Hunting Wolves Ch. 01


Author’s Note: All people are over 18. Later chapters will be in the Non-Human category. Enjoy and give me your votes and feedback!


Doug’s Story

I zipped the pack closed and tossed it onto my back. I was in a hurry, and Lissa was dragging her feet. If we didn’t get going soon, the traffic to the North Shore was going to be brutal.

“Lissa, is your pack ready? I’m loading up the car.” She came out of my bathroom in the basement of my parent’s house and brushed against me as she went to the closet. She could still take my breath away despite the three years we have been together, her firm breasts straining against the Aussie Floyd T-shirt over cutoff shorts. She was nearly as tall as my six foot frame, with tanned legs and a muscular butt that came from years of playing volleyball. She was smart, funny, great in the sack and was driving me nuts.

She pointed at the pack by the door and went to get a light jacket from her closet. Even in the middle of summer, the wind coming off Lake Superior could quickly a hot summer day into a cool fall one. It was best to be prepared for anything. “Doug, do we really have to go camping? Can’t we just stay in a hotel?”

“Nothing is open on a busy summer week. I was lucky to get a campsite by a small lake, even though we have to hike six miles to get to it. Anything accessible by vehicle or canoe portage has been booked solid for months.” I pulled her back against me as she zipped up. “I’ve missed you. I need to spend some time with you away from the Corps, away from your roommates and away from your parents. A few days in a tent will do that.”

“I’m not sure I’ll like it. Will they even have cell reception there?”

“Probably not, this place is pretty far away from civilization. You’ll just have to talk to me.” I didn’t want her to have any other distractions. We had a big fight last night- yelling, calling each other names, even throwing stuff at the wall. The neighbors had called and told us if we didn’t tone it down they’d call the cops. Of course, it was over my job. She had put up with my time in the Corps but hated the Marines. She wanted me out when my enlistment was up in January, and wanted me to move back home and find a job. I was a Scout Sniper with two combat tours under my belt and fourteen confirmed kills. I loved what I did. I couldn’t leave it.

And so we fought. My Dad once told me that if you want to know if a woman can be your wife, take her camping. You would see her without makeup, without friends, without anything but you. Either you worked together well or you would ruin the relationship forever. Make it or break it.

I’d grown up in Duluth, Minnesota, and my Dad was a hunter. We spent many a weekend in the north woods stalking deer, wild turkey and even moose. It was this time that taught me patience and planning. The sniper training had honed both to a peak; I could remain motionless for hours. I once told her dad that I could hide in his backyard and he’d never see me. He laughed and bet a case of beer on it. That Leinenkugel’s tasted great after he stepped on me.

I’d met Lissa when she came down with her parents to visit her brother, who was going through Scout Sniper training with me. The attraction was immediate and intense, despite ‘the code’ I was found a way to spend time with my buddy’s sister. She snuck out of her hotel room after her parents were asleep and met me in the bar. After an intense few hours that included doing body shots off her flat stomach, I guided her up to my room and proceeded to screw her into a puddle for the rest of the night.

Her brother Joe was pretty pissed at me when we got back to base. I told him that I had her number and I was calling her and we were going out again, and if he didn’t like it he could just try to beat me up. He didn’t, but left the option open if I hurt her. Lissa told him to stay out of it, she liked me and didn’t need his help.

We became close when I was on leave after completion of Scout Sniper school. It was an incredible week, but then I had to report back and a month later our platoon was heading to Afghanistan. I wouldn’t see her until seven months later. I was escorting Joe’s remains back to Madison where they lived. Our tent was hit by a mortar while I was out using the head; by the time I got to him I could only collect the pieces.

I did all I could to comfort her, but she blamed the Marine Corps for taking her brother, and now her boyfriend was heading back to the ‘Stan as well. That was the point where I started to see that she was going to force me into a choice I didn’t want. She was frantic at the airport, and her letters were strained. Now that I was back, I needed some serious time with her to talk all this out. In some ways I was hoping for rain so we wouldn’t be able to leave the tent.

