Good Things in Not So Small Package


Good Things in Not So Small Packages.

Being big is not always better, but it does have some benefits.

“Holy shit!” were the first words out of the doctor’s mouth after I was born according to my mother. The entire delivery room was in awe of my package. “He is definitely a boy!”

As I grew, so did my package. Now fully grown, I stand about 5’8″ but I dangle a good foot. When hard, it’s about the same length but about as thick as a ripe banana. Growing up with this appendage was not easy. Let me tell you some of the trials and tribulations I went through in my life.

My parents were normal parents. Mom was very pretty in high school and Dad was pretty good looking too according to Mom. Mom was pregnant when Dad was an innocent by stander killed in a botched store robbery. I was born 3 months later.

I have visions of Mom changing me as a babe. She seemed to take a long while and great care cleaning my privates, but never to my knowledge did she abuse me.

I was an early developer, sexually awareness-wise. I quickly discovered the wonderful world of the Sears catalogue and the women’s lingerie section. At that time, when hard I was about 8 inches long and as round as an English banger. Masturbation seemed to be the only way to keep it sort of under control. I love masturbating and still jerk off as an adult.

One day, I was on my bed wanking while staring at some blonde model in white bra and panty. She was hot. Smooth skin. Eight teeth smile. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum!” I grunted to myself. I felt that familiar building of pressure in my balls. I knew it would be only a few more strokes before… “Oooh!” The first spurt shot out of my piss hole hitting the back of the catalogue.

Just then, “Knock! Knock!” Mom walked in with some laundry. There was no way for me to stop. The next spurt flew over the book and landed on my face. I threw the book aside and the next ones sprayed over my chest before the final couple of dribbles puddled on my stomach.

“Oh Terry! I’m sorry. I didn’t realize…” Mom never finished her sentence. She left and closed the door behind her.

Later, she asked if we could discuss what happened. “It’s natural for a young boy to masturbate and fantasize. I’m sorry for walking in on you like that.”

We talked for a long while. I asked and found out that Dad had a normal 6 inch penis and Mom was always satisfied by him, but Mom was very impressed with my package. “You’re going to get a lot of girls.” As we talked about the facts of life.

I continued to grow and found many difficulties along the way. For instance, taking a crap. There was no way for me to sit down on the crapper and piss at the same time as shitting. My dick would have been dipping in the bowl against the porcelain or in the water. I had to stand and piss first then hold it as I crapped.

Shorts were another problem. In the hot summer, if I wore shorts, the knob of my dick would hang out of the leg opening. Of course this also made gym at school difficult too. I managed to get an exemption from wearing short shorts, but a jock strap was never big enough.

Afterwards, the gym teacher made us shower. All the guys teased me about it like my Mom warned me they would. They all called me Big John even though my name was Terry.

But not all bad happened in school. Kaitlin was a shapely, pretty cheerleader who had kind of a bad reputation. She was about 5’3″, blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. Apparently when she heard I had a pretty big one, she had to find out for herself.

“Hi Terry!” Kaitlin stood very close to me by my locker. “I was wondering if we could study for the geography test together.” Her hand dropped between my legs. Her fingers ran along the length of my 10-inch dick. “Oh my god! It’s huge!” as she continued to stroke it.

I met up at her house that evening. Kaitlin was still wearing her cheerleading outfit. I easily noticed her nipples poking through the knit material of her sweater which was too tight for her big breasts. My dick started to stiffen. She told me her Yalova Escort parents were playing bridge and would not be home anytime soon.

I barely stepped inside the house when she pushed me into the soft leather sofa. Kaitlin pulled down my jeans to my ankles. “Oh fuck Terry! I’ve been thinking about this since this aft!” I was pretty hard already.

Kaitlin lifted her skirt. She wore no underwear beneath. It was the first naked cunt I had ever seen live. It was puffy, red and wet. Kaitlin straddled my lap. She pressed her cunt onto my undershaft and started to slide up and down. “Oh fuck! It’s so… fucking big!”

Not having any real experience, I just sat there and let Kaitlin do whatever she wanted. She was humping me harder and faster now. I wasn’t sure but I think she came about three times before she slowed down. I hadn’t cum once. I was harder than I had ever been.

“Terry, I need it in me!” Kaitlin literally had to stand on the couch to lift her ass high enough and maneuver my dick into her pussy. It was totally wet and slick from all the juice that came out of Kaitlin. She lowered herself. I felt my cock push in and open her slit. “Oh fuck that feels so good.”

I wasn’t sure how much she could or would take. Kaitlin raised her ass a bit then pushed down harder; and then again and again until I was almost inside her. She couldn’t get the last few inches in her although it wasn’t from lack of effort.

