Holding Out For Him


It’s late and I’m still at work. Everyone else has gone for the day but I’m not alone. He’s still here. My back aches from sitting for so long and I’m rushing to finish the final paragraphs of the document I need to send out before I can leave for the night. I can hear him in the office behind me. He’s on the phone and the hushed murmuring of his deep voice thrills me, hypnotises and soothes me. I long to be in there with him, to see him, to hear him, to have him look at me, to have him tell me what to do.

I shiver and squeeze my thighs together at the thought of us together, my fingers stumbling on the keyboard as I lose concentration. I shift restlessly in the hard chair anxious to finish, to leave for home so I can continue the ongoing fantasy in the privacy of my bedroom. He’s never given any indication that there’s a possibility of an affair, it wouldn’t do for a man in his position. A girl can’t help but dream of the impossible.

My phone rings shrilly, it’s him and he wants me. My heart pounds ridiculously fast and I blush at the foolishness of my crush. I quickly finish what I’m doing and shut down the computer. I smooth my skirt checking that I look ok. Each day I dress as seductively as I can without looking like a cheap whore, praying I don’t look too obvious yet desperate that he’ll notice me. Today I’m wearing a grey pencil skirt that fits snugly across my curvy hips and falls below my knee. There’s a split at the back that flashes the backs of my knees, offering glimpses of my trim thighs. My blue silk shirt is fitted and buttoned low so if he were to look over my shoulder he would see the edges of my lace bra and the soft swell of my full D-cup breasts. I’m wearing silk stockings and black heels that accentuate my legs. I unpin the classic French roll I’ve worn all day, brushing out my long blonde hair as it falls around me in soft waves.

I knock softly on the door and wait for his command.

“Yes,” he calls.

I swallow nervously, I’m always ridiculously nervous before I see him. I enter his office and close the door softly after me. The overhead lights are off and there’s just the glow from his computer and a side lamp illuminating the area around his desk. I feel my heart thudding in my chest and my body vibrates in his presence.

I walk towards him, my heels not making a sound on the thick carpeting. I stare directly at him but he ignores me, he’s looking at his computer, a deep frown mars his beautiful face. It sounds odd to say that he’s beautiful. His jaw is angular, his lips full, his nose aquiline, his eyes deep blue. He’s 6’4″ with a year round tan that he maintains by surfing in the summer and skiing in the winter. He has thick brown hair that’s greying at the temples and gives him an aura of maturity that belies his age. At only 43 he’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar company and he wears the power and energy of the role confidently.

“I’m sorry to call you in, I know it’s late. I suppose you were on your way home?”

He glances up at me and I demur saying it’s fine. And it really is fine. He could keep me here all night if I only I could be with him. The walls and door that separate us during the day seem so oppressive.

“I can’t get this to work. The document I had is gone.”

I smile inwardly as he complains. He’s no computer geek that’s for sure. I move around the desk to see what’s wrong. He may be clever, good looking and important but he couldn’t turn on the computer without my help.

“Let me look,” I say softly.

I wait for him to move out of his chair so I can sit down, like he usually does. His computer is in the corner of his L-shaped desk and I can’t reach it from where I am. He doesn’t move, he’s just looking at me, his gaze flicking up and down my body, his eyes dark and unreadable. He pushes his chair back a little leaving me just enough room to squeeze in between his knees and the desk. I hesitate and then realise that he isn’t going to move. I awkwardly slide along the edge of the desk in front of him, his knees brushing my stockings, my ass hard up against the desk. He’s holding my gaze and I feel overwhelmed and trapped.

Sensibility says that I should demand he remove himself but I can’t bring myself to do it. It’s so tantalisingly wrong being here with him in an enclosed space, his legs spread with me between them. He’s being attentive, looking at me where usually his eyes just move over me as if I’m not there. I notice his tie is loosened and the top buttons of his shirt are open. I can see soft dark hair curling at his throat. Looking down at him I know that I have the upper hand as I’m towering over him, yet the feeling I’m walking into something dangerous won’t leave me.

He breaks the silence, “You know me I can’t work these things without you.”

His voice is warm and rich, the timbre firing up my body and I can feel myself melting from the inside out. I decide quickly that I’m reading too much into this. My crush has made me delirious and I’m seeing things that aren’t actually Marmaris Escort there.

