House Guest


My daughter had invited a friend of hers to stay for a while. Apparently her house was being painted and it stunk and Chloe didn’t want to stay at a motel. Heather said sure, why not, and Chloe turned up. My input to the suggestion wasn’t required.

I could see I was going to have a problem right from that first day. Chloe was a flirt, a tease, an exhibitionist, or possibly a combination of all three.

The flirting part was mainly innuendo. She seemed to be able to turn any comment into something mildly suggestive. Teasing is about the only way to describe the way she would trespass into my personal space. We all have our own ideas about the size of our personal space. I knew young one lady from work who came from a culture where personal space was very small. She’d always stand what I considered uncomfortably close when talking to me, but that was just her way. There was no suggestion of teasing. With Chloe, the teasing seemed to ooze from her as she gently touched your arm while talking, or similar actions.

Exhibitionism? What else do you call showing off your body? She’d wear loose neck blouses and find excuses to bend over so you could look down her neckline. As often as not she wouldn’t be wearing a bra. When not dressed for work, skin tight yoga pants were the order of the day, pants so tight that if you stared hard enough you could find and count and moles on her legs. If she wasn’t wearing skin tight yoga pants then it was flirty skirts with sexy panties.

How do I know that she wore sexy panties? She’d find some reason to have to bend over, her skirt rising up, and her panties being flashed. Even coming out of the bathroom she’d wrap herself in the smallest possible towel. Yes, it covered her nipples and her groin, but only just. You’d swear that something was going to pop into view at any moment.

I suggested to my daughter that she should ask Chloe to tone it down a little. She just laughed and called me a fuddy-duddy. I retired, defeated.

Saturday morning and Heather was working. Chloe was not. I assumed that she’d be out shopping. Don’t all young women like to go out shopping? I was in the kitchen reading the newspaper, us fuddy-duddies like reading actual newspapers, when Chloe came strolling in.

She was wearing one of her short skirts, shorter than ever it seemed to me. A loose-neck gypsy blouse completed her ensemble, and a very loose neck it was. She strolled over and opened the fridge, needing to bend down to get the milk. Odd that. I’ve never needed to bend down to pick up the milk. Maybe she had short arms to go along with that short skirt and short panties. Short? The panties were nearly non-existent. Not that I noticed, of course, being busy with my newspaper.

She sat down and had some cereal and apart from saying good morning we didn’t really talk. After breakfast she stood up and then had to bend forward to pick up her plates. Why? If there was any reason other than to give me a scenic view then I sure didn’t know it. The scenic view, by the way, was not blocked by unnecessary items such as bras.

I gave up at that point. I waited until she’d rinsed her breakfast things and then before she departed I made a suggestion.

“Chloe, instead of giving me a peep show, why don’t you just take Maraş Escort off your top and give me a proper view?”

“I beg your pardon?” she said, sounding outraged.

“No, you don’t. You’ve been giving me peep shows all week and we both know it. So why not just go the next step and take off your top. I have to admit I’m interested in seeing what you look like from a frontal view rather than having to look down your blouse.”

“Well, I never. . .” she began, but I interrupted.

“Yes, I know, that’s why I’m asking you to do so now. You know you want to.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she protested.

“Yes, you do. Now be a good girl and take the top off.”

She looked as though she wanted to argue but she would have been arguing against herself, not me. I just waited and finally, blushing slightly, she took of her top and stood there, obviously proud of what she had.

She had grounds for being proud, let me assure you. Her breasts stood out, young and wholesome, waiting to be touched. Her nipples were peaking a little, not fully erect but ready to spring to attention if touched.

“You are really quite lovely,” I told her with great sincerity. “Come with me for a moment.”

She dithered for a moment but when she saw I wasn’t heading for the bedrooms she relaxed and followed along, Mary’s little lamb happily heading for the slaughter.

I went into the lounge room and settled into a comfortable chair. I beckoned her closer. As usual she came too close. Just couldn’t help herself, I guess. My hands were up her skirt and pulling her panties down just like that. She gave a yelp and backed quickly away but all that accomplished was her stepping out of her panties. Now all she had on was that short skirt.

“You had no right to do that,” she protested and I agreed while laughing.

“True, but I only took down your panties. I could have pulled your skirt down as well, but I didn’t. Why don’t you sit on the couch? I’ll stay here.”

She sat primly on the edge of the couch, looking a little nervous. I was still gently laughing at her.

“Not like that,” I told her. “Sit as though you were a model, showing as much leg as you can but without letting me see anything naughty.”

Chloe was looking intrigued now. Teasing was a game she understood. I just don’t think she’d ever done it without any undies on. I was sitting back, to help her relax, and she settled deeper onto the couch. She swung her legs up onto the couch, lifting one so that her skirt slipped down it. She was now showing a remarkable amount of leg and upper thigh.

I suggested a couple of other positions and she started giggling and going along with them. In one of those positions she was lying on her tummy, legs bent, skirt rucked up around her waist, giving me a view from her foot to the top of her bare bottom.

“That skirt just looks silly now, bunched around your waist like that. Why don’t you slip it off and drop it on the floor next to you? You can put it back on before you get off the couch.”

And Chloe did as suggested, giggling all the while, thoroughly enjoying herself, finishing up on her back. I could see the curve of her mons.

I arose from my chair and strolled over Maraş Escort Bayan to look down at her. She was still giggling slightly, but her hands did dart down to cover her groin.

