Gym Ratz, Round 01


Where the hell is she? Ginny’s always here, and now that I need her, not a sign of her. We joined this gym together over two years ago, and even though a lot of shit has happened for both of us since then, we’ve been pretty faithful to our workouts. The truth is, we make each other keep going. I’d probably have quit without her and I had to talk her out of leaving once. She said it was the money, but I know damn well it was that asshole boyfriend of hers. I’m so glad she got wise and dumped him; he was ruining her life. And mine.

“Ellen?” I hear her yell over the rumble of the Ellipticals! How the hell did she get in here without me knowing? I see her coming and wave, I’m too self-conscious to scream in public like she does and it’s against the rules, but of course she ignores that. In a minute she’s pumping away beside me, but I’m already soaking wet. Almost done. She says something about shopping, bla bla bla, but I’m just glad she finally got here. Wiping the sweat from my face I glance over at her. “Ginny, I’ve decided; I’m going to do it!”

“Yeah sure girly, I’ve heard that before. The thing you’re best at is chickening out.”

“Uh uh you gym slut, just because you’ll take anyone home that’ll go with you doesn’t mean we all have to. You know I’ve been watching this guy for months. And he’s here! Now! On that curl machine right in front of us. And I’m going to do it!”

What I said wasn’t really fair, Ginny is a few years younger than I am and the animals in the weight room at the back really turn her on, even though a lot of them are even younger than she is. And there’s no denying, a lot of them are built like to die for if you’re into that sort of thing. And she is. I saw her walk up to a guy she’d never said hello to when he was resting between sets and put her hand around his biceps. Well no, not even close, but as much of it as she could. No doubt it’s a way to start a conversation if you’ve got the guts! They left together that day.

But that’s not for me. I appreciate bulging muscles and a massive chest, but I prefer the hard look. A body that’s tough as nails from head to toe. I know damn well they’re just as strong without all the bulges. They don’t need to show off, they have brains somewhere besides their biceps and an inner confidence that almost glows. And he’s one of them, older, salt and pepper on the temples, but every inch of him says “MAN”. And hell, I’m older too. At 42, after two kids I think I still look pretty good, but I guess my tastes have changed. And I can almost taste him! Mmmmmmmmmmm.

He fits the profile, and I’m hoping he likes a woman that is just as hard as he is. After two years in this place I’ve got every muscle in my body toned up, from my ass to my lats. And not an ounce of excess fat, although I’m not so skinny that my ribs stick out, like Ginny. I want to have some curves left. And by god I do, an hour-glass figure and a tiny waist! My tits are 34B, but still high and firm, and I’m proud of them. Good enough to get me plenty of looks, especially with the right bra.

And some of them have been from him. At first I was really put off by that. He watches all the decent looking women in here, not just me, from co-eds to seniors. His expression never changes but I can see his eyes on them. He thinks no one notices. But I do! The unnerving thing is, one day I was walking down the aisle towards him and he was looking right at me. And he never turned his head or looked away. Not even after I focused my eyes on him! I’m not used to that. Most any guy will look away when he knows he’s caught. But his expression never changed then either. And I don’t think he does that with most of the women.

Of course it makes me wonder what he’s thinking. Analyzing? How old, how buff, what we’d look like spread out on a sheet, how good we can … Oh my god I’m getting wet thinking about it! Isn’t that dumb? But I have noticed one thing. He seems to concentrate more on red-heads. Bingo! And it’s natural too. And I can prove it. And maybe, if he’s lucky … Who am I kidding? I’d feel like the lucky one! Dammit I want him! Or at least, I want him to pay attention to me! See where we go from there. So … I have a plan. Scatter-brained I’m sure but it’s the best I can do.

“So Ellen, what are you going to do, tackle him?” Ginny brings me back.

“Hell, that’s your technique!” I snort. But it’s not far from what I have in mind. “I’m just going to bump him a little bit, just enough to need to apologize and go all flustered.”

She looks at me. “If I know you that is just what you’ll do – apologize and be on your way. Why are you so scared of men? You know they want the same thing you do!”

Oh my god! She’s not one to mince words! But she’s almost right. “I’d like to think that any man I’m interested in has at least a little interest in me. It’s not like I want something permanent, you know that, but maybe someone to talk to, even go out with! And maybe someone to convince that asshole ex of mine that I DON’T want to get back with Sakarya Escort him, just because he thinks no one else gives a shit about me. He’s a total wimp, and I think if he saw this guy he’d run pretty fast.”

