Yes Ma’am


You poured milk into the coffee, giving it a quick stir before popping on the lid.

“Here you go, Ma’am,” you say, handing it out to the lady on the other side of the counter. She takes it, thanking you before turning and leaving.

You’ve been working at this small coffee shop for a few weeks now. You feel fortunate to be working here. The pay was okay, and overall the shop was usually really slow. The Starbucks down the street seemed to take all the business. Honestly, you were surprised your boss was able to keep this place afloat.

The bell by the door chimed. “Welcome!” You started your usual greeting, but looking up, you see your boss and the owner of the coffee shop coming in through the door. “Oh! Miss Helena! How are you?”

Miss Helena was a tall, voluptuous woman with a bubbly personality and very easy on the eyes. To be honest, she was your favorite reason for working here. You enjoyed working for her, and it showed with how much overtime you always put in.

“I’m good. Supposedly the mail people had issues with the packages. So I just had to pick them up myself.” She huffed, walking behind the counter. “Thanks again for covering for me at the last minute. I really appreciated it.” Miss Helena placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, giving you a warm smile.

“Y-you’re welcome.” you blushed, looking back at her. Her hand softly drifted across your back as she walked past you, heading to her office, a furnished room in the back of the store.

Miss Helena had this sexy mature woman charm about her. She was always so sweet and affectionate to you that you couldn’t help but have a crush on her. You were thrilled by the fact that she was back.

“How many customers have we had today?” She asked, calling out from her office as she organized stuff.

“15 or 16, I think?” You responded, looking over the receipts.

She shrugged, stepping back through the doorway. “Not too bad.” She grabbed an apron like the one you were wearing. “Thanks again for coming in today. I can take it from here, so you can head out and enjoy your fourth of July.”

“Um, actually, if you want,” you started, “I could stick around and help out.” You honestly didn’t mind. You liked the idea of hanging around the coffee shop with Miss Helena.

“Really!? You wouldn’t mind?” She says, pausing putting on the apron.

You smile, “Not at all, plus there’s only an hour or two before we close anyways. Not to mention, I don’t have any plans today.” You said that last part a little quieter, not wanting to sound too pathetic.

Miss Helena chuckled. “Well, that makes two of us.” She gives you another warm smile before playfully tossing the apron back into the drawer she took it from.

She walked around to the other side of the counter, giving the shop a once-over. She pointed out little things she wanted you to do, a bit of cleaning and restocking.

“I’ll be in my office. I’m behind on the accounts for last week.” She nervously chuckled at her blunder, and you gave her an understanding smile.

You were heading to the closet when you heard her call out to you once more. “Hey?” You turned and gave her your attention.

“You’re the best!” She says with that bubbly smile of hers that filled your stomach with butterflies.

You were on cloud nine as you cleaned and restocked. You thought about Miss Helena, how she treated you, how affectionate she was to you. Maybe she liked you too?

There were times when you could honestly feel the tension between you two, but you didn’t want to jump to conclusions. You assumed, for the most part, that Miss Helena was just being friendly.


You leaned on the counter, lost in thought, having finished your short to-do list. Miss Helena popped out of her office, whistling “Closing time” by Semisonic, seemingly in an adorable upbeat mood.

She playfully bumped you with her hip as she passed, doing a little dance towards the door. You couldn’t help but chuckle; it was nice seeing her in high spirits.

She flipped the open sign to close, which caught you a little off guard. Was it that late already? You checked your watch; there was still a whole half hour before the shop was supposed to close.

“Okay, so… I need your help with something….” Her voice had a hint of seductiveness, surprising you as you looked from your watch at her.

She strutted towards you, leaning on the counter between you too. Her body curving as she leaned, her ample breasts sitting prominently on the counter.

You gulped, your eyes darting away, not wanting to stare. “W-what is it, ma’am?” You said, nervously breaking the silence between you too.

She sighed. “I’ve got all the packages in the trunk. Will you help me bring them inside?”

“Yeah.” You responded, feeling disappointed and a bit embarrassed for getting so worked up. Though you weren’t sure what you Trabzon Escort expected her to say.

