After Match Encounter


I have been a member of St. John for the past 10 years and a soccer fan for the same amount of time, I would go to every home match that I could but unlike most of my other colleagues who would make ‘eyes’ at the players my eyes were firmly on the members of the board. I have never been very confident and didn’t think I was much to look at, so I would never do anything about my desires for the guys I would see on the board. That was until I met the new chairman, Steve Barry. He was a tall dark blonde haired blue eyed handsome man. We bumped into each other at one of the clubs Christmas party and I instantly fell for him and his personality, he was a charming gentleman and one I was dying to get to know better. As I sat with my friends and drank my glass of wine, I couldn’t take my eyes off him and was rather flattered and turned on by the fact that he couldn’t take his eyes off me. Although I knew a little about him, like the fact he was married, had grown up children and was known for being unfaithful I didn’t know that much about Steve. A few days after we both found ourselves in the local bar across from the ground and after he offered me a drink we sat trying to talk and relax around each other.

As we sat trying to talk I was falling more and more, while he wasn’t. I could tell my shyness was a hindrance to him and myself and while I tried to be more relaxed I found that I just couldn’t get relaxed. Over the course of the next few months I would try to find the confidence while Steve went through almost a ‘crisis of confidence’ as chairman, and after a run of bad defeats he chose to sell the club and move on. While he became a director of the club I became the Boss of my St John colleagues at the ground, and we would continue to go about or daily businesses as best we could. Thinking he had no idea how I felt about him I felt I would have to be bold and say something to him, but when I did he seemed to not be interested in me and turned me down which of course devastated me. For the next few months I tried to avoid Steve and he went on with his life, until after one late night match when the team had lost by a big score line. Steve was kept late in meetings about the team, their results and where they went from there, while I was left clearing up and putting things away in the first aid room after a hard match. As all the other players and staff had gone home ages ago when I left the first aid room at half 11pm it seemed as though I was the only one there, as I walked part the boardroom I walked straight into Steve’s chest as he walked out of the boardroom hurriedly.

Passing the time of day and apologising Steve looked tired and stressed, much the same way I felt so taking a deep breath I asked him if he fancied a drink which he gladly accepted. Instead of following me out of the ground he invited me into the boardroom, showing me over to the leather sofa and getting us both a glass of whisky we were both in silence as before. My shyness kicking in again along with the emotions of getting turned down while recent events with the club and his personal life were playing on his, as we sat together on the sofa passing the time of day and making small talk I could feel my emotions rising once more. The evening had been cold and I was just about warming up, the warm liquid almost burning the back of my throat as I took a sip of the whisky. Feeling slightly more relaxed as we drank and talked I moved so I was a little closer to Steve and could almost feel my skin touching his own, I could feel my breath slow down and become heavy as my heartbeat began to speed up. Sensing my desire Steve smiled and began to relax as he too would move a little closer, by now our skin was so close to touching that I was certain I would burst if he was to touch me. Making small talk about the club and its problems I could feel my confidence rising the more I drank and felt my desires grow within me.

“So how bad are things really Steve?” I asked as I put my free arm around the back of the sofa.

“Bad Dee, very bad. If things don’t pick up soon we could be put into administration again.” I could tell by his sad eyes and tired looking expression that it was getting to him, as I tried to comfort him I absentmindedly started to stroke the back of his neck with my fingers not realising I was doing so until Steve let out a deep sigh. As I apologised and went to put my hand away, he stopped me.

“No Dee, please don’t stop. It’s nice and relaxing.” As I continued we relaxed more and opened up to each other, I told him of how I was a little unsure of the task I had taken up with running the first aid room at the club and he would tell me about what is was like being chairman. As I finished my drink Steve moved closer to my face so his lips were inches away from my own,

“Would you care for another drink?” I could now hear my heartbeat pounding in my chest, his lips looked so inviting and it took all I had to muster enough inside to hold back and nod. As Steve returned with another whisky; and a much larger glass this time it has to be said he Kocaeli Escort took off his jacket and sat close to me, this time allowing our skin to touch.