We finally got going about 0500, the top of my 2002 Mustang Convertible down as we enjoyed the drive north. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail, and her long legs in those tan shorts were driving me to distraction. We parked at the trailhead about noon, Mardin Escort and shared the picnic lunch she had packed before grabbing the packs and heading up the trail. I let her lead the way, I told her it was because I wanted to let her set the pace but mostly it was because her legs and ass were so fun to watch. I was pretty horny by the time we got to the campsite.

It was pretty nice, the 200 acre lake was too far from any others to bother portaging. The rangers had said we were the only ones in the area, so we had all the privacy we could want. After getting the tent setup up and sharing a quick dinner, I took her hand and led her down to the water where we found a spot to look out at the setting sun.

“I’ve missed you so much,” I said as I gently stroked the inside of her thigh. “Every day I got up the first thing I thought about was you and spending time like this with you.” I cupped the side of her face and turned her to me, looking deep into her eyes, seeing the anger and lust warring within her. I chose lust. Leaning in, I took her mouth like a landing at Iwo Jima. I dominated her, pulling her butt into my lap as I plundered her mouth. She responded in kind, the need was great for both of us. I lifted her shirt off and tossed it into a nearby bush, followed quickly by mine. She didn’t wear a bra, so immediately my mouth and hands were on her tits as she ground her sex into my hardon.

“Fuck, I need you so bad baby, just take me hard. I need you in me right now.” I didn’t have to be told twice, so I stood up with her and tugged our shorts and shoes off. I sat back on the fallen log and turned her around, pulling her into my lap while my hands reached around to cup her breasts again. “Fuck you’re tight!” She smiled back at me as she slowly dropped down onto my shaft. I reached around with my right hand to spread her lips as she worked her way down, then back up a little before going down further. We both sighed as I bottomed out in her.

I grabbed her hips as she rose up again, until the tip of my cock was barely in her, then pulled down strong and buried myself in her again. She moaned, and started to milk my length with her silken channel as she slowly lifted herself up again. My eyes were glued to her toned ass as I watched my length slowly reappear from her. The pace slowly quickened as her moans became near continuous. She was starting to lose control of her movements as she got closer to coming, so I took over the motions more and slid her forward and back in my lap. My fingers were torturing her erect clit with circular motions as I drove her to the edge. She came with a scream, then another. It was enough to push me over too, and I yelled as I started filling her with my cum. By the time I was done, she was having trouble catching her breath and she collapsed back into me. I just sat still and let her contractions milk the last few drops from me until we could move again.

My hands were around her stomach when she looked up at me and kissed me again. “My God, I’ve never come that hard in my life! I love you, and I love your cock in me.” I kissed her slowly and started to stroke her again, the remains of our love seeping out into my lap as I moved. “You’re not going to…”

“Yes… yes I am.” I stood her up, turned her around, and pulled her up and back onto my cock while my hands squeezed both her butt cheeks. “I have an idea, though…” I slowly walked towards the lake, bouncing her gently on me as we went. She soon figured out where I was going.

“DOUG! THE LAKE IS FREEZING COLD!!” She started to struggle against me, but I just hugged her tight to my chest and kept walking and screwing. She started to screech when we got to the water and her legs caught the first splashes. She wrapped her legs around his waist, but it didn’t help as he kept moving into deeper water. I stopped after every step and gave her a few more strokes, she was wiggling all over the place to get free but she was also incredibly wet, and I knew she was enjoying that part of it.

Finally, I got out to the point where I was holding her firm ass just at the level of the wave tops. She was clinging to me for dear life, and that was perfect for me as I started to hammer the hell out of her tight pussy. I could feel the scratches she left on my back and arms as she struggled to keep herself out of the cold water when all her body wanted to do was to let go. I pounded her some more, then took a few more steps.

She was screaming at me as her body was suddenly submerged to shoulder level, that last step was a doozy. I didn’t care, no one could hear us and her pussy wasn’t lying about how much she was enjoying it. It felt incredible as I drove in and out of her, the contrast between the cold water and her hot sex was driving me to go even faster. I let go of one cheek and started playing with her left breast, my thumb flicking her rock hard nipple as I gently squeezed the rest. Her screaming had now become less about the cold and more about me; after a few seconds her body had started to get used to the Mardin Escort Bayan cold. I grabbed her neck and blocked her screams with my tongue as I started to jackhammer up into her. She started to seize up as her orgasm crashed into her, and the vise-like grip of her inside muscles on my hard length pushed me over the edge too. I started to come hard, and leaning back a little I lost my grip on her as my foot slipped on a rock. She grabbed for my shoulders as she fell backwards, leaving long furrows from her nails on my upper arms as she slipped away.

