Home Alone


They had not been together in over two weeks due to various reasons, time, place, for whatever reasons, their schedules had not meshed. This greatly disappointed them both and only served to increase their desire for one another. They talked several times by phone during this period and grew closer and more intimate with each phone call. Though these calls did help it was not replacement for being together.

They both admitted that they had satisfied themselves several times through masturbation. They talked about doing it together over the phone but that was for another time.

Finally, a morning cleared on both their calendars and they instantly agreed to meet at her place as soon as everyone was gone for the day. He was nervous, exited and had trouble sleeping the night before even though he had stroked him self until he came the previous afternoon before anyone came home at his house. She too was nervous and excited, but she was able to appear normal on the outside, but it took all her self-control.

As soon as everyone was off, she literally ran to the shower. She threw off her robe and waited for the water to warm. As she stood there naked she admired herself in the mirror and imagined him holding her near, touching her. She could feel the wetness between her legs and this wasn’t from the shower, she hadn’t even gotten in yet. She sighed and stepped in. She washed herself all over taking extra care to reach ‘everywhere’. As she washed her hair she imagined him standing behind her there in the shower with her his hands on her head, her shoulders, her nipples…., ohhhh she was wasting time.

She rinsed her hair, shut the water off and dried herself. She left the towel wrapped around her as she brushed her hair and applied some hair gel. She quickly applied some makeup and lipstick. The lipstick would probably last about ten seconds after he arrived but she didn’t care. She wanted him.

She tried to decide what to wear or better put, what Not to wear. She liked having little, or nothing at all on. She found clothes confining. She couldn’t go downstairs totally naked, after all there were windows near the door and someone else might come to the door and see her.

She decided on a very short, thin, silky print kimono type robe and loosely tied the belt at the waist leaving the top very open. It barely covered her ass and showed off her ample cleavage. Her nipples were erect and pushing against the soft material. It made her feel even sexier than she looked and she knew or hoped he would like it. Though in the end she knew it mattered little as she intended for them to be naked and together in bed shortly after his arrival.

She nervously went to find the phone. Should she, or shouldn’t she? In the end she knew she would so she picked up the phone and dialed his number and waited nervously. It only rang a few times when he answered, “Hello Baby.” He knew who it was. He also had caller ID. It was just about 9:30 in the morning….

As he tried to go to sleep that night he could think of nothing but her. Having her in any and every way. They had only kissed briefly and he had seen her soft beautiful body when her robe had fallen open that day a few weeks ago when he had visited her at her home. And then there had been “The Ride” in the car with her, but as above that was another story for another day.

Whoa… He tried to picture her, what would she be wearing if anything? He imaged touching her all over as they kissed, reaching down to feel her fabulous wet pussy her firm supple breasts. He knew she loved to be touched and how. He was rock hard and it was after midnight, oh man…. It would be a long night. He promised himself he would not relieve the pressure himself. He would wait for her.

He awoke as everyone was leaving for the day at his house. As he lay there, he remembered what day it was. He had been slow awakening as this morning began by picking up where his mind had left off the night before, thinking of her, her lips, her hips, her wet mouth on his cock…. He leapt from his bed (with a raging hard on) and jumped in the shower. Washing carefully and then drying himself off. He shaved and combed his hair and dressed casually knowing he would have to walk through the local neighborhood to her house and blend in as much as possible. This wouldn’t be to hard as he had been walking in the neighborhood for years so it would not be out of place for him to do so today.

He was nervous with anticipation. It was 8:30 and he was dressed and ready, far to soon. The wait would be short but seem agonizingly long. He was sure it would be worth it….

When Marmaris Escort he answered and she heard his soft soothing voice on the other end, she began to melt all over again. She said, “Hi there, how are you?” in her sexiest voice. He replied “Hot and Hard.” She giggled and said, “ Do you I think I might be able to help with that?” He said, “I hoped so.” She asked if he wanted to come over. Before she could think he said, “Yes!” He said, “I’ll be right there, 10 minutes.”

He grabbed his coat and was out the door. He walked the long way around a few blocks out of his way so as to not draw any undue attention. He was nervous on his walk, but it felt good. A good kind of nervous energy that builds excitement.

She didn’t know what to do with her self. It was only a few minutes until he would be here but it felt like an eternity. Should she wait upstairs and then come down and open the door for him? Should she leave the door open slightly so she can be at the top of the stairs, with her robe open, and call to him to come in? Then walk down to greet him so he can get a full long look at her. She was so turned on when he looked at her body when her robe opened the other day. Should she wait naked in the first floor bedroom, leaving the door open and call out to him when she hears him come in?

She couldn’t believe she was so worried about this. She decided to sit on the stairs and watch out the small window that looked down the sidewalk so she could see him approach. She would then be able to reach out and push the door aside to allow him to enter. As she sat and waited she felt her heart racing and her hands shaking. She also felt another familiar sensation, an ache and a building, uncontrollable wetness between her legs.

