Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 06


Chapter One:

I’m a retired gentleman living in Central California. I recently met my new next-door neighbor, Denise. She just relocated from Southern California and works at the local farmers market. Denise and I are developing a close relationship that recently turned sexual after spending the day at Avila Beach. We made our way over to the clothing optional side of the beach. This is where I got my first view of her incredibly beautiful naked 47-year-old body.

I got my first inkling of how lovely Denise is when I knocked on her door to welcome her to the neighborhood. She greeted me in her tight yoga pants and crop top. The top barely covered her mammoth tits and her erect nipples created large points in the material. The yoga pants displayed a very prominent camel toe.

However, at the beach I was treated to the total package. I saw her naked boobs for the first time; she has the largest tits I’ve ever had the privilege of touching. Her nipples are as big as my thumb and her crimson red aureole are three to four inches in diameter, just the perfect size to compliment her huge breasts. Denise’s pussy is a lovely sight with large, puffy outer lips and a furry landing strip that extends to the top of her pink labia. She has a well-proportioned tush for a mature lady. It’s no wonder I am falling head over heels for my sexy neighbor.

At the beach, we spied on a couple who were fucking behind the big rocks on the far side of Avila Beach. Denise was so turned on that she asked me to take her home and make love to her. We hightailed it back to her house where we played together in the pool. I ate her luscious pussy and she sucked my cock. Later we fucked our brains out on her chaise lounge. I spent the night with her and we made sweet, gentle love in her king size bed. It was a wonder way to welcome her to the neighborhood.

I promised Denise, I would look after her pool and keep it clean. She purchased the chlorine and other chemicals I scribbled on a list and I use them to maintain the proper balance required for an in-ground pool. The sun is shining and it’s a perfect day to clean the pool. I’ll sweep down the sides before jumping in cooling off. Denise is currently at work, so I have the backyard to myself.

I’m usually naked when I work in my backyard and today is no exception. My cock swings back and forth with each step I take. I use the pass-thru gate between our backyards to get to Denise’s swimming pool. I grab the pool brush and chemicals from the storage shed and get to work. The pool is a small oval shape and it doesn’t take long to complete the job. Once I finish my chore, I jump into the water to cool off. I tread water and float on my back as I relax. The cool water is just what I need as the sun rises to its highest point in the sky.

The best thing about retirement is the ability to nap anytime of the day. After I cool off in the pool, I walk over to the chaise lounge by the fence. Denise leaves a couple of towels, her trashy romance novels and her bullet vibrator on the lounger for her suntan sessions. I spot them right away. I lie down on her chaise lounge and pickup one of her paperbacks. It’s titled ‘The Temptress: Pleasure Unbound’. So, this is Denise’s guilty pleasure.

As I read through some passages, I’m amazed at the level of porn that jumps off the pages. No wonder, Denise keeps her vibrator close at hand. In every chapter, the romance gives way to fucking and sucking. I had no idea. Nap time can wait while I read several pages. Several pages turn into several chapters and the next thing I know is I have a raging hard-on. My shaft points straight up in the air. I flex my cock and a bit of pre-cum leaks from the tip.

I gather my pre-cum on my finger and taste the salty fluid. I realize I’m not going to be napping until I can take care of this problem with a nice orgasm. I reach for Denise’s black and gold bullet. I twist the dial to its highest setting and run the vibe along my seven inches of meat. The humming feels good and I press it hard against my shaft. I move the magic wand under my balls and massage them for several minutes, before pushing the vibe lower to stimulate my ass. I rub my sphincter several times which causes my cock to throb. I’m not brave enough to push her vibrator deep into my asshole. I settle for the pleasurable sensation on my O-ring.

I throw Denise’s trashy novel onto the other chaise lounge and use my hand to pump my shaft up and down. I’m quite stimulated and know I’ll cum soon. Placing the vibrating toy against the bottom of my cock, I continue to slide my hand along my shaft. My spongy glans hardens and my climax begins to build.

I squeeze my seven inches tighter and pump faster. I feel my toes curl and the vibration along my shaft as my orgasm overtakes my body. I lift my hips up off the lounge and pump one, two, three thick ropes of cum into the air. My sticky goo splatters on my stomach and drips over my fingers. I continue to stroke as more jizz dribbles from my pee hole.

