Hot Office


She was sat in the chair at her desk. She wasn’t contemplating her next phone call in order to drum up business, she was looking at her closed office door hoping nobody would come in when the hot tongue would be circling inside her sopping wet cunt.

She had been told to wear stockings and suspenders underneath her skirt but crucially she had been told to wear no underwear! She arrived early to find her lover naked in her chair. She quickly shut the door behind her and locked it leaving no sign that she was in. Her lover kissed her open-mouthed, twisting his tongue around hers as he ran his hands through her hair. His large cock was against her stomach and already her nipples were enlarged and rock hard with anticipation.

He reached inside her blouse as he started to kiss her neck and throat, flicking his tongue against her smooth skin. He could smell her Guerlain perfume but all she could smell on him was pure unadulterated lust. He was now caressing her breasts as he kissed her neck, her throat and her mouth. She felt herself flood and she moaned at his touch. His warm hands circled her breasts, gently squeezing them before running his thumbs over her hard nipples. The slightest touch from his thumbs fired little bolts of pleasure through her so when he rubbed the top of her nipples she thought she would faint with excitement.

He started kissing down her chest and suddenly swooped on her nipples. He sucked hem into his mouth, lashing them with his tongue. She was giddy with pleasure as he quickly moved back and forth. His tongue circled each nipple in turn and she could feel her wetness start to ooze out of her. He must have sensed it too, for he reached down and under her skirt. His hand found her immediately and he began to run two fingers over her lips before very gently parting them and began touching her central wetness. She moaned loudly as the pleasures coming from her bullet hard nipples joined with the rivers of tingles coming from her cunt as his two fingers slowly dragged up and down between her lips. His fingers found her clit and started to stroke it. She knew resistance was futile; this man could capture her with his touch and escape was not an option. His fingers started moving in and out of her while his thumb rubbed her clit. She felt the sensations beginning to build up; those irresistible Manisa Escort feelings of hedonism. Her breasts connected to her cunt and his tongue was the bridge between them. She was flooding uncontrollably now and her mind was flying with the sheer pleasure when she was hit like a hurricane as she orgasmed.

Her moan seemed to last an eternity to her as the tingling burst from all her nerve endings. Her legs buckled and had he not been holding her, she would surely have fallen. He continued to kiss her nipples even as she orgasmed and the pleasure was so intense it was nearly painful.

Her lover took a half step back and grinned. He knew what she needed now. He reached out and took the back of her neck firmly in one hand and forced her to her knees. She whimpered as she saw the enormous cock and opened her mouth to take it in as she felt his hand on her neck bringing it to her. She opened her mouth and began to suck like the wanton slut this man turned her into every time she was with him.

His cock filled her mouth but she took it in enthusiastically tonguing it and using the saliva in her mouth to pleasure him. His moans excited her and she could still feel his cock getting harder. He forced himself into her mouth and she gagged but he relentlessly pushed until he was in her throat and her cheeks bulged. She sucked him fast and hard, using her hands on him to increase his pleasure. She felt him enlarge and then he withdrew. Surprised that he had not wanted her to make him flood her mouth before swallowing his seed she looked up only to see his strong hands reach for her again, only this time to pull her up, spin her around and bend her over her desk.

She felt her legs being pulled apart and then she felt a slap on her ass. As she yelped her back arched and he grabbed her hair by one hand and pulled her backwards onto his waiting cock. The huge cock sliding deeply into her honey passage instantly dispelled the slight pain she felt in her hair. He moved quickly in and out of her, his cock rubbing against her clit as he moved. She could feel herself coming and she let her inhibitions go and shouted at the top of her voice. Her cunt tightened around him but he carried on for a further five minutes making her come twice more. She reached around and cupped his balls in her hands Manisa Escort Bayan gently squeezing him until with a strangled gasp; he emptied himself loudly into her.

He sat down in her chair while she knelt before him and licked their mingled juices off his cock and balls. Finally she stood up in front of him. He reached down beside him and pulled some ben-wa pleasure balls. The two balls connected by a cord. He inserted them into her cunt, knowing that they would move about inside her all day pleasuring her with tiny tingles. He then stood up and dressed her before dressing himself. He opened a window to allow the odours of their lovemaking to dissipate.

She stood silently at the window overlooking downtown Houston, tears streaming down her beautiful face. The shattering orgasms always left her weakened emotionally. He massaged her shoulders and rubbed her temples in gentle circles.

‘My angel. I will see you at 5.30 tonight,’ he murmured.

5.30 arrived with indecent haste. All her staff had left her office when he quietly slipped in through her door. He came quickly around her desk to where she was sitting and kissed her ferociously. She felt instantly giddy and felt rather than saw him hitch up her skirt and kneel between her legs. She felt so deliciously wanton as her lover put her legs up on each arm of her chair and pushed her head back. His tongue touched her wetness and she instantly orgasmed. A small but intense one. His tongue was now lapping at her steadily but slowly and she could feel his routine after a while. He would start at the bottom of her cunt lips and run his tongue over the outer lips to the top. Then he would part her lips with his tongue and rest his tongue on her clit momentarily, lightly flicking it. Then his tongue would move tantalisingly downwards slowly, maddeningly parting her lips completely. His hands would be caressing the insides of her thighs as his tongue moved up and down her fully parted lips. Then his style would change; he moved his tongue straight into the core of her. She moaned loudly every time he did this. It was so thrilling that she was sitting half-naked in her office being tongued by her lover. It was an awesome situation to be in and she gave thanks that this man was prepared to circle his tongue inside her, fulfilling Escort Manisa her needs like nobody else did. She loved him and he loved her, regardless of marital situation and that would never change.

His tongue was circling inside her now and she could feel his hands moving. She knew what that meant; his fingers were about to send her over the edge. Some things thrilled her every time and this was definitely one of the highlights. Firstly he reached inside her and removed the ben-wa balls, which had been pleasurably tickling her all day.

His left thumb ran between her wet lips and came to rest on her clit. He began to rub her clit very slowly and very gently. The bolts of pleasure began shooting through her. His forefinger coated itself in her juices and began to move downwards towards her other passage and she moaned at all the various sources of pleasure. His finger, slick with her juices was now tickling her around her anus. She felt his finger slide itself into her and he started to move it in and out of her. As he did so his tongue mimicked the movement of his finger so now both her holes were being filled and his thumb was now rubbing more quickly over her clit and she could not afford to resist much longer. She felt herself start to build, feeling her breathing pattern change. He could feel her stomach getting tighter and tighter with each breath as he stroked his finger and tongue in and out of her. His tongue moved more quickly and his thumb rubbed her engorged clit and she knew that she couldn’t hold out much longer when suddenly the dam burst and she screamed with passion. She grabbed his head and pulled it tight between her legs. He responded by lapping at her clit with his tongue sucking, licking and caressing. She came a further two more times and her stomach muscles were aching with all the pleasure.

Finally he slowed down and backed away. Her legs slid off the chair arms and she slid down the chair until she was barely balanced. The seat was soaked with her juices and she didn’t think that she would be able to get those stains out with any amount of hot water. Hell, who cared?

Her lover’s eyes were vivid green and he was focused on her face, smiling gently. He turned and wrote on some notepad on her desk before leaning to kiss her tenderly on the lips. She could taste herself and she tasted sweet. He slipped out the door as quietly as he had arrived. She tidied herself up prior to going home before reading his note.

”11 am tomorrow morning in my apartment. You will be pleasured by two of us.”

A thrill shot through her; man or woman she wondered.

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