Hidden Feelings Wild Afternoon


She came over to help him pack up stuff for his upcoming move. It was cold, overcast and slightly raining. They shared hot coffee and a few stories. They looked at each other, long looks, they’d both been attracted to one another, but neither admitted to the other.

They did some packing, as the rain grew steadier they played some cards, had a few drinks. He jokingly suggested strip poker, to his surprise and excitement she said sure why not? Both of them now extra focused on the card game. He started off bad, losing several times in a row until he was just in his boxers. She lost her shirt showing off her black lace bra and very large breasts. He couldn’t take his eyes off her chest, and he ended up with an erection, she noticed but didn’t say anything, stealing glances and his large cock straining against his boxers. She lost her pants to show off her matching black lace sexy boy shorts. They were staring hard at each other and both decided to get another drink.

After getting another drink and sitting back down to the card game she noticed his cock was stretching out the waistband of his boxers and if she angled her head she could see the base of his shaft. She lost again, and decided to lose the bra, she could feel her wetness soaking through her panties as she continued to sneak glances at his erection. She lost again but playfully suggested they both get naked at the same time, he nodded barely able to speak and they both stood up and watched as the both slowly hooked their thumbs into the waistband and while watching the other slowly lowered their shorts. His cock sprang out and bounced up when she had her panties down and she bounced in shock and lost her balance, he tried to catch her but they both went down on the floor as he landed on top of her, they both laughed for a second before Malatya Escort realizing that he was on top of her, her breasts and nipples being tickled by his chest hair, the shaft of his cock was pressed right against her pussy, she could feel him throbbing and he could feel how wet she was.

They both looked at each other breathing heavily as years of unspoken feelings came to a crescendo, he put his hand on her cheek and their lips met, fire and passion exploding in both of them as they wildly and passionately kissed their tongues dancing together, exploring the other. They were so focused on the others mouth and tongue they forgot they were naked and his cock was throbbing against her clit. She began squirming her hips around, moaning into his mouth as the shaft of his cock rubbed against her clit. He began to rock his hips back and forth rubbing his cock against her clit and pussy, she was moaning and running her fingers through his hair and he began kissing her neck, her shoulders, he was kissing down to the tops of her breasts when she grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails in as she moan “oh fuck” as she grabbed his hips and ground herself into him as she came, her wetness all over both of them. She relaxed and the tip of his cock slid down her pussy, they were both breathing heavily as he looked her in the eyes as he was about to slowly enter her she pushed him off and yelled no.

He had a look of shock in his eyes, but she sat up and crawled over towards him her eyes locking with his as she bent down and ran her tongue along his shaft and flicking her tongue over his tip all the while keeping eye contact with him. He groaned in pleasure and she licked his shaft again, tasting herself on his cock, she licked up all of herself off of him and leaned forward letting her breasts Malatya Escort Bayan and nipples rub against his hard cock. She positioned herself where his cock was between her breasts as she guided his hands to her breasts as she slid herself up and down his dick buried in her large breasts, every so often the head of his cock would come out and she would stop and swirl her tongue around his head, he was groaning it felt so good. She lifted herself off of him and positioned her head above his cock, as she traced a nail up and down it, teasing him, she circled his head with her tongue before she took all off him into her throat as he grabbed her hair and moaned loudly. She pulled her mouth all the way off him and took him all the way into her throat again, this time he involuntarily jerked and thrust harder into her throat, he was surprised she didn’t gag or anything. She moved her mouth up and down his cock and he’d thrust into her throat, moaning all the while. She was shifting her legs and hips so he reached down and slid his fingers along her pussy, with her moaning with his cock in her throat. He spread her lips and ran his finger up and down her pussy, not entering her or rubbing her clit. He was amazed how wet she was. She was still deep throating his cock and showed no signs of slowing down. He gently grabbed her head and pulled her up.

He took her and led her to the bedroom. He kissed her deeply, he pulled her hair back and began kissing her neck and shoulders, moving down to her breasts. He flicked his tongue across each of her nipples before taking both into his mouth and gently sucking on them. She was moaning and running her hands through his hair, across his shoulders and back. He began fondling and squeezing one of her breasts while kissing or sucking the other Escort Malatya and then switching back and forth, he kissed down her stomach causing her to flutter and he slowly pushed her onto the bed while kissing his way down to her hips and down her thighs then across to the other hip and down the other thigh. He kissed his way back up her thigh, and slowly kissed his way closer to her pussy, he ran his tongue along her lips, tasting her, he ran his tongue up her pussy and over her clit, she grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face farther into her. He was licking, sucking and licking her clit, she was moaning loudly and grinding herself into his mouth and face. He slid a finger inside her, then 2, while continuing to lick, and suck on her clit, she was bucking her hips into his face while she grabbed his hair and screamed oh fuck fuck fuck I’m cumming as she ground her pussy into his face.

She grabbed him by the face and pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him deeply and passionately, tasting herself in his mouth. She grabbed his dick and led him to sit on the edge of the bed while she took him into her throat fully. Sucking hard on his head. She was taking all of him into her throat and he was grunting and getting close to cumming so she got him to stand up. “I want to try something I’ve never done before” she said laying on her back and hanging her head over the edge she took his cock into her throat while he grabbed her breasts squeezing and playing with her nipples while he fucked her mouth harder and faster as she was moaning with pleasure and excitement. Just as he was about to cum she grabbed his cock and pulled it out of her mouth and gave it a few good hard strokes as he exploded cum shooting out all over her chest, breasts and neck, dripping into her hungry and eager mouth. He had to brace himself on the edge of the bed while she grabbed his dick and sucked the last of the cum out of it. Moaning while she did so. She was covered is his cum all over. He collapsed on the bed.

Wait until tomorrow morning she said, then we’ll really have fun.

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