The Inner Circle Ch. 03


“She’s ready for you now, Mr. Smith,” the young receptionist called out to Jacobi.

He got up and entered into the the doctor’s office. The spacious room was primarily painted in a soft white and beige theme. The wall opposite from the door he entered was neatly filled with books on bookshelves. From a quick glance, the books were not only organized by the subject but by the height and size of them. It’s almost like the purpose of the books was to make an eye-pleasing wall decorations. The wall by the door was lightly decorated with some scenery paintings, nothing standing out too much from the rest of the room. The middle of the room was a sofa and couch set surrounding a small, short table stand with some sort of a lit scented candle on top.

Guess that’s what giving out the room’s nice smell, thought Jacobi. The entire room seemed to be designed to relax whoever entered.

The far end of the room were neatly organized cupboards under a big pane of windows. In front of them were a white desk its occupant, Dr. Jo Crane, sitting behind it.

The only unnerving thing in the room to Jacobi was, of course, the doctor herself. While it’s been a number of days since his welcome reception at the Crane mansion, the image of this lady, now neatly dressed in a beige pantsuits, rimming her own brother and wildly engaging in her family orgy was still fresh in his mind.

“Good evening, Jacobi,” greeted the doctor, “have a seat there on the sofa. I’ll be right with you in a second.”

Jacobi awkwardly sat down. His body leaning forward anxiously. He did come here because Barry insisted that it’s a good idea. He must’ve looked quite out of it in the last couple of days at work that his advisor noticed. Actually, he being out of it was partly Barry’s fault, too.

So, going to see a psychiatrist or a therapist after all that sounded good to Jacobi on paper, but the only one around the town was Dr. Jo.

After the ordeal the Cranes put him through, might as well use that employee benefits to talk to a doctor free of charge, Jacobi thought. It’s just this lady. It’s not like she’s going to jump him, right? Well, maybe he’s not so sure about the jump part.

“Would you like a peppermint or a camomile tea? Amber out in front can bring it in,” Dr. Jo said, breaking Jacobi’s train of thought.

“No, I’m good,” said Jacobi nervously.

The blonde doctor in her glasses smiled, “First of all, I want you to know that this room is your safe space. The only things that has happened and will continue to happen here is my work, nothing else. Anything you said here will be for my ears and yours only. I’d like to keep what’s going on in my office strictly professional.”

Jacobi perked up, “So, only your work in here, huh?”

“Yes, Jacobi,” answered Dr. Jo, “I have not engaged in any sexual acts to my patients or anyone in this room if that makes you more comfortable.”

Jacobi blurted out a laugh, “Dunno if that’s good to know or not, ma’am.”

“Grace mentioned that you can be cheeky and like to make dumb jokes,” continued Dr. Jo, “but I meant what I said about my work. Now, let’s get started. How do you feel today?”

“I’m all right. Just a bit nervous,” replied Jacobi. Is this the same lady from the mansion, he wondered.

“How do you adjust yourself with your new environment or your work? Anything you’re stressed about?” continued Dr. Jo, writing down on her notepad.

“Work has been fine. It’s good that I have some experience running a branch office before. The situation here is much less chaotic from the one I ran earlier. The only work related thing I’m nervous about is about this meeting next week to secure some funds for the new project,” Jacobi went on.

“So, what is bothering you? Is it personal?” asked Dr. Jo.

“Not exactly personal. Not exactly business,” replied Jacobi. Why is she keep asking me? She knows what I want to talk about, he thought.

As if reading his thought, Dr. Jo looked up from her notepad and met his eyes, “You need to explicitly tell me what’s bothering you, Jacobi. It’s part of the process.”

Jacobi signed, “the stuff at the mansion, that’s what bothered me, all right? I think it’s obvious and pretty justified for me to be a little more than a bit confused about what happened.”

“Can you specify what aspect of that event bother you?” pressed on Dr. Jo.

“Man, your job is to force people to say things they’re uncomfortable with, huh?” asked back Jacobi.

Dr. Jo put down her pen and notepad, put her hand out on top of his hand, then said “I just don’t want to lead you on a certain type of answer. You don’t have to say anything you’re uncomfortable with, but stating what and how certain things bother you helps you confront the problem. It’s just a process to help you identify and fix it, Jacobi. Remember, this is a safe place. Anything you say here won’t leave this room, and if you’re not going to say it here, you’re going to say it where and to whom, then?”