As he approached her door he noticed it was slightly ajar. As he reached out to ring the doorbell he saw her arm reach out and push the door all the way open. He stepped in and closed and locked the door behind him. She stood before him one stair up. She was beautiful wearing to his great pleasure only a thin short robe loosely tied and as he pulled her to him for their first kiss, he felt through that thin material that she had nothing else on.

He was here! She pushed the door open and stood to the side so she would not be seen in the doorway. Oh he was even more handsome in person then she remembered. He closed and locked the door and took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. She melted into him. His hands were cold from being outside, but this was not why she felt shivers everywhere he touched her. She could feel his hands running all over her body as they kissed. Everywhere he touched her made her feel warm and wonderful.

They broke their kiss and said, a simple hello to each other. He suggested they should move away from the front door. She stepped past him and then turned to the bedroom just around the corner, he followed her. She looked gorgeous. The sway of her beautiful ass under her silk robe was unbelievable. As she turned back to look at him the fullness of her breasts pushing against the thin fabric topped off by her hard nipples. He said to her, “ You look beautiful!”

She smiled as she turned the corner and stood in the doorway to the bedroom waiting from him to pass so she could close and lock the door, giving them the small amount of privacy and time they would need.

She came to him crossing the few steps between them, circling her arms around his next as they kissed. He struggled to remove his coat as they kissed. He held her close now, one hand circling the side of her breast, the other slipping down to caress her lovely ass. As he did this he was kissing her neck and saying, “ I want you so bad baby. You feel so good.” She could hardly speak. She was so turned on at that moment. Her only answer was to start pulling at the zipper to his pants. He got the message.

He stood back from her and peeled off his shirt, then his shoes, socks, and finally his pants. He was now standing completely naked before her She looked into his eyes and then down at the object of her desire, his erect cock. It too seemed bigger and better than she remembered from their first encounter on “the Ride”. But that was so hot and fast she really felt that episode was one fantastic blur.

She reached out and took him in her hands and began to stroke and squeeze his member and balls. He moaned softly and she smiled and leaned in for a soft but long kiss. After a moment she released him and took a step back. He held her face in his hands. She slowly loosened the sash to her robe. She let Marmaris Escort Bayan it fall completely open now for him to gaze down on. He moaned again and she smiled broadly as she let the flimsy material drop off her shoulders and past her hips on it’s way to the floor. She loved to watch his reaction to her body. They stood there for a second he looking at her soaking her in, she smiling with her arms back around his neck.

He pulled her to him and now resumed their earlier deep passionate kiss exchanging tongues and letting their hands wander over each other’s bodies. He traced his hands over her nipples, down her front to her small bush and then teasingly ran a finger in and out of her pussy feeling her wetness, which caused them both to moan. They had waited so long for this moment that neither wanted to move. He put his hands on her shoulders and with the lightest of pressure she understood.

She kneeled naked before him and took his cock into her mouth. Her mouth, he remembered the way she went beyond just sucking and more like making love to it in their earlier encounter during “The Ride.” As she sucked and licked him she looked up at him and moaned her pleasure and delight around the edges of his cock. This barely registered with him though as he was enjoying her skills at cock sucking far too much.

Finally he reached down and taking hold of each tit he gently pulled her up. He then bent to suck on each nipple softly then with increasing pressure. He kissed her as he firmly grabbed her under her ass with both hands and before she could object lifted her small body up and set her right on top of his tall erection, without breaking their kiss. With his cock now pushing against her wet pussy opening he allowed his grip to loosen slightly and let her slide down onto his cock. At first, she didn’t understand and wrapped her legs around him holding her self up with her arms over his large strong shoulders. When he first lifted her she thought it was to carry her over to the bed a few feet away. Then she felt his cock at the entrance to her pussy. It was then she understood what he wanted. She relaxed her hold on him as he lowered her down on to his hard thick waiting cock.

She looked into his eyes smiled and shook ever so slightly at the feeling of him entering her so soon, so deep. He helped her pump herself up and down on his cock a few times to get used to him inside her. She had her face buried in his shoulder kissing and running her tongue over his shoulder and neck all the while murmuring how good it all felt. He could feel her heart pounding as he held her close. He wanted, no needed, more as did she. He walked with her mounted on him like this over to the bed. As he walked with her she cried out in pleasure.

When he reached the edge of the bed he lowered her down onto the bed gently sliding out of her with a loud slurping sound reminding him of her wonderful wetness, as if he needed to be reminded. She slid on her back across the bed and spread and raised her legs and held out her arms to him begging him to come to her, be in her. He quickly crawled up to her. As he did she reached down and positioned his cock to re-enter her aching pussy. With one long slow push he had fully entered her, buried himself deep to her core. She wrapped him up with her legs and arms as he leaned down and sucked again on her tits, first one then the other. He was now pumping her in long and slow strokes with her meeting him in his rhythm. Now he looked into her eyes and smiled, she smiled back. He said, “Feels good doesn’t it baby?” She could only close her eyes and shake her head in agreement.

