Getting Away


Driving the Jeep through the winding mountain roads, I was transported back in time. As a teenager, my dad and I used to spend a lot of time camping this section of the Gila Wilderness. Those were some of my favorite childhood memories.

This time, however, I was making the trip alone. I had a few days off, and the girls that I worked with had thought that I was crazy when I announced that I was going camping alone. But, I desperately needed some time away from the demands of everyday life.

The trek up from town had always amazed me, the way the unforgiving heat and harshness of the dessert gave way to the cool embrace of the tall Pine and Aspen trees. I pulled off the main highway, onto the old dirt road that lead to the spot where we used to camp. I pulled the Jeep off the road, under some trees, out of view, and surveyed my surroundings.

The area where I had parked was on the side of a hill. From there, I would have to hike down to where the river was, and it was there that I planned to spend the next few days in quiet seclusion. I unloaded my gear, secured the Jeep, and headed off down the trail.

The cool mountain air was so refreshing. As I hiked through the trees, I could feel the day-to-day stress melting away. I found myself blending with the serenity of my surroundings. I was finally starting to relax.

After hiking for about thirty minutes, I was able to see the river. There had been an unusually high amount of rain in the area this year, leaving the river swollen beyond its banks.

By the time I finished pitching my tent, and setting up camp, the sun was just starting to set. I started a fire, and then decided to take a quick swim before I started fixing dinner. I waded in, and immersed myself in the water. The water was cool, refreshing, but I knew that I still needed to fix something to eat, so I didn’t stay in for long.

I headed over to where the fire was, and started peeling off my wet clothes. I was so involved in trying to get warm that it took a minute for it to sink in when I heard a sound behind me. Realizing that the sound I heard was someone clearing their throat, I spun around to find Tom standing there! I immediately grabbed for my clothes, and made a mad dash for my tent. I quickly put on a pair of cut offs and a tank top, took a deep breath to ease my embarrassment, and headed out to find out why he was there.

“What in the world are you doing way out here?”

I asked him, still a little red from embarrassment.

“I got into town yesterday, and when I asked for you at work, they said that you were on vacation, and that you had headed up here to camp.” He replied.

“And, you came all the way up here to find me?”
I asked, wondering why he would take the time. After all, we had been involved once, a long time ago. But since we had been back in touch, it had been more of a physical thing, and even though I had dared to hope in the beginning, I was relatively sure that he wasn’t ready for any more of a relationship than that.

“I thought it was a little odd that you would come all the way out here, to camp for a week, by yourself. I thought I better come and see if you were okay.” He said.

“I think you saw a lot more than that!” Zonguldak Escort I joked as I poured us both a cup of coffee. “I really needed some time away. When I was a girl, my dad and I used to come up here together. Those were simple times, and with all the pressures in my life lately, I thought this might be just what the doctor ordered.”

“Yeah, but do you think it is safe for you to be all the way out here by yourself?” He asked.

“I have never been one to be afraid of being off alone. It’s so peaceful out here, and you are the first person I have seen since I got here. How long before you have to get back?”

“I have a week off, and came back to see about the sale of my house. I took care of that this afternoon before I came up here.” He answered.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay, if you think I need protecting from “the big bad wolf”.”

“After what I just saw when you came out of the river, I might be the one you need protecting from!” He stated.

“You, I am NOT afraid of!” “I was gonna fix something to eat, but do you want to go for a quick swim first?” I asked.

“I didn’t bring a suit.” He said. “You don’t need a suit! Who’s is gonna see you out here?” I asked.

“That wouldn’t exactly be fair, would it? You have a suit!”

“Hmm.. Well, I guess we could go skinny-dipping. I mean, so it would be fair and all.” As quickly as I could, before I lost my nerve, I stripped out of my shorts and tank top, and ran for the river, calling, “Catch me if you can!”

It took him all of two seconds to peel off the polo shirt and jeans that he was wearing and follow the path that I had taken to the river. I was a few seconds ahead of him, so I reached the water first. As he hit the water, I warned him that it was chilly, but he wasn’t prepared for it. As soon as he was in the water, he came up with his teeth chattering.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Too cold for you?”

“Just takes a little getting used to is all.” He answered as he playfully dunked my head under the water. I came back up and reached for him, trying to pay him back for the dunking, but I wasn’t able to get him under the water, and during the struggle, I found that it felt very good to be pressed up against him. The water was cold, and he was warm. Being there, with my arms wrapped around him, playing in the water, I felt something stir within me that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. It had been a long time since we had been able to spend any time together. I had really missed having him in my life. I wanted so badly to tell him how I really felt about him, but found that I didn’t have the nerve. I didn’t know how he felt, and I didn’t want to press him. I would have to be content to take what he was willing offer.

“Earth to Linda?” He said, snapping me back to reality. “You okay?”

“Huh? Yeah, just tired, I guess.” I answered, and again tried, unsuccessfully, to dunk him under the water. He was just too strong for me.

“Didn’t you say something about fixing something to eat?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m getting hungry too. I have a couple of steaks ready throw on the fire. Care to join me?”

We sloshed out of the river, and started drying off. I wrapped a towel Zonguldak Escort Bayan around me, and put the coffee pot back on the fire, figuring that we needed something warm. He must have thought the same thing, because he came up behind me, with a blanket he had grabbed out of my tent and wrapped around himself, and engulfed me into his arms, and the warmth that lay there-in. I couldn’t think of any other place on earth that I would rather be.

