Chiara Chronicles Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – A Horny Halloween

The day before the party Annie had as much of her plan together as she could without letting anything slip to Chiara. She knew that if everything happened the way that she hoped, her relationship with Chiara might fizzle out but she accepted that. She loved Chiara, and she wanted her to be as happy as possible, and doing what she had in mind would be best for both of them. It didn’t mean she didn’t have regrets though, Annie loved being with the little imp. Chiara was probably the most energetic and creative lover she’d ever had and she would miss that terribly.

That night when they got into their shared bed Annie made slow, gentle love to the little redhead, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm before she finally begged her to stop. Chiara insisted on returning the favour, and when they’d finally had enough of each other she fell asleep nestled in Annie’s arms. Annie lay awake as her petite lover slept peacefully, watching her as she breathed. She began to cry as she held her dear friend in her arms. Annie fell asleep still crying.

Chiara woke up with a warm, naked body snuggled up behind her. She rolled over and looked into Annie’s sparkling black eyes.

“Good morning stretch,” she murmured as she stretched out her arms and legs.

Annie kissed her gently on the lips and ran her fingers down Chiara’s ribs which caused he to giggle wildly.

“Please, don’t do that,” she gasped as her body shook with laughter.

“You mean this?” Annie asked as she tickled her just above her hip, making Chiara shriek with laughter. She rolled herself half on top of Chiara and tickled her even more as Chiara laughed and gasped.

Chiara begged her to stop but Annie wouldn’t, so she tried to squirm away. Annie redoubled her efforts so Chiara gave up trying to get away and decided to fight fire with fire and started to tickle her back. That led to the mother of all tickle fights between the girls before they finally had enough and lay on the bed gasping and giggling.

“So have you decided what you’re going to wear to the party tonight Kiki?” Annie asked as she caressed her small breast.

“Oh fuck! I forgot all about a costume! Can you help me Annie?” Chiara said in a panic as she jumped up from their bed.

Annie told her not to worry and started rummaging through Chiara’s dresser, coming up with her old Catholic school uniform skirt and blouse which Chiara had totally forgotten that she’d packed.

“Oh No! No! No! No! Not that!” Chiara cringed, thinking about how horrible it would be to show up at the Halloween party and looking fourteen.

Annie looked at Chiara and gave her a mischievous grin, assuring her that by the time she was done with her, Chiara would be the sluttiest school girl at the party.

“Here put these on,” Annie said as she handed the clothes to her friend then turned back to the dresser. “Do you still have the knee socks?”

Chiara shook her head in resignation, “Check my pantie drawer.”

Once Chiara was in her uniform Annie grinned wickedly and started pinning the skirt up until it barely covered her crotch. Next she took Chiara’s shirt-tails and knotted them up under her pert little breasts. Her final touch was to take a dollop of hair wax and tousle her friend’s hair into a spiky mess.

“So which panties should I wear?” Chiara asked her as she checked herself out in her mirror, noting that she really didn’t look half bad.

Annie chuckled evilly and said nothing.

Chiara paled when she realized what Annie’s plan was. “Nuh uh! No way Annie, my ass is hanging out of this skirt now!”

“I know,” she replied. “That’s the whole point my sexy little slut. I’ve now decided that I’m going to go as your headmistress tonight.”

“I’m not sure I like the sound of that,” Chiara said with a naughty grin as she gave in to her friend’s wicked idea. “You’re not going to spank me or anything are you?”

“That really depends on how you behave short stuff.”

Chiara suspected that Annie had something up her sleeve, but she was also excited about what might be in store for her at Kayseri Escort the party.

Annie could see that the little redhead was getting excited. Her little nipples were almost ripping through her blouse they were so hard. She slipped her hand under Chiara’s skirt and could feel her wetness oozing down her thighs from her slushy pussy.

“God Chiara are you always horny? You’re dripping like a leaky faucet.” Annie chuckle as she licked her fingers.

“Mostly when you’re around stretch.” Chiara smirked.

When they were getting ready for the party Chiara just about died when she saw what Annie had decided to wear. Annie dressed in a tight, almost see through blouse with a black lace bra, black miniskirt, fishnet stockings and garter with spike-heeled shoes. Chiara almost regretted that they were going to the party because she just wanted to lick her gorgeous roommate all over.

Before they left Annie handed her a little silver egg and told her to slip it into her pussy. Chiara did as she was told and giggled when she felt it tickle her insides. She figured it may have been a little vibrator and had something to do with Annie’s evil plan but went along with it anyway, looking forward to seeing what would happen.

“So what’s the little deelie in my pussy for Annie? It feels kinda funny in there,” Chiara said with an impish grin.

“You’ll find out soon enough poppet,” Annie said with an evil smile as she pecked her on the lips. “Don’t worry though, in a little bit you won’t even notice that it’s in your cunny.”