“Thanks! You’ve been the biggest help!” She said excitedly, leaning over the counter and kissing you on the cheek.

You felt your cheeks go red, and Miss Helena let out a cute giggle.


The next hour was filled with a mixture of teasing and affection from Miss Helena. The two of you moved the boxes, talking and joking as you packed them into the storeroom. The sun had set as you packed away the last box.

“Can you grab me a lemonade from the fridge? And grab yourself something too.” She asked and offered, calling from her office.

You walk over to the shop’s standing fridge, grabbing a bottle of lemonade and grabbing a juice for yourself.

Walking to the doorway of Miss Helena’s office, the room was dark as she sat over on a bench by her office window, relaxing from all the box-moving.

She gave you a warm smile as you handed her the lemonade, returning her smile. “Pop a squat!” She said, patting the bench next to her. “You earned it.” She said with a giggle.

You shyly laughed and blushed, sitting next to her on the bench.


A bang from outside started the both of you. Turning, you could see glittering colors drifting down before fizzling away.

Miss Helena laughed. “You know. I completely forgot it was July fourth.”

“Me too.” You chuckled. You had been so focused on Miss Helena this whole time; it had also slipped your mind.

“Well, cheers!” She said, raising her glass, her eyes and soft smile focused on you.

You laughed, tapping your bottle to hers.

You both sat there by the window, watching the fireworks and sipping your drinks. You feel Miss Helena’s hand brush yours and turn your attention to her.

Her eyes were focused on the light show. The fireworks sparkled in her eyes as they lit the room along with the two of your hands sitting side by side. Making your heartbeat quicken in your chest.

Noticing you looking at her, she turned her gaze to you, an affectionate smile on her lips.

Without a thought, you leaned in, pressing your lips to hers. And to your amazement, Miss Helena leaned into it, kissing you back.

You felt your heart swell, but as quickly as she leaned in, she pulled away. She stood, stepping away from you shaking her head. “I’m sorry, you’re really cute, but…” She says, placing her drink down on her desk, “this won’t work.” She finished not looking at you.

“No, I’m sorry!” You quickly respond, shooting to your feet, shame and embarrassment washing over you. “I shouldn’t have kissed you; you’re my boss, it was unprofessional, and I-“

“That’s not it.” She says, cutting you off. For a moment, the only sounds that filled the room were those of fireworks.

The light from them illuminated the sadness on Miss Helena’s face as she turned back to you. “There’s something about me that I should have told you before I let this thing between us get this far.” She finally said.

You were curious about what she was talking about, yet you couldn’t help yourself from focusing on the fact that there was indeed a thing between you too.

She took a deep breath and straightened up. “I’m a futanari.” She said confidently.

You thought for a moment. You had heard about futas, women with… both. They were supposed to be rare, like 1 in 20.

You looked at Miss Helena, saw the way she nervously bit her lip and held her hands in front of her, her eyes downcast.

At this moment, what she was didn’t matter to you. The disappointed look that sat on her face greatly contrasted her easy-going, bubbly personality; that’s what mattered. All you wanted was to see her smile again.

You stepped towards her, taking her hand, she glanced up at you, and you gave her a warm smile. “It doesn’t matter to me.” You say softly, kissing her on the cheek.

Tears sit on her bottom lashes as her eyes scan your face, reading only the warmth and acceptance that was there.

She doesn’t say a word, just leaned in and kissed you deeply, and you feel your heart melt in your chest. You kiss her back, the flavor of lemonade still lingered on her lips.

She cups your face gently. Taking the lead, she turns you, backing you up against her desk as she lightly parts her lips, her tongue motioning for you to do the same, and you follow. Her tongue moves against yours as she deepens your kiss.

You pant into her mouth as she kisses you breathless. You feel the arousal between your legs grow. Her mouth on yours, her body against yours, your butt and thighs practically pinned to her desk with the way she passionately kissed you.

This is the first time you had anyone so willingly take the lead, being so gentle yet controlling. You felt submissive, at Miss Helena’s mercy. It was such a turn-on.

