Marching Band Cadet– Chapter Two This is a series about high school males in the late 1970s. They had a secret club in which they engaged in gay sex and BDSM rituals. This series is told from the point of view of a club member who served as their submissive. The initial chapters establish Konya Escort the background and characters. As the story progresses, in later chapters there will be hardcore sex, group sex, S there was a sense of relief that we had agreed to go forward. But it must have been Konya Escort Bayan going faster than Jim anticipated. The room felt horny to me; or maybe I was projecting my own arousal and lust onto others.

“Sir,” I said to Jim, “I would like to begin by servicing Escort Konya Wayne. It may be off base for me to make a request. And if so, I apologize, Sir. But I think it would be proper for me to suck Wayne”s dick, and make him feel great, and swallow every drop.”

The room froze in silence in response to my words.

Thank you for reading. Sam isn”t even a cadet yet, but he has brashly asked if can give Wayne a blow job. Is that even how things work in this secret society? There”s a lot more coming up in chapter three and beyond.

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