Hips (Sevgi Pt. 03)


I suppose I saw it coming in a way, because of how selfish Aysegul was during our weekly meetings. I mean, we started our affair in the first place because I was the only guy who paid any attention to her ass. And that’s what she wanted most, was someone to worship her ass. To kiss it, to lick it, and most of all to fuck it on a regular basis, something her husband never did. And, while she did sort of give something in return, besides just permission to fuck her ass, it was only after her ass had been thoroughly satisfied. That even included our monthly get togethers with Sevgi, because it was only through a deal we made with her that I was able to take care of Aysegul’s ass every week.

So, it was no real surprise that once Aysegul found someone who would take care of that ass without needing the deal with Sevgi, she jumped at the chance. The guy was able to meet her during the day, so they could use her house which was empty until evening. And, even more important, he was able to do so every day of the week, not just the Wednesdays that her and I got together. So, she no longer needed to kiss Sevgi’s ass, literally as well as figuratively, and she no longer needed me to satisfy her anal cravings. And, about a week after she dumped us, she also quit working at the gym. Seems that the guy made her an offer that she couldn’t refuse. Not only would she make more money at his law firm, he and his partner would make sure her asshole was taken care of all day long. At least that’s what she told Sevgi when she said goodbye.

Sevgi, who is completely unselfish, was more upset by what Aysegul did than I was. But, while she loves me, and loves what we do together, she is more lesbian than straight. So, she didn’t want to take advantage of the extra night I now had free. Nor, because of what she felt for me, did she want me to give up having sex on that night, and go back to exercising. Especially since she knows I don’t get everything I need at home and that my wife has no problem with me fucking other women.

Because of that, Sevgi made it her mission to find someone to replace Aysegul for my Wednesday night love making sessions. You could argue that she had selfish motives, meaning our monthly threesomes. And had she taken my Wednesdays too, she could have scheduled threesomes any time she wanted them, and I told her so. Still, she declined, saying she didn’t want them more than once a month, because she wanted them to stay special. And, even if the girl she found for me wasn’t interested in the threesomes, she’d be able to get someone to join us for that one day. What was important to her was to find someone who would give me all the things I wanted without being selfish like Aysegul had been. And, if you wanted to say she was selfish about anything, it was that she wanted to be the one to find her, because she knew what I really needed.

When I asked what she thought I needed, she said it was simple, a girl who liked the same kinds of sex I did, but didn’t want anything else from me. For example, Nevin, the receptionist, was only interested in finding a husband before her biological clock ran out. And the same thing went for the new blonde instructor who replaced Aysegul, and most of the customers. That’s why they were here in the first place, to get into shape so they could catch a better man. Then there were those who didn’t want to get married, but wanted a man to pay their bills, and I didn’t need that. What I needed was a married woman who like me wasn’t getting everything she wanted at home. That, or someone like her, who just wanted a man’s love every now and then. And, since I couldn’t ask the kinds of questions necessary to find the right girl, she’d have to do it for me.

While we were waiting for her to find the girl she wanted to find for me, Sevgi made the sacrifice of taking my Wednesdays too. Of course, it wasn’t much of a sacrifice because she enjoyed it as much as I did. So I asked again why, since she was just the kind of girl she thought I needed, she didn’t just take both nights herself. She kissed me and told me she was tempted, but she was already pushing it by seeing me once a week instead of the original twice a month she’d wanted. That’s because I was special, and like with threesomes, she wanted our time together to stay special. And, except for short periods like now, anything more than once a week would stop being special, and start being routine. Besides, her favorite lady friend usually came over on Wednesday and she didn’t want to go without her for long. I started to say something about switching us to another day, when she put her finger on my lips and said I was getting another girlfriend and that was final. Now the only thing she wanted to hear from me was moans while she sucked that delicious cock of mine.

On Friday she told me again that the subject wasn’t open for discussion. I needed another woman in my life, just for variety if nothing else. And she wouldn’t be happy until she knew her man was fucking someone else while she was with her favorite woman. That’s how she talked about me sometimes, as her man, because she had plenty of women lovers, but only one man. And she said that was also how she talked Manisa Escort about me to her friends, not as her male lover, as the only man she loved, her man. So if she used that term when she was talking about something, that meant it was something important to her and something she was doing because she loved me. In other words, she was telling me that if I loved her, I would let her find a girl for me to fuck, and stop arguing with her about it. And since I did love her, in my own way, and what she wanted wasn’t something bad, I kissed her and told her that if that’s what would make her happy, I’d let her find me a girlfriend. She kissed me back and said that the girl she found would make us both happy, then there were no more words for a long time.

