Getting the Call


Nick Parker sat by the phone with butterflies in his stomach and his knees all shaky.

Two days before, he met Monica at her office. They had talked for a while and he was hopeful, so he confessed that he had a crush on her. He couldn’t stop telling her about it. How suddenly their friendship had become this overwhelming feeling. How his every waking moment was filled with thoughts of her and what she was doing. He didn’t have to wait very long before she confirmed his hopes. She told him that she felt it too. She had such wild thoughts about him that she felt guilty (she already had a boyfriend.) They sat together for a long time. Nothing physical happened, but Nick could tell that their mutual crush was taking over. As they parted, she told him to take it slow for now and she would decide what to do.

The next couple of days were euphoric. Nick had a smile on his face all the time. He worked out like a fiend so he would look good for her. His performance improved at work and around his apartment as his triumphant mindset pushed him to do his best. He knew he couldn’t reach her by phone (he didn’t want to embarrass her), so he sent her an innocent e-mail to make sure she knew he was thinking about her. Monday morning came and the euphoria died down. He tried to call her at work and she was at a conference he didn’t know about. He called her cell – no answer. He left business-like messages that belied his turmoil.

What if she decided to stay with her boyfriend? What if his eagerness scared her off? The waiting was killing him. As lunchtime approached, he tried to distract himself with actual, productive work. He was only mildly successful. Then his phone rang.

“Monica Webb on Line 2 for you,” said the receptionist. Nick’s heart rate rose and he told himself to sound calm or he might blow it. Just be cool!

He picked up the line, “Hello?”

“Hello, stranger,” she said. Her voice sounded so together. How could she be so collected?

“I’m glad you called. How was your conference?”

“The important part is that it’s over. Can you meet me at my apartment in about an hour?”

Nick’s pulse went even faster. He thought suddenly, “I should have drank more water after working out – I’m about to faint!” But he didn’t. Instead, the happiness slowly returned.

“I can’t wait,” and they hung up.

The time was warped. He was impatient, so it seemed to move so slowly. But he barely had time to get ready, so there wasn’t enough time. First, he had to regain his composure. He was no first timer, so he didn’t understand why he had been so Zonguldak Escort nervous. One way or another, it was clear to him that this time the girl was more important to him. So he ran to his club, grabbed a quick shower and changed into fresh clothes. On the way over he picked up a little present for her. As it worked out, he was a few minutes late – just enough to be sociable.

When she answered the door he saw that she was dressed casually. She wore a cute little black sleeveless top with no sleeves and a pair of worn jeans. Her feet were bare. Her neckline was, too. They performed the required half-hug and she kissed him on the cheek. He loved it. He gave her a little snow globe with ice skaters in it. She had skated competitively in high school. She thanked him and gave him a second hug. This one lasted much longer. As they stood together, he felt himself relax. They parted so they could sit down. She shook the snow globe and put it on the coffee table. They sat on the sofa facing each other. She looked him in the eyes and pouted a little.

“I’m sorry I was so cold last time. It wouldn’t have been right – you know. I promise I’ll make it up to you now. I’ve taken care of everything.” She smiled and leaned toward him. They shared their first kiss.

His butterflies returned but they were more determined this time. Nick knew that this was a big moment. For Monica, that first kiss was the main, but only, boundary. And they had crossed it. He began running his hands through her hair. It was short, so he mainly resorted to messing it up and straightening it again. As they began to make out, she paused to remove her glasses. She had such great blue eyes! He began to caress her back, running his fingers in slow circles. He wasn’t very subtle – the circles moved slowly but steadily down her back. He loved that little triangle at the base of a woman’s back and he pressed more firmly there. She was moving with him, closer and more urgent all the time.

He pulled on her arms and they rose to a standing position. He moved around behind her, kissing her neck and circling with his fingers now on the front of her body. She flinched a little as he started around her tummy (not that she had one). So he firmed up his touch and started up. His kissing moved to the other side of her neck and his hands moved to her breasts. He had suspected from massaging her back that she was without a bra, and now to his joy he found out he was right. Through the cottony material he brushed her breasts. She pushed her butt back into him. By this time he was aroused and Zonguldak Escort Bayan her push met his stiff resistance. Her breasts were not very big, but through this material he could feel her stiff nipples. He couldn’t wait any longer.

