The Spa Game – Pre Wedding Jitters

Big Dick

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


This story is linked to my Spa Game series, and takes place well after the end of Year Two.

I haven’t made a lot of effort to onboard new readers or explain the history and mechanics of the characters here; this is mostly a bonus for fans of the series. If you enjoyed the characters there, I hope this is entertaining for you. I honestly can’t say how well this stands on its own, but I imagine it’s at least mildly confusing.

Sylvia Tentis sat in the painfully white room, staring at herself in the vanity. She wasn’t going to claim she didn’t recognize the woman in the mirror, but she did concede that a number of the several hundred people in the cathedral-like church a few miles away would probably be relying more on the white dress than her appearance to recognize who she was.

She usually kept her blonde hair short; it was so curly that it naturally formed a nice “skullcap” of ringlets when she kept it cropped down to about an inch or two. But she’d wanted at least some attempt at a hairstyle at her wedding so just before the end of her second-to-last semester at Veretrum she’d let it grow. Eight months hadn’t given her a lot to work with, but she had bangs now and enough hair that it could be gathered in back with a decorative clasp, though in the end she’d decided to use extensions so it didn’t look like someone had just stuck a fancy piece of metal to the back of her head.

The other source of growth had taken much more effort but about the same amount of time.

“God, if I walk too fast I feel like they’re going to jump up out of the dress,” Sylvia said.

“Honey, we love you, but if you’re going to complain about how hard it is to deal with larger tits you have the wrong crowd in the room.”

Sylvia smiled into the mirror at Robin Charmichael. Towering over her even when they were standing, the woman basically had a supermodel body, cemented by the large-C cup breasts that pushed out the front of her periwinkle bridesmaid’s dress. Her girlfriend, and Sylvia’s maid of honor Cynthia was just coming back into the room, and her chest had more of a shelf on it than Robin’s. The other woman standing at the door in her own pale blue dress had a more athletic build and a smaller chest to go with it, but still enough that she was gambling if she didn’t wear a bra. Vicky was the smallest one in the room now, but up until three months ago, Sylvia could make her chest flatten out completely just by raising her arms.

“I would fall out of that dress if I walked too fast, or possibly at all” Cynthia, usually called Cyn, said, “And yeah, our sympathy level here is zero. Robin and I probably have about ten years before we have to put a chiropractor on retainer, and the only shirts with ‘built-in’ support we can wear are called corsets.”

“I’m almost as big as you now,” Sylvia countered as she cupped her own mammaries, though they were stuffed behind what felt like a solid inch of silk dress.

“You look as big as her,” Vicky countered, “Because you’re a size 0 or something silly like that and you got medium sized tits stuck on. She’s got a normal adult body and her tits still look huge, but I bet they weigh something like ten pounds more.”

“They look all right though, don’t they?” Sylvia asked, fighting down a surge of panic.

“Syl, Cyn and I have been begging you to let us play with them for the past three months,” Robin said, “you’re hot. You don’t have that ‘innocent pixie’ vibe anymore, but you can pull off ‘little firecracker’ now, which is arguably better.”

“How is that better?” Syl asked.

“Because of this,” Cyn said as she held up the final piece of her bridal outfit.

It was a 24-carat gold choker that looked like a simple ring of gold. As their gift to her, her bridesmaids had it custom made and precision finished with a unique slotted fastening so it would take someone looking very, very close to find a seam. To most it would look like a solid gold ring had somehow been formed around her neck.

Taking over from Cyn, Vicky explained, “Your vulnerable innocent vibe was great in college, especially since it helped you and Bill find each other. But you need a way to overcome that in the real world, especially if you want to keep a lid on exactly how you and Bill structure your relationship. Wide hips and big tits automatically signal ‘adult’ to human brains, regardless of what people may be attracted to. I mean, that’s only a small part of the equation, but you won’t need to force them over the assumption that you’re too young to function as an adult if they see you as an adult first. If you dress it up so you’re actively using them to enhance your sexuality it gives you even more of an edge.”

“Also,” Cyn said, “It will lessen the impression that Bill is taking care of you, which will make it easier to hide how you two actually get along, if you still keep that under wraps.”

“Personally I think it would be hilarious if they say ‘I do’ and then Bill pulls out a leash and walks Malatya Escort you on all fours out the door,” Robin quipped.

“And that’s why Cyn’s my maid of honor,” Sylvia said.