I twist towards the computer and lean over, resting one hand on the desk as the other takes up the mouse to search for his lost document. My ass is sticking out and my breasts have fallen forward, the cups of my thin bra straining to compete with gravity. I glance down to check that I’m still inside my shirt and I can see the soft creamy skin straining against the open buttons. I shift my footing, pushing out my hip and my stockings rasp together softly. It takes me only a minute to find what he’s been searching for and I display it on the screen for him.

“There you go! ”

I proudly stand back pointing to the screen and look down to find him staring. His eyes are going over my body again, checking out the curve of my ass, my breasts, my belly and finally my face. I clear my throat, afraid that I won’t be able to speak.

“Mr Bennett? Your document, I’ve found it.”

I can feel a light flush staining my cheeks as the silence lengthens. He spreads his legs wider in the chair and slides it towards the desk, eliminating all chance of escaping. I lean away from him, frightened that I’m reading the situation incorrectly.

“Mr Bennett?” I ask.

“Thank you Jane,” he says hoarsely.

He looks up at me and I still can’t read his face.

“Jane do you have a boyfriend?” He asks softly.

I shake my head, no. He arches an eyebrow at me.

“A husband?”

Again I shake my head. He’s looking at the front of my shirt and he licks his lips.

“A girlfriend.”

I gasp and he flashes me a look.

“What? You’re a beautiful woman. I’m just wondering why it is that you don’t have anyone to go home to. I can imagine you get your fair share of admirers.”

He’s right. There’s John, the Sales Manager in the office down the hall who persistently rubs up against me at every opportunity, Sam the mail boy who finds time to talk to me in the mornings during his rounds, Pete the deli guy near my apartment who can’t help flirting outrageously and maybe Heather from the grocery store too now that he mentions it. I have eyes for only one man and it’s this obsession that makes me unavailable to anyone else.

“Jane would you stop me from doing something we may both regret?” He whispers.

He reaches out and runs his hand up the side of my stockings from below the knee, up under my skirt and over my thigh. I can hardly breathe, my whole body is tingling and every nerve is screaming for his touch. He struggles against the tight fabric and soon he’s using both hands to push up my skirt until the hem is only just concealing my pussy. My stocking tops are exposed and the creamy skin of my thighs is clearly visible. I’m breathing quietly so as not to break the spell but I can’t help shuddering a little under his gaze. His hands are searing my skin, his long fingers digging into the flesh at the back of my thighs.

“Silk?” he asks.

I nod dumbly. He looks from my legs to my face again and he licks his lips. I long to feel them on my mouth and I find myself mimicking him. He groans as the tip of my tongue slides across my top lip and my teeth bite down on my bottom lip to stop me from moaning in delight. I can’t believe what’s happening or why he has decided that tonight is the night he’ll notice how hot I am for him. I only know that it feels so good.

He lifts my skirt higher and gasps as he sees my panties. Today they’re crotch-less, the lacy slash perfectly frames my closely trimmed bush and my cleft is visible, my full labia pouting seductively. He catches his breath.

“Oh yes.”

He leans in and I can’t believe that he’s going for my pussy.

“I asked you to stop me Jane.” He says again.

I answer him by spreading my legs a little and he grunts.

“God what am I doing?”

I close my eyes and throw my head back, crying out softly as his tongue makes contact with my clit, brushing over it, then sliding back and forth against my slit, flicking it over and over. He’s groaning and murmuring under his breath as he laves me. I’m struggling to stay upright even with the desk behind me and my knees are buckling. I’m panting as he goes to work on my pussy and his enthusiasm is surprising. I’m still stunned that it’s happening at all. He pulls away and slides his middle finger back and forth against my slit.

“Fuck you taste good. This is so wrong Jane, say something, do something so I can stop.”

I’m mesmerised as he talks to me, my eyes are glazed and my thighs are shaking. In the half-light with his finger fucking my snatch, flicking my clit and drenching my pussy I’ve never been so turned on. I catch his eye as he begs me and I shake my head.

“No,” I manage to get out.

He pushes me back so I’m leaning on my elbows.

“Lay there…yeah that’s it…I want to see your sweet sweet pussy. Oh yeah…I love these panties. I’ve tried so hard not to touch you. Please stop me,” Marmaris Escort Bayan he growls.