Jacobi took a deep breathe, “Fine, doctor. I guess it’s the taksim escort incest aspect that bothers me. The thing you people did back there, is it even legal?”

“Sarcasm can be interpreted as a defense mechanism, Jacobi,” said Dr. Jo, “If what happened back then disgusted you, you could’ve said no, correct? You did not have to take part if you didn’t want to.”

Jacobi was silent. He could see where Grace got her serious but cheeky demeanor from.

“If you showed any type of aversion at the mansion, we would have stopped. If you don’t want to do those type of stuff with us anymore, just tell us, and we will also stop,” continued Dr. Jo, “Were you afraid to say no to what was essentially your boss? For reference, Grace’s father used to worked with the company and involve deeply with the activities until he felt he didn’t want to anymore. He could stay in the family without involving in our private get-togethers, but he chose to divorce amicably. He’s still stay in touch and work freelance with us successfully. You don’t have to choose both your career and the sex. You can also choose one or the other. Or none.”

Jacobi tried to process what was said, then he asked, “Grace’s father?”

“He used to be the architect for the company. Greg Larson is the name,” answered Dr. Jo, “He’s now working remotely out of state now, taking on other companies’ business, too.”

Of course he heard of the name before. When he was just a small engineer near the bottom of the company’s totem pole, Greg Larson was a big shot senior architect for the Crane & Co. Construction. A bunch of big, fancy projects the company was responsible for was designed by him. He left the company to strike on his own when Jacobi was busy in Templeton. Maybe because the company politics and connections did not interest him much until now, Jacobi never connected the dot before.

So, a smart, dignified looking kinda guy was involved in this kinda family depravity, too, thought Jacobi.

“The point was..” continued Dr. Jo, “if you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to. Your job is safe. From what I heard, the company needs you as much as you need them. The sexual activity should be good for relieving stress, and you can act out your deepest darkest fantasy, too. As long as it doesn’t negatively affect the work and personal life, everybody is happy with it.”

Jacobi thought back to the party. Will definitely showed him the side he never saw before. The seemingly nice leader and a family man that Jacobi knew was so aggressive and demeaning to his step-grandmother and aunt. That’s something to considered.

“All right. I’ll stay in,” said Jacobi, “but if I want out I can, right?”

“Anytime you want Jacobi,” said Dr. Jo.

“Aren’t you afraid of someone using this information to hurt your family and business? This is not exactly a good optic material,” wondered Jacobi.

“We try to take precautions,” replied Dr. Jo, “All activities are to be conducted at the place we can control. All the girls were on pills, so there’re no worries about pregnancy. All the participants are either family who depends on the business or someone we carefully vetted to be trustworthy and happy with such activities.”

“You’re just saying that you guys think I’m an obedient pervert,” laughed Jacobi.

“I’m not saying that,” said Dr. Jo,”Are you saying you’re not enjoying the party?”

“Not saying that,” parroted Jacobi,”It’s just a lot to adjust to.”

“Believe me when I’m saying this,” said Dr. Jo,”the family trust you a lot to bring you in the fold. Whether it be the Wellspring branch manager position, or the family party last time, not just anybody can be where you are.”

“I’m just the lucky guy,” said Jacobi, “It’s good to know that you’re well trusted, I guess.”

“It is,” replied Dr. Jo,”now, anything else you want to discuss?”


On his drive back to his new place, Jacobi reflected on his session with Dr. Jo.

She did put his mind at ease, he thought, at ease enough that he started to have a hard-on by the end of the session that he had to actively hide while leaving the clinic.

However serious and professional she appeared to be, Dr. Jo was the same woman that put on a show for him in her own family orgy. It also didn’t help that she was the mother of the woman he had a little escapade before he came in this town. Dr. Jo was like a older, slightly chubbier, blonde version of her daughter. It’s hard not to think back to the party when he talked to her today.

Speaking of the party, what a wild time that was, thought Jacobi as he started to think back.


Jacobi found himself sitting naked on a big dinning table, being served an oyster dish.

“Help yourself, dear,” said Rosalind beaming with smile, “here’s some fresh oyster with my own special spicy sauce. There’s Esther’s salmon spinach salad and pomegranate juice. Normally Esther would help out with the dish presentation, but it seems she needs some rest.”

Jacobi started with the oyster first. mecidiyeköy escort He felt himself quire hungry after the previous activities. The food were quite good and energizing.

“Go easy there,” said Isobel, sitting opposite to him,”it’s still early in the night. There’s more stuff to be done.”