“Really?” Cyn drawled with a dangerous edge as she towered over Sylvia from behind, “It has nothing to do with our relationship, and my ability to get you hot and bothered just by leaning down to your ear and saying ‘Pet’?”

Cyn had matched actions to words. Syl shuddered slightly and felt her nipples harden and push against the dress, along with a certain amount of lubrication in areas she didn’t need right now. “Cyn-” she began and then saw Cyn’s eyebrow raise dangerously and pleaded, “Mistress it took us an hour to get me into this dress.”

“We’ve got an hour before the church is ready. The planner and the priest are still raising hell over your refusal to appear at the rehearsal. Bill is threatening to have Vincent step in,” Vicky said while checking her phone.

“He’s not even in the wedding party, why would Bill get his help?” Syl asked

“Because he does that thing where he instantly becomes the most powerful man in the room just by walking in,” Cyn said with a slightly annoyed tone, “He better have dressed down or nobody’s going to be watching the ceremony. At least, nobody who isn’t a straight male.”

“It does get annoying sometimes,” Vicky said, “he came over and ‘said hi’ to Bill’s brother, the one who’s paired with me in the procession? He made some crack about ‘Great Aunt Lizzie’ owing him a favor and I had to practically hold onto the guy’s arm during the rehearsal to keep him from trying to walk on the opposite side of the church. I yelled at him about that the other night.”

“Was that before or after you made him fuck your brains out because it turned you on so much?” Robin asked, teasingly.

“I’m not at liberty to say,” Vicky said with an obvious blush that sent the rest of the room to giggling.

“Speaking of ‘at liberty to say'” Cyn said, “I want that story now.”

“What story?” Syl asked.

“You said you’d tell me the story of your first time with Bill if I agreed to be your bridesmaid,” Cyn said.

Syl saw herself turn paler than her dress. “I told you that story already,” she insisted.

“You told me a brief summary two years ago,” Cyn countered, “And you made it obvious you were embarrassed about it.”

“Why is that such a big deal?” Vicky asked.

Cyn smirked and turned to say, “Because it’s probably her biggest screw-up at the table before or since, and it means their ‘first time’ was very, very different.”

“Well if you aren’t going to make her eat us all out I want storytime!” Robin said.

“Wait, it was three years ago, right?” Vicky asked. When Cyn nodded she turned to Robin and asked, “Weren’t you there?”

Robin shook her head. “I had a disagreement with aunt flo; I missed it by one week. Now come on!”

Syl sighed and turned to look at the three of them, who just returned her gaze with expectant expressions.

“Fine,” she said, “but only because getting into this dress was a pain in the ass.”


3 Years prior

It wasn’t Syl’s first time playing in the higher-stakes, higher energy Saturday night game, but she preferred the more entertaining, less tense games on Friday. Unfortunately Bill only played in the Friday night game, and that was too crowded for what Syl wanted.

The casual players were mostly weeded out of Saturday night (though the new girl, Amy, sat in despite being a truly pathetic player. She’d heard John comment that they’d have to pull her aside and talk to her if she kept spoiling games). Bill was there tonight, and McCabe sat in, along with Matthew (never Matt), Purna, Carmen, and of course the Bitch Queen, Kathy. When she was focused, Syl knew she was able to beat most of them straight-up, but almost no one at the table would back down from a poor bluff and poker still relied on getting the right cards.

Syl hadn’t had a great night but it hadn’t been terrible. She was riding the edge of using chips with her name on them most of the evening. Per usual the game was Texas Hold-’em; other games got played sometimes but Hold-’em had a good mix of skilled play and visible action for non-players or those who’d folded. It also had enough betting cycles to build up a sizeable pot, even with the betting limits; four people in a hand with 300-chip limits going all out could result in a pot with more than 2,000 in it. 2,000 in chips meant a lot of serious sexual favors were written on the discs.

This wasn’t one of those hands but Syl was grateful, for once. She was looking at a six, two nines, and a king in the middle of the table, and trying to convince herself the king and the queen in her hand justified calling the 50-chip bet thrown down by Carmen. She was a good player but got impatient if there was no betting action; she’d forced the issue after everyone had checked on the flop, so Syl doubted she had anything substantial in her hand. Purna and Matthew had bowed out, so now Malatya Escort Bayan it was on her. She called, hoping her two pair might blossom into a full house with a good river card. McCabe folded, Bill had never put money down, Amy called but that meant as much as the sun coming up in the morning, and unfortunately Kathy stayed in.

