Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! Ch. 04


Welcome back to the exciting adventures of Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! In this episode Chase and Box confront the killers, discover clues about nefarious deeds, and more!

But before we depart I must tell you that this is a special submission. I’m sad to say one of the characters did not want to have sex; they told me it just wasn’t right for them or the tale. However, dear readers, fear not! As you might imagine by the story category, I’ve arranged something special for you. That’s right! At the end of the chapter is the deleted sex scene for your pleasure and amusement.

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Chase and Box slept in a tent at the base of a tall cliff. Eons ago someone, or something, had inexplicably hollowed out the inside of the mountain to create a pyramid-shaped cavern. The bases of the walls of the cavern were precisely three hundred and fourteen feet, as was the height at the apex. Curious symbols and geometric shapes surrounded the entrance and continued throughout the long entrance passageway.

Thieves had entered the camp, killed workers and stolen artifacts, including an orb with special properties. They had also kidnapped Anna from Snapper Lake Lodge. Chase and Box were on their trail.


The sun rose over the eastern edge of the mountain and suffused light flowed into the tent, waking Chase and Box. Chase yawned, stretched and climbed out of his sleeping bag.

“Get your ass up, big man. Time to saddle up.”

“Awww, I wanted to sleep in today, then have breakfast in bed,” Box said, rolling out of his bag.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Chase broke camp and stowed their gear on the four wheelers while Box strolled off to get coffee from the mess tent. Box returned with a couple of cinnamon raisin bagels and handed one to Chase along with a cup of steaming coffee, black, no sugar.

“Zizi said they came into camp and left the camp from different directions. When they left she saw one guy circling around to the west, so that’s the direction to start. We should be able to pick up their trail,” Chase thought out loud.

Box was about to respond when they heard a distant gunshot followed by a faint scream. Chase snapped his head around and looked at Box.



“It’s good to see you again, Ruane. If I were forty years younger I just might steal you away from Chase,” Willie teased, setting a glass of sweetened ice tea on the table next to her laptop computer.

Ruane leaned forward, her forearms close together on the table, her upper arms pressing her breasts together, emphasizing them.

“I don’t belong to Chase, Willie. I’m my own woman. I decide who I take into my body. And I bet you could show a girl a real good time,” she said in a husky voice while batting her lashes.

“Help me, Lord Jesus. You’re gonna give me a heart attack, young lady,” he laughed, putting his hand over his heart and faking a backward stumble. “Besides, ain’t no secret to me who’s got your heart.”

“Please tell me I’m not that obvious! But, maybe someday, Willie. Maybe someday. Thanks for the tea.”

“Naw, I’ve just known you a long time is all. And sooner better than later, I hope. My pleasure on the tea. You holler if you need anything else,” Willie said and left Ruane alone in the private dining room.

She turned her attention to her laptop. Ruane was gathering information about Anna, hoping it would help in their search for her. Anna Preston was well educated, having attended private schools through the university level, ultimately earning an MBA. But she hadn’t joined her siblings in the family media business. Anna followed her own path through a variety of volunteer and environmental groups.

Ruane sipped her tea, stood and left through a side door to go to the bathroom. A man passed her in the hallway and entered the private dining room as though using it as a shortcut to the great room. As he passed her chair he poured the clear liquid contents of a small capsule into her tea.

Ruane returned, sat down, and resumed her research. She sipped her tea and googled Parker Dill. She discovered Parker was a world renowned symbologist. Reading other links about Parker she discovered he had won a Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work that led to the eventual decoding of ancient runes, which resulted in a fundamental revision regarding the understanding Kastamonu Escort of an ancient culture. She also learned that his sister died about a year ago while being treated for migraines.

Ruane grew drowsy, yawned and stretched. She gathered her computer and papers and went to her room to take a short nap.

Unseen by others, the man slipped into her room, carried her down a seldom used back hallway to the rear of the lodge, placed her into a waiting Range Rover and drove away.


Chase set the MP5 for three shot bursts and secured it in the quick release clip on the handle bar of the four wheeler. Box geared up, the same as Chase did.

Chase’s Glock 19 was holstered at his side. Box liked the SIG-Sauer P-226. Chase preferred the Glock because it was lighter and held two more rounds in the clip. Given Box’s habit of carrying far more ammunition than likely to be needed, he teased his friend about that from time to time.

They jumped onto the four wheelers and sped across the camp toward the sound of the gunshot and scream. As they passed, Zizi’s eyes followed Box as she sipped her coffee. A small upward curl formed at a corner of her mouth.


Dirk stood next to the open tailgate of one of the Range Rovers, looking at the objects inside. “Dill. Over here,” he barked.

Parker walked over to the vehicle, taking short, awkward steps because of the rope tied to his legs. He stopped, but didn’t say anything to Dirk.

“What can you tell me about this?” he asked, placing the orb in Parker’s hand.

“What is it?”

“Those symbols. The markings. What do they mean?”

