Halloween Night

Big Tits

It was dark, and eerie night. The wind was blowing in heavy gusts. In the distance you could hear thunder rolling over the hills. The moon had a blue haze over it, but the sky was black, and looked like it was getting ready to open and pour rain every where. She has been driving a long time, and she was getting tried, hungry, and in need of a bath.

For the last hour the car has been acting funny, and now the last few miles the car started spitting, and sputtering. She looked out the window, hoping to see a house with lights on. Just as she thought she spotted one in the distance the car dead. She let it roll till it stop.

She pushed open the door, and step out. The wind was whipping her hair into her face, as she pushed it out of her face, and looked around. She saw a dim light threw the trees. Thinking there must be a driveway up the road a little bit. Grabbing her overnight bag, and purse she set off down the road to find it.

It was hard walking in this, and she could have swore she had walked over mile. She was getting really tried walking, then out of no where there was the gate. She rang the bell, but nothing. She steps back, and looked up, and up. The gate opened.

Once inside the gates they closed in a loud clang. She jumps, and screamed. Then she got angry with herself for nothing. As she cleared the trees and started up the hill she could swear she had seen a man on top a horse on the other hill to the side of the house.

Standing at the massive doors, she banged, pulled on the knocker hoping someone was home. The door open and an old lady stood there motioning her to come in. Behind her was an older looking gentleman walking towards them.

“Thank you Mrs. Boro.” he said, touching her shoulder.

“Come we have been expecting you my Dear.” he turned and said to her.

She was not given any time to say anything, so she followed him into the main parlor. He told her to take a seat that the Master would be down soon to see her. He picked up her overnight bag, and took her coat, and left the room.

He knocks on his Masters door. When he was given permission to enter he open the door.

“Master, she is in the parlor waiting for you.” he said, bowing as he step back out of the room.

He smiled, turning from the fire and, started for the door. Then he turned and took the secret passage way that connected his bedroom, main parlor, and the other bedroom. At the painting that hung on the wall in the parlor, Yalova Escort he stopped and lifted the eyes and saw her standing by the windows looking out.

Quietly he slip into the room and stood watching her, then went over to the doors. Standing in front of them.

“Hello,Welcome Miss Bell, how are you this fine night My Dear?” he asked, walking towards her.

She jumps at the unexpected deep voice of the man walking towards her now. He seems very tall, kind of handsome with his long black hair. He took her hand and kissed the top. As he raised his face to her, she took a shock. He had a scar from his eye down under his shirt collar.

“Please forgive me for being slow, but I have walked a long way, my car ended up in a ditch when something ran out in front of me. I am ok, just tried, and hungry. And what did the other man mean when he said I was expected?” she said, asking him a question.

“I told him we would be having company. I saw you when I was out riding my land earlier.” he said with a throaty laugh.

He took her hand, and open the french doors. They took a slow walk around the small garden of wonderful smelling flowers. Under the canopy of Lily’s, he pressed her against the rough wall, and lean in a place a soft kiss on her lips.

“Mmmmm, beautiful, sexy, and soon….” he said softly.

She could feel his hard length pressed against her as he kissed her. Her hands touched his chest, she could his fast beating heart. Slowly her hands slid down his chest as he pulled her tighter to him, and his mouth touched hers.

Her mind flips flops, her body melted into his. His hands cupped her ass pressing her against his crotch, lifting her, so she rubbed against his hard length.

A knock on the door pulled them apart. He yelled yes, and the old man open the door telling them dinner was served. He put her hand on his elbow and they walked into the dining Hall. He pulled out a chair for her at one end of the table. Then he walked to the other end and sat down.

Trays after trays of food were brought in. She looked around the room when she notice the paintings. They were very erotic in nature. Young nude girls in various positions of sexual acts. The men had the look of pure ecstasy on their faces.

One painting held her attention the most. The man in it was dressed in clothes from the 1700’s, she thought. Kneeling in front of him was a young nude girl with long brown hair. Her hand was gripping Yalova Escort Bayan what looked like a huge, hard looking cock. But it was the mans face that held her attention. He looked just like the man at the other end of the table.