Monday the gym was more or less dead, without even enough people to have an aerobics class. The new aerobics instructor, not the blonde, the one who started a month before Aysegul left, was left with nothing to do. So, since we’d never met, because Aysegul had taken care of me when I was there, she came over and introduced herself as Ayfer. Then when I told her my name was Richard, she said oh, so you’re Richard, as if someone had told her some things about me. Other than saying nice to meet you, and telling me to let her know if I needed any help, we didn’t have anything to talk about. So, our conversation was short and she moved on to another customer.

Before I continue, I think I should describe Ayfer, because it will be important later. Like a lot of Turkish women, she’s almost 6 inches shorter than me, even though I’m only average height. She has black hair, brown eyes, and a cute face, and although she wears glasses, they do nothing to detract from that. However, something that does detract is that not only does she wear makeup to the gym, she also wears a shade of lipstick that does not look good on her. As for her body, the top half is good, with nice firm breasts, a flat stomach, and narrow waist. But, below that, she has what we call child bearing hips, meaning they are wide but not fat. And those hips make her ass almost look like one of those bubble butts that a lot of black women have. In other words, while her ass itself is fairly small and tight, she wasn’t the type of girl I’d drool over.

The reason its important is because when I saw Sevgi on Wednesday, she asked why I hadn’t flirted with Ayfer on Monday. My first response was that I thought she had wanted to find the girl for me, not for me to try and find one myself. She said that she had found her, but she couldn’t seduce her for me, that was my job. I asked if she meant that Ayfer was the girl she had found, and she said yes. Then she asked what was wrong with Ayfer that I hadn’t shown the slightest bit of interest in her. After I gave her the list, starting with the makeup and lipstick and ending with wide hips and bubble butt, she just said that was good. When I asked why it was good, she said it meant that I had paid attention to her, and that there were things I’d liked about her. It also meant there was some attraction there, enough for her to work with, because Ayfer was definitely the girl I needed. Then when I started to protest, she silenced me with a kiss and by telling me she knew what was best for her man.

I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting what happened when I got to Sevgi’s house on Friday. I mean, she’d already decided that despite my objections Ayfer was the right girlfriend for me. So, why was I surprised to see Ayfer there when I arrived? And an even better question, why was Ayfer not surprised to see me there? I did the Turkish greeting thing, the kisses on the cheek, then stood there waiting for whatever Sevgi had planned. I did have to admit that Ayfer looked a lot better than she had on Monday. Now, she had only the bare minimum makeup on, meaning some eye shadow and a little lip gloss. And the lip gloss was clear, instead of colored, which accented what were naturally beautiful lips. The glasses were gone too, but as I said before, they hadn’t hurt her looks any, even though they hadn’t been fashion frames. All in all, if she had been sitting at a desk, and I couldn’t see her hips, I would have been drooling over her.

Thing is though, I could see her hips, and that kind of ruined the whole picture for me. Maybe if she’d been wearing a dress that flowed over them, I might have still been attracted. Sevgi, or whoever, had done wonders with her makeup and hair, but hadn’t done anything at all about that. As a matter of fact, the pants that Ayfer was wearing actually drew your attention to them rather than hiding them in any way. When Ayfer saw my face change when my eyes got to her hips, even though I tried my best to hide my reaction, she gave Sevgi a look that kind of said “I told you so”. Meaning probably that she’d known I’d be turned off by her hips and had already said that to Sevgi. Sevgi just asked her to wait in the living room, then took me to the kitchen to talk.

When we got there, she asked me if I’d been enthusiastic about fucking her the first time we made love. She knew I hadn’t, yet I made love to her anyway because Aysegul had said it was the only way her and I Manisa Escort Bayan could keep seeing each other. And where were we now? True, what had turned me off was the mean look on her face, and that was no longer there. And true, what turned me off about Ayfer would still be there after I made love to her. But, like Aysegul had, she wanted me to make love to Ayfer anyway. Not because we wouldn’t be able to make love anymore if I didn’t. It was because she was sure that once I made love to Ayfer, her hips wouldn’t matter and that I’d want to keep seeing her. If she was wrong, we’d find someone else, but she knew she wasn’t wrong. So, could I do this for her, make love to Ayfer so we’d all be happy?

