Subject: Leo Gives 20 Thank you for reading my stories. Questions and comments are always welcome at ail. This is a fictional story, any similarities are purely coincidence. The story does involve intimate relations between men over the age of 18. Nifty has been able to provide this service for us to read and share our stories. Please consider donating fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi Leo Gives Chapter 20 Morning found Nate cuddled in Leo’s arms, their bodies entwined and Nate’s head resting on Leo’s chest. Leo had woken first and relaxed as he listened to the light snoring of the man in his arms. They had played hard the night before and after the shower, both men had drifted into a deep slumber, not waking during the night. The shared warmth had a lazy effect on Leo, but when he glanced at the time he knew that Nate needed to get around sooner than later. Gently stroking Nate’s neck and back with his hand, Leo looked down to see Nate’s brown eyes staring up, smiling. Nate moved his body up to bring them face to face. Leo opened his lips as Nate leaned in for a kiss. It was a long, slow kiss that they shared – a quiet comforting kiss like their embrace. Nate saw the time as he broke the kiss and returned his head to Leo’s chest, lightly stroking Leo’s nipple with a hand. “Uggh! I would rather stay in bed with you all day.” Nate sighed, “I know that I have to get up, but is so nice with you here.” “I understand. It is a lovely way to wake.” Leo said as he ruffled Nate’s hair. Then he continued, “We both have things to do today. Lucky for us, we showered last night so we have a few more moments in bed together.” Leo hugged Nate to him, their toned bodies pressed against one another. The intimate closeness and morning were having the expected reactions to both cocks, slowly slithering up to full masts. Nate chuckled as he ground his cock against Leo’s for a moment before sitting up. Then Nate jumped as Leo tickled his side. “No fair, now I have to pee and my cock is hard as wood.” complained Nate in a laughing voice. “No fair to you, grinding against me when we do not have time to complete what you started.” Leo said with a playful smile. Nate chuckled as he climbed out of bed. Leo watched Nate’s toned body as Nate bent to retrieve his clothes. Nate’s tight ass flashed a brief glimpse of Nate’s pucker as Nate stooped to pick up his shirt. Leo groaned as he stood up, his cock leading the way. Nate reached over and gave the hard member a quick rub before he hopped up and headed towards the bathroom. “Tease!” Leo accused, “I will make you some coffee while you get dressed.” “OK, I am going to try some gymnastics to relieve myself with my monster wood.” Nate said over his shoulder as he entered the bathroom with his clothes. Leo laughed and smiled thinking how nice it was to be this relaxed. He walked over and started some coffee and got out a travel mug. He ducked into the closet and pulled out his workout clothes. Leo was in the bedroom pulling on his jockstrap when Nate came back in mostly dressed. Nate whistled. “That is a pretty sexy sight!” Nate exclaimed. “Not too bad looking yourself.” countered Leo with a nod. Nate chuckled as he walked over to get his coffee, taking a sip before sitting down to put on his shoes. Leo had pulled on his athletic shirt and shorts and sat down next to Nate on the bed, pulling on his running shoes. Nate leaned over and rested his shoulder against Leo’s. This turned into a brief kiss before Leo stood up. “You are going to be late. You do not want that in addition to being in clothes from yesterday. People will ask questions.” Leo chided. “I know, I know. I am headed out now. I just had to have one more taste.” Nate laughed as he stood up. Leo shook his head at Nate as he stood as well. Nate retrieved his coffee and headed down the stairs. Leo was right behind him. Leo walked Nate to the door, gave the GM another chaste peck and shooed him on his way. As Leo closed the door, both men had smiles on their faces. Leo then turned back and went into the kitchen to make a smoothie to have before he went and worked out today. He had scheduled to go and get some skiing in just before lunch time and had planned to eat a late lunch when he returned. Grabbing his water bottle and his smoothie, Leo headed to the Executive Fitness facility for his workout. On the short walk there Leo queued up his workout music