My pussy is now exposed and he spreads my lips apart as far as he can, he doesn’t wait for my answer this time and slips his finger into my wet cavern probing and thrusting as he slides his tongue over my clit. I’m rocking my ass back and forth in time with his fingering and to give me better resistance I bend my knees, resting my feet on the arms of the chair, looking down at his head bobbing up and down between my legs.

“Oh my God that feels so good!” I murmur encouragingly.

I can feel my orgasm building as he applies more pressure to my clit and slides another finger into me, rubbing against the walls of my cunt, stroking my g-spot. I feel my face go numb and my belly tightens, he senses a change and increases his speed, swapping his tongue for his thumb on my clit, swirling circles around and around the sensitive nub sending sparks deep into my pussy.

“Oh yeah Jane, your pussy is so tight. I want to sink my cock in you. Yeah that’s it Jane. Come all over me. I want to get your pussy wet so I can fuck you…oh yeah…fuck you hard.”

His talking to me is another surprise. He’s usually reserved and silent and having his deep voice softly tell me what he’s going to do to my pussy sends me falling over the edge of my climax.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!”

I cry out, my pussy squeezing against him as my body shakes as waves of ecstasy wash over me. He slips his fingers from inside me kissing the soft skin of my thighs.

“I wish I’d done this sooner!”

I’m still panting, laying awkwardly on the desk feeling vulnerable and not sure what it is that I’m supposed to do now. My dream lover, my boss, my crush has become a reality and now I know him in a way that I thought I never would. It was better than I thought it would be.

He stands up and takes off his shirt and tie while he watches me. I try to cover myself but my skirt is jammed under me and it’s too tight to pull out. I can’t close my legs because he’s still between them. His chest is broad and solid with just a little hair that stretches between his nipples and runs down his flat hard belly. His arms are very muscular and he has a tattoo. I can’t make out the design I only know that it is yet another surprise. He helps me to my feet and we are standing against each other.

He kicks the chair back from behind him and he holds my head in his hands and kisses me full on the mouth, sliding his pussy-scented tongue into me, tasting me, exploring me. My hands are on him in an instant, savouring the soft warm skin of his back, hips and chest. I crush myself against his hard athletic body. He’s moaning as I softly stroke him, memorising his feel as I doubt this will ever happen again and I want the memory of tonight to last forever.

I’m dizzy with desire and conscious that my skirt is still scrunched up around my waist. When we finally break apart he undoes the buttons on my shirt.

“I can’t control myself,” he mutters, his gaze following the progress of his fingers.

“I won’t stop you. I don’t want to,” I finally manage to squeak.

His eyes flick to mine and I think he can see into my soul, reading my desire for him. He pulls my shirt out from my skirt, shrugging it from my shoulders. He reaches behind me and releases my bra sliding it too from my shoulders and throwing it to the floor. My breasts fall into his cupped hands and he plucks at my soft brown nipples, using his tongue and teeth to bring them to attention. I get the feeling that he’s satiating himself on me and I may never get to reciprocate. I can’t leave tonight not having had his full hard cock in my mouth. I can’t spend another day or night wondering how it will feel with his length laying against my wet tongue.

“Do you want me to…well…oh gosh yes that feels so good…ahh…ohh…um…ah well do you want me to go down on you?”

His attentions to my breasts and nipples are distracting. He stops what he’s doing and shakes his head frowning.

“No, God no. I want the first time I’m inside you to be in your pussy. I want to feel the heat and wetness of your tight pussy all around my cock.”

I almost swoon as he expresses his own desires to me. How long has he been thinking of my pussy? Have we both been hiding our true passions? He manages to pull my skirt off and then turns me away from him, bending me over his desk. It’s so clichéd and I feel so dominated by him that I don’t say anything. I like it, more than even I thought I would.

“Oh yeah, look at your ass. Fuck you’ve got the tastiest body!”

His hands are all over my back, ass and thighs, his fingertips sending goose bumps across my skin. He grabs a handful of my hair, twining his fingers in it.

“Jane, this is the point of no return. I’ve crossed so many boundaries and broken so many rules. If this isn’t what you want to you have to say something.”

He’s groaning with the weight of desire. Escort Marmaris I turn to look at him over my shoulder.

“Fuck me.”

His grip on me tightens and he yanks my hair back. I yelp at the roughness of it.

“I mean it Jane. There’s no going back from here. This is wrong on so many levels.”

I ignore his pleas and say it again. He lets my hair go and then I hear his zipper go down and I know what’s coming next. I spread my legs for him and look over my shoulder. He’s slicking his finger with saliva and he reaches down between my legs moistening my slit again. He catches me looking at him and grabs his cock in his hand.

