Virgin Gold


If anyone were trying to sleep just after midnight in Samantha’s corridor at the university college block where she stayed, they would have been cursing her and her friends as they rolled in drunk and noisy after their evening in the college bar. There was Samantha with, of course, her best friend Eliza, Edward the Engineering student, and Sylvia and her fiancé Neil who both studied Information Technology. And they were giggling and shrieking and hooting and stumbling as they struggled up the narrow stair well and staggered down the corridor past Samantha’s sleeping neighbours. Not that Samantha really gave a monkey’s at that moment. A few beers and she was well past caring.

“Jeez! I’m bursting!” Edward moaned, grabbing his stomach.

“Flipping heck!” Samantha shouted back. “You can keep it in. I’ve held back too.”

“And so have I!” yelled Eliza who was having some difficulty walking in a straight line.

“We’ve all been holding back, Eddie. You don’t want to spoil the fun, do you, by peeing down your pants?” Sylvia remarked, squeezing Neil’s hand.

“Cripes! Don’t give me grief! I was just saying…” Edward replied defensively.

“Anyway, the waiting’ll soon be over,” Samantha remarked. “Look here we are!” She stood outside the door of the room she shared with Eliza and fumbled in the pockets of her jeans for her keys. The door was decorated by a cute poster of a cat and a few pages torn out of a movie magazine of some of the male film stars that had taken the fancy of either of the two roommates. Samantha liked her men to be tall and handsome. Well, they had to be tall. She didn’t want to have to look down on them. Eliza, who was in comparison, let’s be kind, a little vertically challenged, was rather less bothered about height. She liked her men to be cute.

Samantha pushed open the door to reveal a very tidy room with Physics and Mathematics textbooks stacked up on the two desks and, on the walls, an array of posters of more film stars, a couple of the better kempt pop stars and a selection of adorable puppies and pussy cats.

“I’ll get the plastic sheets!” Eliza volunteered, running towards the wardrobe. “Unless you want to use the shower room.”

“You got en suite?” asked a visibly impressed Sylvia. “What I wouldn’t give for en suite!”

“I’ll put on a video,” volunteered Samantha. “Get us in the mood. What do you want?” She knelt down in front of the DVD player and portable TV where there was an orderly array of titles. “We’ve got ‘Yellow Tears’, ‘Golden Show Time’, ‘Puddles in the Staff Room’, ‘Smelly Dinner’, …”

“I don’t fancy the last,” Edward chuckled. “That’s a scat title isn’t it? That’s a step too far for me. You’re not into that scene are you, Sammie?”

Samantha smiled. “Bit too much cleaning up afterwards for me. No, if you can’t drink it then it’s no good. This vid came free with ‘Lady in a Damp Dress’. We’ve only ever watched it once. But it made Lizzie ever so hot!”

“I wasn’t!” denied Eliza, laying the plastic sheet over the two single beds that the two girls habitually pushed together. “But it wasn’t all scat.”

“Well, as long as it didn’t have penetration or sperm, that’s all right,” remarked Sylvia. “I wouldn’t want to see that kind of filth. Not, that is,” she continued with a smile towards Neil who was pulling down his trousers and underpants to disclose a limp penis surrounded by a thick bush of black pubic hair, “until Neil and I are married.”

“When’ll that be?” wondered Samantha, pulling off her sweat shirt with the number ’12’ stitched in the fabric to reveal the full round breasts of which she was so proud. She was pleased to see Edward’s eyes light up at the sight of them. He could lick them all night long if he wanted to.

“We’ve booked a date for the Summer Vacation,” Neil explained. “It’ll be a proper church wedding and our families are coming down from all over. We’re really looking forward to it.”

“And I bet you’re looking forward to the night after,” continued the now naked Samantha who was slipping in a DVD with the evocative title ‘Yellow Rain and Golden Drizzle’.

“Absolutely!” Sylvia agreed. “After holding out so long, we just hope it’s worth it.”

“I’m sure it will be,” continued Samantha, running the DVD forward past all the credits and trailers. “The waiting’ll make it all the better. You don’t want to lose your virginity before you’re married do you? That wouldn’t be right at all! What do you think, Lizzie?”