and was focusing to prepare. The facility had one older gentleman on a recumbent bicycle, who nodded at Leo, but did not appear to want to strike up a conversation. Leo selected the elliptical machine he wanted to use and got started. Leo was in the zone during his cardio and missed when the other man finished his exercise. Leo went directly into the weights section and began a circuit session. He decided to not exceed 85% weight limits as he was going skiing and did not want to fatigue his muscles too soon. Leo was transitioning as smoothly through his routine as his playlist was moving through songs. Sweat was pouring off Leo’s body, his workout clothes were soaked as he finished his last rep. Leo did an abbreviated cool down and headed back to his townhouse. He checked his phone and saw the text notice that his transportation to slopes would be ready in thirty minutes. Leo stripped when he entered his bathroom, stowing the sweaty clothes in the baskets. They were almost full so it was a good thing that housekeeping would be doing laundry today. He grabbed a towel and just alsancak escort wiped the remaining sweat off before pulling out his ski outfit. As Leo finished getting dressed and was headed downstairs, his phone received a text from Thomas. Thomas was letting Leo know the driver was now ready and Leo’s ski gear was already loaded. Leo sent a quick reply that he was on his way. � When he got to the concierge reception, Thomas was there to greet Leo. Thomas came around the desk for a quick hug before leading Leo to the transportation exit. They exchanged a quick kiss before Leo headed out to the waiting vehicle. Leo was eager to be on the slopes. The temperature was perfect, light wind and fluffy snowflakes were falling as Leo reached the summit of the ski resort on the chairlift. Leo glided off the lift and began his day of skiing. Leo warmed up on some intermediate blue runs, before spending the bulk of his time on the more challenging black diamond and double diamond runs. Time flew by as Leo slushed, sliced and plowed his skis over the frozen terrain. It had been several hours since he arrived at the ski resort and as he rode the chair lift up once again, Leo sent the notification to have his vehicle ready when he reached the lodge. Leo heard the chirp of confirmation as he began his last run of the day. Smile on his exhausted face, Leo set out and powered through the difficult ski runs. � When Leo skied into the lodge, he aimed for the club access area. He saw the attendant waiting for him as he neared. Leo stepped out of his ski bindings and the attendant quickly retrieved his skis and was ready for his poles. Leo did not even go inside, instead took the tunnel to the transportation lot and was ushered into the vehicle while the attendant loaded his gear. As the vehicle pulled out of the resort, Leo had received a text from Thomas advising Leo that a lunch had been delivered to his townhouse courtesy of a certain GM. Thomas also added that he was sorry neither he or Nate could join Leo for the meal as they had an offsite meeting. Leo sent a note of thanks and rested until he arrived back at the resort. Leo was able to quickly exit and head inside and then on to his townhouse. The staff would take care of his ski gear. As he opened the door, Leo could smell something good. When he entered the kitchen, there was a slow cooker full of beef stew and a covered pan of cornbread with honey butter. It smelled too good. Leo filled a bowl with the stew and sat and ate it before even changing out of his ski clothes. The food warmed him up from the inside out. Leo finally went up and undressed, feeling his muscles starting to tighten from his rigorous sports day. Smiling to himself, Leo pulled on his swim suit and a t-shirt. He slipped into his flip flops and walked downstairs. Retrieving his water bottle he headed to the adult only pool area. Very soon he was at a lounge chair and was undressing as he would be following the clothing optional function of the adult only area. It was early evening so he had the pool to himself as he slipped in and swam a few laps, stretching out his muscles. Then he pulled himself out of the pool, water running off his body in rivers. He walked a few steps and climbed into the hot tub, lowering down to soak. Leo let the hot moving water relax him, he leaned his head back with a towel over his eyes. Leo jerked awake, not