He began another long kiss with her. She kissed so well so soft, willing and open, receptive. Much the same way she had sucked his cock, she really made love with her mouth. He continued his pace but now leaned back and hooked his arms under her legs at her knees forcing them up and onto his shoulder allowing him the deepest access yet to her. Her eyes widened as her mouth opened gasping for breath. She wondered if she could take him like this. He pulled his knees up and spread them so that her ass was wedged between his legs. Then he rose up and pushed down into her at a steep angle. She was so tight and wet. He could feel the muscles in her pussy grabbing at his cock trying to squeeze it to slow his descent into her.

She needn’t have worried he was so gentle with her that he was all the way deep inside her in this legs up position. She could feel her pussy involuntarily squeezing and pushing against the size and length of his cock. She felt Escort Marmaris so wonderfully full. This felt incredible to both of them. He took both her small ankles in one hand and pushed them slightly to one side to give him not only better control of her but a great view of her, his cock deep in her, her breasts bouncing with each thrust, the smile on her face, her mouth open, the white knuckle grip her hands had on the bed covers.

He kept this up only a short while, as he knew he was close. He pulled out of her to her immense disappointment. She almost pouted. She was quickly reassured and cheered when he lowered her legs put his hands under her ass and lifted her hips slightly so he could lean forward and down to lick her now soaking wet pussy. Even though he had just fucked her he knew she would be ready fro more and be wet and taste great. As he went down on her she cried out “oh, yes,,,” He hit his mark on the first flick of his tongue he found her enlarged excited clit. He flicked his tongue back and forth across it and then in circles. Taking time to circle it with his tongue and run his tongue down each side of her open pussy lips sampling each new wave of wetness, sucking in each lip stretching it out. He then added his fingers inside her pussy to his attack, which sent her squirming around the bed.

He knew this would be too much for her to resist. He was right her pussy began trying to clamp down on his fingers as if it were his cock. He kept them moving so she couldn’t. The whole time he continued licking and tonguing her lips and clit occasionally turning to lick down the soft inside of her thighs always returning quickly to her pussy. He was keeping her on the edge but could feel her beginning to tense her whole body. Just then as she squirmed in pleasure at his attack, she cried out, “ I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum nowwwww……” And with that, cum she did. He never let up with either his tongue or his fingers. In fact as she was crying out he slipped one finger partially up her ass to add another layer of intensity to her already intense pleasure. She moved about almost violently not trying to get away but not staying still either. As she bucked and moved he could hear her erotic groaning and moaning, this really turned him on. Her climax was beginning to wind down and she was now softly whimpering and trying to push his mouth away from her pussy.

He finally relents and looks up and smiles at her as she lays back closes her eyes and goes limp gasping and whimpering with pleasure. He kisses his way up from her pussy to her breasts. He lingers there gently kissing and licking them while she came down to earth a little. Then he was back in position to enter her, her legs lay spread wide open, she breathes deeply and heavily and is still grinning and moaning slightly. He has had a chance while eating her pussy to clam his own urge to climax slightly. He enters her slowly. He begins to go deeper and to pick up speed. This brings her back to life and a broad smile crosses her lips. Her hips rise to meet his thrusts.

Her legs go up and around his back as her arms again encircle his neck. She whispers to him” Come on baby, that’s it give it to me, cum for me, cum deep in me, I want to feel your cum, oh yeah, fuck me…..” He has picked up his rhythm now and is pistoning in and out of her with abandonment. He feels his orgasm approaching. His balls tighten up as she reaches for them to squeeze them She gets a hold of them just as he pumps his first and biggest hottest load into her waiting pussy. He cries out “ohhhhhhh” She joins him and cries out herself, “yeahhhhhhh…ohhhh feels so good.” His cock shoots a few more times and then he collapses on top of her for a moment. He feels her milking his dick with her incredible pussy getting every last drop from him.

They are lost in each other not really able to tell where one begins and the other ends. As he comes out of his fog, she is kissing him all over his face and he realizes he may be crushing her, so he reluctantly rolls off her and feels his now softening dick slid out of her slippery pussy. He rolls onto his back to catch his breath. As he does he notices her movement next to him. Then he feels her lips around his softening member. She takes him gently into her mouth and licks and sucks his cock and balls clean, making sure to get out the last few drops of cum. She returns to his side with a big smile and simply says “mmmmmm” and then kisses him gently. They again taste each others sex and it begins to stir them each all over again.

He wondered as he lay there whether he could get hard again soon. She laying her head on his chest with his arm around her, her hand gently holding his softening cock, wondered how long she should wait to go down on him again so she can make him hard, hard enough to fuck her again. As always when they were together, neither one would wait long for their answers.

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