Outdoor run in


Myself and two friends are doing our weekly Tuesday evening stair run. The summer nights are starting to cool and sunset is getting earlier, but it is still humid and sweaty.

We come across you near the top of the steps and I stay behind you until we finish the flight. At the top it is just me and you for a moment. We make eye contact and you pull your earbud out to hear what I am saying.

“Sorry if I came up too close to you, I didn’t realize you had your headphones on… I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No problem”.

You look me up and down. I’m sweaty, shirtless, only wearing short running shorts. I look you up and down. The lycra is holding your curves back but not allowing much for my imagination. You look so fucking hot. I step closer to you and grin as your hand comes out and touches my chest. I keep eye contact as your hand finds its way down to my sweaty shorts and feels the bulge of my half hard cock over my shorts.

Suddenly, we are startled by my two friends reaching the top of the stairs. They see what is happening and both smile. You make eye contact with both of them and start to walk over to the dark ball field at the top of the stairs, motioning for us all to follow.

My two friends eagerly trail you. They are inches away from you as you stop at the darkest corner of the field, waving one to come over. He immediately starts touching your chest over your shirt and sports bra. You sense that he is instantly hard. You massage his cock through his running shorts while looking him in the eyes. You feel a third hand on your hips and realize a second person is behind you. You smile and step out of your shoes using the men eyüp escort to hold you up, and then awkwardly pull your sweaty tights off.

Naked from the bottom down, you get on your knees. With no words, you tell them you are ready to take them in your mouth. They take turns groping you and feeding you cock while I watch. You are so hot to watch. It is dark, but occasionally you will make eye contact with me with one cock in your hand and the other in your mouth. You are so good at sucking cock. I can’t wait to be inside of you.

It is somewhat astounding how quickly one of them cums. He erupts in your mouth with one hand feeling you up over your shirt. He awkwardly steps aside for his friend to now fully use your mouth. I see your bare knees on the ground and offer my sweatshirt for you to keel on. You make eye contact with me as you accept this offer with his cock still in your mouth. You are on your knees working so hard to get him off.

I start rubbing your exposed pussy. I see that now your eyes are closed, your face is filled with ecstasy. You take his cock out of your mouth and put both hands on the ground, getting on all fours. Your bare ass is in the air. Your face is a mess with cum and spit. He pulls your head back onto his cock. You feel my cock from behind rubbing against your wet pussy.

You NEED cock at this point. It will take so little for your to cum once you start getting fucked. While sucking his cock you had been thrusting your hips, grinding the air, just wanting to be fucked. You have been subtly moaning from desire for awhile.

I enter you from from behind and his is in your mouth. Your pussy squeezes esenler escort my cock as it enters. The moan you let out as I fully fuck you will be forever memorable. You are so wet. He has the back of your head in his hands, his cock is deep in your mouth. I start fucking you hard from behind, my hands on your ass. Occasionally I take my thumb and play with your asshole. I can feel you wanting to cum, squeezing my cock. What feels like an eternity of pure sex is just minutes. He wants a turn fucking you.

He gets on his back and you grab his cock and insert it into yourself as you straddle him. His goal of switching positions was to get off, but its clear that you are the one doing the fucking now. You are on him, riding him, using his cock for your own pleasure.

A few times you reach out and help me stroke my own cock. I am still rock hard watching you. Your orgasm is building. It is visible. I rub my cock on your face while you are riding him. You lick and suck it. I reach under your sports bra and pull it up to expose you and grope you and you start to whimper. Riding his cock for your pleasure, me next to you, squeezing your nipples and rubbing my cock on you. You both explode….

He is slightly slower to get out of the way than you would like. He appears to be finished and you clearly are not. You stand up and we are face to face. He slowly gets his wits about him and disappears like the first guy.

“Are you good?” I ask.

You answer by putting my cock between us and rubbing against me. I want you fully naked, so I take off your remaining clothes while we are standing there. Your tits spill out. I am in şişli escort heaven. You take my hand and walk me over to the nearby bleachers and lay me down.

You straddle me with one leg over each side of the bleacher, allowing my cock to fully enter you. You are so wet with your cum and his cum. You are simply going to use me to get off again. I will do what I can to help as you fuck me really hard. Your tits are in my face. Occasionally I grab a handful of hair and pull your head back to get a look at your dick drunk face while kissing you and licking you. My hands explore your entire body, smack your ass, grope your tits. My fingers go into your mouth and rub your asshole as I feel you starting to cum again.

You grind your mons pubis against my stomach and forcing my whole cock to go as deep as it can while you clit rubs me. I touch your face. You suck on my thumb as you melt down. With my free hand I rub each nipple, going back and forth.

You are finished. You lay on top of me with my hard cock still inside of you. After a moment, you roll off of me, moving to the bleacher above.

I stand and stroke my cock while looking you in the eyes and playing with your tits. You telling me that you want my cum is all that it takes for me to finally get off all over you. Everywhere. I rub cum around on your tits and put it in your mouth. You play along as you start looking around for your stuff.

I help you find your things and you try to pull your exercise clothing over your sweaty, cum soaked body in summer heat, which is impossible.

“Tonight was fun.” I say as you are dressing


“Was three too many? You seemed to enjoy it and always talk about wanting it”


“Next week just me and you?”

“Either way”

We exchange kisses on the cheek and I walk you back to the lit area at the top of the steps. I go home and jerk off thinking of the scenario again.

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