Gasping Ridiculous Quiet Things


This is it. I finally decided to jump into (onto? lol) Literotica after being a silent stalker-fan for an undetermined number of years. I would LOVE and ADORE constructive feedback. Thank you, sincerely, for reading.


Middle of the night. Confusing dreams make me toss and turn. Hot, so hot, even though I have no clothes on.

Muddled. Confused by my complete un-understanding. What is this? Why is this sheet twisted around my legs, my hips?

So damn confused.

So I kick off the thin sheet and wake. Frustrated, lost.

Wet. Yes. I am so very, very wet. So wet, I can feel the gurgling seeping out of my pussy, starting first as a bubble at the top of my vaginal opening, then exploding forward and down over my hole into a gush of pussy-cum-juice, yearning for fingers to stroke and rub it all around my clit. Yearning for a tongue to lap up this wetness, to savor its fresh desire for you.

I feel your hard-soft-sleeping body next to mine. You snore softly, lying on your side.

My breathing stills — and then, as I move closer to you and wrap my luscious leg over Zonguldak Escort your hip, pushing my pussy against your ass, my breathing deepens, expands. I want to gasp in as I smell myself. But I remain silent.

Rub myself on your ass, cool somehow in the heat. I feel my wiry pussy hair graze your skin as I pull back. Try to spread my lips to expose my ever-growing clit so I might rub myself off on you.


While you sleep.

Then, suddenly, your snoring quiets. I, too, quiet, holding my breath and stilling my movement. You turn onto your back, and I know I have woken you.

And yet …

Your breathing again relaxes into calm rhythm. Your body untenses as you fall back into dreaming.

But I realize by touch that your cock has not at all untensed.

As I feel its pulsing hardness beneath my cautiously exploring fingertips, a new onslaught of cream spews out of my cunt.

I moan.

Gasp, catch my breath and quietly chide myself into silence.

Your cockhead weeps a silent release, and I smell your pleasure. I yearn to taste it, too, and so Zonguldak Escort Bayan I do.

So slowly, I move my head down until my mouth hovers above your dick, my ears listening for signs you know what is happening.

But you do not. At least, not in this world.

Something in your slumber, however, understands.

Because as I slowly, slowly, run my tongue under your cock to catch the drips, your cock suddenly jerks, spurting more liquid.

And still you dream.

And still I desperately attempt to maintain silence when I simply want to rise above you, plunge my pussy onto your rod, and fuck us both in oblivious screams.

Not yet.

Calm myself. Wait. Then — moan spit onto your dick. Stroke it beyond a hardness thought possible.

Cannot wait any longer.

So very quietly that the bed does not betray a miniscule movement, I hover over you, spread my legs, my lips, and ever so cautiously lower myself onto you, impale myself on you.

My tension-screaming body wants to fuck the hell out of you, sleeping or not. Somehow, I am able to still my trembling thighs Escort Zonguldak long enough to discern that you, still, remain asleep. Before I pull off and fuck down again.

I need to cum.

I so carefully begin to fuck you in earnest. I repeatedly thrust my pussy down, down, not bottoming out so I do not wake you with these thrusts. Pushing, humping, fucking.

You feel so good inside me, your not-sleeping cock alive and twitching. Filling me.

I reach down to stroke my clit and I cannot stand it one second longer before the orgasm begins.

I feel it first in my belly. My nipples rise, my breath shallows. I gasp ridiculous quiet things.

The cumming hums outward, finally claiming the center of my pleasure as my clit spasms in release. My deep moaning hole clamps down as tightly as possible onto your cock, ensuring it remains inside me.

And then your hips thrust, pushing your dick back in return.

And yet your breathing remains even.

Seconds later, I feel your cum splash against my pussy walls. I’m pulling off of you, pushing down, when you begin to leak out of me, covering your own hairy groin with spunk.

Slowly, I return to this level of existence, realize I am draped over you, my hard nipples just grazing your chest, moving slightly as my panting slows and stills.

I lift myself gently off of your still-hard dick. Slip back into place next to you.

Return to dreams.

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