Parker peered at the orb, turned it in his hands, this way, then that, awkward because his wrists were tied together. It was a fascinating object. The orb was silver, not shiny, but had a dull sheen. It was about the size of a softball or coconut, maybe a little larger, very light and densely covered with intricate shapes and symbols, many of which he had seen before in his research and travels around the world.

“I can’t say. I’d have to study it and do some research. Some of these are simple geometric shapes. A variety of polyhedrons….” Parker’s voice tapered off and he mumbled to himself. “…symbolic progression…four-dimensional polyhedra…fire, earth, air, water, ether…harmonic divisions…infinity…fractals…space filling curves. This is quite extraordinary!” he exclaimed, finally looking up at Dirk. “What is it?”

The mercenary’s mouth twisted into a sneer. He slowly pulled his pistol out of its holster and shot Parker in the stomach. The round went through the lower left side of his abdomen, both entry and exit holes small. Parker grunted. As the wounded man dropped to his knees Dirk plucked the orb from his hands.

Ruane was sitting with Anna. Her legs were hobbled and her hands bound in front. The last thing she recalled before waking in the Range Rover was lying down in her room to take a nap. The merc who had drugged and kidnapped her had explained she was added insurance against Chase and Box. When the gun went off Ruane screamed, not out of fear, but on the outside chance that Chase and Box were within range and would hear her.

Parker was breathing hard, sweat beading out on his brow. His face contorted in pain. Dirk leaned down and cradled the orb next to Parker’s wound. “You’ll be fine, Professor. Just wait and see.”

Several minutes passed, during which time Parker’s breathing eased. His face relaxed. He looked up at Dirk, at his humorless smile. Parker stood. He raised his shirt and looked at his stomach. There was a small angry red mark. He looked at Dirk with amazement.

“That’s right. Incredible, isn’t it? Have you connected the dots yet, Dill?”

Dirk looked to the northwest. He sensed it before it registered, the soft whops of an approaching helicopter.


“Hear that, Box?”

“Yeah, move out,” Box said over his shoulder and pushed the four wheeler harder.

Chase and Box thrashed through the wilderness. They were lucky. The area they were traveling through wasn’t steep enough to cause serious problems and the brush was very light under this section of pine trees. They rode off trail, weaving around the trees at reckless speeds, the four wheelers going airborne when they hit bumps and rises. It was a jarring, bone crushing run, but they were desperate to get to Ruane and Anna before the helicopter took off.

The Kastamonu Escort Bayan whop-whop-whop of the helicopter became louder and helped them zero in on their target. From two hundred yards out they spotted some vehicles and saw the sleek Eurocopter EC 130 land in a broad clearing. People started toward the chopper.

Chase and Box skidded to a stop to quickly assess the situation. Both scanned the scene with field glasses. “I count three shooters. Look. Ruane, Anna and Parker are tied up. Maureen’s not,” Chase said.

“Could make her a fourth shooter.”


“Stay soft?”

“Got to.”

“Yep. I got five.”

“Seven,” Chase said, dropping the field glasses back in the carry bag in front of him. He nimbly secured the cover and powered hard to the left.

With the landing site designated as twelve o’clock, Chase swept left and approached from a seven o’clock position. Box arced right bearing down from a five o’clock position. This allowed for a wide killing zone, and minimized the danger of them accidentally shooting each other.

Chase got within thirty yards of the left Range Rover before he was spotted by the hawk-nosed man standing near the chopper’s door twenty yards further on. Dirk swung his weapon around at Chase and fired a short burst. Another merc spotted motion to the left, swung his gun around, and fired.

Chase snatched his weapon from the handle bars and dove off of the four wheeler, rolling on the ground and landing in a crouch behind a tree. He put the metal pin in his shirt pocket and waited. The four wheeler sped on and at the count of five the flash-bang duct-taped to the four wheeler exploded.

An incredibly loud noise and blinding light stunned the mercs momentarily, though not as nearly as effectively as when breaching buildings. Chase looked around the tree. With the MP5 stock high on his right shoulder, he sighted his target, fired a burst, and sprung. Bursts of three. Brief, slurred purrs from the silenced MP5. Firing and then running, he darted from tree to tree, approaching the camp as fast as he could under fire.

Box saw the merc start to swing a weapon his way. He killed the engine while braking and slid behind the four wheeler as bullets whizzed by and pinged the front of the machine.

“Little fucker’s trying to kill me, huh. Don’t know who he’s fucking with, the little wanker,” Box mumbled to himself as he pushed the four wheeler closer to the helicopter. Without him steering the four wheeler veered right, towards the second Range Rover.

Box saw Chase firing and darting from tree to tree, shooting and scooting, heading for the Range Rover on the other side of the clearing. He smiled as he squeezed off bursts from his MP5.

Box was about ten yards from the Range Rover. He threw another flash-bang at the chopper. He rose to run behind the SUV and fired a burst, soft burps, deadlier than it sounded. He hadn’t seen Maureen on the other side of the Range Rover. She ran for the chopper and into his sight line just as he pulled the trigger and ran for cover.

Chase was at the Range Rover on his side of camp. Only Dirk and Maureen remained to board. Maureen had gone back to the other vehicle to get her purse. Chase saw her run for the chopper and go down hard.