She Trabzon Escort Bayan finally pulled back, you both needing to catch your breath. ” This isn’t too much, is it?” She asks, and you shyly shake your head, no. “Would it be okay if we… Went a little farther?” Care in her voice as she asked.

You swallowed hard at her question. Farther? How far? S-sex? You felt nervous, curious, and excited all at once. Part of you felt unsure where this was going even though you were curious to see it through.

You bit your lip and nodded. Miss Helena smiled and, grabbing your hips, slightly lifted you, sitting you back on her desk. As you blushed at being manhandled, Her lips were on yours again. Her hands shifted up from your hips and grabbed your shirt, pulling it up and off you.

She bit her lip, her eyes tracing down your body as she enjoyed the sight of you shirtless, before going for the hem of her shirt, taking it off. You blushed. It was the first time you had ever seen Miss Helena without a top. You had admired her beautiful form before, but this was different—more real.

Your dick throbbed at the sight of her body. You couldn’t help but stare at her bust in that sexy bra.

“I know how much you love lookijg at them, don’t be sky.”

Miss Helena smirked at you, and you blushed. Reaching down, she took your hands and placed them on her chest as she returned to making out with you.

Her mouth entangled with yours as her hands felt up your sides. Her breast felt warm under your hands, even through her bra. You squeezed, lightly massaging them. As you did, her kisses became more demanding, more passionate, pressing her body even more into yours. As she did, you felt her hard-on pressing into your leg.

Your senses laser-focused on it. Miss Helena really was a futa. The mixture of desire and curiosity that was flooding your system got the better of you. One of your hands on her breast drifted down her body, over her waist and hip, and came to rest on her bulge.

You could feel it through her jeans; it was warm and hard.

Miss Helena let out a moan into your mouth, sending delightful shivers through you. She pulled back and looked at you as she let out light pants. You shyly remove your hand from her bulge. She lets out a soft chuckle, giving you a half-blushing smile.

She could see the curiosity on your face. “Do you want to see it?” She asked.

You debated her question, Honestly, you felt unsure, but the horny curiosity in you had you invested.

Your head softly nodded, your face reddening at the idea.

Miss Helena takes a step back, unbuttoning her pants. You watch intensely as she unzips them before reaching down and pulling out her member. You gulp, seeing its size. It was long, definitely longer than yours. It seems the rumors about futas were true.

She takes a step back towards you, and she takes your hand. “Careful, okay? It’s sensitive.” She says, her voice soft and airy as she puts your hand on her girl dick.

You run your hand down her shaft; it wasn’t much different than yours. A soft groan left Miss Helena’s lips as you stroked her. The sound of her moans made your dick throb.

You leaned forward, kissing her, wanting to feel her moans again on your lips. You continued stroking her cock, allocating more moans from her.

Seemingly not wanting you to have all the fun, Miss Helena slid her hand between your legs, pressing into you, feeling up your manhood through your jeans. You let out your own moan, her hand grinding against your bulge.

Her hand feels so good; you stroke her faster, paying back pleasure for pleasure. Her hands greedily move, unbuttoning your pants, lust filling Miss Helena’s moves and kisses, sliding off your jeans, teasing your bulge through your underwear.

A whining moan leaves your lips, wanting more. Miss Helena smirks before slipping off your underwear. Your cock springing free, into her control. She takes hold of you, and her hand starts to rise and fall in long soft strokes, Her other hand gently playing with your balls.

You go to stroke her dick, but before you could, she puts her hand on your chest. Pushing you to lean back on her desk. A smile sat on her face that seemed to say, “No, it’s my turn to pleasure you.” And you readily complied.

Leaning back on your elbows, she continued picking up speed. You close your eyes, enjoying the pleasure, your moans growing louder.

You felt her hand vanish from your balls. Opening your eyes, you watch as Miss Helena licks one of her fingers before lowering them back between your legs. You felt the wet finger press against your hole, making tiny circles around the rim.

You toss your head back, letting out a symphony of moans. The touch of her finger on your hole sent a tingling sensation through your body. That, along with how she stroked you, felt amazing. Escort Trabzon You could hear Miss Helena let out a little giggle at your reaction. She was enjoying this.

A minute of this had passed when you felt her finger slip into you. You let out a higher-pitched gasp.