He guided me back, up against a huge tree, his hand on the tree over my shoulder as he leaned over me. His eyes met mine, and I searched them for any sign of how he felt for me. He reached out and pulled off the towel that was wrapped around me, leaving me exposed. His gaze traveled the length of my body, and there was no mistaking what I saw in his eyes then. Raw desire.

He dropped the blanket that was wrapped around him. If there had been any mistake in what I saw in his eyes, the sight of his swollen, throbbing cock removed any doubt. It was thrilling to realize that he wanted me as badly as I wanted him. He leaned in close. Very close. His lips brushed mine, gently. Then his mouth closed hungrily over mine. I was wrapped in his arms, so close, our naked chests pressed together. Our bodies fit together so perfectly. I could feel his heartbeat coursing through his chest. He kissed me so deeply that I thought that I would die from lack of air, and in his arms, I would have gladly succumbed to a death so sweet.

When he finally let me come up for air, he slid down my body, kissing and biting, and licking his way down as he went. I was breathing so hard, both from the temporary lack of air, and because of the incredible sensations he was sending through my body.

He squatted in front of me, and ran his tongue along the sensuous line where my leg meets my body, sending shivers down my spine. He lifted my left foot, placing it on his right thigh, which gave him a full view of my pussy. He teased the inside of my thigh with his tongue, while his hand reached up and tugged at my nipples, each one in turn.

Then his mouth was over my pussy. I could feel the warmth of his breath. His tongue snaked out and played in the curls of my hair, teasing me beyond belief. I reached out, pulling him to me. My blood was on fire. I needed to be touched like I had never needed it before. He slowly ran his tongue the length of my very wet pussy, causing me to suck in a ragged breath. It was as though he was trying to taste every inch of me. He reached up with both hands, one on either side of my pussy, opening me to him, and began an all out assault on my sensitive clit which drove me to the brink of rapture quite quickly.

I looked down at him, then, making eye contact with him, and realized how much he wanted this for me. My body responded to his every touch. My hips rolled with him. My breathing was labored. My skin was sensitive to even the air around me. I was feeling with every nerve that my body possessed. I came then. Shuddering… Moaning… Forgetting to breathe… Forgetting everything except the exquisite sensation that he was giving me. I gasped for air as my body regained its composure, and fought to keep my knees from buckling. Escort Zonguldak

He groaned in approval as I came, tasting the fruits of his labor. He rose from his position, leaned in and kissed me again. This time, I could taste myself on his mouth.

I turned him so that his back was against the tree. I kissed him, sucking and biting at his lower lip. I bent and teased his right nipple with my tongue, causing it to harden into a perfect little peak. I nipped at it gently, and sucked it into my mouth. I traced a line down his belly with my tongue.

His rigid cock stood out, beckoning to me. I lowered myself to my knees in front of him, and without touching his cock, licked his balls. He moaned, and they rolled and tightened. I sucked each one gently into my mouth. I rose up a little, and took the head of his swollen cock into my mouth, and sucked the entire length in slowly, and worked my way back out to the tip. I pulled his hips toward me, letting him know that it was okay to set the pace. He began to slide his cock in and out of my mouth in long, slow, deliberate strokes.

I loved the way he sucked in his breath each time that he realized that his cock was buried in the back of my throat. I alternated between sucking him in and letting my teeth graze against him, gently, each time that he withdrew. As I teased and played with the sensitive skin behind his balls, he reached out, grasping the nape of my neck, drawing me nearer still. I marveled at the way his thick cock felt sliding its way in and out of my mouth; silky soft, but yet hard as steel. The sensation was intense, a huge turn on. The longer he was in my mouth, the more I realized how badly I wanted to feel him inside me.

As if he was reading my thoughts, he pulled me up, scooped me into his arms, and carried me closer to the fire. He laid me on a blanket spread on the ground, and lowered himself over me. He gently pulled my wrists up over my head, and held them there with one hand, wrapping the other arm around my waist, and kissing me.

“I need you.” He hissed across my lips.

He entered me, then, and I realized that my body no longer belonged to me. I was his to do with as he pleased. There was an urgency about him that I had never experienced when we had been together before. He held my wrists firmly, and with his arm around me, I couldn’t have moved away from him, not that I would have wanted to. He held me so tightly that I could hardly catch my breath. He drove into me as though his very life depended on it. I watched him for a few moments, until I, too was caught up in the act. It was so erotic to see this side of him.

As I felt him tense, knowing that he was coming close, I found myself spiraling up, away from myself, until I reached that perfect pinnacle, teetering on the edge, climaxing, then falling profoundly down into a state of near unconsciousness I once heard described as petit mort.

We were both spent. We slept there, in front of the fire, entwined in on another.

We made love again that night. Slowly, sweetly, languishing in the feel of each other. I memorized every inch of his body, knowing that it might be a very long time before I saw him again. And afterwards, we lay in each other’s arms, for the entire night; something that we had never before been able to indulge ourselves in.

I felt so complete; so at ease. I almost slipped, and told him how I really felt about him. But, I knew I couldn’t. Where our relationship went from there would have to be his decision.

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