Bimbo! Ch. 04


“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

“Honestly! I don’t understand how you have kept your job! This Library has fallen apart in the past six weeks! You are never at your desk when I need help. You pay more attention to other students than you do to me! And I’m the top student at this dump of a school. My Daddy should have sent me to a top notch private school. But NO! He says I need to mix with the regular people!

“Well, i’m not a regular person! I’m a genius level intellect with a bright future in front of me. Not some stupid peon with no ambition and no future!

“So, here’s a list of the books I need for my studies. I expect you to have them ready for me the next time I come in. Or I’ll tell Daddy you are not doing your job and he will have you fired! He’s chairman of the Library Committee you know and he can do it if I ask him!”

I stepped away from the door to Ms. Hornrider’s office just as Melonie Megamams stormed out in a towering rage. I’d never really met her. She was a spoiled rich kid with no regard for any of the other students and, It seemed, no respect for the Librarian!

As she disappeared around the corner I went into Ms. Hornrider’s office. She was sitting at her desk on the verge of tears.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“That spoiled little bitch!” she told me, pointing to the handwritten list on her desk. “Where am I supposed to get these books? They are all out of print! Not even The Institute of Technology and Science has these in their Library!”

“Don’t worry too much about it,” I assured her. “I think I can help her focus on other things than being bitchy to you.”

“I hope so, she’s a constant pain in the ass. Always telling me how important her Daddy is and how she can get him to do anything she wants. Stuck up little bitch!” Her fists were balled on the top of her desk, her nails digging into the palms of her hands.

“Well, let’s try to take your mind off that little trollop,” I suggested. Gently I picked up her left hand and placed it on my groin.

Ms. Hornrider smiled up at me as she began to stroke and fondle my growing erection.

“You always know how to make me feel better,” she told me. “Having this huge hard-on to play with always makes me feel good!”

Over the next hour or so I helped her feel good several times. Not only was Ms. Hornrider an excellent fellatrix, she was also adept at inter-mammary massage and she really enjoyed tucking my erection into her horny pussy and riding me to multiple orgasms!

When I finally staggered out of her office she was smiling as she scooped my last load of jism out of her pussy and licked it off her fingers.

I was feeling normal when I got home. I snuck up to my room and re-read some of the pages from my Uncle’s notes that he had left me. I went to the local pharmacy later that day for the ingredients that I would need for the Bimbo formula I was going to make for Melonie. I was hoping to turn her into a very special bimbo! All the usual modifications and some unique traits just for her!

But I ran into a problem. Melonie didn’t carry a water bottle like almost all the other girls. She drank only imported water from Iceland! I couldn’t just swap water bottles. That I could have done just by bumping into her in the hall and taking her bottle while substituting Kayseri Escort mine.

I ended up having to sneak into the Girls Locker Room and refilling her water bottle with my concoction. I was afraid that there might be difference in taste but I don’t think she ever noticed.

I refilled her water bottle several times. I would empty it out and pour in the same amount from my bottle. So Melanie got smaller doses over a longer time than my other subjects. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out.

Her Attitude changed first. She started to talk to people a little more often and she seemed a little more caring about them.

Her hair developed red highlights. And it grew longer too. That was par for the course.

Her lips became plush pillows of plump perfection. Almost. Actually, they were a little too big. A little too plump. They looked like someone had over filled them with collagen. And she was always sucking on something now. A pencil or pen. A lollypop. Even her own finger or fingers would find their way into her mouth.

Being a tall thin girl it was quite noticeable when she returned from Xmas break boasting a pair of volleyball sized tits that just burst thru what ever she wore. Her nipples, too, had expanded and could be seen thru her blouses!

The rumor was that her Daddy had bought her some surgeries.

Her mode of dress had also evolved to showoff more of her now full-bodied figure. With-in a few days Assistant Dean Edgar Rection called her into his office to discuss her wardrobe changes.

“I’ve gotten complaints from some of the teachers and a few parents,” he began. “Your current dress is much too revealing for High School,” he pointed out.

Melonie looked down at herself. The peasant blouse she was wearing revealed most of her shoulders. The bodice stretched tightly over her protuberant breasts revealing inches of enticing cleavage.

She had stepped around his desk and was looking down at him over her bulging bust. “But Dean Rection, I like the way I look in this outfit. Besides, it lets me do this,”

She leaned toward him while simultaneously pushing her elbows together. Massive amounts of firm white breast flesh bulged upward.

Before Dean Rection could respond Melonie had pulled his head between her tits and shimmied herself against him!

He was gasping for breath but he wasn’t struggling very hard to escape her clutches! Slowly Melonie allowed her neckline to slide lower and lower until her diamond hard nipples were completely exposed. She was still motor-boating Dean Rection as she pulled his hands to her nipples.

“Pinch me! Squeeze my big tits and pinch my nipples, Dean Rection!” she demanded. “Then put your lips on me and suck my titties!”

He was gasping as he pulled back. He took a moment to stare at her chest while he followed her direction. Pinching and twisting Dean Rection simultaneously was licking and kissing her nipples.

“OH, that feels so GOOD,” she moaned.

“These are REAL!” exclaimed the enraptured Administrator. “These are REAL!”

“Of course they are real,” she responded, miffed.

“The rumor is that you had breast enhancement surgery! But these magnificent tits are REAL!” He didn’t seem to be able to get over his discovery.

“I’ve had Kayseri Escort Bayan a growth spurt. And they feel so GOOD! Keep squeezing, licking and playing with my big titties, Dean Rection! Don’t stop!”