My Kastamonu Escort breathing is erratic; I flop back into the soft mattress and my cock softens. I smile to myself as my climax ebbs. A good orgasm is the best way to calm a person. I release my cock, lick the cum from my fingers and close my eyes. Before I know it, I drift off to slumber land.

Chapter Two:

I nap for ninety minutes under the warm afternoon sun. When I come to my senses, I realize Denise will be home within the hour. My stomach is crusted with my dry cum, so I jump into the pool to clean up. I swim around for a few minutes before getting out and drying off. After I finish drying, I fold Denise’s towels and place her novels and vibrator on top. I head back to my house to get dressed.

Around 6:30, I hear a knock on the door. It’s Denise with a Sprouts bag full of goodies. I welcome her in and grab the bag from her while giving her a hug. She is still in her work clothes. Her dark green blouse has three buttons undone and her tasty cleavage is overflowing her light blue bra.

“To what do I owe this pleasurable visit, Denise.”

“I just got off work and am starving, I figured you’d be hungry too. I bought a couple of ready-made salads and some wine from the store. I hope you’re hungry?”

I tell her she is a sight for sore eyes and that I am indeed hungry. In my mind, I am thinking that I am hungry for your body. We head into the kitchen and I gather some plates, silverware and wine glasses. I show Denise where I keep the wine opener. She pulls it from the drawer and uncorks the bottle of merlot.

“I saw the pool Rob; it looks great. Did you clean it today? I am so lucky to have a sexy retired gentleman as my next-door neighbor.”

“Yeah, I spent a little bit of time cleaning and adding the chemicals. Then I took a dip and then a little nap. It is great to be retired.”

Denise quizzes me, “So which paperback did you read?”

I look at her with a confused expression on my face. I shrug my shoulders and tell her I’m not sure what she means.

“So, where did you take your nap?”

“On your chaise lounge.”

“So, in my backyard, on my chaise lounge? Next to my towels and romance novels?”

“OK, OK, I may have read a few pages of The Temptress Pleasure something.”

“Unbound. The Temptress Pleasure Unbound. Oh, you naughty man. I knew it when I saw my towels all neatly folded with my paperback books on top. I never fold those towels, I just throw them about. So, did you enjoy it?”

“You know Denise, I don’t know much about romance novels, but that book borders on pornography. That’s very stimulating stuff you read. I didn’t find much romance.”

“You got turned Rob, didn’t you? Oh my god, did you play with my vibrator? I bet you did while you were reading my book. Didn’t you? Admit it?”

I don’t have much of a poker face and I guess I may have had that ‘dear in the headlights’ look. Maybe I got a little red in the face too. But, I didn’t admit to anything.

“That look on your face tells me everything I need to know. Did you jack off? Did you have an orgasm without me? Oh my god, that is so hot. I can just picture you stroking that gorgeous cock and shooting a load of cum all over. I hope you didn’t make too big of a mess.”

Again, I admit to nothing. I ask Denise if she is ready to eat dinner. While she was accusing me of engaging in my masturbatory habits, I was setting the dishes and silverware on the table and dishing up the salads. Denise pours the wine and hands me a glass while winking at me. She has a certain way of winding me up. Even thought I had a nice satisfying orgasm a few hours ago, I’m extremely horny once again.

We discuss her day at work while we chow down. Her selection of salads shows her good taste; the Cobb salad is my favorite. Today was her long shift, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

“You know Rob, these long days are tough to get through. I guess I should let you know that I have an arterial motive for being here. My feet are killing me and I’ve been told you do a killer foot massage.”

“Oh, where did you get that information, it’s news to me.”

“Ha, you are too cute. Julie spilled the beans. She said you took a massage class a couple of years ago and you are a professional. She said your technique is the best and most sensual she has ever experienced. What do you say to this trade, dinner for a foot massage?”

“You two share way too much information. I can only imagine what you’ll be sharing next.”

“I don’t know, maybe we’ll be sharing you. So, what do you say?”

“Do you really think I’m going to turn down my sexy next-door neighbor, when she is offering to let me play with her body?”

“I said foot massage, not body. You are too much.”

My next-door neighbor is so sexy, sitting across the table from me and offering up her feet to me. Her blouse is about to burst from the strain of holding in her huge tits. The cleavage created by her Kastamonu Escort Bayan blue lace bra is mouthwatering. Her smile is infectious. Her blue eyes sparkle. How did I get so lucky to have a neighbor like Denise? I tell her my only plans for tonight are to crash in front of the TV and relax. She is up for a quiet night after her long day; most of it standing up.

