussy on my face. I began to lick and suck her juices, my hands cupping that beautiful ass of hers that I had dreamed of doing for months. Feeling the firmness of her ass in my hands, I devoured her pussy. She began moaning as a reached around her legs, spreading hers lips and sucked and licked her clit. Tongue going back and forth from her pussy to her clit, then sucking some more. With my right hand, I inserted 1 finger into her tight hole and began squishing it around, pumping it in and out a few times before I inserted a second and then third finger. With my tongue and mouth busy on her clit and 3 fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, she pulls my hair, body stiffening as she came on my face.

She starts sliding down my body, straddling my once again hard cock, grabbing the base of it and positioning the head of it to her now dripping wet pussy. As she slowly lowers herself onto my cock, I look over and see that Ron has Sherrie on her back, legs pulled up over his head and cock drilling into her.

Grabbing Jessie by her waste, I begin to pumping my cock into her pussy, her ass slapping my legs every time I buried it into her. After a few minutes of doing that, I başakşehir escort pull out, roll her over onto her hands and knees, crawl in behind her and just shove my cock back into her pussy and begin pumping it into her. As I am driving my cock into her, I take a finger and play with her asshole, to see if she says yeah or nay. She doesn’t say anything as she is moaning from my cock in her pussy, so I insert my middle finger into her ass and begin fucking her with my finger as my cock slides in and out of her pussy.

As I pull my cock out of her pussy and press my head against her asshole, I can hear Sherrie moaning as Ron is obviously filling her up with another load of his cum in her pussy. I press forward, my head slowly opening up her ass as it enters when Jessie tells Sherrie to lay down in front of her. Surprisingly she does, spreading her legs so Jessie can get to her pussy( which really shocked me she would do) and start licking and sucking Rons cum out of her.

Slowly I work my cock into Jessie’s ass. Pushing a few inches in, then pulling out to shove a few more in. After a few tries, I finally have my cock buried in her ass and begin pumping my cock into her, as she is licking and sucking away at Sherries pussy. Needless to say watching my girl letting another girl eat her pussy was more then I could take. Within a few minutes I could feel myself getting ready to cum, so I started pumping faster and harder, balls slapping against her as I drilled my cock into her ass. Jessie began moaning and came right before I finally grunted, shoved and started pumping her ass with my cum. To my surprise, right after I was done, Sherrie grabbed Jessies head and came again with Jessies face buried in her cunt.

After all was done, we all hopped in the shower, got cleaned up and dressed and walked outside to the cool night air and sat and drank and talked like it was no big deal. Needless to say, there would be another encounter wish will will another story for later.

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