Eliza blushed. Her short, slightly dumpy body was now completely unclothed and she hovered by the bedsheets while everyone else was divesting the last of their clothes. She had famously once succumbed to a boy while still at school, and hadn’t been able to live it down. What was more serious, she was now damaged goods and her prospects, never that shining to start off with, were now substantially tarnished. And, as Samantha often reminded her when her fingers slid inside her broken crotch, she’d confessed Kütahya Escort she’d not even enjoyed it very much. Samantha was adamant she’d never ever ever make the same mistake as her best friend. The boys would just have to wait until Mr Right came along.

And then onto the bed, protected as always by the plastic sheet. Five naked bodies, all bursting with the excesses of alcohol and all ready to rip. To ensure that the flow would go on for more than a few minutes, Eliza cracked open a few extra cans of weak beer she’d selected from the small fridge and laid them out on the bedside cabinets. As always, it was Samantha who let forth first. She straddled the bed, her knees indenting the plastic sheet, her breasts free and swaying heavily, her fingers on either side of her trim crotch as she directed the flow of urine directly into Edward’s face.

Everyone laughed, even Edward, as the hot, steaming piss splattered his nose, screwed up his eyes, dampened his fringe and streamed into his open mouth. Samantha was renowned as being able to keep the flow going for many minutes: something she’d gained from years of practise. It came out in bursts of five or ten seconds, trailing down Edward’s chin, onto the scattered hairs of his chest and onto his own limp penis.

But Samantha had to be careful. This kind of fun could finish ever so quickly if you weren’t. As it was, it was a good day if you could keep a session going for more than quarter of an hour. And everyone was ready to go.

It all became very confusing, as it usually did after a night out on the piss. Edward urinated on Eliza’s face while she was letting loose her punctuated flow on Samantha’s breasts, where they streamed over her full nipples and cascaded onto her belly. Eliza, as always, tried to get as much urine into her mouth as possible. She’d heard that it was good for you, and, although it had taken some time, she had acquired taste for it. Rather like blue cheese, bitter ale and fine wine. Indeed, people did have different tasting urine, and she fancied that she could tell male urine apart from the female equivalent.

And, of course, she had the opportunity to test her theory, as she and Neil put their heads close together to take the stream of piss to which Sylvia eventually gave vent. Not as voluminous as Edward’s, but it lasted just as long. That was the thing about men. Lots of volume but not necessarily any better quality. Her hair was soaking from piss, as was Samantha’s, but with her best friend’s blonde hair being so much longer, right over her shoulders, it would take a lot longer for her to wash the smell out of it. But that was one of the penalties of an active social life.

Urine coursed down the legs, the arms and the breasts of the five friends. It drenched the pubic hairs, it streamed flat the hairs on Edward’s chest and the even scantier ones on Neil’s chest. Edward opened his mouth and drooled out a mixture of Eliza’s and Samantha’s urine down his cheek. Just as he never inhaled cigarette smoke, neither did he swallow the fruits of his passion. The five of them collapsed on the sheets, a mass of naked, stinking damp bodies, slightly chilled by the plastic underneath and clinging to each other for the warmth of their bodies, shivering from the cooling urine.

Samantha did what she could to keep it going a bit longer. She passed around the beers and the friends settled together, cross-legged or on top of each other, drinking quickly and making incoherent conversation. As always, Eliza rested her face on Samantha’s damp bare thighs, while her best friend stroked her sodden dark brown hair. She smiled silently and contentedly. She dearly loved her best friend. Not the love she would feel for a man of course. That is, when the right man came along. One who would forgive her for her trespass into premarital sex and would understand that virginity wasn’t everything. But until then she had her best friend, Samantha. So beautiful. So smart. Although this didn’t necessarily reflect itself in the results of her Maths tests. She was so fortunate to count Samantha as her best friend. They went everywhere together. And whatever Samantha did, Eliza did too.

Finally, the beer top up did the job, and there was a brief reprise in the friends’ fun. This hardly lasted more than five minutes, and Neil couldn’t be persuaded to pee at all. But Eliza got to taste Samantha’s pee again, as did Sylvia, while Edward contributed a spare and unremarkable trickle of his own. Eliza peed on Sylvia’s breasts and Neil’s penis, which he held up between the two small but perky mounds. The urine trickled down the canal in the bosom and over Neil’s hairy, perhaps slightly tumescent, penis, his long foreskin still covering its end, and dampened the garden patch of Sylvia’s crotch and gathered in a small pool in Sylvia’s navel.