Before she could say anything, the man thank his cook for a great dinner and walked down to her. She took his hand and together they walked around the house. As they turned down another Hall way he stop.

“There is a Special gallery I would like to show you, but It is very explicit of the sexual nature.” he said.

With a hand pressed at her back, she turned the corner and gasp. These were nothing like the ones in the dining room. The men were nude as well as the girls, and the men had the girls in different positions with cocks inside the girls. He walked over to the huge chair and sat down to watch her face as she looked at them.

His hand absently rubbed his throbbing cock thru his pants. His eyes bored into her, willing her to turn and undress for him.

She heard a voice telling her to take off her clothes. Her blouse was off and falling to the floor before the voice finished. Her skirt was next, leaving only her sheer black thongs and bra.

Suddenly the doors flew open, the lights went out throwing the room in total darkness. She felt his present behind her, his heavy breathing on her neck.

“Its time, let me take you to my bed.” he whispered.

He lifted her in his arms, covered her in his long cape. She could swear that they were flying. What seem only seconds later the cape slide off her face, and they were in his bedroom. His back was to her as he undressed.

Standing at the foot of his bed she looked up, she saw the same painting that she had seen in the dinning room. She felt him come up behind her. His lips touched her neck, his hands came up, cupping her titties. As he was licking her neck, things started getting fuzzy. The painting above the bed disappeared and the ceiling was gone. The walls fell away, and they were outside in a grave yard.

She was being picked up, carried to a stone alter, and laid out. Her hands and feet were tried to posts, and he step up to her head. The sky lite up in flashes of lighting, the booming of thunder was over head. Then she could have swore that she heard chanting.

A goblet touched her lips, and she drank something bitter. She could hear, but could not move. He held a dagger looking knife above her Escort Yalova body. He chanted over and over again.

“Father of Darkness, I call upon you to bless this union. Father of Darkness, I call upon you to bless this union. Father of Darkness, I call upon you to bless this union.” he said.

It started out softly then the volume got louder and louder. The wind started blowing harder, the rain poured down unto them, but they never moved just kept chanting. She felt the knife cut her. Thick smoke rising. As it slowly started to clear. A red glow appeared then she saw this hideous red eyed creature.

She watched as it approach her, coming to stop between her spread legs. When it lean down to her, she let out a loud, long scream. Until she felt sucking, no pain just sucking her belly button area. That’s when she could feel his tongue, it felt everywhere. Where she was cold, he would touch it and it would keep getting hotter, hotter.

As the creature sucked, the burning streaks started moving outwards. Her pussy, and nipples were getting hotter. Suddenly she felt this searing hard thing plunge into her pussy. The pain was unbearable, and she came close to passing out. Then he was gone, everything was gone.

She opened her eyes and she was in his bedroom, in his bed, and he was above her with his cock in his hand. She reached down between them, and wrapped her hand around his thick cock. Stroking him slowly, as he pushed forward into her hot, wet pussy.

“Oooooooooohhh!!!, mmmmmm, yesss, please, please fuck me.” she moaned, lifting her hips to take him deeper.

His taut body started shaking, her tight pussy was making his body shake, and sweat. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling him against her.

“OH GOD, OH FUCK!!!!” he grunted.

She grabs his upper arms tightly, trying to pull him closer to her. Meeting his thrusts, she dug her heels into him.

He reached around behind him, grabbing her legs, and moving them to his shoulders. Moving forward a little then pulling his cock all the way out of her, then slowly he slid back inside. Over and over he slid his cock into her.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!” she screamed.

He pulled her tightly in his arms.

“AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” he roared loudly.

She woke up to bright sunlight in her eyes. As she sat up , and looked around. Where was she? She could not have imagine it all. There was no house, no man, no nothing. But she did feel something, something warm, happy, and alive. She looked up and saw a long black shiny car pulling to a stop in front of her.

She stood up when the door opened. He steps out, and turned towards her. She saw him, and pass out at his feet. He smiled and bent over to pick her up.

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