“YOU FUCKER!” She wasn’t happy with me as she came back to the surface. “I’m freezing!”

I laughed and gathered her back into my arms as I carried her back out of the water. “I guess I’ll have to take you to bed and warm you up then.”

I set her down in the shallows so she could clean the mess and pee before we went back to the tent. “You better. You owe me after that stunt.” I had just gotten her into the tent and was unzipping the sleeping bag when she noticed the blood on her hand. “Doug, turn around for me.” She saw that some of the deeper scratches were still bleeding. “You’re bleeding, grab the first aid kit for me.” She used the gauze and pressure to stop most of the bleeding, then put bandaids on a few deeper cuts. “You better wear a T-shirt to bed in case any scabs open up again. I’m sorry I scratched you so bad.”

“I’m not, that was amazing. You’re amazing. I love you, Lissa.” I tucked myself into the bags, pulled her to my chest and kissed her gently before we dropped into a deep sleep.

My eyes opened as the first lights of dawn poked over the pine trees. I looked at my watch, 0450. Old habits die hard, I thought. I looked down at Lissa, she was snoring gently as she slept on her side facing away from me. I grabbed a pair of socks and shorts from my pack and quietly slipped out of the tent to get dressed for my morning run. I normally did about five miles each morning, as being physically fit was a big part of my job as a sniper. Not only did you have to be able to hike and carry lots of gear, but a low resting heart rate meant more time with a stable scope picture before the next beat screwed it up. I ran daily to keep my heart rate down in the high 50’s when I was relaxed.

Lissa worked out, but her idea was more along the lines of a Stairmaster and her iPod before a fruit smoothie at the local gym. I knew she needed more sleep than me, I figured she’d still be asleep by the time I got back from my run. There was a trail that led around the lake, when I looked at the maps I figured it would be a good 4 miles. Running always gave me a good chance to clear my head and think, and I needed to think real hard about Lissa right now.

As I ran I thought about what I would do without her. I was pretty convinced after our blowup last night that she would leave me if I reenlisted in the Corps. She loved me, but she wouldn’t go through another deployment like the last. She tried not to worry me while I was doing my job, but her Mom gave me the truth. Worrying about me was tearing her apart. Could I do that to her again?

By mile two I had decided that I couldn’t.

The rest of the run was a serious “so now what?” conversation with myself. I was a high school graduate, and my only real skills were in hunting and shooting. I knew a few snipers who had left to work for the CIA or State Department or private security contractors, but those guys spent more time overseas than Marine units. If you limited yourself to back home jobs, it was basically law enforcement or starting over at something else. I began to think about how I could live at home, get my Associate’s degree and find a way to get into a Sheriff’s department. They had snipers in their SWAT teams.

I was in the final push back to the camp, thinking about community college, when I started to sense something was very wrong. “LISSA!” No response.

I sprinted into the camp and it looked like a war zone. The tent I had just been in was torn to shreds, equipment scattered, and blood was everywhere.

“LISSA!! LISSA!!” I ran around the camp but there was no sign of her. I ran to the lake, nothing. FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK… “LISSA WHERE ARE YOU? LISSA!!”

I found my backpack and pulled out my cellphone to dial 911 but there was no signal out here. “LISSA!!” I ran around the camp some more but there was no response and no sign of her anywhere. There was too much blood to think she was OK… where would she go? The only thing I could think of is that she would head back the trail to the car. I pocketed my keys, knife and the first aid kit, and kept my phone in my hand as I headed back down to the trailhead.

Every half mile or so I would stop, yell for Lissa, and check for cellphone signal. Every time there was nothing, no sign of her, no bars. It took me almost an hour to make it back to the car, she was nowhere in sight and there was no sign of her having made it this far. Stay or go, stay or go… I couldn’t leave her but I couldn’t find her Escort Mardin alone. I turned the key and tore out of the parking area.

Five minutes later I had a cell signal, so I stopped on the side of the dirt road and called for help.

“911 operator, what is your emergency?”