Jacobi almost chocked on his fruit juice.

“Hold your horse, Izzy,” said Will, sitting next to Isobel,”give the guy some time to rest.”

“I didn’t get off like you did, dear brother,” replied Isobel,”I had to do your duty to your wife instead.”

“Now, now,” Said Dusty at the head of the table,”No fighting today. Don’t embarrass us in front of our guest.”

Jacobi didn’t know what to say as the banters went on. The night had been surreal enough but the rest of the family minus Esther, Olivia, Mya, and Grace, who needed some rest after the intense fucking before, now all dining and talking entirely in nude.

“Is the food is to your liking?” asked Jo,”my mom and the girls went all out when they heard you’re coming.”

“Yeah, it’s good,” answered Jacobi, staring at her tits, then he felt something touching his cock.

When he looked down he saw a well-pedicure foot gently caress his balls.

Jacobi looked up to see Isobel sticking her tongue out to lick an oyster out of it shell.

Maybe it’s the food, the sight now or from earlier, his cock started to rise again.

“Everybody almost done?” asked Rosalind,”ready for some dessert? We got some chocolate tiramisu in the back.”

“Oh, I think we’re ready for dessert now, Rosalind,” said Isobel as she using her foot to stroke Jacobi up and down,”But I think the girls wanted chocolate something else,” cue the snickering around the table.

“You girls are insatiable,” said Dusty,”Let’s leave things and go the play room.”

Isobel got up quickly, then walked over to Jacobi, “C’mon, let me show you,” invited Isobel as she started to pull him by the arm and led him down toward the door at the end of the hallway.

The room was dimly lit. Stood at the center of the room was a big size bed bigger than any bed Jacobi ever saw outside of some fancy mattress store. The far end of the room was a full set of bar, counter top, fridge and a bunch of cupboards. The opposite side was a full set of couch sofa and armchair. The room was designed to house almost a dozen of people comfortably. Isobel continued to lead him toward the bed as others started to fill out the room.

“Let’s get things rolling, cowboy,” said Isobel as she pushed him down on his back in the back. She then climbed on top of him and positioned herself in a 69 position. Jacobi’s vision was now filled with a glistening, hairless pussy.

Without waiting, he started to slurped on the presented pussy. The smell was sweet and sweaty and same as the taste. He also felt his dick was being slurped with the same eagerness. The rhythm of the sucking was matching that the pussy pressing down on his face.

Jacobi felt the mattress shifted with another couple joining them at the other side of the bed. He caught the sight of Will laying down with Jo’s head bobbing on his cock. On the couch was Barry and Dusty taking the seats, enjoying the show with Carmen working on Dusty’s cock and Rosalind working on Barry’s.

Jacobi had to come back to focus what’s in front of him as the sucking on his cock intensified. Isobel seemed like she liked to be an aggressor. Her oral attack on his cock was straight up deep and fast that kept escalating in pace. If this kept up, he’s going to blow a load in her mouth, and where’s the fun in that?

Jacobi used both of his hands to grab on Isobel’s asscheeks and pulled her lower half down deep toward his face, so he could returned the oral favor. He gave a mouthful of slurp on her pussy, using his tongue like a snake slithering all over her clit area.

Isobel let out muffled cries as her slurping slowed down. She tried to keep up her sucking, but his continuous oral assault distracted her pace. She now significantly slowed down and sometimes stopped to enjoy Jacobi’s masterful tongue-work.

After minutes, Isobel took his dick out of her mouth and yelled out, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” before her body convulsed slightly and then collapsed on top on Jacobi’s.

“Oh no, you’re not done just yet,” said Jacobi before he flipped Isobel on her back and prepared to mount her. Before he entered her, their eyes locked. There was still fierceness in her eyes behind all the lust. She then mouth the word,”Go on.”

He entered her deep. The sound of her scream followed immediately.

Jacobi started off with a slow and steady but deep thrust. Isobel used both her hands to grab on to the bed sheet as if to brace herself from the powerful thrust. She bit on her lower lips, only allowing small moans escaping through her teeth. Considering her fit body, Jacobi continued to increase the power in his thrust. It took almost everything for Isobel’s body not to be lifted and moved across the bed. The small moans became avcılar escort louder cries as Isobel took the slow but strong fucks.

Across the bed, Jo started to get on top of Will and ride him cowgirl style. She bounced up and down her nephew in steady rhythm while he played with her tits. While she’s still moaning from the fucking she took from Will, her gaze fixated on the long and hard thrusts Jacobi inflicting on her niece.