I could feel the electricity between our two bodies as our flesh rubbed slightly next to each other, as I felt the warmth in the room I loosened my shirt a little and watched as Steve did the same. As we relaxed even more in each others company we told each other of the problems we had been going through in our lives, knowing a lot of these things neither of us had said to anyone else.

“It just seems like my wife doesn’t want the same things that I do anymore, she doesn’t want to be my friend and she certainly doesn’t want to sleep with me anymore!” Steve said as he stretched out and placed his arm around the back of the sofa behind me, starting to gently caress and stroke my neck almost immediately.

“I know what you mean Steve; it is so hard to find someone with the same likes as I have these days.” Raising an eyebrow, Steve looked at me as much to say that I was the nice St. John lady and he never expected things like that from me. When I queried him, he apologised and spoke.

“I’m sorry Dee, it’s just I can’t imagine you wanting different to the norm…” Before he had the chance to continue I cut in.

“You mean, you think I am too nice to be kinky?” If I had not had the whisky to drink I would never have been so bold but I just couldn’t help but speak my mind and as he blushed and tried to apologise and explain I continued.

“I have a few fantasies and secrets that not everyone knows. I am like most women, I have desires and fantasies.” Sensing his shocked silence I ask him if he has secret desires and fantasies that he has never fulfilled, nodding shyly I can tell he is a little uncomfortable and I talk a large sip of my drink before telling him one of my fantasies.

“I have always wanted to be done on the boardroom table. What about you, tell me one of your fantasies?” I know I am being bold and in the back of my mind I am still thinking of how he turned me down when I made a pass at him, so when he took a deep breath and went to speak I didn’t think he would be so open with me.

“I have the same fantasy, I have always wanted to take a fan or colleague at the club and do her on the table late one night.” As we both felt more relaxed and bold we shared some of our secret desires and fantasies, including the things we had done.

“When I was a young man I went with a prostitute at a friend’s stag do, it was one of the best nights of my life…” Steve said and as he lowered his voice I could tell what he was about to say was one of his biggest secret desires and fantasies.

“She let me pin her down and take her against her will, I have always wanted to do that with a partner ever since. The nearest I have been is tying up my long term girlfriend.”

“I have always wanted to be tied down I must admit I find it a turn on.” I tell Steve as I try to make his uncomfortable silence turn in to a relaxed atmosphere between us, asking me to tell him more I tell him about how I came close to getting anal from an ex.

“We had been seeing each other for a long time and I trusted him with my life, but although we tried I just couldn’t relax enough to make it work.” I could tell by the surprise on his face that he wasn’t expecting me to want the same type of things he did and smiling to myself I spoke and addressed his shock.

“What shocks you more Steve, the fact I wanted anal or that we actually have things in common?” Moving closer still to him I am within inches of his neck and can tell he feels my hot breath on his cheek and that he is enjoying the feelings, taking a quick glance down to his trousers I can see his hard cock straining at the tight fabric of his smart black trousers. Smiling to myself I put my other hand on his leg and feel how the tight muscles get tighter as he takes a deep breath inwards, and although I have only touched his thigh I can see his cock twitch and harden even more.

“I am sorry if I offend you Dee, I just never thought anyone I knew would like the things I like and feel the same way I do.” As I finish the second glass of whisky I feel the warmth of the room hit me and after taking my jacket off I ask if I can get a little more comfortable while undoing a few more buttons on my shirt.

“Sure thing Dee, take off what you like! I want you to feel relaxed with me; I know that I am with you.” He said as he took his own jacket off and removed his tie while undoing some of the buttons on his shirt, as I undid my buttons I let just enough of my chest showing and as I make myself comfortable he gets a good eyeful of my big beautiful breasts. Looking up and catching him looking at my breasts I ask him if he likes what he sees, as he goes to apologise I stop him and speak.

“Would you like to see more Steve?” As the shock in his face became move evident I became the bold person I had always wanted to be and started to slowly undo the rest of my buttons, watching him watch Kocaeli Escort Bayan me all the while as I got lower and lower still. As I undid the last button and boldly took the shirt off I watched as he took a deep breath in and hesitantly went to move his hands towards my breasts, stopping himself he drew his hands back. Taking a deep breath I silently took his hands in mine and moved them to my breasts, knowing that if we went any further down this road that neither of us could turn back. Never taking his eyes from my breasts Steve sharply drew breath inwards as he softly caressed my breasts over the top of my white lacy bra, I too never took my eyes from his as I watched his desire and passion grown.