“My girlfriend is missing from our camp. There is blood all over, and I can’t find her. I need search and rescue and the sheriff.”

“Where are you sir?”

“I’m on 376 west about three miles west of the road end. My camp was on Fern Lake, eastern side. It’s a ways off the trail, I recommend you get an aircraft up there. I can’t find her, I can’t find any sign of her, but I know she’s hurt. The tent is torn up, might have been a bear or something. Get me help!”

“OK sir, we have made contact with the Sheriff and he wants you to return to the trailhead and wait for help. Can you tell me which campsite?”

“Fern Lake campsite FL-3. It’s registered under me, Corporal Doug Johnson. Send help, ATV’s if they have them.”

“OK sir, please stay on the line until I have all the questions answered.”

“Ma’am, I’ve already turned to go back to the trailhead. I’ll probably lose cell reception soon.”

“That’s all right sir, we will…” and it was gone. I didn’t care, all that mattered was getting back to the trailhead and waiting for help. It took 30 minutes, and each minute ate at my stomach, not knowing where she was or if she was still alive. If I ever doubted I loved her, the loss that ate at my soul proved what I felt.

The first to show up was a forest ranger out of Ely in his pickup truck, he had an ATV in the back we quickly unloaded. It was five more minutes until the first Deputy Sheriff arrived. In the meantime, I had drawn on the ranger’s map where the campsite was and where I had already searched. They geared up, the ranger taking a .44 Magnum revolver and the deputy a 30.06 scoped rifle as this was bear country and that was what I thought had taken her. I sat behind the ranger and the deputy sat on the back gear rack and we set out for the camp.

I started yelling for Lissa as soon as we turned off the engine, but once again nothing. I quickly showed them the campsite, they told me to stay away and the Deputy had me stay with him as we searched around the campsite in ever increasing circles.

The day turned to evening and I was getting more distraught by the hour. More and more people would show up, including a dog team. The Sheriff had everyone withdraw a half mile from the camp while the dogs went to work, we took a dinner break then. It didn’t work… the dogs found the trail of us going to the campsite and another down to the lake, but nothing else.

And then it began to rain. That would destroy any tracks that might be out there.

The Sheriff insisted I accompany him back to his office for some paperwork and interviews. I didn’t want to leave, but he soon convinced me that they had the search in hand and it was important I come back. When we were done riding back to the trailhead, he and his Deputy placed me under arrest on suspicion of first degree murder. They confiscated my shirt and shorts, placing them in plastic evidence bags, before taking pictures of the scratches and scabs on my shoulders and back. They let me dress in some orange scrubs before my hands were cuffed behind my back. They had already searched my Mustang, and it was being put on the back of a tow vehicle when her parents drove up.

I loved Gary and Madeline, they had always treated me like family, but I had never seen the pure hatred in someone’s eyes until Madeline looked right at me. “WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER??” Gary and the deputy were both holding her back, she looked ready to claw my eyes out. Before I could respond, the Sheriff was shoving my head down at closed the door. I yelled, “I don’t know where she is!” It didn’t seem to help. The Deputy kept them away as the Sheriff drove away.

I looked back at her parents and started to cry. They didn’t deserve this, not so soon after losing their only other child. I looked forward to the Sheriff. “Can you tell them I don’t know what happened to her and I’ll do anything to help find her?”

“I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation. If you want to help, you can start by telling me the truth.”

“I am telling you the truth! I don’t know what happened, I came back from my morning run and she was just GONE…” I closed my eyes, trying to fight back more tears.

“I think we both know that isn’t true. Tell us where to find her. If you have any love for her family left, at least let them put her to rest.”

I shook my head. Fuck. Not only was she gone, but I was going to take the fall. I didn’t watch all those Law and Order episodes for nothing. There was only one thing to do now.

“I want a lawyer…”

“You’ll get one after processing. Now unless you want to tell me where she is, shut up.”

It took the rest of the evening to be booked in, searched and processed into the county jail. I got a phone call and managed to reach my father. He wasn’t surprised, the house had been searched earlier in the day. “I’ll get you a lawyer, but you need to do the right thing by Lissa. If you know where she is, you need to tell them and I’ll stick by you through it all. If you lie to me, you’re dead to me.”

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