“I’ve wanted this for so long now.”

I’m whimpering with the anticipation of having him engulf me, to fill me, to fuck me. He slides his cock head up and down my cleft, brushing it against my ass hole. He’s spreading his pre-cum over my pussy and ass, scenting me. At the entrance to my cunt he slows and pushes so the head slips into my hole and he groans loudly.

“Oh yeah, fuck that feels so good. Fuck yeah.”

He shudders violently and I hope that he hasn’t come but then he slides the rest of his cock into me, he’s as hard as rock. I have no time to catch my breath before he’s fucking me. Thrusting himself against me his thighs slapping rhythmically against my lace covered ass. His fingers are digging into my hips so he can bury his cock as deep as possible inside me. I’m grunting with the force of his thrusts and crying out so he knows how much I’m enjoying it.

“Yes. Oh yes. Don’t stop! Fuck yes!”

The tops of my thighs are being battered against the table but the pain only adds to the pleasure. I can feel his tempo change and figure he’s close to coming. I stand on tip toe, lifting my ass higher so he can thrust into me more easily. I can feel his cock in me deeper, bumping against my cervix.

“Jane! Oh yeah, fuck yeah Jane, yes, yes, yes…oh God…Yes!”

He cries out, his voice stuttering as he fills me with hot cum. I’m not far from climaxing and as he releases his grip on me I slip my hand down between my legs seeking my clit while his cock is still hard in me.

He sees me, “No, I will!”

He reaches around me and his long fingers expertly find my sensitive nub, circling it slowly building up the pressure then rubbing it faster and faster as I buck against him.

“That’s it Jane, fuck me come on…you’re pussy’s so wet. Yeah that’s it, fuck me Jane. Can you feel me in you Jane? Ah, yeah, oh God, I’m getting hard again. Yes oh yes!”

He grinds his hips into me, his cock thickening. The sensation is too much and before I can warn him that I’m about to cum, I’m screaming uncontrollably as sparks of pleasure shoot through me, my pussy dripping for the second time tonight. Without thinking I scratch my nails down his desk and I’m panting hard as he strokes my back and ass.

“Oh yeah, that was good Jane. That was so good.” He slips his cock out of me and helps me to my feet. I’m unsteady and he holds me tight against him, his wet cock pressed between us. He strokes my hair and places kisses on my face, gently, softly. I melt at the tenderness he’s showing me and I don’t allow myself to think of tomorrow.

“Jane?” He murmurs into my neck.

“Mm?” I say drowsily.

“Will you go down on me now?”

My belly tightens. At last! I roughly push him away from me and he stumbles, falling into the chair behind him. He looks surprised and his eyes widen as he sees me before him, the whole of me not just the parts he’s been focussed on tonight. I flick my hair back over my shoulder put my hands on my hips and thrust my breasts out. There’s a power change and I can feel the electricity in the air that is surging between us. I place my hands on his knees and press them wide apart, kneeling between them. I stroke my hands up and down his thighs, scratching him seductively with my nails as his cock stiffens and twitches, waiting for my mouth. His head is thrown back and his eyes are closed.

I lean in and without using my hands I collect his pussy-scented cock in my mouth, sucking the fat head and tonguing the delicate slit that’s there. He’s groaning, his head’s rolling from side to side as he flexes his hips up to meet my rhythm. As my mouth travels the length and breadth of his hard cock, tracing the ridges and veins I massage his groin with my thumbs my fingers occasionally brushing over his pubic hair to get to the base of his cock where I circle it with my forefinger and thumb. I squeeze him hard as a way of controlling his climax and he gasps gripping the arms of the chair. His face is contorted with pleasure as I squeeze him just like my pussy had moments before. My mouth fills with the taste and smell of his salty jism and he cries out.

“Fuck Jane! Oh God…I’m coming…fuck I’m coming!”

He grabs my head holding me on his cock as I suck him until my jaw aches then I taste his hot cum in my mouth and he’s crying out even louder, his thighs shuddering, his fingers gripping me tightly. I feel his cock wilt in my mouth and I gently let him go looking up at the bliss and ecstasy on his face.

Before it can get awkward and uncomfortable I reach across the floor for my blouse and quickly put it on. As I start to button it I feel his hand on my wrist.

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