Denise helps me clear the dishes and clean up. While I’m at the kitchen sink, she comes up behind me and wraps her arms around me. She presses her incredible boobs into my back and kisses my cheek.

“Thanks for agreeing to a foot massage. I can really use one tonight. And who knows what might develop.”

She really is going to be the death of me. We take our glasses of wine and the bottle into the family room. I grab the remote and sit on one side of the couch. I put a pillow on my lap and tell Denise to stretch out and put her toes on the pillow. I ask her if she has any preferences for TV. She says perhaps a comedy, but without a laugh track. They drive her nuts. I couldn’t agree more. I flip through the channels as she makes herself comfortable.

It’s time to play with her feet and see if I can ramp up her desire. Something tells me I just might be able to do that. Denise lies sideways on the couch with another pillow supporting her head. We watch the tube as I begin her massage.

I grab her left foot and begin a vigorous rub all around. My thumbs press against her arch and massage the bottom of her foot. I cup her heel and squeeze and rub the flesh. I rub around her ankle, flexing her foot back and forth. Denise breathes deep with a mixture of oohs and aahs. I apply the same technique to her right foot. I press against her arch and massage the bottom of her foot. I run my fingers through her toes and wiggle each one. I grab her left foot again and work her toes over. I alternate massaging her feet for the next twenty minutes.

Denise continues to sigh, “Wow, Julie is right, you are the best. No wonder she was looking a little jealous.”

“It’s just a little thing I learned a few years ago. You have very sexy feet.”

After massaging her feet for twenty minutes, I realize my cock is hard and threatening to poke through my shorts. Handling these sexy toes really affects me. Denise is laying on the couch looking very contented, I can’t say the same for me. With a little adjustment, I unsnap and unzip my shorts. I release my throbbing cock underneath the pillow. I stroke my shaft a few times and decide to remove the pillow. I grab Denise’s feet and slide them up and down my erection. Her smooth skin feels good on my cock.

It takes a moment for Denise to realize that she is now massaging me. She jerks her head up and looks at me.

“What are you doing, you perv?”

“Just giving your feet the executive treatment. It’s all part of your foot massage.”

Denise doesn’t believe what she sees and bursts out laughing.

“If you want a foot job, all you have to do is ask. I prefer giving blow jobs, but what the heck.”

“Well I wouldn’t mind one of those either. But you have to take off your blouse and brassier.”

Denise just shakes her head and removes her feet from my lap. She sits upright on the couch and unbuttons her blouse. She takes it off and throws it at me. Next, she reaches around her back and unsnaps her bra, releasing her 34GGs to the world. My cock gets harder looking at her huge breasts. Denise moves around and stretches out on the couch with her head on my lap. She grabs my cock and strokes my shaft several times.

“Put the pillow back on your lap so I can lay my head down. I’m not done watching TV.”

I grab the pillow and place it between her hand on my cock and her head. She relaxes and turns her attention to the television while she gently squeezes my cock. I reach over and place my hand on her naked breast. I move my fingers around to her erect nipple and roll it between my fingers. I play with her boobs while we watch the end of the show. I like how this evening is proceeding.

The show on the TV ends and the show on the couch is about to begin. I don’t bother with the remote as Denise looks up at me and smiles. My cock has been stiff all along while she played and watched TV.

“How about getting rid of the pillow and your shorts.”

Denise sits up and throws the pillow on the floor. I stand and drop my shorts.

“I’ll be right back.”

I run into my bedroom, grab a bottle of lube, a towel and return to the couch. I put the towel on the couch, sit down and spread my legs. I grab my cock and stroke it a few times to get ready for Denise’s mouth. Denise stands up and moves around to kneel between my legs. She grabs my cock from me and pumps my shaft up and down a few times. She looks at the towel and lube.

“Are we planning on getting a little messy tonight?”

I smile and dibble a bit of lube on my cock. Denise licks my shaft from bottom to top.

“Mm mm, cherry Escort Kastamonu flavor. My favorite

Denise opens her mouth and sucks my cock between her lips. She grips my shaft at the base lowers her mouth as far as she can without gagging. She can take a good three inches. Denise creates a vacuum with her mouth as she raises up. The pressure on my dick is exquisite.