“Honey, I understand that, I do. But we don’t know shit about this guy! Maybe he’s an axe murderer! I’ve never seen someone keep so much to themselves in here. At least, not the good ones. Most dudes who’ve got it flaunt it!”

“You’re talking about the children you go with,” I snort. “Maybe that’s the difference. He doesn’t have to. And he knows it!”

“You’re bad, you bitch. I don’t know why I hang around with you.”

“Same reason I do. A crutch. And someone to gossip with. I listen to your tales of woe and conquest!”

“And I’d listen to yours if you had any. Conquests. Plenty of woe!”

“Oops, there he goes, on the Lat Bar. That’s where I need him to be. Wish me luck honey, see you later.” And I hop off the Elliptical, mopping the sweat from my face and bod a little. I have time; he does three sets of everything.

By the time I finish wiping my machine down he’s finishing his second set, and I wander around for a bit, waiting for number three. When he gets into it I start, from the back of the gym, not exactly running, but hustling down the aisle, and I reach him just as he lets go of the bar. This is it!

I’m going to bump his shoulder with my elbow. But at the last second he gets up and steps one foot into the aisle! And I slam into him, elbow hitting the middle of his back and my body running squarely into his shoulder! It’s a disaster! Off balance, he catches his other foot on seat and lurches five feet ahead, hopping on one foot, before he catches himself. And the bottle of water goes flying from his hand and smacks against the building column, where it splits open and sprays water everywhere!

But I get the worst of it, feeling like I’ve run into a tree and falling backwards onto my ass! And I manage to shriek with surprise so everybody in the place knows it! I’ve kind of had my bell run, my chin hitting his shoulder blade, and it takes a few seconds before I shake my head and realize what’s happened! And my nose is sore too!

When I finally open my eyes and look up he’s staring at me like I’m from Mars. “Ellen! What the hell are you doing?” And he puts his hands on his hips and just looks at me. But I’m so shocked by that I just look at him for a few seconds.

“I … I was just … how the hell do you know my name?”

He laughs. But at least he lowers his voice. “Ellen, I heard one of the girls at the desk call you that, but everyone in the place knows your name. You can thank your friend for that!”

Of course the sonofabitch is right! Ginny’s yelling may have gone unmentioned, but no way is it unnoticed. If I can hear her, so can everyone else. Maybe outside the place too. Sheesh!

Finally, he walks back to me, putting a hand out, and I reach up, really needing the help to get my ass off the floor. But he grabs my wrist instead, and the next second I’m standing! He pulled me up like I was a toy! Of course I’m beet red, embarrassed like never before, with half the eyes in the gym on me, and totally flustered.

Oh God! “I … I was just …” What the hell can I say? I was trying to get your attention?

But he saves me. “Never mind. You were speeding. Now, are you all right? Your nose and chin are redder than the rest of you! Come here and sit down!” And he leads me to the Lat machine seat. As I plop down I feel my nose, then my chin. Still stings a little, but everything seems to be attached and in the right place. He hands me my towel and I wipe the tears away, along with a fresh coating of sweat. I look up again and try to smile, but I would really like to find a hole and crawl in.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry … sir, I never meant to …” I have no idea what his name is and even less an idea what to say.

“Tony,” he says. I know you didn’t. It’s ok, whatever happened.” He laughs. You owe me a water! And Here comes Sheila with a mop for you.” He’s kidding, the floor is carpeted, and Sheila is standing behind the desk, grinning like a Cheshire Cat and whispering something to Bob. But he’s given me an idea.

“Well … Tony … I’m glad you aren’t mad. And I do owe you, that’s for sure. I was just going to … take a shower. Then I’m going to go to Charlie’s Grille, down the other end of the mall, for a drink. I really need it now. If you want, come down and join me when you’re done here and I’ll buy you one too, to replace the water.” By the time I finish I manage to be smiling, and giggle, rather shyly. Although I’m shaking I feel much better.

“It’s ok Ellen, I was kidding. I brought the water from home.” He stops and I’m afraid that’s the end of it, and I can’t think of anything else to say. But then, “If you mean it, I might join you for one though, so I can make sure you’re all right!” And he’s grinning, but his voice says HE means it!

Oh my God! I Sakarya Escort Bayan can’t believe it! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! “Gee Tony, that would be nice. See you in a little while?”

“I want to finish up in here. Maybe in 45 minutes or so if that’s all right?”