It was a warm evening for the end of October so the girls walked the short distance over to the frat house. Chiara could still feel the egg inside her and the darn little thing was turning her on as they walked. By the time they got to the party Chiara could already feel that her upper thighs were slick with her juices.

The party had been going on for a few hours and Chiara was feeling pretty good. She’d had a beer, tried a shooter and ever taken a few hits off a joint with a couple of guys from her English class. By that time she’d totally forgotten all about the egg in her pussy and was standing and talking to another guy from her class when all of a sudden she felt a buzzing between her legs. Her knees buckled a bit and her pussy instantly grew wet, she grabbed onto her friend, moaning softly. The buzzing suddenly stopped and Chiara sighed with relief. It had only lasted about thirty seconds but it was long enough to have her juices dripping down her thighs again. Chiara looked around and saw Annie grinning wickedly at her as she fiddled with a small remote.

Annie turned and walked away as she saw Chiara stand up and pull herself together. She was chuckling to herself, thinking about how much fun this party was going to be when she bumped into Steve.

“Hey nice costume babe, what are you supposed to be a prostitute?” He joked as he tried not to drool while checking her out.

Steve was dressed up as a pregnant nun, and she had a good laugh as she rubbed his fake belly. “I dear boy, am dressed up as a school headmistress.”

Steve laughed, “Holy shit, if you’d been MY teacher I never woulda cut classes in high school!”

“Wanna see who I conned into being my student?” Annie asked with another of her evil grins as she pointed to Chiara.

When Steve followed Annie’s gaze his eyes bugged out and jaw dropped. “Oh. My. God. Now that’s fucking hot! How did you get sweet little Chiara into that outfit?”

Annie gave Steve a kiss and smiled, “The power of persuasion my boy, the power of persuasion. I’ll tell you though, it didn’t take a whole lot of effort to get the little tart to do it.”

“Annie you could probably turn Mother Theresa into a hooker if you set your mind to it.” Steve laughed as he gave her ass a not-too-subtle squeeze.

“That’s what makes it fun.” Annie said as she joined in his laughter.

“Listen I’ll talk to you later okay?”

“Sure,” Annie replied with a sly grin. “Maybe you can show me what’s under your habit then.”

A little later Chiara was out in the Kayseri Escort Bayan backyard dancing to the music blaring from the sound system when she felt the little vibe go off again. She looked around in a panic and saw Annie standing over by the DJ laughing. Chiara couldn’t help herself and dropped to her knees as her hand slipped up her skirt and her fingers found her clit. One of the other girls crouched down beside her and asked her if she was alright.

“Y-yes I-I’m okay,” Chiara gasped out.

“Are you sure? You don’t look so good.” The girl said.

“J-just get me inside!” Chiara stuttered as her fingers battered her clit.

The girl got her up and helped her into the house, where once she was out of range of Annie and her remote the vibe turned off. Chiara was twitching and shivering as she leaned against the wall, trying to calm her pent up sexual frustration. Some of the other people nearby, not knowing what was really happening, were staring at her like she was on drugs or something. Chiara didn’t care, all she wanted to do was cum.

Annie watched what happened to Chiara as she took a long swallow of her beer. She almost felt sorry for the little pipsqueak and decided that maybe she should give Chiara a break for a bit. She sauntered back into the house and looked around for Chiara, then spied her off in a corner by herself. When Chiara saw her she bolted up the nearest stairs like a rabbit. Annie laughed at the little redhead’s reaction and knew it was time to start the final phase of her plan, herding Chiara into the exact moment when her plan would be complete.

Over the next hour Annie casually followed Chiara around the house, every now and then letting her catch sight of her and making her run in the opposite direction. She also had her radar up and kept an eye on her other intended victim of the evening, herding him as well as he tried to avoid her too. God she loved manipulating things like this! Even with all of her work trying to keep things going, Annie also managed to flirt with at least a dozen guys during the party. Things were going so well she was on a total high, Annie felt like there was nothing she couldn’t do that night. The moment of truth was fast approaching, she could see her victim walking toward a corner from where she was standing, and Chiara was just on the other side of it looking like she was ready to make a fast break if she saw Annie. She decided to scare the imp into action and when Chiara saw her she tried to dart around the corner to escape, but instead slammed right into the guy, bouncing off of him and making Annie laugh.

Chiara looked up at the guy she bumped into and just about melted. He was about 6’2″ with dark hair and eyes and was BUILT! He was dressed like Zorro and she realized that she’d just spilled her beer all over him.

“Oh God I’m so sorry!” She said as she tried to brush her beer from his black silk shirt.

“No little lady it was my fault,” he replied in a deep sexy voice. “I came around that corner too fast.”

