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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – part 92b IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Remember you can make your donation in Honour of your favourite writer too. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. ******************** `Come on you can take it’ I held his head firm, my head pushed back into my pillow, my toes curled as, my nuts tightened to my shaft and I blew my load into his willing mouth; once I was quite drained, I let him up, he crawled up to my chest and kissed me, he smelt and tasted of my cum. I gave a start; back to reality, I had been day dreaming again; I looked down in the morning light, a wet patch had appeared on my old uniform trousers, my hard cock throbbed in my trousers; I would have to do something about that. ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 92b Davy continues the story `Come on you two, up and at them; shake a leg, show the dog the rabbit and all those other daft phrases’ `No, no, it can’t be twelve O’clock already’ I buried my head into the pillow as Archie’s face broke in to a big smile at the door. `Come on you two, otherwise you won’t be able to sleep tonight’ I glanced at Fort’s; he was still sleeping; a steady rhythmic rumble coming from him. I was about to jab him in the ribs, but decided that wasn’t nice, so instead leant over and licked his nipple; he gave a little moan; another lick; his hand moved across his chest as if to remove a fly or something. Archie grinned at me and moved to pick up a little gong I had as an ornament on the sideboard, I shuffled to the edge of the bed as he came over. Leaning over the top of Fort’s he began banging the gong accompanied by. `Wakey, Wakey, your Highness’ Forts shot up, hitting his head on the gong, his eyes wild and uncomprehending. `Shit, you bastard’ He was rubbing his head; me I was doubled over laughing. `Language young man, that’s no way to speak to your Mum’ Fort’s grinned, still rubbing his head `Sorry Mum, Archie, but you frightened the life out of me’ `Up you both get, Athol, asks that you join us both for brunch in the staffroom as soon as your showered and shaved’ Archie turned for the door, banging the gong again for good measure, Forts looked for something to throw at him; he settled for my pillow. My head falling back to the mattress as it was pulled from under me and launched at Archie. Archie stopped and turned slowly back to face us. `Right, you know what this means? Forts looked at me `Pillow fight’ Archie cried; he had caught the pillow; he moved his hands down to the short end and gave it a shake. He ran at the bed with a blood curdling scream; I threw myself to the side as he landed on the bed and began beating Forts about the head and body. Momentarily stunned; Forts grabbed his pillow; the sheets went flying as he got to his knees and the “fight” was on. I scrambled out of the bed, watching as a naked Forts, his cock and balls swinging took on an equally exposed Archie, his kilt giving up any semblance of keeping him covered. Then it happened, it sounding like a gentle pop; but the room filled with downy feathers. Forts and Archie, stopped bashing each other and both checked to see if it was their pillow that had burst, it was Archie’s. He grinned at me and began to chuckle. `Oops, sorry Davy, looks like your pillow burst’ Forts began laughing feathers sticking to his hairy chest and laying on his head and shoulders. Archie, clambered off the bed, brushing himself down and straightening his kilt. `Right, you two, get tidied up in here and then down for breakfast; the place is an awful mess’ I stood open mouthed `But’ The door closed behind him, muffling his laughing which continued across the landing to the stairs. I looked at Forts, I couldn’t help laughing myself. He put down his pillow and held out his hand to me `Come here you’ He took my hand and pulled me down on to the bed; a great cloud of feathers engulfed me; he rolled me on to my back as he pushed his way closer, forcing my legs apart. `Forts your covered in feathers’ `So are you’ He stopped and looked down at me, giving a little blow upwards dislodging one from his forehead. `Does that mean you don’t want a kiss? I lifted my legs wrapping them round his waist, and then pulled him closer with my arms. `I want more than a kiss’ His rapidly swelling cock, eased between my arse cheeks, our mouths met and we became one. ** Oberleutnant Flieshler takes up the story It hadn’t been a restful