How to Score the First 11


Laying on the football fields Honey was lazily eyeing the football team, admiring their muscular physiques as they trained for the weekends match, to be fair they weren’t all the best looking but they were in good shape and even the podgy one had run miles since she first lay down to catch the sun some half hour ago.

Twirling her golden locks as she pretended to read her book Honey was a site to behold, she was tall at 5’8″ with long bronzed legs and an ample C cup chest. She was wearing a brown pleated skirt that when the wind blew was tantalisingly close to showing her shapely rear. The sun beat down upon her back left exposed down to her bra having pulled the straps of her summer top down over her shoulders.

Really she should cover up to stop the tan line she was bound to be getting half way down her back, but she was enjoying the lusty gazes from passers by looking strait down between her bosoms catching a glimpse of the frilly bra she was wearing. Besides a couple of hours topless in the back garden would even it all out and no doubt provide some thrills for the teenage boys living next door, and there dad for that matter.

Honey was about to start the 4th year of her Law degree; she was top of her class and had a greater understanding than most of what would be required to reach the top. Her main tutor was a woman in her 50’s called Wendy. Wendy really had been there and done it, had so much money she didn’t know what to do with it and sincerely wanted to impart some wisdom upon the new generation, unfortunately the only one that seamed interested was Honey. Wendy instructed Honey not only in the practice of law but also on how the whole career system worked. She taught her about manipulation, standing on others and also on how in a male dominated field how to use her natural charms to secure promotions.

Honey had been working so hard on her work and achieving her academic goals that she had completely neglected any form of distractions by men. Wendy was aware of this and used her influence with the Dean to create a window this summer where the law students had no assignments to complete. Well all but Honey, Wendy’s assignment for Honey was simple, to sleep with as many people as possible in order to develop detachment from her lovers, to control her emotional responses to love making and to develop her sexual abilities. She knew the influence she had over men, she just needed to use it to achieve goals.

With her “assignment” in mind she set herself her fist project of the summer, which she felt would get her well on the way. Her topless sunbathing was about more than just getting a great tan; it was about getting herself comfortable with revealing her body. Honey thought that this would be a challenging obstacle to get over, whereas in fact she revelled in it, the stares, the disguised erections she caused, they made her, well excited.

Her first target in achieving her mission would be to obtain all the team members’ names and numbers. So as not to be seen as a brazen slut she knew she couldn’t approach the players first so she would have to try and entice at least one of them over to her. Looking over at them they were on a water break from there training session and a couple of them were looking over at her. She sat up slowly, pushing herself up onto all fours first to allow them to see her breasts hanging down below her, as she sat back, feet under her ass she smiled at the players looking back at her. The boys she could tell were challenging each other to come over. There was still no one getting Mardin Escort up to come over so Honey gently brushed the dry grass from her chest, pulled the straps back over her shoulders and adjusted her breasts in her bra so they sat comfortably.

That was enough, two of the players headed over to her and introduced themselves to her, they asked if she liked football and asked her if she was enjoying the sun. Honey made sure she had their attention with her answers. She told them she knew nothing about football but it seamed to keep them in good shape and the sun was good but was causing her to get some tan lines so she would have to go topless later in her garden. The truth actually seamed like the best answer. One of the players said that his house has a nice private garden with lots of tall bushes to keep the neighbours from looking in if she needed some privacy. She thanked him and said she was quite comfortable with her own garden. He offered her his number incase she changed her mind, which she then entered into her phone and put his shirt number before his name, no 4. The other guy said that he has tickets for a match the following night if she wanted to come and learn what the game was all about. She said that she would think about it and took his number too, no 8.

The lads invited her back over to meet the rest of the team, it was only the first 11 that were training she was told as they put in an extra couple of sessions a week to stay fitter than anyone else and incase they need to play the whole game. Various other players came over to her during the game and offered her their numbers, she was sure that they weren’t all single but she was determined to do well in her assignment and knew from Wendy that plenty of the men she would use to get ahead would be married so there was no point starting with moral’s.

There were 3 that hadn’t even come over to speak to her and she was determined not to loose track of anyone and so when the overweight one stopped to talk to her, he was no 2. She got the low down on the other 3. No9 was their star player and the coaches son, he was good at scoring goals and turned out he had moved in to a house on her road some 6 months ago. He had a girlfriend who was on a family holiday in Spain for a couple of weeks. The other two were brothers and she was told not to take it personally, they just take their football very seriously. They in fact did come and say hi when they finished playing. Turns out that they lived in one of the houses that backed onto the playing fields. Shirt numbers 6 and 3.

On the plus side she had 8 numbers and the addresses for the other 3, on the down side the star player had no interest in her and hadn’t talked to her at all and having two brothers would be difficult if one found out before she had the other one. But problems are for solving and if she couldn’t work it out then she should give up on being a top lawyer and partner now. In fact the problem of getting round the star player, a plan was starting to form from the moment she caught the coach checking out her ass. She bid the players goodbye and headed home to start to work things out.

Laying face down on the sun lounger in her back garden wearing just her bikini thong bottoms she was thinking about the first two she would sleep with, it seamed pretty clear that the first one would be no.4 with the private garden, he was so desperate for her to come around and sun bathe with her but there was only another hour of good sunshine left so today was not the day. The player who Mardin Escort Bayan wanted to take her to match tomorrow would naturally be another easy start. And it seamed only fair to them to go first as they had been the ones that got her in with them all in the first place.