Chiara could feel herself getting wet and it had nothing to do with Annie’s damn little egg. This guy was totally hot and he was checking her out!

“Are you even old enough to be here miss?” He asked.

“Yeah I am, I’m eighteen and I’m a freshman here,” she responded as haughtily as she could.

“Ohh you’re a little firecracker aren’t you? My name is Marc by the way.”

Before she could respond Chiara felt that tingle between her legs again. She knew this time Annie was going to make her cum and there was nothing she could do about it. She started shaking and her knees buckled again. The only thing she could do was grab onto the hunk in front of her and ride it out.

“Ohhhh, fuck not now! Please stop. Nooo, oh God no not now!” she wailed softly to herself.

Marc, not knowing what was happening held her up and asked if she needed help with a deeply concerned expression on his face.

Chiara’s eyes were glazing over as pure unbridled lust ripped through her, exploding from her gushing pussy. She grabbed Marc and pulled him down, kissing him long Escort Kayseri and hard, her tongue invading his surprised mouth. Then she grabbed his hand and shoved it into her shirt and onto her small aching breasts, showing him how aroused she was and not caring that she was doing this in a crowded room of strangers.

Marc was totally surprised by Chiara’s actions and didn’t know what he should do. She kept rubbing his hand on her small tits and her tongue wouldn’t stop squirming inside his mouth. He’d never seen a girl act like this before and he thought maybe she was on E or something. Her body was wriggling in his arms and he had a hard time keeping her still as she grabbed and pawed at him.

Annie was standing back and laughing as she watched the scene between Chiara and Marc play out. The stunned look on his face was absolutely priceless as he attempted to keep her petite roommate on her feet and tried to figure out what to do with his hands. Chiara was rubbing herself all over him like a cat in heat and making all sorts of crazy sounds. Annie thought to herself that she should have brought a video camera as she continued to watch. After another minute she figured Chiara had had enough so she hit the off switch on her remote. All that happened was that the remote got so hot that she dropped it. She looked over at Chiara and saw that she was still writhing and screaming. Then she went limp and slid to the floor.

“Oh fuck! CHIARA!” Annie screamed as she ran to her friend’s side.

Marc had Chiara up into his arms before Annie made it over. Once she got there he gave her a withering look. “This was you! What did you do Annie?”

Annie looked into Marc’s eyes, scared for her friend. “I…I…”

“Let’s get her out of here,” Marc said as he turned his back on Annie.

Marc led Annie to the nearest bedroom and laid Chiara down in the bed. Chiara’s body started to jerk and shake in orgasm again as the little vibe continued stimulate her. Her arms and legs were thrashing about and she began screaming again.

“What’s her name?” Marc asked.

Annie stared at him blankly for a moment.


“Kiki…Chiara! God this wasn’t supposed to happen! Get it out! You’ve got to get it out of her!”

“Get what out?”

“She’s got a remote vibe in her. It shorted out and now it’s stuck on. Get it out of her! Hurry!” Annie replied in a panic.

Marc stared daggers at her then turned to the shuddering girl on the bed. He knew he had to do something so he got on the floor beside the bed. Seeing that Chiara was just gushing with fluid he slipped two fingers into her spasming pussy and rooted around until he was able to get the offending egg in his fingers and pull it out, then tossed it across the room.

Chiara’s body slumped back down almost immediately, only twitching occasionally from aftershocks. Marc wouldn’t even look at Annie he was so furious, he just took one of Chiara’s small hands into his and gently stroked it while watching her breathe. Annie sat on the opposite side of her, crying and whispering apologies into her ear.

After a few minutes Chiara’s eyes fluttered open. She looked around the room, confused because she had no idea where she was.

“What happened Annie? God my stomach and pussy feel like I’ve been fucked brainless.” Chiara said as she rubbed her aching midsection.

Annie looked at Marc but he refused to make eye contact with her. “The vibe shorted out and wouldn’t turn off. Just rest for now Kiki, we’ll talk about it later okay sweetie?” Annie said, trying to avoid the subject.

“Um Kiki? Chiara? I’m sorry if I hurt you trying to get that little thingy out of you. I tried to be as gentle as possible but you were flailing around quite a bit.” Marc said softly.

Marc ran his fingers through Chiara’s short hair and grinned at her, thankful that she seemed to be okay.

Chiara reached up and touched Marc’s cheek. “Thank you for saving me Zorro. I never knew having an orgasm might be a fate worse than death until now.”

Marc laughed and said that she certainly had an interesting way of introducing herself to people. He leaned toward Chiara and their lips brushed lightly, then joined again with more heat as their bodies responded to their pent up emotions.

Annie saw the look that passed between them then quietly left the room, a knowing grin growing on her face.

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