Fun Shopping for Appliances!


My wife and I were in the midst of replacing our kitchen; tearing out the old cabinetry and floors, junking the appliances, meeting with designers, the whole works. It was a grueling job, expensive, and not much fun until the new cabinets and countertops were installed. Now, it was time to shop for appliances, and Daisy and I went to the Appliance Mart to shop for a new stove and refrigerator.

After a minute or two of walking around, a sales rep found us. “Hi, I’m Ginger. I’m the best sales rep this store has, because I give great service!” Ginger did not lack in confidence or charm. We were swept up in her sales patter, and she made sure she was giving us both equal, personal attention. Ginger immediately steered us to the highest end appliances, something we did not budget for, but Ginger had an infectious way about her. While she went over the finer points of a Wolf range, I stepped back to look at the other demonstration models, and then back at Ginger and Daisy.

Ginger was a very attractive, lithe blonde, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wore a form fitting, off-the-shoulder, black mini dress. As she bent down to show Daisy something, I could clearly make out the outline of her ass, which looked divine. I noticed she kept making contact with Daisy: a hand on her forearm, or her shoulder, or leaning in. Daisy seemed to be having the time of her life, and they were giggling as they went over the range’s details. At one point, they both looked slyly at me and started laughing loudly. I decided to re-join them as the other appliances were boring me.

I listened more to Ginger, and even though the Wolf range was over $7,000, I was feeling flush. With that out of the way, she quickly moved us over to the Sub-Zero fridges. I don’t know a lot about appliances, but even I knew these suckers were damn expensive. This time, Ginger focused on me, and showed me the benefits of the cabinet inlay and other features. Though small breasted, it was clear Ginger did not like wearing a bra, and she had no problem with my noticing the fact that her nipples were at full attention. She caught Marmaris Escort me glancing down at them and her winning smile simply broadened, revealing a beautiful set of white, white teeth. A few seconds later she leaned in close to me and whispered: “My tits like tall men.” I instantly felt my cock grow semi-hard.

“Give me and my wife a second to discuss this,” I said, and Ginger moved back to the sales counter to deal with a servicing issue.

“Hot damn,” Daisy said to me in a hushed tone, “that girl can really sell! I bet she’d do well at one of our swinger’s parties, too.” I nodded dumbly, watching Ginger the whole time. “She’s got me all hot and moist,” Daisy continued.

“What was it she said to you when you two looked over at me?” I asked. “She said: ‘I bet your husband’s hung like a horse,’ and I said yes.” I swallowed hard and felt a little warm even though the a/c was very evident in the store.

We quickly agreed to buy the appliances, not even bothering to work out the financing in our heads, both of wanting more interaction with Ginger. We told her she had another sale on her hands, and she squealed in delight and brought us in for a brief, group hug. It was a little staggering to see the numbers on paper, but I estimated we could probably swing the price.

“This is going to take some time to write up, so have a seat and make yourselves comfortable,” Ginger said. We noticed the shop was emptying out; closing time. It was Friday, so even the other sales reps were leaving. “Should we come back and finish this tomorrow?” I asked. “Oh, no. It’ll be all right.” Ginger said goodbye to the last employee to leave, and it was just the three of us now in the store.

“Now,” she said a bit loudly, “you’ll find out more about the great service I offer to my special customers.” Daisy and I looked at each other. “Get up and follow me,” she said a little sternly. Ginger led us to a stairway leading down a flight, and we followed her down. The lower level contained washers and dryers. “We can be alone here and no one can see us.” I felt my heart Marmaris Escort Bayan rate pick up, and we watched as Ginger hopped up on one of the dryers, with her legs slightly opened. Her pink clamshell was visible, as Ginger wore no panties!

“Oh, baby, I think we’re about to have us some real fun,” Daisy said, licking her lips.

“C’mere, you stupid bastard,” Ginger ordered. “C’mere and put your hands on me while wifey watches!” Ginger’s sudden change in demeanor was intoxicating; I liked how she was ordering us about. I went to Ginger and put my hands around her and under her smooth globes and pulled her waist up against mine. Her ass felt good in my hands. My now hard cock was pressed against her stomach and she bit my ear hard as I kissed her neck. “Fuck me, cowboy! Ride me hard! I like a tall man with a hard cock and I want it buried in my cunt.” Ginger broke the hold and looked up at me with pleading eyes: “I know I’m small, but my cunt’s like a coffee can. I can take a nice, fat piece of man meat.” She bit her lower lip a little.

Ginger’s nasty talk fueled my desire, and I quickly undid my jeans, my cock bobbing up and down. Ginger took it in her hands and admired it. “Ummmm, this is going to feel so good in momma’s honeypot.” Spying Daisy, she barked: “Hey bitch, get a good look at me fucking your man. Get up on that dryer and watch!”

Daisy hopped up, and she opened her legs, leaning back on one hand, and using her other hand, bunched up the front of her sundress so she could get to her own muffin. “That’s right, wifey,” Ginger said a little menacingly, “get a good eyeful so you can frig. I’m about to ride your bull.” With a deft hand, Ginger slid my root deep into her canal in one motion, taking my breath away.

“God, I’m getting a great commission on your sale,” Ginger said, returning to her showfloor-Ginger persona. “And you two are going to be very, very happy with your new range and refrigerator.” It seemed a little surreal she would be mixing business with dirty talk, but I liked the incongruity, and by the looks of Daisy, Escort Marmaris she liked it too. Daisy had two fingers up her muffin past the second knuckle, and her head was thrown back.

“Look, Chuck,” Ginger said insistently, “after you shoot your wad, I’m going to suck on your wife’s poop shoot. I like how her ass looks.” Ginger kept bucking me, riding me. I could pick her up and hold her as she was fucking me. I looked down and in some wonder admired her pussy lips as they clung and then were swallowed in the motion Ginger was making. “Ooooh, Chuckie-boy, you are one strong fuckable man! Give it to me! Give me your cum! Give me your baby-juice!” Ginger said this last part turning toward Daisy, trying to humiliate her further. Daisy moaned a little. Daisy slid off the dryer and moved next to a washer, quickly turning the dial to start the spin cycle, and pressing the fork in her road up against its rounded corner, to get a good vibe.

“I can make you a good offer on the set,” Ginger said, back in sales mode. I locked eyes with her, and hissed back: “We’ll take ’em! Now take this!” I bucked hard against Ginger’s small but lovable frame, and bent my head down to bite on one of her tits through the thin fabric of her dress as I emptied my sac full of man-milk into her womb. Ginger threw her head back and screamed in delight. Catching our breath, I slowly let her slide off me to the floor. Daisy must have gotten on the washer, as I noticed her crumpled up on the floor near us.

After a few minutes, Ginger asked Daisy if she wanted her asshole sucked and played with. “I give good service,” she reminded us. Daisy nodded slowly, and Ginger rolled over and pushed up the hem of Daisy’s dress. Rolling Daisy onto her stomach, Ginger bent over my wife’s heart-shaped ass and dipped in for a few licks. She then began in earnest to suck on the small lips of my wife’s asshole, causing her to mewl. A few minutes later, Daisy’s breathing became ragged as she neared her orgasm. Ginger lifted her head and fingered my wife from behind, and Daisy finally moaned loudly as she came.

Later, the three of us went back upstairs, signed the final paperwork, and left. Two weeks later, we had brand new appliances. I had to get a supplementary job to help pay for the expensive items, but looking back, we had made a strange, new friend. Now, we are in the market for a dishwasher. Any guess where we’ll go?

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