Moving closer to me so his lips were again inches from my own, Steve took a deep breath and moving quickly forward laid a soft long gentle kiss upon my lips. I could tell by the way he kissed me there was passion and desire between us, all the time I had been shy and thought I couldn’t turn him on seemed to be passing as I moved my hand back to his thigh and slowly started to move it higher. As the kissing became more passionate, I gently run my hand softly over his hard cock through the fabric of his trousers. I can tell how much Steve is enjoying it as he pushes himself up to meet my hand, as I hear a soft moan escape from his lips I pull away removing my hand from his cock and speak while getting up from the sofa.

“So tell me more about what turns you on?” Picking up my drink and walking over to the boardroom table I lean slightly on it while looking back towards Steve who is slightly unsure but very turned on by my actions. As he gets up I can see his hard erection straining in his trousers to be released from their tight confines, walking over to me with his drink in his hands I sit on the edge of the table as he answers me.

“My main fantasy is to bang a woman on this boardroom table.” As he stands in front of me with my knee in between his two legs I can feel the hardness against my thigh.

Feeling my confidence and boldness rise I slowly and silently undo the buttons on his shirt and remove it, letting it fall to the ground. Taking another sip from his drink and feeling bold Steve reached behind me and while kissing my lips again undid my bra and threw it to one side, as he moved his hands back to my breasts and gently caressed them I moved my hand back to his cock. Rubbing it through the fabric a little harder now, telling Steve I wanted him. Pushing his cock against my hand I feel Steve start to rub his hardness against my knee, feeling bold again I undo his belt and unzip his trousers letting them fall to the ground revealing no underwear and a very hard huge cock. Trying to hide the shock I am feeling I gasp and can’t stop myself from saying what I was thinking.

“My God, I want you.” Slipping off of the boardroom table I crouch down so his cock is inches away from my face and hungry lips, in one swift movement I take the full length of him into my waiting mouth feeling his sharp intake of breath as I start to suck him slowly.

“Oh God, yes Dee.” Steve gasped as I slowly took him deeply inside my hungry mouth sucking and milking him for all I could, feeling his hardness grow with each movement.

Although I can sense he wants me to continue he pulls back and helps me up, leaning me backwards onto the boardroom table.

“Dee I want you too, always have done.” Was all Steve said as he silently undid my trousers and pulled them off, revealing my white panties and black suspenders and stockings. I can sense his shock and surprise again as he takes a long look at me leaning almost naked in front of him, moving back slightly so I was now sitting on the edge of the table with Steve in between my legs he slowly laid me down while kneeling in front of me. Steve’s hands were all over my body and as I became more and more turned on I could sense what was about to happen and as he gripped my panties I slightly lifted my hips allowing him to remove my panties with ease, readying myself for what was about to come. Slowly Steve ran his hands softly all over my things as I could feel his hot breath on my pussy, taking a deep breath in I slightly thrust myself nearer his face and waiting mouth. Feeling him tease me by slowly and softly kissing up and down first one thigh then the other I let out a moan, making him aware I want his mouth on my pussy and how much I need his tongue. Smiling Steve took the hint and obliged by slowly and gently running the tip of his tongue over my outer lips, stopping short of my clitoris.

“Oh God Steve, please.” Breathlessly I managed to say as I slightly bring my head up to see his smile.

Moving his tongue back to within inches of my waiting pussy the suspense was almost to much for me to bare and as I thrust my pelvis and hips upwards to meet his mouth I finally felt his tongue touching my pussy and clitoris, I felt sparks of passion flowing deep inside of me and as his slow and steady pace continued I couldn’t stop myself from moaning Escort Kocaeli and writhing with these passionate desires building up inside of me. Pulling my hips so my ass was on the edge of the table and wrapping my legs around his neck, Steve thrust his tongue deep inside my pussy causing me to shudder and call out.