realizing that the water had lulled him to sleep. It was then that he also realized that he was no longer alone, a hand brushed down his chest, abs and groped his cock. Leo gasped and it knocked the towel covering his face. The invading hands belonged to the hot blond skier, Ian. Leo relaxed his tensed flight or fight response and moaned as Ian was stroking his cock to life under the water. “You should be careful of falling asleep in the hottub Leo.” Ian said as he moved his face closer to Leo’s. “You could have drowned and many of us would be saddened by that.” “I should know better, but I do like what you are doing now.” Leo said with a lecherous grin. � Ian took that opportunity to place his lips over Leo’s. Their lips parted and Leo gathered Ian in his arms. Leo realized that Ian was also observing the clothing optional feature, so Leo was holding a hot young man close to him. Ian broke the kiss. “Best not to have you overheat, hop up and sit on the edge.” Ian suggested with a smile. Leo stood up and stepped on the seat and sat down on the edge. Leo’s cock was more than semi-hard and was jutting out as the steaming water ran off his skin. As Leo settled, Ian maneuvered between Leo’s legs, looking up he brought his lips to the tip of Leo’s cock head. Keeping eye contact, Ian opened his mouth and slid the quickly filling cock in. � Leo stared into Ian’s eyes until Ian’s lips touched Leo’s trimmed pubes and Ian’s tongue began rubbing the underside of Leo’s cock. Leo shuddered and his eyes briefly fluttered as Ian resumed moving his mouth up and down on Leo’s cock. Leo dropped his head back and let out an earthy, low moan as the college athlete worked his tool. Ian made hungry sounds as he slurped up and down on Leo’s cock, just barely heard over the sound of the hottub. Leo closed his eyes as Ian worshiped his dick: sucking, licking and teasing from cock head to balls. Ian was using hard and soft pressures of sucking and different speeds. Leo was enjoying the variety and skill Ian was using. Leo thought he had heard a noise, aliağa escort but Ian started to make some humming sounds as he swallowed Leo’s cock – the vibrations through his body and the sounds reaching his ears were blocking out any other noise. Ian continued to provide excellent head. Leo was startled when he felt a pair of lips close on his. Leo opened his eyes to find the blond headed Ian’s face against his, their mouths kissing. Glancing down, Leo caught a flash of red hair – meaning Russ was now providing the blowjob. After a second it dawned on Leo that they were in public, not back at his townhouse: he started to break them up. “Do not worry. We have it covered.” Ian said pointing to the door, “It is locked and a sign on it advising of being closed for cleaning.” “How did you manage that?” Leo inquired. Just then the door to the sauna opened and the fully nude, sandy blond headed Thomas walked out smiling. Thomas was a concierge and would be able to lock and close the facility. Thomas made his way over to the hottub. “Very resourceful.” Leo mumbled as Ian was still kissing him. Thomas stepped into the hottub and came next to Russ. When Russ pulled off of Leo’s cock, Thomas swallowed Leo down to his pubes. That began a pattern that Russ and Thomas traded off after a few bobs on Leo’s cock. During one trade, the pair joined their lips together and then moved in tandem up and down Leo’s cock, licking and sucking the sides of the shaft. Ian was like a starving man, devouring Leo’s mouth while running hands up and down Leo’s body. Leo moaned as Ian’s fingers began to work on Leo’s nipples. Ian alternated between both, making Leo’s nipples hard points – at one point Ian had both nipples between fingers and was flicking his thumb nails slowly over the hardened points. Leo began panting from the mix of sensations. Leo had been rubbing all over Ian’s body as he was being kissed and blown. Leo had pulled Ian in tight against his body and sent his fingers running down Ian’s spine. Ian moaned loudly and arched his back as Leo’s fingers traced lower. Ian shuddered when Leo’s fingertips dipped and traced into his crack. Ian arched his back further trying to grant Leo’s fingers more access. Ian cried out as Leo’s fingers brushed and then circled his pucker. A charge of sexual energy pulsed through the skier’s body as Leo pushed a fingertip into Ian’s hole. Leo began sliding his finger in