There was concern in Honey’s mind, she hadn’t had a man in years, well to be honest she never had properly, there was some fumbling and kissing in high school but nothing to fill her with confidence that she could just give it all away or convince the players she knew what she was doing. As she rolled over onto her back exposing her already bronzing chest to the sun’s warm rays she saw a head out the corner of her eye disappear behind the fence. She stood up quickly and with her natural height she looked over the fence and saw the eldest teenage son of her neighbour scurrying towards the back door. She called out for him to hold on. He stopped in his tracks and turned to see Honey’s head and shoulders above the level of the fence. She asked him if he had been watching her, he had his head down and muttered confirmation. She asked him to fix her a lemonade and come join her for a few min’s.

Shortly after he joined her in her garden, she had put her bikini top back on but you could still see the splendour of her breasts sitting above her lovely slim tum and slight hips. The eldest son’s name was Carl and he was 19, lot older than she remembered but to be honest she had only paid attention to her studies over the last four years. He was not really what you would call a good-looking lad but was far from repulsive. She asked him about girls, there were none, she asked him about how often he watched her, a lot, she asked him if he liked her better with her top off. He blushed a deep shade of red but said nothing. With that Honey leaned forward to whisper into his ear, and as she leaned in her breasts rested gently against his arm. She told him that if he could keep this a secret they could go inside and she would let him take off the top again.

Honey and Carl went inside the house and she sat him on one of the dining room chairs and turned around so she had her back to him, the top was tied closed in a bow and as she sat her thonged ass all the way back in his lap she felt something poking into her ass crack. As she wiggled on it to get comfortable she felt it grow still further. She leaned forward and waited for Carl to undo her top, she felt fumbling shaky hands slowly pull the cord on her top and it fell from her chest. She got up and turned around and sat back on his lap facing towards him this time. His eyes were transfixed on her breasts that were sitting at head height and as she leaned forward to whisper in his ear for the second time his face was buried between her silky soft mounds. She told him that he could do what he wanted to her until she wanted it to stop and it had to stay between them.

Feeling sufficiently in control of proceedings she paid great attention to what Carl did, looking for insight into what it is he wanted. His hands cupped her breasts, grabbing them softly at first and then proceeded to hold and squeeze them harder, he put her nipples in his mouth one at a time, sucking on them as though he were trying to draw milk, his hands roamed to her ass and pulled her closer to him so she could feel his erection pressing into her, it felt very forceful and his movements seamed very much geared to applying as much physical pressure as possible between there crotches. She told Carl to ease off on her breasts; she Escort Mardin didn’t want love bites or bruising, that may slow her plan down.

She asked Carl if he wanted to see more, of course he did, she pulled down her thong to reveal her bush to him, he reached his hands between her legs and attempted to force his finger into her hole, she was dripping wet but wanted to learn about cock and she knew she could learn about fingers by herself later on. She got down on her knees between his legs and reached up to undo his belt. Her hands were now the ones that were shaking. She got the belt undone, popped the button and drew down the zip.

The head of his cock was protruding beyond the top of his boxers, it seamed fat and smooth. Extremely hard to the touch she found as she drew it from its shelter into her hand. It took both her hands to hold the length of Carl’s surprise package. The fear once again returned to her, couldn’t she have picked a guy with a smaller rod, one that would be easier for her tight virgin hole. She bent her head to kiss the head of this truncheon in her hands, she then held it with one hand and began to lick it from top to bottom over and over again, there were lots of different tastes and smells and were making her feel a bit heady. Carl made his first verbal request on her and asked her to suck on his cock, Honey tried and tried but could not make herself take any more than half his length into her mouth before she began to gag. She sucked and sucked on him, feeling his rod get harder and impossibly larger. She didn’t want for him to cum before she had felt what it felt like to have a cock inside her dripping virgin pussy.

She stood up, allowing Carl to once more admire Honey’s slim and curvy form, she then walked forward and holding Carl’s cock in one hand slowly lowered her opening on to him. When the head touched the outer lips of her pussy she felt little buzzes of excitement and anticipation shoot through her body, then as the head began to stretch the opening to her pussy she felt exciting and painful stretching and was convinced that it would not make it inside her, then with a slip the head was inside, and whilst still stretching the pain went away and there was just a feeling of being full and satisfied engulfing her. There was also a feeling of wanting more, craving it deeper, and to her surprise, and probably owing to her tall frame within minuets she was able to accommodate every last bit of his large member inside her.

Slowly moving up and down his shaft Honey found the bits she liked best were when his cock slipped in and out of her entrance stretching her all over again and when he reached all the way up inside her. This time she had not used a rubber as she wanted to feel everything in its natural form and the luxury of Carl was that he was pure like she was. But Honey assured herself she would not offer any of the players the same experience, and felt sure that now Carl had started, with a weapon like he was currently driving her to new levels of excitement with, he wouldn’t stop. Honey started to feel increasingly flush with excitement and began to tingle all over, her pussy tightened around Carl’s cock encouraging him to pull her onto his cock harder. Honey fell over the edge, thrashing about on top of Carl causing him to shoot stream after stream of hot sticky man juice deep inside her, this left Honey with a warm glow of self satisfaction and held Carl close to her bosom as she slowly came down.

She had a strong desire to hold Carl close, wanting to keep him for herself, but deep down she knew that she had to push him away and fend off the emotional attachment the emotional ecstasy of a woman’s orgasm brings. With that she reminded Carl of his promise to secrecy and sent him home, confused, maybe used, but none the less no longer a virgin.

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