Day I

I step into the elevator and press “down,” checking my tie in the mirror. It’s a little crooked so I tighten it up and give myself a little smirk. Lunchtime! And no clients I have to entertain. Today I get to choose my own restaurant! Where to go? Chipotle is always fun, but crowded. Jimmy John’s is tasty, too, though a long walk. The women who work in the US Bank building are always cute so the walk should be worth it.

Crystal Court is beautiful with the sunshine, littered with beggars and billionaires. The woman who panhandles in a bikini is over on a bench. Her take has to be better in the summer. Outside is so nice that I decided to risk the construction while I head down seventh. A few blocks, an escalator ride and I’m standing in line. Looking ahead I see this beautiful woman looking at her watch. Tight sexy body, flowing silk blouse and a tight thigh length skirt. She fits downtown, what one coworker calls “Downtown Motivation.” I let my eyes wander. The whole get up is sexy professional, right down to the three inch heels.

She checks her text messages. I try to look over her shoulder, pretending to look at the menu but really trying to see what she’s typing. Looks like something to her boyfriend. Angry. “I dressed special because you were coming to lunch.” But her eyes flicker and I quickly look at the menu as she looks at me. Does she suspect?

I fiddle with my Blackberry, trying to be self absorbed and diminish any suspicion. Completely ignoring her eyes I type a text to a buddy of mine asking if he’s going to be at our Satellite office later. Her eyes are burning, I can tell she’s still looking at me, maybe my phone. So I continue the text and tell my friend that this incredibly hot woman is standing ahead of me in line. She turns back toward Jimmy Johns and I see her hip slide to the side, creating a sexy suggestive pose.

My Blackberry gets returned to my pocket and I look around and slide closer to her. Nervously excited I sidle closer to her, rotate and slide a few extended fingers across her smooth, skirted ass. Her mouth twitches into a smile. Emboldened I cup her ass cheek in my hand, squeezing. I feel her lean back into my squeeze. I lean forward and kiss her earlobe then whisper, “Good afternoon, Beautiful.” Our eyes and her eyes twinkle. She is very attractive and smiles back, “Good afternoon.”

My hand encircles her waist as we look at each other. I jerk my head to the left and she nods in assent. We slip out of line and she takes my hand. We wander down the skyway, Right in the middle, I turn, my hand reaches out and caresses your cheek, and over the street I press my lips to yours in moist kisses.

I lead you to Rand Tower, and from there across Marquette in the skyway. There at the abandoned shoe shine spot, I spin around and we press into each other. Lips, arms, hands, curves. I sit you up on a chair and my hand slides up your stockinged leg and I feel you shiver but your kisses Yozgat Escort get more intense. My fingers find the soft material of your panties and the slight dampness is the final betrayal. I feel through your underwear and press your panties into your pussy. You moan as someone walks by and you clam your legs together around my hand. It’s obvious what I’m doing, but the large blonde woman just smiles and winks as she passes.

The hall clear, I pull your thong down and stuff it into my suit pocket. My fingers abuse your wet slit unabated, curling inside you. My thumb brushes your clit as my tongue rapes your mouth. I can feel your body begin to spasm and your pussy clenches around my fingers in a powerful orgasm. Your kisses become broken as you strive for breath, you squirm on the chair. A minute, two pass as you come down from your intense experience. I feel you smile as you begin straightening your skirt. I withdraw my hand and suck on my finger, tasting your sweetness. You stand. “Thank you, sir.”

I look, hopeful, “What’s your name? And lunch tomorrow?”

“Sure. See you at noon. Here. Hope you like a box lunch. Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Day II

I’m leaving my seminar at the Radisson, walking through the skyway across to City Center when I recognize the hair and tush in front of me. Can it be the woman from the shoe shine yesterday? I get closer and confirm that yes, it is you. Remembering how things went at Jimmy Johns, I brush my fingers across the side of your ass as I pass beside you, muttering, ‘Good morning, beautiful.’

Your face lights up in an enormous smile. Good! You are happy to see me. I certainly am delighted to see you again, you woman of mystery. I meet your eyes and reach out and take your hand. Turning around, I lead you back to the radisson, into an elevator and press three. The instant the doors close our mouths hungrily consume each other. Your lips delicious upon mine. The elevator stops, and we walk out, you adjusting your skirt, I adjust my pants which have now become too tight in the crotch.

Exiting, my hand rests comfortably upon your ass, squeezing and caressing it. A coat closet is on the left and we duck in. The kisses recommence and I slip my hands up your skirt. You kick the door closed – partially – and I pull your panties down. ‘Another for your collection?’ You say, and stick them in my suit pocket.

You reach down and unzip my pants, freeing my throbbing cock. ‘Hmm, so that’s what you keep in there. I want him.’

‘You drive a hard bargain, lady. But I might be able to accomplish that!’ I grin back, caressing your breasts through your blouse.

My fingers find your moist slit, a digit caresses your clit while another curls inside you. I nibble on your neck, biting gently, and I feel you grow excited. You pull my hand out and lick my fingers. ‘I like your fingers, but I need something bigger.’ I lift you up and slide Yozgat Escort Bayan my cock up inside you, filling you and feeling you compress around me. We both exhale, releasing our joy and sexual frustration, desire compelling us and fear heightening the pleasure. The excitement builds, the tension mounts and we both explode in sweaty happiness.