And then it was over. The five friends sat back on the damp, cold plastic sheet watching ‘Yellow Rain and Golden Drizzle’ on the small Kütahya Escort Bayan screen of Samantha’s TV. They were soon more concerned with the mechanics of what they were seeing rather than the plot, which was characteristically rudimentary and predictable. The only thrills in this ‘erotic thriller’ were those when the cast pulled off their clothes and aimed their crotches at each other.

“I don’t know why we watch this rubbish,” commented Edward with a sniff. “The acting’s dreadful. The plots are risible. And you know exactly when they’re going to start peeing on each other. It’s so flipping predictable!”

“But that’s why we watch it,” argued Neil. “It’s to see how other people do it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know.”

“But, I mean, does everyone pee on each other in real life?” Edward wondered. “I mean, when you’re married, do you still pee on the other person? Or do you, you know, do the other things you’re so supposed to do? You know, with stiffies and rubbing the privates together.”

“We’ll soon be finding out what it’s like for married people ourselves,” remarked Sylvia smugly.

“And anyway, they can’t very well show that sort of stuff on film, can they?” snorted Samantha. “You’ve got to draw the line somewhere. I think that all the peeing is used as a sort of metaphor or something when you’ve got married people in a film. There’d be uproar if you were able to watch people, like, ‘doing’ it. It’s private. And in any case, it’d be absolutely gross! I wouldn’t want to see that sort of thing.”

Eventually, when the film had finished after the inevitable scene where all the stars had gathered together to urinate on each other, Edward, Sylvia and Neil announced that they were tired and left. Eliza and Samantha tidied away the plastic sheet, which they let soak in the shower, while they washed themselves and their hair before getting into bed together. Eliza enjoyed the intimacy of washing Samantha in the shower rather more than the fun they’d had as a fivesome. Somehow, the time she spent alone with Samantha was worth more than the time spent together with all their friends. She sometimes wished that Samantha saw it that way.

The soap slid over Samantha’s smooth skin, down the muscles of her thighs, around her rounded knees and with extra special attention to her breasts and vagina. This last took Eliza much longer to clean, longer than Samantha ever spent on Eliza’s, as she fully lathered it up, washed it away, and then cleaned out every bit of it with her tongue. She loved the recesses and folds of Samantha’s vagina. Somehow better in Eliza’s eyes than Sylvia’s or that of any other girl she’d ever washed or licked. She was so lucky to have a best friend like Samantha, she thought, as she briskly rubbed the towel over the bush of Samantha’s pubic hair.

And then the two slipped under the sheets and duvet of their shared beds, Samantha’s arm around Eliza’s shoulders, and the only light coming in from the single lamp post in the quad outside. Eliza nuzzled her nose between one of Samantha’s breasts and her arm. She sighed. She was so happy.

“I’m not going to the student bar with you, tomorrow,” remarked Samantha dozily, breaking into Eliza’s reverie. “I’m going out with a boy tomorrow night. A date, you know.”

“A date? A boy?” wondered Eliza, horribly conscious of a feeling of jealousy. But she knew this was misplaced. The two girls often talked about boys together, comparing their qualities and discussing whom they’d go steady with. Samantha had had a couple of boyfriends at uni, although none had lasted more than a few weeks. Eliza hadn’t had any boyfriends. In fact, she sometimes wondered whether there was something wrong with her. Or perhaps she was frightened about what a boy would think if he knew that she wasn’t a virgin.

“Yes. A sweet boy. Navin he’s called. It’s a foreign name. Like ‘Gavin’ with an ‘N’. He’s a foreign student. But he’s not got much of an accent at all.”

“Which country does he come from?”

“I dunno. Somewhere hot, I guess. He’s got brown skin, so I guess it must be warm. Though you never know. Maybe he’s just got brown skin and it doesn’t mean anything. But, yeah. Navin. He’s very sweet. I’m sure you’ll like him.”

There was a pause while Eliza absorbed the news. Part of her was already actively hoping that this relationship would be as short lived as the one Samantha had had with Eric. Not that there was anything that wrong about Eric, but he was some kind of French Literature student. They weren’t like Science and Engineering students. “Is he tall and handsome?” she asked.

Samantha smiled. “Tall, Dark and Handsome! Just as they’re supposed to be.”

Eliza got to see Navin briefly the following evening, when he came round to their room to pick up Samantha, who had gone as far as putting on a skirt and blouse just to look a bit smarter. He was dressed quite smartly too. Proper trousers. Not jeans. He had conservatively styled Escort Kütahya jet-black hair and a very broad white smile. And yes, he was brown. Eliza hadn’t met many brown or black people before, so she wasn’t sure what was the right thing to say. And yes, he was quite tall, though no taller than Samantha, and pretty handsome. Perhaps even a bit cute. Lucky Samantha!

