Going to the Club

Amy Anderssen

I waited for him, dressed and done up exactly as he wanted me.

He told me to keep my long dark hair down, my makeup was heavy, my nails the bright red that he wanted. I was wearing the short black skirt, the red halter, the stilettos and of course the nude hose that he insisted on.

I held in my hand a glass of Chardonnay and waited by the fireplace at the townhouse he had set up for me. My instructions that night were to be silent, ready and waiting for him. He didn’t like to be kept waiting.

The key turned in the lock and I knew he had arrived. I did not move from my position on the couch, my legs were slightly spread and I sat reclined, so he had a full view of my legs cased in the silkiness of the hose.

He smiled when he saw me, and walked over to run his hand along my calf. With a soft sound, he expressed his approval. He took the wine from my hand and pulled me to my feet. His hands moved to my ass and he pulled me forward into a long deep kiss. Then we moved for the door.

I didn’t say a word- but bent down as I moved onto the back of the limo- giving him the full view of my ass as he lifted the skirt to ensure I had followed his orders and was wearing nothing underneath but the hose.

He slid in next to me and moved my hand to his cock. I could feel he was hard already and moved to kneel in front of him- ready to suck him off so he would be comfortable when we got to the club.

I unhooked and unbuttoned his pants and his raging hard on was revealed to me. I moaned when I saw it, and his hand moved to my head to offer encouragement. I needed nothing further…I bent over him running my tongue slowly around Yozgat Escort the head of his dick. I teased him as I licked the precum that had started to drip slightly. Parting my lips slightly, I sucked him into me. Inch by inch as I explored the textures, the tastes. My hand found his balls and I ran my nails lightly over them. I began to move my head up and down on his cock, sucking harder and massaging the underside of his dick with my tongue. His hands tangled in my hair and I kept pushing him further and further- closer and closer to losing control.

I tilted my head slightly and looked up into his face…that was the moment that he started to cum…sticky, hot and wet I let it run slowly down my throat and licked him clean.

Just at that moment- we pulled up to the club. He zipped back up and I checked my makeup. He wouldn’t want me to be less then perfect when we went inside.

They knew him there, so we walked over to the VIP entrance and were pointed in the general direction of a table. He ordered us drinks and we watched the people dancing while we waited. His hand slipped under the table and he rubbed against the silk of the hose I was wearing….he pushed my legs apart and rubbed a finger along my pussy as I grew wetter and hotter. I wanted more and moved against him. My lips parted involuntarily and I moaned slightly just as our waitress stopped back with our drinks.

He realized that and moved his hand away, murmuring that it wasn’t time for that yet. He took me over to the dance floor and pulled me close enough that I could feel the heat from our bodies transferring to each other. As we danced- he Yozgat Escort Bayan noticed my attention focused on another couple there on the dance floor. The man was tall and sexy, but it was the woman that I couldn’t take my eyes off. She was strikingly beautiful- brilliant green eyes; straight black hair down past her ass; her tits were small but perfectly formed from what I could see (which was a lot in the slight dress she wore). They were moving suggestively together, and my arousal became obvious. When he realized it, he looked at me angry thinking I had taken note of another man when he was all that should be in my mind. He pulled me back to our table and pushed me down in my chair. I looked up at him- wanting to reassure him- but knowing that if I spoke he would only get angrier.

As if by fate- the woman from the dance floor walked up to our table. She brought her hand to my face and turned my eyes to look into hers. I looked up hungrily at her and I heard him start to laugh. I was startled out of my trance that she had put on me, and as I turned back to him- he told me that if it was Her I had been looking at- that could be arranged.

I blushed a little I think at how it must have seemed to him. He motioned to the manager, and I sat quietly while he spoke to him. I couldn’t hear what was said, but he was gentle with me when he turned back. He took my hand- kissed it- and then brought it under the table letting me feel first his hardness and then taking me back to my pussy lips to feel how much the wetness there had grown.

He rubbed against my hose covered lips and forced a finger slightly inside me….bringing Escort Yozgat me close again but not letting me climax. He brought me close several times but always stopped just at that moment that would have been the turning point and given me some release.

Finally he stood and motioned for me to follow behind him. He led me to a door behind the dance floor. I followed him through it and found myself in a very stark room. A single straight chair stood in the middle of the room- and a box was next to it. He told me to sit down- and spread my legs open. My skirt might as well have not been there at all. He reached over and pulled off my halter too exposing my tits. He smiled when he saw how hard my nipples were- knowing that I was aching for them to be touched.

He told me he was going to blindfold me- and I nodded that I understood. My eyes were covered then and I felt him draw my hands behind the chair. He tied them there too- and commanded me to keep my legs spread no matter what.

I felt his warm breath on my thighs as he licked and tasted his way closer and closer to my waiting pussy. He fucked me with his tongue as I struggled to remain silent. The waves of my orgasm started to rush through me and I didn’t realize at first when I felt someone sucking hard on my left nipple while pulling and teasing my right. I felt the hose rip and my fucking continued and got harder as a huge dildo was pressed into me. I could still feel his mouth on me- and I suddenly realized that we weren’t alone- there had to be another person there…I pulled at my restraints and started to struggle a little and the blindfold was removed.

I found myself looking into a pair of beautiful green eyes as she licked my clit and fucked my pussy- while he stood next to me…watching.

I came violently and when I regained my senses- I was untied, and he was placing his coat around my shoulders. He helped me to my feet and drove me home.

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