I offer your panties back to you and we furtively look around, grinning like children. Adjusting ourselves and our attire, I ask you to lunch and you accept.


Standing in City Center , looking over the railing, I nibble on the Mystery Woman’s neck while securing the blindfold on her. “I hope you find this fun. I know I’ll be enjoying myself.”

“Whatever you’re planning, the blindfold better be worth it, Stranger Boy.”

“Perhaps!” The blindfold is secured, the small red knot in the back of her hair looks silly, but would anyone notice the knot? The distraction of a blindfolded woman being led through downtown skyways should be enough, I would think. Irresistibly, I lean forward and gently kiss her lips. “Let’s begin!”

I take her by the hand and head across sixth street through the skyway and press down in the Plymouth Building elevator. My hand plays patiently with her hair, a finger tracing across her forehead, lifting and then touching her nose. “Beep,” I laugh.

“Someone’s having too much fun. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” She is nervous but her nipples resist her blouse. I hope her sense of adventure rules out.

“I’m quite sure I know what we’re about to do! And you do not, which raises the heightened sense of excitement. Or so I hope.”

The elevator ride is swift, and soon we are entering the restaurant. I pull her by the hand, insistently but without urgency. The Matre’d recognizes and bids me follow him. The back room is set and the two guests are already mingling around the edges. Monique smiles as she sees the attractive woman with me and I know I have chosen well. Her companion is attired in a long coat and refuses to look me in the eye, instead appears to fix her look at the buttons on my dark blue suit. The door closes and things can begin.

“Where are we?” The nervousness has relaxed, but the sense of play is still strong.

Whispering with my lips grazing hers with every syllable, “All in due time, darling. You will know all in a short time, but for now, you must be patient.” My fingers begin undressing her. I don’t want her knowing that others are there yet. I drape her blouse over a near by chair, then turn to unclasp her bra. The temperature had been raised per my request, but the goose bumps are still noticeable as skin adjusted to the new exposure. I remove her skirt and kiss my way down her neck to the firm breasts rising up and down gently as she maintained composure. I curl my thumb and fingers inside her thong and pull it down. She has already kicked off her Escort Yozgat shoes and now she stands naked before the three of us. I pick her up and lift her on the table.

The tablecloth is actually a blanket for warmth, but I doubt she realizes that. I lay her down flat on the table and secure her feet in bondage clamps that Monique’s girlfriend Nicki hands me. I step away from the table and Monique secures her hands above her head. She is now firmly secured as the table decoration. I trace my hand up the inside of her thigh, avoiding anywhere too sensitive but firm enough to warm her skin. Nicki removes her jacket revealing a collar with a hook for a leash, a black apron and white french cut panties.

“Indeed. Well, my dear, it is time for secrets to be revealed.”

Monique and I sit opposite each other, each positioned at the naked, curved waist of the tabled woman. Nicki stands at the head of the table and removes the blindfold. She looks our captive in the eye and says, “Good evening. My name is Nicki and I am your waitress this afternoon. You are the table. And Rich and Monique are your dining companions.”

A Gewurztraminer is poured, light and grapefruity. Monique and I make small talk, drinking in her curves and folds. Nicki brings out the sushi and begins to lay it out with style. Sushi rolls aggregate in between both breasts. Sashimi is draped around the nipples, but the nipple itself remains seen, just one more pink piece of flesh on her body. A small clump of wasabi rests high on her stomach. Draped between her thighs are delicious rolls and directly above her pussy itself is one long piece of sashimi.

Dinner commences. Nicki kneels next to the table waiting for our wine glass to be filled or for anything her mistress commands. Monique reaches out, intentionally I am sure, and attempts to lift her nipple with the chopsticks. I see the flesh stretch painlessly and and see my mystery woman’s mouth contract as she bites her lip in pleasure.

“I think she liked that,” I point out.

Monique’s swift chopsticks reach for the piece of sashimi, she pinched it, but instead of lifting it, she begins grinding it into her slit. The tension is strong, I see Nicki’s fingers are pinching her nipples even as I’m adjusting my cock in my pants. Monique lifts the piece of sashimi to her mouth and bites half of it. “I wonder if she’s hungry at all?” she says as she lifts the piece of fish to our captive’s mouth. She opens and eats it eagerly. Monique turns to Nicki and commands, “Clean the fish oil from between her legs.”

Nicki stands and walks to the end of the table, sits in the chair between the legs of our squirming woman and begins kissing and licking the inside of her thighs. I dip some sushi in soy and wasabi and eat it silently. Monique sips her wine and smiles as she plays with the bare nipples in front of us. Our captive writhes under Nicki’s talented tongue, being licked, eaten. I see Nicki’s mouth wet with juice and I drizzle a little wine where her tongue meets the skin. At that moment our captive woman explodes in orgasm. I stroke her head, running my fingers through her hair as I bend over and kiss her lips.

“Thank you for dinner, my darling.”

“You’re welcome, sir.”

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