It seemed that he wasn’t going to stop. He played with her boobs for the next ten minutes or so while she stroked his penis to full strength. Then she proved that she wasn’t wearing panties by sliding into his lap and sinking down onto his eight inch cock!

They groaned in unison as she bottomed out on his stiff prick. She began to rise and fall faster and faster until she let out a muffled shriek of fulfillment. At almost the same time he ejaculated forcefully into her hot clutching cunt!

“I’ve had several complaints about your choice of clothing recently, as I said” he told her as they were pulling there clothes back into place. “So I think I should personally oversee your appearance on a daily basis. I want you to present yourself here at my office every morning before classes start so I can assure myself that you are dressing appropriately. Do you understand young lady?”

“Ohhh, yes, Dean Rection! I think that is a really good idea. I’m impressed that you are willing to take such a hands-on approach to help me dress properly!” Melonie was snapping her blouses neckline up and down over her nipples as she spoke. They, in turn were poking out furiously, rock hard and begging for a kiss.

Dean Rection leaned over to give each nipple a quick lick and kiss before swatting her on the ass and sending her on her way. He settled behind his desk to get a quick nap! He was knackered!

Her next stop was the library. She had remembered asking the Librarian for some help finding research material and she wanted to follow up on that request.

Arriving at the Head Librarian’s office Melonie rapped quickly and then opened the door without waiting for a response.

She caught the Librarian and Ralph again determining how many buttons were needed to undo in order to be able to tit-fuck his amazing cock!. Most of her massive tits were on display, of course!

Ms. Hornrider snapped her arms over herself in an attempt to hide how her breasts were swelling upward and overwhelming her huge bra.

Ralph, however, made no attempt to hide his more than foot long prick from the visitor. Instead he swung toward her. His cock bounced and shivered as she neared the Librarian’s desk.

“So! This is how you spend your time! Leading young men astray with your sexy body! And your huge tits!” she accused the Librarian. She was standing next to Ralph as she looked down over her own substantial bosom at the red-faced woman.

“Well, I can’t blame you! Look at the size of this cock! Amazing! I’ve never seen anything close to this size! So fucking long and so fucking thick!” Her hand was slowly rubbing up and down my cock shaft as she was speaking. “I can’t even get my hand around it! Let me play with it Ralph and I want to make you shoot off all over this hussy’s big boobs!”

And she did! It didn’t take her long to have me at the edge of cumming.

“Come on, honey. Spread your blouse so I can get his cum all over your huge tits! They are so much larger than any I’ve ever seen! I thought my tits were big but yours are ever so much larger! I’m jealous of Escort Kayseri those big beauties!”

As Ms. Hornrider spread her clothes open I started to spurt rope after rope of jizm onto her chest. My cum landed on her tits, her upper chest and over her nipples. A few morsels landed on her lips and neck as well!

“Wow, so much! Look how much you came! It’s all over her big, big boobs!” Melonie panted. With out letting go of my dick she dove forward and started to lick up the cum on Ms. Hornrider’s chest. Her long tongue swept out to collect all that she could. She was sucking and licking, using her lips to collect everything that she could find! Ms. Hornrider helped by cuddling her massive boobs together and slowly swinging them from side to side so Melonie could get all of it!

“Oh, I love the taste,” Melonie exclaimed before she licked up what was on Ms. H’s face. She drove her tongue into Adele’s mouth and gave a scorching hot kiss to the Librarian who returned it in kind.

Adele’s hand joined Melonie’s in stroking my cock. I was back to full strength as the two hussies engaged in a tongue duel that passed my cum from one to the other and back again!

“Come here, you big busted slut,” demanded Melonie as she pulled the Librarian around in her chair to face her. She knelt between her legs, pushed her skirt up to her hips and slammed her face between her thighs!

Her tongue lolled out and began to run up and down the juicy slit between Ms. Hornrider’s cunt lips.

“MMMMmmm, so good! I love this taste almost as much as I do his cum! So wet and juicy!” Her head shook side to side as she tried to drive deeper and deeper into Ms. H’s cunt. In turn, Adele was holding her in place with both hands. Her fingers were entwined in her hair and pulling her deeper as she kept on working.

As she was writhing in pleasure Ms. Hornrider caught my eye. “Why don’t you put that huge thing to good use?” she asked me as she glanced at my erection.

I pulled Melonie’s skirt up to expose her naked butt. Using both hands I placed my erection at the opening of her pussy. I jiggled myself several times before I stated to drive myself into her.

“OOoohh, fuck! That is so big! So big! Don’t hurt me!” Melonie moaned. But at the same time she was pushing her butt back against me! Together we managed to cram more than six inches of rock hard cock up her pussy

At that point she started to convulse into an amazing orgasm! As I kept ramming myself at her she spasmed again and again in pleasure.

I pulled part way out and waited while she caught her breath. She was still licking Ms. Hornrider’s pussy while she gasped and moaned.

I had caught my breath and I began to push myself deeper and deeper into her! Her cunt was clasping at my big hard-on as I worked. It felt so good!

Harder and faster I went until I was on the verge of an epic eruption. I pulled myself loose from her cunt and dropped my erection between Ms. Hornrider’s immense tits and began to unload again! She clamped her tits together, not letting a drop escape. I pulled out and lowered my dick to her lips. Ms. Hornrider sucked up the few drops that were left and then ran her tongue over her lips to be sure that she had gotten it all.

I tucked myself away and headed for the door. As I paused there I looked back to see Melonie sucking and nursing Ms. Hornriders immense boobs, licking up all the cum that she could find while moaning and sighing in happiness. She paid me no attention but Ms. Hornrider waved goodbye as I left the office.

End Part Four


by DDDDave

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