“You okay?” She asked, worry in her voice. Her finger stayed absolutely still.

You bit your lip and gave her a nod, yes.

“Can I keep going?” She asks ever so sweetly, and you give her a quick desire-filled nod.

She smirks, sliding her finger in a bit more, curling it up. Hitting the nail on the head, your cock started dribbling precum. Your body trembled, letting out whimpering moans as she massaged your g-spot.

It all felt so good, her hand stroking your cock, the way she was rubbing your prostate. Yet you craved more. Enough to send you over the edge

As if reading your body like a book, you felt Miss Helena slide a second finger into you, which made you want to melt. Her hand on your dick had slowed to a teasing speed as she fingered your hole. All that seemed to do was make you hornier.

Looking at her, a playful smirk sat on Miss Helena’s lips, her hand lollygagging at your dick between the two of you. You let out a soft begging whine, wanting more. Her smile turned full grin as she promptly slid another finger into you. Tossing your head back, you enjoying the torturous pleasure.

She leaned over you and kissed your neck, drawing your attention. “Have you ever done anything like this?” She whispered, and you shook your head, no.

Your butt was something you were curious about. You even experimented a little by yourself. But nothing like this, and never with someone else.

“Then I promise to be gentle.”

You laid back on her desk as she stood between your legs. She proceeded to reach down and open a drawer, pulling out a bottle of lube. You would have been shocked at her for keeping such a thing in her desk, but you were too preoccupied watching her lube her cock.

You swallowed hard as she finished, and she could tell you were nervous. She ran her hand along your stomach as she lowered her tip to your hole. “Try and relax for me, okay? I’m going to go really slow.”

You felt her tip touch your opening, and you couldn’t help but tense up. Trying to relax, you took a deep breath. Her hand on your stomach moved back to your dick. You closed your eyes, focusing on the pleasure of her stroking you. You felt yourself slowly open, the tip of her cock ever so slowly entering you.

You let out a long, dragging moan, “It’s so big~” The pleasure of it slowly stretching you opem v”

made you feel better than you could have imagined.

“Good boy,” She sweetly praised you. With a little more than her tip inside of you, she didn’t move, giving your body time to adjust to her girth before continuing. Inch by inch, she slid into you until finally, she was fully hilted.

She leaned down, kissing you lustfully and telling you what a good job you were doing. You greedily kissed her back, aching at the fullness deep inside you. You felt her cock throb.

Before long, she was moving her hips out and back in ever so slowly. The slow, dragging movements of her cock inside you drove you wild. Your hands clutched her back as you let out soft moans, higher pitched than before. She kissed your neck, grabbing hold of the edge of her desk as she picked up speed.

It started slowly at first, quickly picking up to a steady rhythm. Your cock was rubbing between your two bodies, with each of Miss Helena’s thrusts. Miss Helena inside you, and the way your dick was rubbing against her was intense, even though she wasn’t going that fast or that hard.

It was from the way she was holding back. Even in f***ing you, her tenderness was more than evident.

You wrapped your legs around her, Her speed picking up just a bit more as her pants turned to moans, growing louder and louder, matching yours. The pleasure had built up in both of you. All that slow teasing pleasure was rearing for a release.

You buried your face, moaning into her shoulder. Wave after wave of pleasure raptured your body; you felt yourself tighten around her cock. Miss Helena’s back arched, pumping her hips a few more times in a moan of ecstasy before burying her cock deep inside you as she too reached climax.

The room was filled with the sound of your exhausted pants and the explosions of fireworks.


The next day you stood behind the counter of the coffee shop. Miss Helena hadn’t been in yet for the day, which made you feel impatient waiting for her.


You excitedly turn around to see her coming in. A bright smile at seeing you on her face. “Hey, cutie!” She says, coming over and kissing you deeply, grabbing a handful of your butt as she does.

“M-morning.” You say, now a blushing mess.

She bites her lip as she looks at you, taking in your features before walking over and flipping the “Open” sign to “Closed.” She gives you a wink as she makes her way behind the counter.

“Young man, can I see you in my office, please.” She playfully says.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

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