Yes yes yes! “Terrific, I’ll be looking for you! Table over in the right corner if it’s open.” And just like that, we have a date! Sort of.

Of course, I barely make it to my locker when Ginny comes in at a trot. “That was a hell of an intro girl! I might have to try that!” And she gives out with one of her laughs. “What the hell happened?”

“I planned it like that!” I growl back. “You saw what happened, I’m lucky something isn’t broken.”

“Well, so was he mad? Did he give you shit? At least he pulled your ass off the floor. What did he say?”

“He knew my name … thanks to you.” And I turn around right into her face and give her a big shit-eating grin. “And we have a date.”

“Oh my God! Tell me girl! Did he …? Did you …? What are you gonna do?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you later,” I smirk. “Depending.” That’s all she’s going to get for now, I don’t want her in the bar, watching from someplace. And wondering will drive her crazy!

It takes 25 minutes before I make it to Charlie’s, and I look at my watch like I’m timing a race. I need to calm down. I get my usual from Rocco at the bar and head to my table. It’s only 4 PM and the place is empty. And it’s the darkest spot in the room. I really need some lube now, so I down my drink and get another. And I drink half of it too. I don’t want Tony to think I downed the first one.

He’s almost right on time, 47 minutes actually, but who’s counting? He looks into the corner, waves, and goes to the bar and gets a beer. I’ve put on a short skirt and a very short casual top that doesn’t really come down to the skirt, and if I stand up he’s going to see a little skin. In fact, if I stand the right way he might even see the jeweled pin in my navel. I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to let him. It’s ok because there’s no roll there, nothing but hard, smooth abs. All those crunches and bending and twisting in front of the mirrors have paid off. And if I bend over he won’t care about the rest of it! Because I made a last minute decision and didn’t bother to put on underwear.

Of course, I’ve been planning for something like this but I see he’s just wearing a tee and shorts, probably all he had with him. That’s fine with me, I’ll be able to see those solid arms of his. After he yanked me off the floor like a teddy bear I realize there’s even more there than I thought. And my thoughts drift momentarily to what other surprises he might have.

But he arrives and with a smile I pat the bench next to me. And he’s a good boy and sits right there! And Oh god, I can smell him! It’s very faint but he’s put on some sort of cologne or something. Mmmmmmm. And with a big smile I turn to him and give him a kiss on the cheek! “That’s for not being an asshole in the gym today.”

Laughing, he says, “I was so startled I didn’t have time! And I was afraid you were hurt.” And before I can even react to that he leans over and kisses me! And not on the cheek! But he doesn’t make a big deal of it. “You owed me, now we’re even!”

Damn! Is this going where I think it’s going? “I don’t know Tony, I think you might be a little ahead now, I’ll put it on your account.” I didn’t expect to start out like this, and I like it a lot! But I don’t want to rush things, just in case. “So Tony, is that how you meet girls?”

“As I suspect you’ve noticed, I don’t normally “meet girls”, but since it worked so well maybe I’ll try it again sometime. I’m just glad it was you and not your ditzy friend.” At least it seems he doesn’t realize it was sort of on purpose.

I elbow him in the ribs. “You mean Ginny? God, she’s so skinny it probably would have killed her. But I bet she’d like it. If she knew we were here she’d be jealous!”

“You mean she doesn’t?”

“Hell no!” I neglect to mention that she does know we are “someplace”.

“Well since we did meet, I’m Tony August, and you are …?”

“Ellen Treadwell, although I guess I didn’t live up to my name today.”

“I think you’ve belonged to the gym as long as I have, I remember you were one of the first people I saw. Or noticed anyhow. And you’re there all the damn time!”

“Well, it’s nice to be noticed I guess,” I say with a smile. I’ve seen you looking at me you know. But I see you looking at just about everyone. The women anyway. At first I thought you were a real asshole. But I kind of got used to it. You get off on women in gym clothes?”

“I don’t “get off”. But I do appreciate a nice looking woman. Helps the workout go faster and takes my mind off the pain. No harm in looking is there?”

“Um well, it does make people self-conscious when you stare at them, and some girls really don’t like it! They think maybe you’re a perv. Maybe you Escort Sakarya are. I think I’ve seen a bulge in your shorts Tony! You thinking nasty things?” I giggle to let him know I’m not serious about it. Well not too serious anyway.

“I don’t stare, I just look. And you’ve been looking at my shorts, and you’re calling me a perv? And it’s not a bulge, it’s just a lump. My lump. If it was a bulge you’d know it!”

