The Start Of My Journey (I Hope) Ch. 02


Thank you for the feedback! I’m glad to hear that many of you enjoyed the story and asked for more. Well here it is more of my fantasy night that I hope to one day enjoy

I hope that I addressed the constructive feedback I received properly, Thank You.


“Whooo Toy! That was a great fuck. Ok Tony, help him up and into the restroom to get him ready.” Mistress was staring directly at me as I whipped my head around in surprise. “What, you think we are done? Oh no, no, no my sweet little Toy. That was just the first course in our buffet of kinky fun tonight!” With a wave she dismissed both Tony and I and I felt his hands lift me up off of the bed.

“We’ve got 15 minutes to get cleaned up and ready for the next round of play,” came the whisper to my ear. “If you don’t think you can handle it say the safe word now before she gets to worked up and wants more. She would be far less disappointed if it happened now as opposed to after the break and we started up again. Trust me on this.”

I turned to look at him and saw only genuine care on his face. I thought for a quick moment taking stock of my body and my level of lust. I was still sporting a semi erect cock and had a desire to feel and taste more of the delights I just had. A quick shake of my head was all I gave as we entered the bathroom.

“Go ahead and take a shower, relax some and get cleaned up. I’ve prepared the items that we will need for the next stage. While you are in the shower I’ll go make us a couple drinks so we can relax while I get freshened up after you. Once we are done Mistress will take a few moments to freshen up so we should have plenty of time to get that drink and some water into us.”

He flashed me a smile as he exited the bathroom while I pulled off the wrist and ankle cuffs. I glanced over at the sink counter and was surprised by the planning that they had put into this. Everything I needed to clean and freshen myself was present and ready for my use. I turned on the shower and began the preparation rituals I was accustomed to.

Just as I finished and was entering the shower a nock came at the door. “Is it ok to come in now?” I gave a quick affirmative and stepped in to let the hot water rain down on me and melt the fatigue away. Tony’s hand came through the shower door holding a large glass of orange juice and I assumed vodka. “You want a slug of this now or should I just set it on the counter for when you are through? Oh, and don’t burn up all the hot water please.”

The glass looked extremely inviting so I grabbed it and chugged half of it before the burn of the vodka caught up to me. I pushed the glass back into his hand and sucked a little air while I managed to whisper out a feeble thank you. Well, hell, if I couldn’t relax and catch a second strong wind after a nice shower and that drink then there was no hope for me. A few more minutes under the water and I was out to dry and let Tony have his shower.

He pressed the drink back into my hands as he passed me for the shower, still wearing that smile from earlier. “Your new attire and gear are on the counter for when you are dry. Once I’m out I will help you with anything that you can’t get yourself.”

I was confused by that and looked up to see what he meant and nearly dropped my glass in surprise. A fresh set of cuffs were on the counter along with a new butt plug, cock ring, and a penis gag. To top it off was a nice leather hood that I had never seen before. It would cover my eyes and ears yet leave my mouth and nose free. That alone sent a new twitch to my cock.

As I gazed over these new items I noticed that the plug was a little different looking than any I had seen before and went to inspect it closer. It was a nice silicone number and was rather nice sized. What was different was the hollow space in the center, as if it were made to accommodate a vibrator or egg device. Well I had read about those, but something was nagging at the back of my mind.

Tony shocked me from my thoughts. “I suppose by now you have looked over all the new goodies I left there. I also think that you are intrigued by that new plug, and rightfully so. Mistress will show you Isparta Escort some new delights with that, and that is all I can tell you, well aside from the fact that you will love it!” With that the water shut off and he stepped out to dry off.

Seeing that I had not touched anything yet nor finished my drink he got an alarmed look on his face. “You’d better hurry up and get ready! Mistress will be very upset if we are not out soon and you are presentable.” I nodded and tossed back the glass, wincing at the burning vodka again. I was already feeling the glow from the first half of the glass and knew that this would put a nice warm feeling in me.

Well to make the rest of that long story short, we got ready and out before Mistress got angry and were able to get a bottle of water in before she came back out. In mere moments of her coming out of the bathroom I was bound and hooded, isolated from anything but muffled sound and sweet glorious touch.

There now we can get back to the good parts.

Four hands wound their way about my body, alternating light and rough in their passing. The motions brought them so close to my cock and balls, but they would not reward me with that contact. I was so hard now I thought my cock was going to burst. Then they were gone and I was again isolated from everything, no sight, no real sound and no touch. It was so frustrating that I actually began to whimper lightly.