“I’m so full of your cock, Terry. I’ve never been this full before.” Kaitlin was sweating trying to get the rest of it inside. “Brad has a kid’s dick compared to your python!” Brad was he boyfriend before now.

We moved so that Kaitlin was on her back and I was fucking her between her legs. I was able to get up to the last inch inside. Her ass was humping so fast, it was a blur. I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. “Kaitlin, I’m going to cum!” I was going to pull out but she wrapped her legs around my waist and prevented me from doing so. I emptied my balls into her. I came like a fire hose.

“Oh yes, Terry. Fuck me! Fill me with your cum!” Kaitlin was screaming. Her cunt sucked everything out of me. “I can feel it spray inside me!”

Finally she let me pull out. “Terry, that was fucking incredible. That was the biggest cock I’ve every fucked!” Kaitlin stood up. Cum started to pour from her gaping hole and onto the rug. She laughed.

We fucked almost every day. By that time, it was fully grown to about almost foot long and as thick as a big banana. Kaitlin had learned to take it all. Fortunately, she was on the pill. It didn’t occur to me that she might have gotten pregnant until many years after. We stayed together until her parents moved away. Something about her mother caught fucking the bridge club president.

I moved away after Mom passed away from a deadly virus. Now as an adult and on my own, I needed to support myself although there was some inheritance money. I got some spam email I usually would have deleted but read one anyway after it caught my eye.

“Need! Immediately! Testers for new condom manufacture.”

I answered the ad. They asked some simple questions about age, sex, general health, etc. It was a couple of days when I heard back from them asking me to come in for a personal interview.

When I arrived, I was lead into an examining room and told to strip. There was no gown provided. Then in walks the women in a white lab coat. She literally stopped in her tracks as she stared at my cock. Her mouth fell open and some saliva drooled out the side. “Oh, excuse me. I wasn’t expecting such a welcome.”

The exam had her closely inspecting my dick. She measured it; stroke it; weigh it’ stroked it… you get the idea.

“Well I think it’s a fine specimen that we can use in our testing.” She told me. “I’ll need a sperm same to see the quantity and quality. Please put on this condom and give me a sample.”

I looked at her not quite understanding what she wanted. She took matters into her own hands. She needed both hands to stroke Yalova Escort Bayan me until I was fully hard. Then she rolled on the condom. It was tight but comfortable. “This is one of our latest. It is so thin, it’s like wearing nothing. It also stretches to fit whatever size you are.”

She knelt before me and started to suck me off. “Hmmm… Ice un ig!” She could hardly open her mouth enough to speak. I was less than half inside her mouth. She held my ass as I fucked her face until I filled the condom with my sample.

“Wow, very impressive volume!” She said as she pulled off the rubber. “Do you always come this much?”

I nodded.

“I’ll have to check the quality right away.” She told me.

She took the open end of the condom and dumped the contents in her mouth. She swirled it around then gulped it down. “Mmm… Seems to be good.” As she smacked her lips.

“We’re almost done. I think you’ll be perfect.” She smiled. “I just want to talk with Miss. Peters first. She’s the owner. Don’t get dressed yet.”

She left the room and returned a few minutes later with another woman. “Holy shit, Marci! You weren’t kidding!” She exclaimed.

Finally she looked at my face. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so forward. Marci told me about you but I didn’t really believe her. I’m Olive Peters the owner and founder of the company. Please call me Lovey.”

As it turned out, they offered me a position as a sales person and tester. Part of the sales job was to demo the products to different pharmacies. Funny that all the places I visited were owned by females. Of course all wanted a personal demo. I later found out that the company had contacted the drug stores in advance and told them about my equipment and talents.

Testing included using the products on Lovey, Marci and the other girls in the office.

Unbelievably even with all the sex I still loved visiting the strip clubs and getting lap dances. The first time I went to a club called Fantasia, I met up with a dancer named Zoe; a bodacious, blond haired English beauty with very nice D-sized tits.

We went into the back VIP area. While the booths were individual, they were all out in the open. When the music started, Zoe mounted my lap. Immediately she gasped. Oh my god! Is that really you?”

She got off me and knelt between my thighs. Her hands grabbed hold of my dick and stroked its length through my pants for an entire song. During the next song she removed her bikini top and bottom. She turned and sat on my lap rubbing herself against me.

It was getting too hard and uncomfortable and I had to adjust it. I reached in my pants and pulled it straight up so it was against my belly. Unfortunately it also extended out of my pants but I kept it under my shirt.

Zoe turned and mounted my lap again. She realized I had shifted myself. “Oh you wicked boy!” She grinned. She pulled my shirt up over my bone and pushed her wet cunt onto my shaft like Kaitlin did when I was back in school.