“Rob, pour some more lube on your cock, it’s tasty.”

Denise holds me upright as I drip the cherry flavor lube around my shaft and glans. She kisses the tip of my cock before licking all around my seven inches. Denise sucks my cock while moving her tongue back and forth along the underside of my hard shaft. She jacks me off as she sucks my cock. Denise alternates between sucking on my spongy tip and licking up and down my length. Her hot mouth has me throbbing.

“Denise, wrap your boobs around me.”

She obliges my request and releases my cock from her lips with a pop. She licks her lips all around savoring the cherry flavor. Denise adjusts herself and holds each breast surrounding my dick. I get lost in her massive flesh.

“So, you like a good old fashion titty-fuck, do you? Well I’ve got the boobs to make it happen. You feel good sliding between them. Such a hard cock.”

Denise holds her tits together and slides her body up and down. Each time she moves lower, the tip of my cock emerges from her impressive cleavage. I rub her crimson nipples and pull on them as she continues to jack me off with her 34GG rack.

“I’m getting to know this lovely cock really well. I love that you shave. It looks so sexy between my boobs. I’m ready to fuck it. I want to feel you slide in and out of my pussy.”

I suggest to Denise that I take her from behind as she leans over the couch. She loves the idea, it’s one of her favorite positions. My cock is released from within its warm cocoon as she stands up. I lean in and unsnap her pants pulling them to the floor. Denise moves closer and lets me nuzzle her pussy though her blue lace panties. I inhale her womanly scent and tug on the elastic waistband moving her underwear down her thighs. Denise steps out of her pants and kicks them away. She spreads her legs which opens her cunt to my gaze.

I wrap my hands around her wide ass to pull her pussy closer to my lips. Her pink slit is already moist, surrounded by puffy outer lips. I love her curly landing strip. Her soft hairs tickle my nose as is press my mouth hard against her sex. I stick out my tongue and lick the length of her juicy inner labia. I slide my tongue deeper to separate her inner lips as I lick up and down. Such a sweet tasting pussy.

My hands explore her mature ass. I massage her buns and slide my fingers along her crease. I knead the generous amount of flesh while my tongue continues to explore her front. I bring my hands around to her pussy and separate her folds with my fingers. Her deep red inner core is exposed and I drive my tongue deep. Denise holds my head in place as I eat her up.

“You are driving me crazy. I need you to fuck me now. I can’t wait any longer, I need your cock inside of me.”

I take one last long lick up her sweet inner lips before we rearrange ourselves. Denise pulls me up from the couch and moves over to the end. She bends over and places her hands on the arm. Her huge breasts hang down. I grab my bottle of lube and move in behind her. I run my free hand up her inner thigh to separate her legs. Denise complies by spreading her legs and bends down further, presenting her tantalizing ass to me.

I grab my shaft and slide it along her rear crack. I pour a small amount of lube along my shaft and work it into Denise’s ass. With my hand gripping the base of my cock, I place my tip at her entrance and push. I slide easily into Denise assisted by the cherry lube. She grunts as I bottom out.

“Gawd yes, you are so deep. You fill me up.”

I place my hands on her hips and begin a gentle in and out motion. I glide smoothly as Denise’s natural lubrication mixes with the lube from the bottle. Her pussy is warm and soothing. I feel every inch of her sweet vagina and she feels my full seven inches. Denise braces her legs as I push harder against the soft cushion of her ass.

After a few minutes of long, slow strokes, I pull out and slide my shaft along her backdoor. I rub my cock back and forth along her tight O-ring. The lube assists my movement as I glide along her rear crease.

“Oooh, that feels delicious Rob. My little star is so sensitive.”

I pull away, line up my cock with her cunt lips again and slide back in the deep recess. Her inner flesh feels even hotter and wetter than before. I hold her ass cheeks and spread them giving me a clear view of her tight pink anus shining with lubrication. I use the lubricant to slide my finger back and forth over her sphincter as my cock saws away at her pussy.

“Stick your finger in my ass, push it deep. I love to have both holes filled.”

With the next thrust of my cock, I press my index finger past the tight muscle that surrounds her anal entrance. I ease my digit past the second knuckle until my entire finger is buried deep in her ass. I feel my hard cock slide back and forth through the thin membrane of skin. I rotate my finger as I slide my cock back and forth.

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