His Reward


Author’s Note:

Greetings fellow lover of erotic fiction. This is my sequel to “His Dick”. Our hero did as he was told, and is ready to claim his reward.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. The people in this story are fictitious.

This is a quickie: less than 1000 words, like the first part.

This is a work of fantasy. It would be best if you could suspend disbelief and just enjoy the budding romance and the scenery. And the fucking. That’s my favourite. (I’m a Perv, too).

Finally, in this story you find an explicit depiction of a lucky man sharing mutual pleasure with a woman he loves. Call it romantic porn. The act is between consenting adults, both of whom are way over eighteen. There is a bit of kinky fantasizing, although the sex is pretty vanilla, but remember: vanilla is a pretty great flavour. And, as in “His Dick”, be aware, the woman involved clearly states that they both have body hang-ups. If the thought of imperfect people having hot sex turns you off or offends you, that’s cool. But please stop reading and find a story with characters more to your tastes.

This is my second attempt to write from a woman’s perspective. I’d love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment. And, don’t forget to vote.

All day I thought about one thing: what will he claim as his reward? I told him this morning when he came for me I would be all his tonight.

As I dressed I decided that it would Marmaris Escort be anal. He loves it and it’s been a long time. I eased in a small butt plug.

At the team meeting I figured it would be a blowjob. A nice relaxing blowjob. I love tasting his seed.

At the production meeting, I decided it would be BDSM. We’re both switches, so that complicated things. I practiced knots in the ladies room after the meeting.

At lunch I figured I was over-thinking this. He’d just want a straight fuck: doggie or reverse cowgirl; as long as he could see my ass. He loves my ass, and he’s made me love it too. Its hardly tiny, but it really is a nice ass. I decided to stop at the gym on my way home to loosen up.

Erotic images filled my afternoon. I daydreamed about increasingly filthy sex when I was supposed to be writing a report. Hand jobs. Outdoor fucking. Back to anal. Titty fuck? Could I do that? I didn’t think my tits were big enough. Maybe. Maybe he would want me to talk dirty. I could do that. Maybe he would like it if I read him erotica. Tie me up and spank me? Tie him up and fuck him with my glass dildo?

I stopped for a glass of wine instead of the gym. I still beat him home.

How to set the scene? Should I be naked in bed? In slutty lingerie on the couch?

Before I could think of another option, my phone announced a text from him.

Him: be home in 10min 2 claim my reward. Wait 4 me in the big chair. Dressed. No panties.

Me: Marmaris Escort Bayan K. C u in 10

OH, I get it, “Office slut”. Sure. I could do that. I slipped out of my panties. My legs were bare in the summer heat. I wore 3-inch peep toe pumps. He practically came in the shoe store when I bought them. I wished I had worn a tight skirt, but the pleated one I had on was at least short. I undid an extra button on my blouse.

I heard his car door in the driveway. Then the crunch of his shoes on the gravel, followed by footsteps on the stairs. The door opened.

“Hey babe! Are you ready for me?” he said.

“Yep!” Damn! Not sexy! I purred at him “No panties as requested!

“Good! I bet you want to know what I’m going to do? I bet it’s been driving you nuts all day. Hasn’t it? Care to guess?”

I thought for a second. Nothing. “No, Uh, yes” I said, hesitantly.

“What I want, what I need, is to worship your pussy like you worshipped my dick this morning. Spread your knees, please Babe.”

I did as he asked. He dropped to his knees. My pussy was getting wet just thinking about what he had said.

He inhaled deeply. “Ah. Such a heady aroma. I love the scent of your pussy after a day at work.”

He reached forward and touched my hairy mons gently.

“Promise me that you’ll never shave this silky fur? Trim it if you must, but I love your dark full bush. ” His finger strayed to the top of my rapidly dampening slit. “It frames Escort Marmaris your beautiful heavy lips perfectly.

“Your lips are a marvel.” He sucked on one to punctuate his words. “I love the shape, the wrinkled, pebbled surface. The dark colour, highlighting the pink beyond.” He licked me from the bottom to my clit with a flat tongue, lingering on my button.

“Ah, the taste. Tasting your pussy is like tasting a fine wine. Sweetness gives way to salty musk.” He drove his tongue deep into my slit, lapping my juices. He pulled open my lips to go deeper. He lapped at my core. I pushed myself into his mouth. He lifted his face from my wetness and smiled up at me. Two fingers returned to my soaking wet center, and he slowly stroked them as deep as they will go. His thumb rotated on my clitoris.

“Beautiful. I’m so lucky to have access to such a perfect pussy.”

I shuddered with a small orgasm. I wanted the words to be harder, like his dick this morning.

“Gawd! Please! Tell me more about my cunt.” I said, pushing him to a darker place.

“You have a cunt like a poem. A poem with no words, just textures, and inviting aromas, and complex tastes. A poem that gets better with every reading. Shakespeare himself couldn’t write such a Sonnet. All of Japan together couldn’t write a Haiku as succinct and satisfying. Kipling, Coleridge, Longfellow, couldn’t have written anything so Epic. Leonard Cohen couldn’t move me so deeply. I need to be inside your poem, to fuck you gently, to read your cunt with my cock. But, tonight is about you.”

He licked my lower lips again, top to bottom this time.

“And I’m going to eat your beautiful pussy until you beg me to stop.” He spread my knees and pressed his whole face into my wet sex. It was going to be a long night.

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