He dropped his hands to her waist. She had the thought at the same moment. Their hands together lifted her blouse over her head. As it came off, she turned and kissed him. His hands moved to her back again, now bare to his touch. She shivered. She reached up between them, purposely brushing the bulge in his slacks before concentrating on unbuttoning his shirt. He stepped back half a step. Back together with their cheeks touching, he looked down to admire her chest. What a great view! Her pale nipples stood out from her chest like two sugar cones. He shrugged off his shirt and went down for a taste.

Taking her left nipple into his mouth, he licked softly, just brushing it with his tongue. She held the back of his head as he continued to suck. With him still attached, she slowly reclined onto the sofa and he knelt beside her. He sucked and kissed and licked, coming at her breast first this way and then that. Finally, he came up for air.

“That’s not where I want to be kissed,” she said. With that she reached down, lifted her hips from the sofa, and pushed her jeans down. The friction of the material left her lace panties askew. She kicked off the pants and waved her hand across her thighs. A golden invitation.

Nick decided that the half-on panties were a turn on, so he left them for the moment. He moved to begin kissing her about the thighs. With his hand, he began playing with her panties, batting the crotch that had pulled away from her. She giggled. Soon his kisses became rougher and involved more licking. He loved the feeling of her moving below him as he worked his way closer to his goal. He took the panties in his teeth and tugged a little. Then he suddenly reached below her butt, grabbing the elastic and pulling the panties down to her knees. He moved his head between her thighs and took a long look at her. She had a small tuft of blonde hair and below that were her pink lips. He was so ready. Apparently so was she, because as he began to kiss her pussy, his lips met moisture and warmth. Short, soft strokes of his tongue kept her going. He started low, almost to her ass cheeks and made his way up. He licked lightly across her lips. He occasionally forced his tongue deeper – getting a rewarding gasp.

She moved more and more as he approached her button. He took time to get close and Escort Zonguldak back off several times before rewarding her patience. Then he rewarded her again and again. She said nothing, but her breathing became more shallow and she ran her fingers through his hair.

Nick suddenly realized that his pants were still on – mainly because his hardon was becoming more uncomfortable. He needed relief. He was always surprised how much he got turned on kissing a girl down there.

“We need a bed.”

“No time,” she said. Instead, she rolled off the couch and flipped her panties off her ankles as he took his pants off. As he lowered himself next to her, she took hold of his penis and began moving it roughly. She wiped the moisture from its head and licked it off her hand. She reached below and held his balls in her hand, moving them slowly. She was apparently as tired of waiting as he was. She pulled him on top of her. He raised up on his arms. He wanted to watch.

She still had him in her hand and she guided him in. All the emotion and passion of the past few days almost pushed him over the edge as he entered her. It was so good and he was so ready. But he wanted to wait. He wanted more of her than the missionary position could offer. So he stroked slow and steady. He felt her expand to let him in with the first few strokes. He could feel as she tightened around him as he thrust deep. He watched her breasts jiggle as they moved together. He would have to stop looking there – too much of a turn on. He looked away and his penis jerked lightly a couple of times as his orgasm backed off. He lay on her for a moment. Then he pulled himself out slowly and rolled over onto his back.

With his hands, he guided her into his favorite position – her sitting on top facing away from him. He had lusted after her great ass all along. Now he had the chance to do her while staring at that ass as it pumped up and down. With her knees on either side of him she reached beneath herself and took his penis. She gave him a gentle squeeze and the pushed her hips down onto him. Nick didn’t know whether she had ever tried this position before, but he could tell she liked it. After the first couple of thrusts, she grunted in a high pitch like a tennis pro. Her ass bounced up and down and moved unpredictably, thrusting his penis into her best spots. He knew he couldn’t last long. Sure enough, his back arched up and he yelled as he came. Her thrashing kept him hard several more minutes. As she finished, she pushed forward and rested her hands on his shins. While it wasn’t all that comfortable, at least there was a small gap opened between them and he took a long look as she dripped from above him. She slid next to him on the floor and they stayed there, naked and just enjoying each other.

Their first official date was later that night, but he was hoping for a lot more than a prim goodnight kiss.

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