Action on an Ambulance


Hi everyone, it’s Char from Fun on a Firetruck, remember me? Well Erik and I finally broke in the new ambulance and boy was it fun. I’m sure you want to hear all about it, right? Well here it is.

Well lets see the last time we talked, the new ambulance had just come in, and let me tell you what; it’s a nice looking ambulance. Nice and roomy, and full of goodies to play with.

We got into the back and started to slowly undress each other. And by now when I come to see Erik, I cum wearing a skimpy little shirt and loose shorts with no underwear. Erik has always gone commando, so it makes it easy to strip naked.

He stripped me slowly, kissing every inch of exposed skin. He was taking his time and turning me on even more than I already was.

By the time I was naked I was so hot and so ready for him I was begging. He had spent at least fifteen minutes sucking and playing with my nipples and at least that long fingering and eating me out. Oh the things he does with his tongue are amazing.

Then I started to strip him naked, reciprocating in everyway that I could. I just love sucking his nice quarter sized nipples.

He was hard when we started, but by the time I got him naked he was dripping pre-cum. I don’t think I have ever seen him harder.

Now Kıbrıs Escort normally we love to stare and tease each other but not that day, oh no we were hot and raring to go.

Erik pulled out a box of condoms that he had hidden earlier and just ripped them open.

He had one on so fast, and then he looked at me and said, “I hope you’re ready because I won’t be gentle right now.”

I shook my head because I don’t like gentle at times.

And then oh my goodness, he just drove his hot, hard, and throbbing cock straight into my dripping wet pussy. It’s a good thing that I was laying on the gurney and it was locked in place, otherwise I would have been in trouble. I ended up scooting three inches up as it was.

He grabbed my hip[s as I wrapped my legs around him and held on as he pounded me hard and fast.

After just a few thrusts I started to cum. I felt the orgasm start deep inside me and when it came out I arched up and let out a scream of pleasure that would have sent people running for cover.

I milked his cock with my pussy just spreading and spewing juices all over the condom, and all while holding him with my legs and gripping the sheet with my hands.

Erik reached down and started to flick my clit and just Kıbrıs Escort Bayan kept pounding into me to prolong my orgasm, and he did.

I was in heaven. I unwrapped my legs and put them over his shoulders so that he could go deeper. We discovered a long time ago that that depth was amazing.

I just kept cumming and cumming as he stroked my clit and pounded my pussy, and it kept going for at least ten minutes.

Then all of a sudden when he was about to shoot, he stopped dead in a thrust, and looked down at me.

I was confused and really couldn’t figure out why he had stopped like that when I could feel him throbbing inside me.

And then he started talking.

“Char, I love you so much and I have been in love with you for so long. Before I cum, I have to ask you something.”

I knew whatever it was I would say yes to just to get him moving again.

So I replied, all while trying to get him to move again, “what is it my big strong fireman?”

I knew he would smile at that, and he did, also gave a little thrust inside me that sent me into more spasms.

“I’ve got to know if you will marry me.”

The out of one of the pockets in the ambulance he pulled out a black velvet box, which held a beautiful Escort Kıbrıs two carat pink diamond ring.

I couldn’t believe it, here we were in the middle of having some seriously hot sex, and mind you I was dripping and spasming around him still, and he is asking me to marry him. I was speechless, (for once.)

It was all I could do to shake my head yes and not cry.

He slid the ring onto my finger, perfect fit by the way, and then with one long thrust back inside me he started cumming like there was no tomorrow.

We screamed out in pleasure, fulfillment, and excitement as we came together.

When it was over, he looked at me and said, “You have made me the happiest man in the world. Since that day on the fire truck, I knew that I was going to ask you to marry me. I love you so much, thank you.”

I was just so happy that I burst into tears and wrapped my arms around him.

But the biggest surprise was when he said, “now get dress and let’s go upstairs, the rest of the crew is up there waiting to congratulate us.”

I have never scrambled into my clothes as fast as I did then.

I just knew that they had heard every last scream and moan. They knew but they didn’t care. And that’s because the rest of them have been doing the same thing.

After the party, we went home and made slow love for the rest of the night.

Now there are more tales of more pieces to come, so keep en eye out. As for now I hear Erik calling for some new “fire training” so I had best go and see what’s “up!” Bye for now.

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