and out of Ian’s hole, still damp from the water. When Leo’s finger pushed against Ian’s gland, several pulses of energy passed through Ian’s body. Leo was getting too close to climax from the tandem blowjob. When one mouth pulled off his cock, Leo stood up removing the bouncing cock from Thomas and Russ’ grasp. Leo pulled Ian with him and walked over to a chaise lounge. Leo laid Ian on his back and then kneeled down on top of Ian’s body. Leo licked and kissed down Ian’s body before taking Ian’s cock in his mouth. Leo bobbed his head up and down a few times while his fingers had returned to Ian’s pucker. “Too close!” Ian cried out as he pulled Leo’s mouth off his cock. Leo let the blond’s cock pop out of his mouth. He put some pressure under Ian’s legs and Ian lifted them up, locking his arms under his knees. Leo hummed a moment as he sucked in Ian’s balls only to hear Ian whimper. Letting Ian’s balls pop from his mouth, Leo dropped his face further down and attacked Ian’s pucker with his tongue. Ian cried out in passion again. Leo lifted out of Ian’s crack to grip the younger man and pull him closer to the end of the chair. Looking over his shoulder, Leo saw that Thomas and Russ were lying next to the hottub, a cock in each mouth, 69’ing each other, hands rubbing and exploring each other’s ass’. With a smile Leo lowered his head back and continued to slob his tongue in and around Ian’s opening. Ian was trying to push Leo’s face in deeper with a hand on the back of Leo’s head. Leo plunged his tongue in deep past ass lips, feeling the skier’s muscled pulse on Leo’s tongue as it swirled around. Leo had brought his hands to either ass cheek and spread them wider, moving his fingers closer to Ian’s hole. Then using his fingertips to pull open Ian’s ass lips wider still, Leo forced his tongue through Ian’s inner ring. Ian squealed and used his hands to push Leo in further. “Fuck me Leo!” Ian pleaded. Leo agreed it was time, he lifted his face away from Ian’s sloppy wet hole, standing up. Leo spit on his hands and rubbed it on his cock head a few times. Leaning over Ian’s form Leo lined up his cock head at Ian’s entrance. Leo wrapped his arms around Ian’s legs and gripped the lounge under them. With a slow, steady pull down, Leo sank his cock into the upturned pucker of the blond skier. Ian opened his mouth to let a long moan that ended in a grunt when Leo was fully inserted. Leo planted his lips on Ian’s as he pulled his hips up and dropped them back down, thrusting deep in Ian’s chute. Ian groaned and grunted into Leo’s mouth as Leo picked up the pace of plowing the well lubed hole. Leo’s hips were slamming into Ian’s ass, the slapping was echoing off the walls. Ian was rolling his head side to side after breaking their kiss, moaning loudly. Leo could feel Ian’s tight ass muscles grip and pulse on his cock when he was all the way in the boy’s ass. Ian’s body was writhing around on the lounge chair as Leo drove his cock into the skier’s hole. Leo arced his body and latched his mouth on one tire escort of Ian’s pale pink nipples. Ian squealed in pleasure as Leo nibbled and pounded away. Ian’s body started to quake from the stimulation. “Fuck me LEO! I’m CUMMING!” Ian shouted as Leo’s cock continued to thrust in and out. Ropes of cum was splashing from Ian’s cock as it bounced from Leo’s pounding. Ian was wordlessly moaning as he climaxed. Ian’s body was gripping Leo’s cock harder each time he thrust in as Ian was shooting. Sweat started to drip from Leo’s brow, he was getting close. “Take me seed!” Leo shouted as he felt his cum fill and surround his cock in Ian’s chute. Ian moaned and Leo grunted as Leo pounded his shooting cock into Ian. Leo’s body came to a rest on Ian’s folded body on the lounge after Leo pumped six or seven jets of cum into Ian. Ian reached up and pulled Leo’s face in close, sealing their lips in a hard kiss. Ian lowered his legs around Leo’s hips and crossed his ankles behind Leo’s ass. Leo enjoyed the fevered kiss that Ian was giving him. Leo’s cock was still in Ian’s ass and it was starting to recharge. Ian exclaimed as he felt Leo’s cock hardening back up. Ian began pulling his locked ankles tightly against Leo’s body, pushing the buried cock deeper. Leo moaned into Ian’s mouth as they were still kissing. Leo began to pump his cock again, lubed by his first load. “I want to ride you Leo.” Pleaded Ian as Leo was picking up speed. Leo