Bless me Father Ch. 05


Ch05 “confession is good for the soul”

Marilyn and Jennifer walked home arm-in-arm, humbled a little by Fr. Vincent’s words, their consciences were practically clear. The girls had arranged to sleep-over at Jennifer’s house..Mar’s husband had hooked up with Jen’s for a rugby weekend in Yorkshire and they had the place to themselves.

When they arrived, Marilyn shoo-ed Jennifer into the garden to catch the last of the evening, then headed for the fridge to collect an unopened bottle of white Burgundy and a summer pudding she had made the previous night.

Jen sat with her eyes closed, the still warm sun bathing her body. She had hitched up her dress to knee level and unbuttoned the breast-top buttons to wallow comfortably in its glow.

Almost asleep, she never heard Marilyn’s bare footfall through the grass.

Marilyn stood to one side holding their supper tray, deliberately preventing the cast of her shadow from rousing her friend. Gingerly, she laid the tray on the freshly cropped lawn, tutting to herself in the process. Although she had contributed greatly to the design of the garden and its’ perfect privacy, she disliked the austerity of the lawn, preferring a ‘meadow’ feeling…but boys and toys kept it cropped to bowling green standard with ridiculously straight, unnatural and pointless stripes. That argument would prevail…she often considered sabotaging the bloody lawnmower, hanging from its’ cup-hooks in the shed, clean as the day it was bought, with a faint scent of WD40 and a smug look on its’ face…”

“What would happen if I put some sugar in the tank?” she mused…

She knelt in front of Jen’ and looked her over from the tousled sandy locks to the suntanned little toes peeking through her sandals. A pretty girl by day and night, the twilight gold of the evening enhanced the image.

Hungry for company, she lifted Jen’s hand and put the middle finger between her lips. It tasted of grass…absent mindedly stroked before she had drifted into slumber.

Marilyn suckled the neat, dark pink fingernail, waiting for a reaction.

“Mmm I could lie here all night, it is so nice.”

“Would you like some cold wine? “

“yes please”

Marilyn dipped the lazy finger into her glass, swirled it around and placed it into Jen’s mouth. She giggled, girlishly as the familiar, fruity acid chill hit her taste buds. “Did I hear you mention summer pudding? “

A spoonful of chilled tarty sponge immediately kissed her lips. Marilyn wiggled the spoon “Eat it all up, now and the next mouthful will be full of double cream.” Another giggle turned into a laugh as a further spoonful, laden with berries and dripping with cream slid into her mouth.

Rolling the fruity essence around, she licked her rapidly reddening lips and languidly held out her hand for the wineglass. “Peel me a grape, wench”

Marilyn handed her a glass and watched as she sipped, allowing the icy Burgundy to dribble slightly. A tiny rivulet trickled to the end of her chin and dropped onto her throat, evaporating slowly as it headed to the curve of her breasts. Marilyn spoke very quietly.

“Do that again, Jen, it was really sexy.”

Jennifer repeated her little tease, but this time with just a little more content and a few droplets of wine formed a wet patch at the top of her lace-edged grey bra. Marilyn was becoming more horny by the second and despite Jen’s drowsiness she felt a very powerful need to ease the tingling between her thighs.

“Did Sister Mary put her fingers inside you, Jen?”

“Mmmm…not quite, I am wearing those grey French knickers you bought me for Christmas. She did fondle me gently and stroked my lips a little, it was over in a couple of seconds”

“She is such a naughty Nun, she must have really studied us to behave so boldly. We are on flower duty again tomorrow…shall we treat her to a little temptation and see where it takes us?”

“That sounds like a plan to me, girlfriend, that Portugeuse girl Christine is never too far from her side and she has a delicious bum, Mar’…I wouldn’t mind an eyeful of that.”

“Me neither, Jen’, we could have Kayseri Escort a competition between the three of us with Mary as judge!” she laughed.

A mental image drifted into Jennifer’s mind as she languidly slumped further into her seat, allowing her dress to slide even further up her legs. She knew instinctively that Marilyn was watching and steadily spread her thighs further apart, inviting a perfect view up her skirt.

Marilyn had settled back onto the lawn, her face a mere few inches from those pretty dimpled knees. She relished the warm sticky feeling between her own legs as Jennifer’s mound slowly appeared. The pretty French knickers had gathered to one side, heavily darkened by the dampness inside and she studied the plump swelling at the curve of the smoothly shaven lips. Marilyn knew that Jen’ loved to talk dirty and invited some filthy conversation.

“Are you enjoying the view, Mar’?”

“Watching the bulge of your fanny is making my slit all slippery and sticky, it’s like a little jar of syrup in there….I bet yours is just as juicy, you slutty little trollop. I have half a mind to investigate with my finger just to find out.”

“You really do like looking up a dress, you horny little tart” she laughed, “be my guest and slip a digit up my pussy if you must!”

“Takes one to know one, girlie…you have peeped up my skirt a thousand times because you love it as much as me!”