Zoe continued to camel slide up and down my shaft. Nikki the waitress walked by. I was kind of concerned with getting caught with what Zoe was doing. “Nikki’s coming!” I warned.

“Fuck her. I don’t care. Let her get her own dick to fuck with.” Was Zoe’s response.

“Do you guys need another drink?” Nikki inquired.

Zoe replied. “No, I’m kind of busy with this.” Zoe moved away from me a bit and showed Nikki what she was riding.

“Holy fuck, Zoe!” Nikki choked out and turned away.

I think after that, every girl came by to see for themselves what Zoe had. Of course Zoe had to show each one of them. Every one of them wanted to dance for me afterward. Most didn’t even want to charge me, some even offered to pay me!

My dick was coated with slime. “I need it!” moaned Zoe. She lifted her ass high enough for my dick to pop into her naked cunt. I had a pocket of condoms, but had no chance of donning one. Amazingly she took me all inside her without any problems.

We stayed like that for about five or six songs. I Escort Yalova lost count. Zoe came about three or four times. Her cunt squeezed and pulled at my cock until I was ready to burst.

“Zoe, I’m going to cum.” Knowing how much I’d fill her hole with sperm.

Zoe didn’t relent. In fact, she increased her humping. “Yes! Fucking fill me! I need to feel you cum inside me!”

That was it. I emptied my powerful jet steams into her pulsing pussy until nothing more came out. She squeezed me with her walls so none of my juices leaked out.

“Oh god that was good!” She giggled. “I feel so full. You know I’ve never fucked any guy without a cap. Not even my boyfriend. You are the first guy to cum inside me like this.”

Weak kneed, Zoe stood up. A torrid of white cum poured from her gaped hole. “Oh my god! How much did you cum inside of me?”

I went back a number of times and only had Zoe as my private dance. All the other girls were jealous. At the club, we used rubbers since she had to work afterwards. We also dated for a while. She dropped her old boyfriend. When we fucked outside the club, no condom and I filled her womb with wads of sticky goo. Unfortunately, she got caught at the club trying to solicit some cop and ended up getting deported back to the U.K. I go visit her some times.

That club got shut down soon after Zoe was deported, so I needed to find some place new. Not that that place was the only place I went to. I started going to a club in the west end of town called the Cannonball, a sleazy, dimly light hole in an industrial park. But the girls there were literally fucking hot. I got one girl called Santana (I’m sure it was her given name [sic]). She was a shapely but thin blond with big fake tits and long legs. As we walked into the back VIP area, there was a number of other girls “dancing” for their clients. One girl had her ass in one guys lap. She was bouncing up and down. The guy had his hands on her hips and was thrusting upwards at the same time. A second girl was kneeling between this guy’s knees and wasn’t even hiding the fact that she was sucking his dick. I noticed a third girl mounted on this guy’s lap. I didn’t have to wonder if they were actually fucking or not.

Within the first song, Santana had felt my dick and had it pulled out. As she stroked it, she asked without any embarrassment if I wanted to fuck. “I need it in me.” She said without waiting for an answer. She opened her purse and pulled out a condom. She stuck it in her mouth and used her lips to put it on my cock. She couldn’t take all of me that way so she used her hand to roll it all the way down. Of course it was too small and short. “Oh my god!” She exclaimed. I gave her one of mine and she repeated the same process. The rest of session was nothing special so…

The next time I visited the Cannonball, I was nursing a drink when the DJ announces. “Please welcome for her first time, Katty!” I look to see it was Kaitlin.

“Oh my god, she still looked incredible.” I thought. “Why is she here?”

I called her over for a private dance but mostly to talk with her. She was a little embarrassed to see me but was very happy that I didn’t object to her new profession.

Apparently after she and her parents moved away, her Mom fell off the fidelity wagon again and was caught fucking her neighbour who apparently had a huge cock. “Maybe that’s where I got my craving from.” Giggled Kaitlin as she started stroking me through my pants. “Still big and hard as ever.”

Kaitlin opened my pants and pulled me out, stoking it as she continued to explain what happened. She got pregnant but lost the baby in a miscarriage. Her parents got divorced soon after and neither wanted to support her so she was basically on her own. After a number of failed jobs as a waitress, receptionist, et cetera and needing money and having no real skills, she started stripping. Even that wasn’t enough. Her debts were huge. She heard she could make more here if she was willing to provide services.

To make a long story short, Kaitlin and I are now together. I still work at the condom place. Kaitlin understands and accepts my job requirements as long as I use a condom. “It’s not like real fucking.” Was her statement.

Kaitlin stopped working at the Cannonball and is a beautiful wife who knows how to take care of me and my package.

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