That whimper turned to moan as I felt something hot and soft work its way slowly across the length of my cock. Nothing else touched me but for that one hot point of pleasure, I could do nothing but pant in pleasure at the velvety wet touch.

I was lost in the world of my cock when I felt someone begin to adjust my butt plug. A quick tug and push were followed by a sharp slap to my ass. A throaty chuckle came through the hood and left me puzzled and thinking. I didn’t have long to concentrate as a hot, wet mouth engulfed me and sent my spiraling into sexual orbit again. Wonderful minutes, or were they seconds, were lost to the bliss. Then it hit me……my ass was going numb and cold!

One side of my hood moved a touch and my one ear exposed. “You probably feel it by now, don’t you Toy? I remembered how you said you liked to ice down your dildos for extended play, so I decided to create something for you. Well that is wrong in a sense, it is for me actually. I do hope that you enjoy it because I know I will!” A soft chuckle tickled my ear as the hood was pulled back down to engulf me in the silence of my own mind yet again. But now I knew what the cavity in the plug was for.

The mouth was gone and I groaned in frustration. Hands found my balls and massaged and cradled them gently as the other pair moved up my back towards my head and shoulders. I could feel someone move in front of me just before the hands came to my hooded head. The combination of the iced plug, ball massage and the pure anticipation had my panting open mouthed riding a cloud I’d never found before.

The hands left my balls and the plug was slowly, teasingly, pulled out. Soon hot fingers began to dance as my ass was lubed up again. I began to move my hips as much as they could in my bound state. I really wanted to be full again; it wasn’t long before I got my desire. Slowly I felt something large line up against my gaping hole and begin to push in. This was much larger than what had been used on me earlier and I was both excited and nervous.

As I opened my mouth to ask Mistress to be gentle something, stiff, warm and velvety was pushed into my mouth. At last! I was finally getting a taste of cock, and was being fucked at the same time. I was in heaven and bent all of my senses to examine and enjoy what was in my mouth.

I could smell the musky, clean smell of his cock. The sweet and salty taste of his pre-cum began to explode on my tongue washing away the salty taste of skin. The head was a spongy mass that I found I loved against my tongue and I began to show just exactly how much I liked it.

I cupped my tongue around the bottom of his cock head and began a little pulsing suck and lick combo I had dreamed up while fantasizing all those Isparta Escort Bayan years. I had always hoped that my wife would do something like that, but sadly she never put that much effort into sucking my cock, oh well. The only way I could tell that this was appreciated was by the tension of the hands on my leather bound head.

I had begun to sweat under the hood and the scent of hot, wet leather mixed with the smell of his cock. I was lightheaded, cock drunk even. I could barely register that Mistress was still trying to work that giant dildo into my ass. But it was enough that I tried to make myself relax so that I could take the gift she was offering me. I was soon rewarded with the sensation of being filled to a point beyond any I had taken myself.

As I was losing myself in the sensation of being taken at both ends I must have slacked off of my sucking. Tony had gone from letting me suck his cock to fucking my mouth. I was thankful that he was being considerate of me and only stroking in short strokes so I wouldn’t gag. I turned my mind back to the first cock to be in my mouth, and I knew then it wouldn’t be the last time. I could feel his heart throb in his meat. I could feel the head as it slid over my tongue, back and forth. I was saddened a little that the taste of his pre-cum was lost in the frantic pace, but the over all feeling and emotion of being mouth fucked outweighed that loss.

All too soon his pace became more frantic and the strokes deeper as he began to swell. I knew it was coming, my first load. My cock twitched and my ass began to grab at my Mistress’ dildo. I really WANTED this. I began to suck harder trying to pull it out of his balls. It wasn’t long before he jerked to a near stop and pulled out so that just his head was in my sucking mouth. I knew what was to come and folded back my tongue so that I could capture it all in my mouth without being gagged by the jets.

My reward came to me in wonderful, hot force. I felt his head expand and twitch as the first jet came barreling up for me. The hot saltiness exploded on my tongue only to be followed by more. Soon there was more than I could hold in my mouth and I was forced to swallow as he continued to jet into me. The sticky and thick cum coated my mouth and throat. The slightly bitter chlorine like taste was not as strong as my own nor was it as acidic as mine. I like this, very much and I knew it was just a start.

Even as I was lost in my own head at this new joy, my body was still concentrating on the gift Mistress was giving me. As I came down of my blowjob buzz I could completely feel what has occurring with my ass. The wonderful heat of the friction was spreading in my ass and belly. The motions against my prostate had me leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and I could feel it dripping off my cock and occasionally splash my thigh as I bounced under her.

