Center Of My Intention


I knew that Gretchen had a boyfriend back home, and in my naiveté, I thought that would matter. I always considered our playful flirting to be just that, playful. I had recently been dumped by my girlfriend and my emotions were a little fragile. I would have jumped her in a moment, but I kept a bit of distance between us, fearing the possibility of rejection.

Gretchen was one of the girls on our coed football team. She was from Canada, and had not played football before. She was tall, and slender; with small breasts, a firm ass, cute face, and short hair; just the way that I like my women. She moved with speed and grace, and with some special attention, picked up the game quickly. It seems like we always ended up next to one another in line during drills. She always wore a velour warm up suit; I remember how soft if felt when I brushed up against her when she bent over the ball to play center.

We made it through the season without loosing a game. I got to play quarterback and it seemed like Gretchen was always receptive to my passes. Unfortunately, I didn’t see that football plays were not her primary interest.

We found a few things in common and hung out a bit. In fact it was one warm Saturday in December when we spent the day together, hanging out on campus. We decided that we would order pizza. We went back to the dorm and I went up to my room to get some cash and take a shower. When I got back, she had showered too and was wearing her robe.

We finished the pizza, drank a couple of Labatts and settled down to watch some TV sitting on the floor against her roommate’s bed. I could feel her left hip touching mine and warmth in my body that was not from the alcohol.

I slid my hand down my leg and over onto her knee. She turned to me, her lips parted. I leaned toward her and our lips met. I felt the tension of the last few months turn to passion as my arms surrounded her and I pulled her close to me and held her as my tongue pressed past her lips into her mouth.

I pulled her onto me, so that her legs were straddling my hips. My hands held her by her butt, our lips still pressed together. I could feel the pounding of her heart against my chest, as I am sure that she could feel mine.

Our breathing came in gasps, our passions mounting, our Kastamonu Escort chests rising and falling in unison. Her hips slid on me, she ground her pubis against mine. I felt my desires peaking, the blood rushing, and my penis hardening.

My fingers found the top button of her robe and released it. My lips moved down her chin, to her ear, and down her neck, as I released the second button. I nibbled on the muscle from her neck to her shoulder. Her breathing grew more rapid and her grinding more forceful. I felt my cock find a home in her slit and heard her moan as the head of my prick met with her clitoris.

My fingers released the third button, and this was enough to slide her robe over her shoulders and expose her tiny but firm breasts.

My lips pressed against the soft skin, kissing her from the base of her neck down her chest, between her breasts. She threw her head rearward and wrapped her arms around the back of my head and pulled me closely to her chest.

My tongue traced a figure of eight pattern, teasingly coming closer to her nipples with each stroke. Sliding my hands up her side, I raised her robe from her waist over her head. I tossed it onto her bed. She slid her hands beneath my shirt and raised it over my head and tossing it across the room. I was about to slide out of my shorts when we heard a key enter the dorm room door. Gretchen bolted for the bed and pulled her robe over her chest. She left me sitting on the floor, with no shirt and my hard cock making a tent in the front of my sheer running shorts. I caught the look of surprise that formed into a sly smile on the roommates face. I also saw the ‘I told you to stay the hell away’ look that Gretchen shot at Lisa.

Lisa stepped over me and grabbed a tape from her desk drawer. Lisa then quickly made her exit.

Gretchen moved to the door and opened her closet so that it would prevent the door from opening again. I watched her panty covered ass as she moved to the door. One leg was caught between her cheeks. When she turned and faced me, I could see the damp spot that had formed between her legs. Her breasts barely bobbled as she moved across the room. Her nipples stood out, the nipples that I would have in my mouth right now had Lisa not disturbed us. She Kastamonu Escort Bayan reached a hand to me and led me to the bed.

We laid down on the bed together, her in her panties and me in my running shorts. My hard-on had not subsided at all with Lisa’s entry. In fact, Lisa’s staring at my cock had heightened my excitement.

I slid onto the bed facing her and letting my skin contact her as I move. I slid all the way until my face was even with hers. I reached down and took her butt in my hands and pulled her to me. My mouth found hers and we kissed, a hot, deep passionate kiss. I could feel her body rise to mine as I kissed her.

My hands drew her even closer, my cock pressing against her stomach. My mind passed to the wet spot that I had seen in her panties. My finger slid beneath the elastic waist band and into the slit between her lips. I could feel her dampness on my finger, so I pulled my finger from between her legs and, looking her in the eye, I licked her juices from my finger. I watched her eyes grow wide and then a smile come to her lips. I placed a gentle kiss on those lips. Then I moved down her neck.

My lips passed to her chest and I moved my hands to either side of her breasts and pressed them together. My tongue traced a pattern around her nipples, moving in closer until my tongue slid between them, covering them both at once. I felt her body quiver with the contact of my hot wet tongue. Her legs wrapped around my hips and I felt her mound pressuring against my thigh.

I drew both nipples into my mouth and slid my tongue over their end. Her quivering and movements got more vigorous. Her hand slid into my shorts, and she took my stiff rod into her hand. She began stroking stroking it, slowly at first, but when her excitement grew so did the speed of her strokes as did my excitement.

She freed my cock from my shorts. Her moans were audible as I pressed her breasts together ever more tightly and sucked harder on here nipples. She used her hand to slide my prick inside the leg of her panties. I could feel its tip touching the soft velvet folds that lay damply between her legs.

She pressed against me even harder and I could feel the warm dampness of her lips surrounding my shaft. She reached Escort Kastamonu between her legs and guided the head of my cock inside her. I felt it slide between her lips and the grip of her tight pussy surround my shaft.

I rolled over on top of her without releasing my grip on her breasts. Her hips arched toward me, taking me ever deeper inside her. I started moving on top of her, penetrating more deeply with each stroke. We were awkward at first, and then we found a rhythm and began to move our bodies in unison. She raised her legs above me and wrapped them around my waist. I arched my back and dove deeply inside her, letting the head of my cock press against the front of her pussy with each stroke.

I could no longer hold her breasts, so I pressed my mouth against hers. We kissed through the deep moans and gasped for air as I moved ever more deeply inside her. I felt her body shudder beneath me, as the first wave of orgasm took control. The warm thick fluid coated my cock and I could feel the chill from dampness on my testicles.

I rose above her, smiling and looking into her steely blue eyes. The weight of my pelvis pushed down on hers, my throbbing member still inside.

I rolled onto my back without leaving her. Her hands took hold of my shoulders and her breasts hung down toward me. Her hips gyrated over me, positioning the head of my cock against her the front of her vagina. She rocked on top of me, positioning my cock just where she wanted it, while smiling down upon me.

I looked down and I could see my cock splitting her as she moved up and down on me. I could feel sensation welling up in the pit of my stomach and moving down toward my legs.

Her juices ran down my cock and covered my scrotum, all the while a charge rand down my hips, through my balls and began to climb my shaft. A deep spasm erupted from my lower back and exploded out the end of my penis. I could feel her spasm and collapse onto my chest. She lay there; we were both struggling to breath. My body was like a wet noodle. Damp and covered in Gretchen. I reached up, and stroked her hair, down her back, and held her close to me.

I woke to a knock at the door. I rose from the bed and opened the door. It was Lisa returning for the morning. She was a little embarrassed to see me answering the door in the nude, but that didn’t stop her from checking out my dick.

I slid back into bed, next to Gretchen’s naked body. She stirred slightly as I pulled her close to me and kissed her gently on the forehead. We fell off to sleep, to wake again hopefully after Lisa had left.

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