After a quite lonely evening which Eliza spent watching a movie on TV, Samantha came in not long after midnight looking a little subdued. Eliza was disappointed. She’d hoped that Samantha might have persuaded Navin to come back so they could get the plastic sheet out and have a threesome on the bed. She’d even put out the provocatively entitled DVD ‘It Began with a P’ in case there was some action.

“How’d it go, Sammie?” Eliza asked while Samantha pulled off her clothes and slipped under the sheets next to her friend.

“Don’t ask,” Samantha sighed, lying flat on her back.

Eliza knew she’d find out soon enough, so she didn’t ask. She cuddled up against Samantha, feeling the warmth of her bare skin radiating onto her own naked flesh.

Sure enough, Samantha couldn’t hold out for long. “He doesn’t like peeing.”

“Peeing? Has he got a medical problem or something?”

“No. Not as far as I know. No, he just doesn’t like doing it with other people. He says it’s filthy and unhygienic and disgusting. Apparently, they don’t do things like that in his country.”

“So, what do they do?”

“Well, not that. Though they let you, you know, do ‘it’ before marriage. In his country. It’s normal apparently. They even have movies where people ‘do’ it, although he says it’s mostly faked. I suggested coming back here and getting out the plastic sheet. I thought he might enjoy having fun with you as well. But, he was dead set against it. In fact, it was almost as if I’d insulted him or something. I just don’t really understand anything. They’ve just got a different way of doing things where he comes from.”

More cultural differences became apparent over the next few weeks as Samantha and Navin continued going out together. Eliza could see their relationship was getting quite serious, but she could also see that Samantha wasn’t happy about how it was progressing. Samantha was desperate that her relationship with Navin should become more physical, but so far the furthest they had got was to snogging each other. They had not even taken their clothes off together, let alone shared a bed. This was because the two lovers had very different ideas of what a physical relationship should entail. Samantha wasn’t going to lose her virginity to anyone. And neither did Navin want to urinate on anyone. Nor did he want to be urinated on himself.

“Are you sure you can’t get more physical without, you know, ‘doing’ it?” wondered Eliza. “You know, cuddle up and things like we do.”

“That wouldn’t be the same, would it?” sniffed Samantha. “And anyway if it’s what two best friends do, it can’t be what a boyfriend and girlfriend do.” Eliza couldn’t argue with the logic of that. “No, Navin wants sex. He’s done it before as well. Not once, like you, but several times. And with different people!”

“Jeez! How disgusting!” Eliza snorted. “But I suppose it’s alright for men, isn’t it? When they lose their virginity, they don’t bleed or anything. Do they?”

“I don’t think so. But it’s not hypocrisy. Not the way Navin describes it. Girls in his country do it as well. In fact, it’s almost more unusual for someone to be a virgin when they marry.”

“That sounds like the wrong way round to me. Surely it’s wrong to lose your virginity to anyone except your husband.”

Samantha laughed, despite herself. Eliza loved it when she did that. It lightened her up so much. “You can talk, Lizzie! Apparently not where Navin comes from. Just a different culture. He says it’s because they have arranged marriages. People don’t marry there because they love each other. Not like they do in this country. They marry whoever their parents decide they should. So, it’s expected that people have sex before they marry. It’s the only way they can be sure of ever having sex with someone they actually love. And even after marriage. It’s not considered odd to have sex with someone you’re not married to.”

“It all sounds like a recipe for chaos,” sighed Eliza. “What’s marriage for if you can have sex with anyone you like?”

“So, I just don’t know what to do. Navin won’t play by my rules. And I’m definitely not going to sacrifice my virginity to him.”

“But can’t you marry him? And then you can.”

“Arranged marriages apply to Navin as well. There’s a girl back in his country waiting for him. She works as a secretary. And she’s got a boyfriend of her own as well. And Navin says she’ll probably continue having sex with this boyfriend after he and she get married, as well.”

Eliza shook her head. She was genuinely shocked. How could customs be so different? she wondered. How could it be that one country does one thing one way and another does it another? She couldn’t imagine a social life that didn’t include urination. And perhaps there were people in another culture who couldn’t imagine why people found it so much fun to pee on each other.

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