“You know what I like…just the very tip of your finger slipping in and out of my cunt and a nice slow wank on my clit with your thumb.”

Jennifer moved her hands onto her breasts as she felt Marilyn’s finger stealing along her thigh and she rolled her nipples to hard little peaks as it reached her knickers. Moaning with pleasure, she allowed her legs to gape open as the velvety wetness began to spread.

By now, Marilyn had thrown any caution to the wind, the light had almost gone and as she slid her fingertip in and out of the oily slit, her hand delved in between her own thighs to relieve some of the pressure. Filthy conversation was one of their favourite sex-aids and they employed it at any opportunity, their imaginations running riot with the growing arousal.

“I’m wearing a pair of pastel pink, satin knickers Jen’ and they are soaking wet…I wouldn’t mind Father Vincent’s lovely hard cock sliding over them and pressing up into my cunt right now”

Jennifer mewed in delight at the thought “Oooh Mar’ he does have a lovely one..we certainly milked his creamy spunk that morning in the courtyard…I’ve this picture in my head now of us both bent over, side by side and his cock taking turns in our pussies then spurting oodles of milky spunk all over our bums”

“Mmmm Jen’ and we could both sit on his face and let him lap our cunts with his tongue and watch him wanking his big, hard cock and shooting creamy jets of hot spunk all over us”

By now, both girls were panting with lust and seconds away from their respective orgasms and the words came in staccato bursts

“Oooh, such sticky knickers…”

“Ooooh my cunt is dripping”

“Ooooooooh! big, hard, fat, pink, slimy cock fucking in and out of my juicy cunt”

“Ooooh! I’m going to cum a gallon of cunt juice all over your fingers, Mar’ “

“Mmmm both together, Jen’…. think of Vincent’s lovely warm spunk splashing on our bums…we can spread it all over our holes, then suck him off while it’s still stiff!”

Simultaneously, the ferocious tingling and rush of blood coursed through their bodies in mutual climax as they gasped and panted together, breasts heaving, thighs and bellies twitching as their energy subsided. Marilyn’s head flopped onto Jen’s knees as they recovered their breathing.

“That was amazing, Jen’… I think I’ve just about emptied my honeypot….it’s getting a bit chilly, shall we warm up in the shower?”

“Mmm I’d love to, Mar’…we fixed a new showerhead in the wetroom last weekend…I have tried it and it’s luuuush, should cover us both at once, I will follow you up the stair, I want to see those little pink knickers for myself ” she giggled.

Marilyn Kayseri Escort Bayan coyly stood up, knees pressed firmly together, brushing little blades of grass from her dress. Jennifer watched in amusement as she walked towards the house, wiggling her bottom provocatively.

Closing the door behind her, she followed Marilyn up the stair, her breath quickening in anticipation until they almost reached the top. Mar’ stopped and slowly bent forwards allowing Jen’ a perfect view up her dress at her satin-clad bottom.

A tiny sigh of delight from Jen’ was followed by exploratory hands, stroking the curves, then running into the crease of Mar’s slit. She gasped a little at the touch, then gasped a little more as she felt Jennifer’s face pressing tightly into the groove. Far from being exhausted, Jennifer’s lust remained ripe and hungry as she savoured the damp, sticky folds of pink satin, inhaling the musky scent of sex.

“Get your carcase into that shower, Marilyn, I want to wash you all over till you squeak, then lick every crevice until you faint!”

Marilyn began removing her clothes on the landing as Jennifer switched on the shower. Dress, brassiere and knickers were dumped unceremoniously into the linen basket. She stepped into the cascade and watched Jennifer slowly disrobe, unbuttoning the frock from top to bottom, slowly and seductively exposing her pretty underwear. Reaching behind her, she unclasped the bra, cupping it into her hands, then turning her back, she stooped slightly as she pulled the French knickers down and let them drop to the floor. She turned towards Marilyn who was watching intently through a warm waterfall and with twirling fingers instructed her friend to turn around.

Pressing her body close, Jennifer reached for the shower gel, filled her palms she began to anoint Marilyn’s body. Reaching around, she lathered, fondled, tweaked and rinsed her breasts first, eyes closed in the ardour of the moment, working her way down onto her belly, gradually emptying the bottle of gel in the process. Mar’ began to tremble slightly as the soapy massage reached her mound then teasingly moved upwards into her armpits before circling around to her shoulders.

Jennifer whispered a litany of naughtiness into her ear as she worked her skilful hands along the spine. ” You know what’s coming next, don’t you, girlie..little mischievous fingers and thumbs dipping into those slippery little holes and a very busy tongue lapping and licking along your lovely oily crease”

“Oh Jen’ I’m so horny again, do anything you want to me honey, my cunt is aching”

With a wicked smile, Jennifer knelt behind her and gently washed between her legs, taking special care not to intrude too far inside her quim, to preserve the natural juices. Surreptitiously she reached for a perfectly shaped, perfectly sealed and perfectly smooth shampoo bottle. Roughly the size of a generous cock, it was absolutely ideal for what she had in mind.