On the sofa, the ladies positioned themselves in a reverse-cowgirl style and started to bounced on their partners’ cocks. Although Rosalind was older and had a less conventionally sexy figure, she made up by her enthusiasm. She rode Barry’s cock like she rode a wild bull while Carmen went for a slower pace. Jacobi could actually saw Barry and Dusty high five each other. Why not? All four of them enjoyed themselves and the main event on the bed.

Jacobi gave Isobel a brief pause for both of them to catch them breathes, then he started back up again now with a faster pace. The sound they made when his crotch slammed against her butts echoed around the room. Isobel yelled out as she now hugged Jacobi tight with her nails digging his back. She then put her mouth against the side of his neck as if to muffle her cries, preventing others to know about her current state of ecstasy. All of these only incited Jacobi to be more aggressive, to go a little faster, to slam her cervix a little harder.

“Hey, let us in, too,” said Jo giving Jacobi and Isobel a brief pause and letting go of each other. Jo then went in between the two and positioned herself in a 69 position with Will ready to enter her from behind. Jo gave Jacobi’s dick a soft kiss, and then started to go to town on Isobel’s bare pussy. Isobel returned the favor and burying her face in her aunt’s pussy, too.

The action on the couch started to give out more girl-on-girl vibe also. While both ladies were still riding on the older men’s cocks, they were also kissing and fondling each other breasts. Their cock-riding’s speed was now in sync, slow and steady. Not for long, Barry yelled out that he’s not going to last. He then proceeded to cum deep inside his CEO’s stepmother. After leaving Barry a heaving mess lying on the couch, Rosalind whispered something onto Carmen’s ear, then the threesome of Dusty, Carmen, and Rosalind moved their to the end of the center bed.

With Rosalind lying on let back and spreading her legs, Carmen crawled toward the older Asian lady in order to tongue her properly. Dusty followed not far behind and positioned himself behind Carmen.

Without saying a word, the men began to pump the pussies in front of them in unison. The chorus of ecstasy started. Jacobi focused on what were in front of him, his cock going in and out of the tight, hairless pussy and Jo’s smiling face moaning along with the whole thing. “Fascinating,” whispered Jo, “my girl took on this monster, huh?” While she’s taken hard from behind by Will, her eyes fixated on the image of Jacobi’s meat coming in and out of her niece’s pussy.

Will seemed to notice this little interaction, so after a while he said, “Hey Jacobi. Let give my sister a little break, will ya?”

As soon as Jacobi stopped pumping the athletic brunette and pulled his cock out of the now well-drenched pussy, Jo didn’t wait to swallow half his shaft in one go.

“Oooof,” Jacobi grunted as the older blonde put her mouth to work on his cock. He gently stroke her long hair as Will continued to pound her from the back. Isobel saw the split-roasting action in front of her and decided to put her mouth in a good use by alternating the licking of Jo’s pussy and Will’s balls.

The actions went on for a bit until everybody started to increase the pace. Instead of slowly stroking Jo’s hair, Jacobi now grabbed the face of her head and started to really fucked her face. To her credit, Jo was taking the length of his cock like a champ with Will pumping her harder and faster.

The threesome at the end of the bed was approaching the climax of their tryst. Dusty was red in the face banging Carmen away from behind. While eating Rosalind out, Carmen also bounced her bottom against her former brother-in-law’s cock. With the increased intensity and speed of the fucking, Dusty couldn’t last any longer, so he gave out the warning, “I’m cumming, Let me cum all over y’all.” He then pulled out of Carmen and flipped her on her back. With Rosalind and Carmen lying side by side, Dusty stroke his cock and let out a few jets of cum shooting over both waiting bodies of his step-mother and ex-sister-in-law. As the cum got all shot out and started to drip down onto the bedsheet, Rosalind lurched to put her mouth on Dusty’s cock to prevent anymore from getting on the bed.

“Woooh, if you want to taste the cum, you should’ve let me know beforehand,” Dusty said between his panting.

“Hmmmm, I just don’t want you dirtying more of the sheets,” said Rosalind as she tried to lick the rest of the cum of Dusty’s cock, “it’s my turn to wash them.”

As Rosalind was taking care of the tidying up, Dusty got to enjoy the view of his son and the new guy fucking a living light out of his sister. Will also seemed to not lasting much longer,so he called out, “Switch.” Without saying anything more, the men scrambled to switch their position.

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