The river was an Ace of diamonds, changing absolutely nothing for Syl, and not much for the rest of the board as far as she could tell. She now bet first and she hoped to steal the pot so she had some cushion for the rest of the night. She opened with 100. Amy called, of course, as did Kathy. Then Carmen raised it to 200. That confused Syl, unless Carmen was trying to buy her way out of her earlier bluff. Syl called without hesitation, as did Amy. Then Syl’s stomach dropped as Kathy re-raised, pushing the bet all the way to the 300 chip maximum. Carmen caved immediately and Syl had to follow suit. She’d never seen Kathy out-and-out bluff; she had an ace in her hand at least, which meant her two pair beat Sylvia’s. She was doubly glad when Amy forced the issue and Kathy revealed a pair of aces, giving her a full house. Syl looked grimly at her own chip stack. She’d be playing with her own chips until she won.

Fortunately that fed into her plan on the very next hand. She was the dealer, or bet last. She had a meagre jack-seven combo in her hand but Bill bet 100 chips out of the gate, signaling either a strong hand or a desire to sweep the ante without seeing a flop. Two of Syl’s own blue chips were in there, which made her hope that perhaps his goals and hers weren’t too far apart, but if he hoped to steal them early he was playing with the wrong crowd. Amy stayed in of course, as did Kathy and Carmen, and Syl put in enough to cover as well. They hadn’t even seen a flop and 500 already sat in the middle.

The flop came down but Syl didn’t really look at the cards, she just watched Bill, who immediately put 150 on the table to start. Amy of course called, though she looked frustrated for some reason, and Kathy stayed in though her betting seemed more hesitant. Carmen, who tended to let her poker face crumble at the end of hands, was visibly frustrated at having to fold. Syl called without pausing.

The turn card dropped and Syl supposed she should look just to make sure she wasn’t accidentally ahead. An eight and a nine had come out in the flop with the other two cards being a King and a three. Nothing much by themselves but the nine, three, and King were all hearts, giving someone a really good shot at a flush. If she had to guess that’s what Kathy was probably after. Her own cards didn’t give her anything unless a ten dropped for the river card. Bill charged another 150 for the privilege of staying in.

Syl wanted to call but she’d put enough of her chips in already and while the night wasn’t young there were still a few more hands. She folded but watched with bated breath to make sure Bill wound up the victor. She needn’t have worried; the river was another King. Kathy made her flush and bet a full 300 as a result, but Bill had been holding a pair of Kings, giving him four of a kind and the win.

The rest of the night was uneventful for Syl; she won some pots to bolster her own stack but none that were memorable or truly bloated. She tried to keep herself from bouncing as she waited in the kitchen area pretending to pick over the leftover dinner food. Soon enough she heard the rich, deep voice behind her.

“Sylvia?” he asked.

“Yeah?” she said, already breathless.

“Would you like to come with me to a room?”

She nodded, trying to keep herself from squealing. Bill didn’t tower over her like Vincent but he was tall enough to seem imposing and he was built broad; wide shoulders and hips with thick limbs. He didn’t have a lot of muscle definition but he wasn’t truly fat either. What he did have was a fairly commanding presence combined with a gentleness that tickled an itch deep in Sylvia that she barely admitted to herself and never discussed with anyone. Because they were both good players and didn’t often play in the same games, she’d never actually cashed in or owed a favor to him, so now she was really excited.

They went into one of the real bedrooms and Sylvia resisted the urge to tear her clothes off and jump into his arms. Instead she shuffled over to the dresser near the door and leaned on it, trying to be casual, but smiling invitingly.

Bill returned her smile and walked over. He looked down at his hand and then put a large stack of chips on the dresser. “How do you want to do this?” he asked.

Syl’s stomach dropped. “Those are green,” she said, dumbly.

“Yes…” Bill said cautiously.

“I…I only lost two fifty to you in that hand,” she insisted.

“Kathy and Amy bet with your chips, I think. I don’t remember Carmen winning any,” Bill explained.

Syl stared at the stack of green chips, dumbfounded. That’s why Amy looked upset; she couldn’t bet with her own chips, she was out of them.

“Shit, this is your Escort Malatya first time, isn’t it?” Bill asked, worried.

“No,” Syl said, which was true in the way he was asking, “I just…I was expecting blue. I need…a few minutes.”