“Oh God yes!” I moan as I take his head in my hands and pull Steve into me, begging him not stop. As Steve is alternating between slowly licking my clitoris and deeply inserting his tongue inside my pussy, I can feel my passions and desires growing. Slowly taking his time Steve inserts two of his fingers deep into my pussy as he concentrates on licking and sucking my clitoris. Thrusting my pelvis to meet his tongue and fingers I am starting to move at the same pace as Steve and I am matching his every movement, thrusting and writhing every time he licks and sucks my clitoris and thrusts his fingers inside of my already soaking wet pussy.

Standing up and turning his palm upwards Steve starts to search for my G spot while still stimulating my clitoris with his tongue, finding it quickly I let out a loud gasp as I feel the passion rising deep within me. As Steve continues to turn me on I start to feel things I have never felt before and I can sense that when I do come it will be something very special, as I can feel the passion and feelings rise I wasn’t expecting to feel the things I did. I could feel that this would be no ordinary orgasm as I felt a different feeling, like I wanted to burst or pee. It was like nothing I had ever felt or experienced. I became scared and unsure, taking Steve’s free hand in mine he sensed this fear and told me it was ok and to relax and let go for him. As I look deep into his eyes I can tell I need not be afraid and I let these new, intense feelings start to wash over me. Putting my head back and closing my eyes I let myself go fully, giving in to these feelings and as I feel myself burst I call out his name.

“Oh Steve!” As I lose myself in the moment I can think of nothing else but the feeling this man had evoked inside of me, I feel like I am floating and my head is spinning. As I begin to relax I can feel wetness between my legs, it is warm and like nothing I have ever felt before and I can feel it running down my thighs and out of my pussy all the way down to my asshole.

I am shaking with exhaustion and surprise at what had just happened, sensing my unrest Steve took my hand and pulled me up so I was now face to face with him. I could see the smile on his lips and the moistness around his face as he spoke.

“You’ve never felt that before have you?” All I could do was shake my head as he gently caressed my cheek softly with his free hand, speaking again Steve told me what I had just felt.

“It called female ejaculation, very few women feel that.” As he took me in his arms I felt warm and safe, but also drained. Pulling away slightly we kissed again, allowing me to taste my own juices. As Steve pulled me closer I could feel his cock was still as hard as when he had first rubbed himself up against my thigh, this time his cock was resting on the top of my thigh so close to my pussy.

“Steve, make love to me please?” I softly whispered, nodding he took hold of his rock hard cock and after moving into position gently slipped inside of me. He was so big I had to ask him to go slow, and as I adjusted to his size I could feel him thrust slightly while he laid me back down upon the boardroom table and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Thrusting deeper inside of me now Steve never took his eyes from mine and although I would normal of shut my eyes, wishing hoping and praying it was someone else; I kept my eyes open and glued to his.

With each thrusting movement I could feel our passion grow and as our eyes stayed locked upon each others I could feel myself getting lost in the feelings being created deep within me, gently and deeply Steve continued to slowly make love to me as I lay upon the boardroom table with a man I had dreamt about for the past year. As Steve continued to thrust into me he told me how beautiful I was and how he had always wanted me, as I admitted that I too had felt the same way about him I could feel his thrusting movements become a little stronger and deeper.

“What one fantasy do you that you have never done but want to?” Steve’s voice was deep but deceptively soft and I could tell I need not be shy around him, so taking a deep breath I told him of my fantasies.

“I want to be tie down and taken….” Panting breathlessly I continued.

“I also want to be taken anally; I need to know how it feels. What about you, what do want to do but never have?” As Steve continued to thrust into me I could feel and see his surprise as he slowed to almost a standstill and spoke.

“I want to take a woman anally too, but I also want to pin a woman down and take her against her will roughly.”

I knew what he meant the moment he said it and the silence in the room was immense, and as Steve stopped completely I was unsure what to do next. Quietly I asked him to continue and as he slowly and gently continued to make love to me he told me of his deepest desire, taking my hand and placing it upon my pubic mound I guessed what he wanted me to do and as he talked I slowly started to my rub my clitoris.

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