“Lean forward Mar’ and brace yourself, honey”

Trembling with anticipation, Marilyn placed the palms of her hands against the tiled walls and allowed her legs to splay apart, panting quite audibly as she surrendered herself to her friend.

Jennifer placed a folded towel on the floor and knelt in position, comforting hands caressing the inside of Marilyn’s thighs before heading North to the bulge of her bum. She began to spread the cheeks apart, running her fingers with barely perceptible pressure along the sweet groove until she reached the oily folds of her lips. Marilyn shuddered and began to moan quite loudly as Jen caressed the sticky petals.

Unable to resist any longer, Jennifer abandoned the crease and spread the lovely bum cheeks apart, smiling with pleasure at the perfect little puckered star, twinkling invitingly at her. She licked her way all around the luscious bottom before gently prodding with her index finger into the tiny hole.

“Oh my God, I think I am going to faint, Jen’ ….if I never say this again, I am going to say it now…I confess that sex with you is better than with any man…you just know exactly what to Escort Kayseri do every time”

“Steady, old girl, the best is yet to come” she laughed back at her. Just you enjoy what’s coming!”

With one fingertip sliding gently in and out of Marilyn’s dear little bum hole, Jennifer reached for the shampoo bottle dildo and began to stroke it around Mar’s pussy.

Feeling the cool, shiny smooth dildo around her fanny, Marilyn squeaked in surprise “What’s that, Jen? have you suddenly grown a cock? “

“Yes, Mar’ I have grown a nice fat cock to fuck your plump, slippery cunt”

With one finger wanking steadily in and out of Mar’s bum, Jen slowly pushed the dildo between the folds of Jen’s fanny lips and kept going until it was 4 or 5 inches inside. She allowed it to nestle there for a moment before steadily fucking her into an orgasm.

Marilyn gasped in frenzy “Ooooh Jen’ ….I want to do exactly the same to you…..ooooh!! this is too erotic for words!!”

Marilyn’s climax began somewhere in the pit of her belly. It ascended like an erupting volcano until it hit her addled brain and echoed throughout her body. Her legs trembled and quivered, her heart thumping like a motor cycle engine as she spilled her gooey ointment all over Jennifer’s fingers.

“God that was nice….My head is swimming, Jen”

Jennifer giggled in acknowledgement “Glad you liked it, girlfriend….I hope you are going to honour your pledge and send me to bed with a nice warm tingle between my legs” She looked Marilyn squarely in the eye as she withdrew the sticky digits, placed them between her lips and suckled on them like a lamb. “Do your worst, blondie….I could fuck an ox right now…do whatever it takes, just make me spill my juice”

“Drama queen! ….turn round…let me kiss your bum”

Jennifer spun like a ballerina and presented her bottom to Marilyn’s tender ministrations. She absolutely loved having her bottom stroked and fondled and explored….and Mar’ was so accomplished…

Mar’s face disappeared into the groove, nuzzling and wallowing in the slick, oystery folds of her lips and the uber-tight, little hole behind them.

Lapping into the syrupy slit, she felt Jennifer’s legs buckle slightly and smiled with satisfaction. She liked few things better than making her friend feel good. Jennifer squared her universe and she would do anything to make her happy.

The two girls loved each other – of that there is no doubt; not the eye-aching love of lovers, but the time-served bond of friendship and trust secured over years of understanding. The two girls would do anything for each other…die, lie, perjure or cry…..nothing on earth would come between them, but they rarely kissed throughout their sexual couplings, the depth of emotion was in their minds and in their loins…the Quixotic complications of ‘love’ never intruded on their relationship.

“I am as slippery as two oysters fucking in a pot of honey”

“I love fingering you….I love the feedback of your little hole tightening on my finger and the little gush of cunt- juice from your fanny when you cum”

“Mewwwww….I am usually thinking of lapping your cunt when I cum….burrowing my face in your knickers and fucking you with my fingers….Oooooh Marilyn….I can feel my cunt squelching….it’s so-ooooo good….

“Think about tomorrow Jen’…. all that teasing and seduction we can use on Sister Mary….and her little girlfriend……we can really have some fun….dress for the occasion…something nice and sexy….make their fannies twitch”

Jennifer’s imagination ran riot as she hit her orgasm ; the prospect of 4 women writhing around in utterly reckless fetish and illicit abandon was more than enough to put her over the edge and she responded to Marilyn’s skilful fingering with an eye-popping climax.

Gushes and waves of pleasure engulfed her body. She trembled and quaked, completely out of control as she sank to the shower floor.

“God that was good”

“Let’s go to bed…fuck the television…I just need to sleep somewhere right now, while my body is happy and my mind is empty”

“mmm…me too….that was divine, honey”

Both girls floated to bed, still warm and damp, moist bodies enfolded as they collapsed into dreams. Deliciously exhausted and fulfilled ; arms and legs encasing and protecting, they drifted into slumber.

to be continued………..

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