The EC 130 was powered up. Chase fired. The hawk-nosed man staggered backward and began to slide to the ground.

Arms reached out of the helicopter and hauled him into the cockpit. Chase’s and Box’s shots bounced impotently off the helicopter’s windows. The chopper’s whine increased and it lifted off, dirt and twigs and pine needles swirling in the air and peppering them for being late. Just before the door slammed shut Chase saw Ruane toss something out and he watched it fall, rotating slowly, almost in slow motion, the sun glinting off the object as it tumbled to the ground.

Chase pulled his Glock, aimed at the rear rotor and – held. He didn’t want to cripple the helicopter only to have it crash and kill the occupants. He couldn’t take that chance, not with Ruane, Anna and Parker aboard. He holstered his weapon.

Chase and Box, helpless, entered the camp and watched the helicopter swivel, rise and finally disappear in the Canadian sky. Box strolled over to check on Maureen, lying in a crumpled heap on the ground. Chase picked up the object Ruane had thrown out of the helicopter. It was a pen. He rotated it and read the script on the side.

Vortex Escort Kastamonu Pharmaceuticals

Helping people live


Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed the action in this chapter. Please take a moment to vote and comment, and then return here for the deleted sex scene.



Dear readers, sometimes an author writes a story and as it progresses the characters take over and tell you what they’re going to do whether you like it or not. Well, Maureen just wasn’t up what I had asked of her; she’s not really that kind of girl at heart after all, I guess. The mercenary was all for it, but in the end Maureen convinced me. But, while Maureen made me take it out of the story, she gave me permission to show you. I hope you enjoy it. Please remember to vote and comment on Chapter 4 before you read this section. Thank you, enjoy.


It was dark, just before dawn. Maureen caught the mercenary’s eye, turned, and walked into the surrounding forest. The mercenary smiled and followed.

She stopped behind a large Northern pine. The merc caught up with her, slung his MP5 off his shoulder and leaned it against the tree. He grabbed the back of her neck and pressed his lips hard to hers. His other hand roughly squeezed her breast.

Maureen moaned into his mouth, tasting cigarettes and coffee. She groped for his crotch, unbuckled and unzipped his pants and yanked them to his knees. Maureen tore her mouth from the mercenary’s probing tongue, bending at the waist and quickly taking his hardening member into her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it. Suck my dick. Yeah, that’s good.”

Maureen licked the crown, swirling her tongue around the head. It slid over her tongue and she took it deeply into her mouth. She made small whines and moans as she sucked the merc’s cock.

She rose up and kissed the man, tasting his stale breath. Her soft fingers stroked his cock and massaged his balls. Maureen pushed the manicured nail of her little finger into his urethra and the man groaned. With the help of his slick pre-cum, she pressed the tip of her little finger in deeper and fucked that tiny hole. The mercenary squeezed the back of Maureen’s head and moaned into her mouth, thrilled with the exquisite pleasure-pain.

Maureen squatted and she jacked his cock near her face. She moved her mouth over him. She licked his balls and sucked his cock, getting it slick and wet. Maureen stood up and kissed the mercenary with her desperate tongue. She felt his hands squeeze and maul her breasts while she fumbled with her pants. After loosening them she pushed them down to mid-thigh. Maureen turned away from him, bending forward slightly and bracing herself against the tree. She felt the roughness of the bark on her palms and the cool morning air on her rear. She arched her back and tilted her hips toward him.

“Fuck me. Fuck my cunt.”

The merc smiled and stepped up to her. He held his cock at her opening and thrust hard. Maureen gasped and closed her eyes. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her, watching her ass compress with each thrust and listening to the liquid sounds. He groped and roughly squeezed her breasts.

Maureen felt the push and tug of his cock, the glorious fullness then emptiness, over and over. She dropped one hand and rubbed her clit. She imagined it was Chase behind her, that the handsome pilot was fucking her against a pine tree deep in the Canadian wilderness.

“Tell me when you’re gonna come,” she rasped.

The merc was grunting behind her, slapping into her again and again.

“Now. Ugh.”

Maureen spun around, grabbed his cock and swooped down on it. She stroked the shaft and felt his seed jetting into her mouth. Her lips and tongue could feel the pulsing cock and it throbbed several times as she swallowed his cum and it calmed her. She imagined it was another man’s cock in her mouth, another man’s cum coating her lips and tongue.

The merc’s cock softened. Maureen finally released him, rose and dabbed her lips with the back of her hand. She looked up at him with a small smile. “Thanks, soldier. I needed that.”

“Shit. Anyfuckingtime. You just say the word.”

The merc heard his name being called. He pulled himself together, grabbed his gun and trotted off. Maureen leaned against the tree and finished herself, thinking of a handsome pilot. She doubted it would happen, though. Not after this. She pulled her pants up, tucked in her shirt, zipped and buckled up and walked slowly back to camp.


Thanks for reading. And stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot!, where we meet the owner of Vortex Pharmaceuticals, Chase and Box see about Maureen, and more!

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