“Sylvia I’m sorry, you weren’t ready for this and that’s…well that’s not how this should go. I can just…you know what, yeah, I’ll just bet with these. I’m sorry again.”

Syl heard Bill gathering up the chips, struggling a bit because of the size of the pile and the slick top of the dresser. She could just let him walk out and it would be easy, but it also meant she’d probably blown it. He was too kind to brush this off; she’d obviously reacted badly, and he just as obviously thought it would be a fun surprise. He’d never try to cash her chips in again, and she didn’t…she couldn’t be the initiator. Unless she did something right now.

She turned around and put her hand on Bills as he was trying to gather the last of the chips, her chips.

“I want to ask you something, and just answer me straight, please?” she asked.

“Okay,” Bill said, again sounding cautious.

“Did you cash these in just because they were green?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Bill replied.

“Did you cash those in because you’d get anal, or were you going to cash my chips in regardless?” she asked, trying to keep her voice even.

“I…wanted to cash them in when I knew I had enough for you,” he said, “I only realized I had this many after I counted them,” Bill said.

Syl made a choice.

“Are you okay with a bit of roleplaying around this? For my sake?”

“Sure,” Bill said, and for the first time since she’d hesitated she saw a twinkle in his eye.

“I’m going to go…well do some things. When I come back, pretend I don’t want to do it. Pretend you have to make me do this just because you have the chips. Pretend I’m not into it.”

“Are we pretending that?” Bill said.

Syl went for broke. She grabbed his neck and went onto her tiptoes. The fact that she caught him by surprise was probably the only reason she was able to successfully pull his head to hers and kiss him. He paused for a second but responded almost immediately, returning the kiss and pulling her up so she wasn’t straining. They broke after a long time.

“Yes,” Sylvia said, “we’re only pretending that.”

* * * * *

Sylvia came back into the room wearing only a loose shirt and panties, trying to ignore one feeling of wetness between her legs, and revel in the other. When she returned, Bill was leaning against the wall, looking annoyed.

“Are you ready now?” he asked.

“No,” Sylvia replied, trying to sound overly petulant.

“Do you have 1900 chips?” he asked.

“It’s 1875,” she corrected.

“Fine, do you have that?” he asked.


“Are you ready to quit the spa?” he asked.

“No,” Syl replied.

“Then you better find a way to get ready,” Bill said, coming over and grabbing her arm.

His grip was powerful and Syl was so surprised by it she almost let out a moan after her surprised gasp. She stifled it for fear of giving herself away. He led her over to one side of the bed. “Bend over.”


“Bend over, I want to see if you’re at the right height.”

“I’m not letting you ogle me just because-“

“Look!” Bill snapped, cutting her off and spiking both her heart rate and arousal, “I don’t need your pussy, I’m not gonna kiss you, I don’t even have to feel you up, but if you aren’t paying and you’re staying in this room then by God I’m going to fuck that ass. Now, bend. Over.”

Pretending she didn’t want to just leap on the bed and pry her cheeks apart while begging, Syl walked slowly over and flopped down, after a little hop to let her waist get even with the side of the mattress. Despite that, with the thickness of the comforter she started to slide to the floor. She stopped when she felt her ass hit Bill’s still-covered hips as he stepped up to her. She stifled another moan as she felt the bulge between them.

“Good enough,” he said, “drop ’em”

Syl heard his pants and belt drop, but she decided not to touch her own.

“Fine,” Bill snapped. One of his hands shot out and grabbed the crotch of her panties. It let him quickly pull them down without the elastic getting pulled in an odd direction, but he paused when they were at her knees. After the pause continued she wanted to turn and ask him something but when she started to move he put his hand on her back.

“If you keep squirming around this will take longer,” he said, “And at this point I want to be out of here as much as you do.”

“Then fuck off!” she said.

“You owe me, bitch. I get what I’m owed. Spread.”

Sylvia opened her legs.

“Are you color blind? Did those look blue? You know what I meant,” Bill snapped.

Trembling a bit from nervousness but more from excitement, Slyvia reached around and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Truthfully there wasn’t much to pull; Sylvia’s lean frame didn’t give her much of an ass to begin with, in terms of shape, so just her bending partly over the bed spread her cheeks enough to clearly see her rosebud. But Bill by this point had either clued into what Syl was hinting at with her request or he was following some script in his head that he got from who knows where.

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