I could tell by her pace and the depth that she was plunging into me that she was nearing her own orgasm so I began to concentrate on my cock and try to get mine. I could feel it building quickly. I started to thrust back as well was I could to get more of her into me so I could finish. Mistress caught this and rewarded me with several sharp slaps to my ass, but I couldn’t help it. I didn’t stop as I was so close and wanted that release. That’s when she pulled out, quickly and rudely. Several more blows rained down on my ass as I nearly wept in frustration.

I felt her move away from me and come back moments later. Something cold, so very cold was roughly shoved into my ass. The plug was back and it was colder than before. The chill sent my orgasm back into my depths and frustrated me to no end. I was going to plead for release, some mercy just as her hand began to fall on my ass cheeks again.

The side of my hood moved again as she continued to spank me. “Bad, bad Toy! You forget your place. I am in charge, don’t ever forget that. I was going to be nice and let you cum with me, yet you had to be greedy and think only of yourself. For that you shall pay the price. Take of the hood now Tony, and put the penis gag in. He really seemed to like your cock, so he won’t mind.”

In Escort Isparta short order that all occurred as she commanded and the table I was tied to was turned to face the bed. Mistress had her other slave come to the bed with her. He was to give her the orgasm I denied her. As she lay down after taking off her harness she looked over at me. “Oh don’t worry. I’ll let you have your orgasm after I’ve had mine. But you may not like just how I will. But then again a good slut like you probably will.”

A motion of her fingers set Tony into action and he dove in to eat her over the edge. In short time he brought her several orgasms. The vision of the two of them going at it and her passionate cries kept me hard as a rock and oozing. After a handful of orgasms she pushed Tony away and again looked at me with eyes filled with the glow of ecstasy.

She got up and went to her toy bag and pulled out a tube of some sort of lube. She went back over to Tony and began to massage it into his cock. “I bet you want to know what’s going on, don’t you Toy? Well I did promise you an orgasm and Tony here is going to provide it, or at least try. This gel is a desensitizing agent which will make him last a long, long time. Even without this he would last forever after cumming once already, with this he may be able to go for at least 45 minutes!”

With that she pulled him off the bed and toward me by his hard cock. Once behind me she roughly pulled the iced plug out of my ass and they waited as my gaping ass began to close some. I could feel it pulsing, wanting to be filled again. She was right I am a slut and I wanted this. Then I felt it. The head of his cock was red hot compared to the iced plug. So incredibly slow he began to push into me. He didn’t have to wait since I was so stretched out already; he just wanted to tease me.

My cock was pulsing as I reveled in the thought of being fucked by a real cock. So many of my dreams were being fulfilled tonight, it was a perverts heaven on earth come to life. After an agonizing wait he was completely in my ass. I could feel his heat radiate out into my chilled ass and that only served to take my higher. I twitched my muscles as much as I was able, telling him to fuck me and fuck me good.

He slapped my ass once and began to fuck me slowly. Pulling all the way out before slowly slipping all the way back in until his pubes tickled my crack. I don’t know how long this lasted before he sped up, but it felt like forever and my frustration was making me want to cry out.

Then he began to speed up. Still using the entire in and out method, but just faster. It was fantastic, so much better than me using my dildos and in a way even better than Mistress. Not that I would ever tell her that. The only thing that was not as good was the fact that he wasn’t hitting my prostrate like Mistress did with her long and thick dildo. My orgasm was building, but at a slow and infuriating pace.

He kept pounding me for what seemed hours. My body was drenched in sweat and was literally bouncing in anticipation of release. My balls felt like they were going to explode even with the steady drip of pre-cum being released.

At last his pace built to a frantic pounding and the added stimulation was driving me to an edge as well. Then I felt him began to swell up inside me and knew it was there. Knowing that I was about to get another load inside me set me off and I began to shoot my load out onto the floor as he began to jet into me. I could feel the heat travel up into me and coat my insides. He kept pounding into me, lost in his release and I could feel it begin to drip down my thighs. The sheer naughtiness triggered another set of pulses in my cock and I dripped out some more come. A multiple orgasm?! And then I was lost in darkness as I collapsed exhausted.

I awoke the next day sticky and sore, but comfortably arranged in the hotels bed. Mistress and Tony were nowhere to be found, but they had left me a note on the television.

Toy. We had great fun last night and you were even better than we had dreamed of. We both hope that you enjoyed it as much as it seemed and we hope to hear from you and see you again.




A grin split my face. I began to plan for the next meeting and just what new fantasies I could share with them and see if they would be brought to life. I set the note down and waddled off to the shower humming a happy little tune.

End Part 2

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