Oh shit, maybe I did go a little too far.! Dammit my glass is empty again; gotta watch myself before I’m in trouble. “Why Tony, I never guessed you like to brag!”

“I don’t, you brought it up. I guess you’re good at that. At least you don’t look away like most of the women, you’ve got guts. I like that.” Suddenly he laughs. “That’s why I look at you a little more than the others. That and that hot body of yours.”

Oh my fucking god! I have to watch out with this one! He doesn’t pull his punches! I’m sure that’s a line. But dammit, the woman in me loves it! He said it right out, so he can’t take it back! I can’t help giving him a big smile. “I guess that’s a compliment!” In spite of myself, I giggle! “Maybe I look because I see something I like too! But guys aren’t s’posed to look back! It’s no fun if you’re caught doing it!”

“How do you know I like hot bodies? Maybe I like skinny ones, like your friend … Ginny?”

I giggle again. “Cuz if it’s not what you like you wouldn’t think I have a hot body! And you wouldn’t be looking! And a lot of guys do think Ginny is hot.” I add the last to change the subject for a moment. I’m getting a little embarrassed suddenly, or maybe it’s just the alcohol. But I can feel myself flush.

One of the waitresses has finally come in, and she saunters over to our table, since we’re the only ones there. “Need anything?”

He looks at me. “Ellie?”

Dammit. No one ever calls me that! But from him I kind of like it. It’s personal. “Whatever he’s having.”

He orders another beer and she’s back in a minute with two. And he pays! I was afraid it might be awkward, considering I offered him one. I don’t

really like beer, but at least I can nurse it. Don’t really need much more.

Suddenly he lifts his glass and says, “To Gym Ratz!”

I’m really hoping he means us, not just me. “Is that what we are?” I say with a big grin. I just get a nod in reply, and I tap his glass. We chatter on for a while and he loosens up a little. Maybe it’s the beer, maybe it’s the way I keep touching him. After all, I want him to feel “comfortable”.

But when I “inadvertently” put my hand on his thigh, over the shorts, he ups the ante and looks at me with a smile as he puts his hand on my knee, bare below the short skirt. “Oh!” escapes my lips, I wasn’t expecting that! But what the hell, why are we here? I put on a great big smile and say, “Why, Tony!”

But he reaches his other hand over on top of mine, the one on his thigh. “Why, Ellie!” with as big a smile. And I just can’t help a giggle, and I give him a little squeeze. And I feel his fingertips very slowly start to slide up over my knee and onto my thigh. Instant goose bumps! But dammit it feels good! I shudder and take a deep breath.


“Yeah Ellie?”

“Bump. Or Bulge?”

He looks down at the table. “I don’t know, can’t see it.”

I know what that means. I’ll have to find out for myself. So I call his bluff, pull my hand from his and start sliding very slowly up the front of his pants. All of a sudden I’m shaking, and it’s pure sexual energy! The game has changed. And I feel him slump down just a little, making it easier for me. Oh my god! I gasp when I realize his hand is sliding up too. And it’s already under my skirt! And I’m now painfully aware of what’s missing up there!

But then my hand hits something, and I slide it up to see what. Oh my god! No bump. BULGE! And it’s huge! I gasp again, this time looking at him. And all the while my hand is moving, exploring, and it just keeps going!

He stares me right in the eye and says, “Well? bump or bulge?” And at the same time I feel his fingertips start to run up my inner thigh. Oh shit!

And I say, stupidly, “Is that all you?”

He answers matter-of-factly, “I think so, you can check if you want.” And I’m dying to! But I can’t tell him that!

But he saves me for the moment with a simple question, “Want another drink?” All the while his fingertips playing up and down on my soft smooth skin, about two inches from my pussy. And it’s ten times as erotic because I know he could touch me at any moment, even if he doesn’t.

“N … no. Maybe …” I don’t know how to say it.

“Maybe we should go someplace else?” he asks, with a big smile. “How about my place … or yours?”

“Mine.” It’s just up the hill, and I’ll feel more secure at home. He leaves the tip and we make it out of there in record time. And he leaves his car at the gym. It’s open all night and it’ll never be noticed. We climb in mine and look at each other.

And he hitches himself over as close to me as he can get, with a big smile, and in about two seconds we’re in a clinch that would make a prize fighter proud! His fingers twine through my hair, and in the microsecond before his lips cover mine he says in a throaty whisper, “By the way, I like redheads!”

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