“Seeing as you like to show off your body,” I said, “I’m going to position you so you can actually see your pussy as I enter you. Just think, you’ll be able to compare the hardness of my body to your softness as I sink into you.”

“What?” was all I got, along with a startled look.

For answer I caught hold of her ankles and lifted them high, bending her nicely in two. Now she was looking at her own crotch and, as her legs were nicely parted, she could see her own mound and her excited lips. I held her legs in position while I slipped down by trousers and briefs, letting my own equipment come to light.

“You can’t do this,” she protested. “Don’t be silly. I’ll scream and Heather will come out. Then what will you do?”

“Be very surprised that Heather, at work, can hear you scream here, at home.”

From the look of surprise she’d apparently forgotten that Heather was at work. I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

“My, my. You were doing naked teasing thinking that Heather might come out and catch you? Naughty girl.”

“I wasn’t,” she quickly assured me. “I knew that Heather was at work. I just forgot for a moment. You’re not really going to. . .?”

Seeing that I was kneeling on the couch between her thighs, her legs propped against my shoulders, and my cock already threatening her mound, did she expect a serious answer to the question. I leaned a little closer, my cock now pressing against her lips.

I started pushing past them and her eyes were open wide and she started this long drawn-out “aahh” sound. I pushed smoothly in with her watching every inch sink into her, not stopping that surprised sound. Her mouth didn’t snap closed until my groin ground against hers.

“Oh, my god, I didn’t think you would really do it,” she gasped. “Take it out.”

“OK,” I said, withdrawing.

She looked totally shocked, not having expected that.

“Roll over on your tummy,” I told her, already crossing her legs over each other to help her turn. She rolled over, not having much choice and I put my hands on her hips and lifted.

“Bums up,” I called, and she lifted her hips, presenting to me very nicely.

What could I do? I drove in again, rather faster this time, to the sound of a startled squawk.

“I thought you were taking it out,” she yelled.

“I did,” I pointed out.

“But you put it back. Take it out again.”

Geez. Some people. Never satisfied. I pulled out again, rising to my feet and pulling her up onto hers. Before she could say anything I turned her around, bent her over the end of the couch and was on my way in again.

“You’re doing this deliberately,” she wailed. No kidding?

“Take it out and don’t put it back in.”

Now that was getting harder. I pulled out, helped her to stand, turned her to face me, and lifted her up, hands on her bottom. She grabbed at my shoulders to stop herself falling backwards, which was just what I expected. I lifted her high enough so that my erection slipped between her legs and then adjusted my grip so I was holding her Escort Maraş legs apart, lowering her down.

“I said don’t put it back in,” she yelled.

“I’m not,” I pointed out. “I’m just standing here. You’re sinking down onto me.”

Well, hey, gravity isn’t my fault. Her legs curled around me and she clung to me but, me not actually supporting her weight, she slid slowly down, taking my pole into her as she went.

She kept sinking until I was fully inside her, giving me an odd look the entire way. Then, with her wrapped tightly around me (body and cock), she finally spoke again.

“You’re not going to stop putting it in me until you’re satisfied, are you?”

“I prefer to think of it as continuing to put it into you until you’re satisfied.”

She giggled again. At least she had regained her sense of humour.

“How many positions do you know?”

“The Kama Sutra has over four hundred,” I answered. “Of course, there are errors in a couple of those but I still have a few more that I can try.”

“Um, I don’t think we need bother. If you’re that determined, you might as well just get on with it.”

“That’s what I thought from the very start but you did seem as though you wanted to experiment.”

I turned slightly so I was facing the couch and leaned forward, lowering her onto it.

With Chloe now firmly wedged between me and the couch I was finally able to start some real action. Intriguing though it was to shaft her and completely withdraw it was much more interesting to remain in possession while I eagerly applied myself to my labours of love.

I proceeded to demonstrate to Chloe that there were excellent reasons for doing what we were doing, the major one being the actual doing. I started thrusting into her with a vengeance, finding her pushing up to meet me with great enthusiasm. So enthusiastically that I was left wondering who had been seducing whom?

Now that she was committed she was also quite vocal, yelling her approval and urging me to greater efforts, a plea that I was only too willing to fulfil. With all due modesty I have to admit that I banged her long and hard (just like my cock). Her legs remained wrapped around me and her fingers were digging tightly into my shoulder-blades and she met me thrust for thrust, her pelvis firmly moving up to meet my downwards lunge.

The nice thing about noisy ladies is that you can tell from the pitch of their voice when they’re getting to that stage where you have to do that little extra to finish them off. At the same time the pitch also tells you when they’re not ready, letting you know to tie a knot in it and soldier on. In this instance our inclinations seemed to come together at the same time.

Responding to her tone I increased my service, valiantly giving my all. She gave a shriek and climaxed, her passage clamping around me, determined to extract my all, which I was only too willing to release.

Afterwards I had a little bit of advice for Chloe.

“Instead of leading me on, why don’t you just slip down to my bedroom and climb into my bed?”

“Oh, I’d love to,” she said, sounding very sincere.

“But? I can hear a but coming on.”

“But I’m going back home this afternoon. My house is finished and I’m free to move back in. Didn’t Heather tell you?”

No, Heather had not told me.

Chloe sniggered.

“You cut your timing a bit fine, didn’t you. If you’d put off your seduction effort until this afternoon you’d have missed out completely. Aren’t you the lucky one?”

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