nodded and pulled back, his cock sliding out of Ian’s puffy ass lips. A trail of cum clung from Ian’s ass to Leo’s dick as Ian stood up. Leo laid down on the lounge chair and Ian, facing Leo, straddled the chair. Ian reached back and positioned Leo’s cock head as he sank down – Leo’s cock stretching his hole. Ian continued until he felt Leo’s trimmed pubes on his ass lips. Reaching down Ian took a nipple in each hand and used the grip for stability as he started to raise and lower his body on Leo’s cock. Leo glanced over to find Thomas plowing into Russ’ tight ass as Russ was on all fours. Leo liked seeing Thomas’ tight ass flex and thrust into the red-head’s hole. Leo could barely make out Russ dirty talking to Thomas as the ass pummeling continued. Leo gasped for air as Ian twisted the nipples in each, causing Leo to squirm – moving his hips slightly as Ian rode his cock. Ian was lifting up until just Leo’s cock head was still in, before bouncing down with his full weight. Leo could only grunt each time Ian landed so hard. They continued for several minutes, sweat fling from their bodies. Ian moved one hand from Leo’s nipple to his own cock that was flapping between the men’s toned abs. Leo brushed Ian’s hand away and wrapped his fingers around Ian’s angry looking cock. Ian moaned as he threw his head back and Leo was fisting Ian’s cock shaft. Ian shifted into a higher gear, grinding his ass down on Leo’s cock. Ian started to breath more shallowly, his skin flushed and Leo’s cock was pounding on his gland and Leo’s hand was jacking his cock. Leo was watching Ian’s face carefully, as Ian’s eyes started to go blank and Ian’s body started to quake. In a swift movement, Leo used his other hand to lift Ian’s body off of his cock and used his grip on Ian’s cock to pull the skier’s crotch to Leo’s face. Ian was panting as was Leo’s lips sealed around Ian’s cock head. “FUCK!” Ian shouted and he gripped the back of Leo’s head and began pumping his shooting cock into Leo’s throat. Ian thrust time and again into Leo’s sucking mouth, his cum spurting in great globs. Leo was swallowing as fast as he could, but some of the boy seed was leaking from his lips. Ian did a final thrust and then held Leo’s head still, is cock hypersensitive. Leo hummed around the pulsing cock, that caused Ian to shudder. Leo pulled his head away from Ian’s cock, lightly sucking all the way to the tip as he went. Ian was spent from his climax, but was looking at Leo with lusty eyes. Leo stood up and pushed Ian, ass up onto the lounge chair. He lined up his cock and sunk into the hilt with his first thrust. Ian was pushing his ass up higher as Leo started to pound in and out. Leo picked up speed with his urgency. Leo felt his climax start to build, the tingle started to race up his leg muscles. As the feeling continued, it pulsed up Leo’s ass and he shouted as he was filling Ian’s ass with another load. Leo shot five ropes deep before a final thrust and collapsed onto Ian’s back. Ian lost his hold and his legs and arms flailed, leaving him flat on the lounge, Leo buried balls deep in his ass. Ian could feel Leo’s breath start to return to normal as Leo started to nibble on his ear lobe. Leo chuckled as Ian shook his hips and moved Leo’s cock around inside of him. Leo continued to lick and kiss on Ian’s ear as they rested. After a few minutes, Leo’s cock had softened and pulled out of Ian’s hole. Ian quickly tightened his ass muscles and kept any of Leo’s load from leaking out. Leo lifted himself off the chair and the skier and then bent down and lifted Ian to standing. Leo gripped Ian around the hip and they headed toward the sauna. The pair looked for Russ and Thomas, but could not see them – they assumed that they were in the sauna already. Sure enough, Leo opened the sauna door to find Russ cuddled into Thomas’ arms, both their cocks were semi hard and glossy from having climaxed. Russ moved out of Thomas’ embrace and came toward Leo. Ian snaked free from Leo’s grip and slid down into Thomas’ waiting arms. Russ planted a kiss on Leo and held the two tightly together, grinding their cocks together. Leo chuckled as he pulled Russ down to the bench next to Thomas. The foursome made out in the warming heat of the sauna. It was slowly allowing all of the men to recover. Leo thought it was going to be an interesting evening for sure.

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