I let her lead me back to the living room, and as soon as we got there Ayfer said she’d told her that I wouldn’t want to make love to her. Sevgi walked over to her and in a half whisper told her that I hadn’t wanted to make love to her either the first time. Yet now, we were permanent lovers and I kept coming back week after week. I’d agreed to make love to her too, so it was up to her to give me a reason to want to keep doing it. Ayfer asked the natural question about what I was going to do to make her want to come back again. Sevgi laughed and said that she’d already told her what I did, which is why she wanted to be here. Wouldn’t those things be more than enough to make her want to come back? Ayfer said yes, as long as I really did them, to which Sevgi said not to worry, because I always did. Then Sevgi said it was time we moved to the bedroom, and we both somewhat reluctantly followed her.

When we got there, I figured that Sevgi would want me to start undressing Ayfer, but I was wrong. Instead, since it was up to Ayfer to give me a reason to keep making love to her, she wanted her to go first. Ayfer had no problem undressing me, as a matter of fact, she was actually as enthusiastic about it as I was about undressing Sevgi. However, while she didn’t kiss and lick my skin the way I did Sevgi, she did run her hands all over me as she did so. Especially once she saw all the hair on my chest and stomach, which she couldn’t get enough of playing with. The biggest change though, came over her when all that was left was my underwear. Because, as she started rubbing my rising cock through them, her eyes sort of glazed over. Then, to my amazement, she dropped to her knees, practically ripped my shorts off, and took every inch I had into her hot wet mouth.

I’m not talking about taking my cock in her mouth when it was half hard, because her rubbing had made it hard as a rock. I’m talking about taking the whole thing down her throat right away, clear down to my balls, without straining at all. Then she pulled back and did it again and again, until it was my eyes that started glazing over. After about 5 or 6 times, she stopped long enough to ask me if she had to wait until I fucked her to finish this. No man would say no to that and neither did I. Nor did I refuse her next request which was to put my hands on her head and help her by fucking her mouth until I came in it. At this point, Sevgi kissed the back of my neck, and started whispering in my ear, asking if Ayfer’s hips were so important anymore. When I shook my head no, she said that was good, because she wanted me to show Ayfer that by eating her pussy with those hips sitting on my face. And if I did that, Ayfer would show me something else she hoped I liked.

Naturally, I was curious what that could be, but my mind was too occupied with something else to think about it right then. That something else was Ayfer’s mouth and throat, which were driving me out of my mind. Not only does she have a deep mouth, that can take my whole cock, she has a wide one too. That means that her lips weren’t tightly wrapped around my cock, giving it too much pressure. And unlike most women, the inside of her mouth was extremely wet all the time. So, fucking her mouth was more like fucking a pussy with a tongue in it than anything else. And, since that tongue never stopped moving, she had me right where she wanted me in very short order. Where that was, was on the edge of cumming in her mouth, and she wasted no time in pushing me over that edge and greedily sucking down all the sperm I had to give.

When she was finished, she actually thanked me, and said she’d take her time later but she’d needed this one to get her started. Sevgi nudged me in the back, and I knew what she wanted me to do. So, I pulled Ayfer to her feet, and shocked her by giving her our first kiss with my tongue down her throat. She didn’t stay shocked long, and was soon pushing her tongue down my throat too. When Sevgi told me to lay on my back, and told Ayfer to sit on my face, it was Ayfer, not me who protested. She said that of course she wanted me to eat her pussy, just that I shouldn’t do it like this until I knew what would happen. Sevgi stopped her from telling me what that was, saying she wanted it to be a surprise for me. And she told Ayfer not to worry about it, because she knew me and knew I’d love it when it happened. Now I really was curious what they were talking about and hoped that Sevgi was right about me liking Escort Manisa it.

Sevgi was right about one thing, Ayfer’s hips didn’t matter when she lowered her pussy to my waiting tongue. No, that’s not quite true, they did matter, because they made eating her pussy a lot better. Her hips are wide, but as I said before, her legs aren’t fat at all. That means that the flat area between her legs, where her pussy’s at, is wider as well before you get to her thighs. And that means that all I got on my face was just her pussy and not the rest of her body. Like her mouth, her pussy was very wet too, and tasted delicious. And it didn’t take long before I got the surprise that Sevgi had been talking about. Because, when Ayfer had her first orgasm, she actually started cumming, and I mean pussy juice pouring out of her cunt cumming. And Sevgi was right about that too, once I got over the initial shock. Because when Ayfer tried to pull away, and started apologizing, I grabbed those wide hips of hers and pulled her pussy back down for more.

I held Ayfer there through another three orgasms before I finally let her go to drop in exhaustion next to me. Then I rolled over to see if she would kiss me as readily as I’d kissed her before. That wasn’t a problem for her, because she sucked hungrily on my tongue right away. Nor was there any problem when, after I slid my cock into her pussy, Sevgi moved my head out of the way to let Ayfer suck hungrily on her pussy. Then again, I should have known that Sevgi would pick someone who would also be willing to join our monthly threesome. No, the problem came with what Sevgi whispered in my ear when she leaned forward to kiss me as I fucked Ayfer.

That’s because she told me that Ayfer didn’t do everything I liked, because she’d never had anal sex before. So, we were going to fix that whether Ayfer wanted it fixed or not. I whispered back that I wouldn’t force Ayfer if she didn’t want it, and that I was sure I could convince her if I took things slow. Sevgi came back at me with the phrase that I mentioned before, the one she uses when she’s telling me something is for my own good. She said she knew her man, and knew he wouldn’t be happy with Ayfer unless he could fuck her ass when they made love. But, she also knew her man was too nice to do what had to be done, and he’d keep letting Ayfer put it off forever. And because she wanted him to be happy with the girl she found for him, she wasn’t going to let us have another date until this was taken care of. I told her again that I wouldn’t force Ayfer, and she said I wouldn’t have to because she was going to do the forcing, whatever that meant.

What that meant was that she got off Ayfer’s tongue, then asked her if she was ready for me to fuck her ass. Ayfer immediately said she’d told her in the beginning that she didn’t want that. Sevgi said that was true, but when she’d told her that she’d have to if she expected me to do everything she wanted, she’d said she would, hadn’t she? Was there anything so far that she’d wanted me to do that I hadn’t done? She’d said she wanted someone who would let her suck his cock and would cum in her mouth, and I’d done that. She’d said she wanted someone who would not only eat her pussy, he’d also let her sit on his face when he did it, and I’d done that too. And, when the time came to eat her pussy and lick her asshole after I’d cum in them, I’d do that too. Or was she trying to tell her she hadn’t said she’d let me fuck her ass if I’d really lick her clean afterwards? So, now that I’d kept my side of the bargain, she didn’t want to keep hers, was that it?

Ayfer said that she’d only agreed to those things because Sevgi had been eating her pussy at the time. But, she really didn’t want anyone to fuck her in the ass, no matter what she’d said that day. Sevgi said that was fine, she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do. She could go home to her husband, the one who didn’t like any type of oral sex. Or she could try to find some other guy who would do the things that I liked to do, without wanting to fuck her pretty little asshole. Then Sevgi gave me a look, one that Ayfer couldn’t see, that said it was my turn to talk. And, since I’d already stopped fucking as soon as Sevgi started talking, I pulled out of Ayfer’s pussy then sat on the bed next to her. Then I said I had one simple question for her, why was she willing to cheat on her husband?

When she didn’t answer, I answered for her, saying it was to get things she couldn’t get at home, wasn’t it? My wife would let me fuck her, although not as often as I wanted to. And my wife would suck my cock too, even though my wife wasn’t as good as either her or Sevgi. If that had been all I wanted, I wouldn’t have started cheating in the first place. What had started me cheating was someone offering me something I couldn’t get at home. Aysegul, she remembered her right, had offered me the one thing my wife wouldn’t give me, and that was the chance to fuck her in the ass. And Sevgi had told her the truth, I hadn’t wanted to make love to her the first time. I only did it because it was the only way I would be able to keep fucking Aysegul’s ass. Of course, I found out that I liked making love to Sevgi, and one of those reasons is that Sevgi likes ass fucking too. If she hadn’t liked it, I probably wouldn’t have kept seeing her like I did every week. Instead, when Aysegul left, I wouldn’t have had a reason to cheat anymore, and I would have stopped.

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