sleep; my dreams haunted me, I was running, trying to reach my brother Claus; I had fallen, the ground uncomfortable beneath me; (whistling), I was calling his name; (whistling); Claus, Claus; but that’s not German tune, why is he whistling a British tune; Christ, someone was nearby me; that boy again, I slowly raised my face, my eyes looking straight into his. He jumped back; mouth open, frozen to the spot, he screamed and started shouting, I hauled myself up, he turned to run. `Quiet, quiet, it’s okay, I am British, I’m British’ I leapt forward catching his arm; his head spun round to me, filled with fear; yes, it was the boy from earlier. `It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m British, I’m British, calm down’ The boys eyes were everywhere `Who, who, who are you? Why are you hiding here? I smiled as istanbul escort best I could, trying to seem less threatening as the boy was obviously distressed. I held out my hand `My name is Robert and this is a bit embarrassing’ The Boy stood and watched me. `I am supposed to be watching the Castle on Behalf of the British Secret Service; `But you are in an old German Uniform?’ `Ah you spotted my disguise; I probably shouldn’t say, but there are Russians at the Castle aren’t their? I tried to sound reassuring. The boy nodded, I had his interest `Strange bunch aren’t they? The boy nodded again; I moved closer to him, he thought for a moment and then said `But, I do like the Princess Theodora’ `Wow a real Russian Princess? I said sounding impressed. `Yes, she is here with her brother Prince Dima, but they are not as important as Fort’s; sorry I mean Prince Drageon, he is very important’ `Is he? Why did you call him Fort’s? `That was his name before we found out he was a Russian Prince; he is my friend’ `Wow that’s a lot of important Russian’s and all here at the Castle’ The boy nodded again. I had asked a lot of questions `Do you want a biscuit? I pulled some out of my pocket, the boys eyes lit up as he reached for one. `And what’s your name? you know mine already? `Colin’ He mumbled eating his biscuit. `Do you want to see in my den, I made it to hide in during the day so I won’t be spotted, you won’t tell anyone will you, that you have seen me? It is really important you don’t’ `I won’t tell anyone’ `Do you promise? He nodded. `So, can I come into your den? I nodded and stood aside to let him crawl in, following him in. His eyes went straight to the photo of Claus; I had pinned it to the inside of the den. `Who is that? `That’s my brother at a fancy dress party before the war’ `Wow, he is dressed as a Nazi’ I nodded `It was a good party; he looks a bit like you’ I reached for the picture, knocking my arm as I did, I let out a little yelp, he looked at my arm, suddenly noticing the blood stain. `What happened to your arm? `If I tell you, you can’t tell anyone’ `I won’t I promise’ What is it about little boys and “promises”? `One of those bloody Russians shot me, they aren’t to be trusted you know’ I covered my mouth pretending I hadn’t meant to swear `Oops sorry, I didn’t mean to swear, but as you’re a big boy, I imagine you have heard that word before’ He seemed to grow an inch, as he nodded `McPhee swears all the time’ `Who’s McPhee? Another Russian? `No, his dad is the Kings cousin’ `The Kings cousin? `Yes’ He looked at me again. `Aren’t any of the Russians to be trusted? What about Forts? `Well, if he is the head one probably not; Want another biscuit? He hesitated, and then nodded and the biscuit from my hand. I handed him the picture. `See he looks just like you, I bet you liked dressing up and playing before the war? He nodded. I leaned forward and gave him a little kiss on his cheek, he smiled. `Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, but you remind me of him’ Colin grinned back `I don’t mind’ I put my hand on his back and moved it in gentle circles. `Colin, I was going to ask; no, I had best not, your maybe not grown up enough yet’ He glared at me `Yes I am, I’m grown up, I can take all of McPhee’s big cock’ `Wow’ I looked impressed; probably nowhere near as much as I should have. I would have to ask more about that. `Well maybe you will be able to bring me some food; you know from the Castle Kitchen, you can’t tell anyone though; you will have to pretend you’re just hungry, can you do that? `Yes, my friend works in the kitchen, Landers; he is really nice too’ `Well, you mustn’t tell him about me’ Colin shook his head `Okay’ `Is there a first aid kit in the Castle? `Yes, in the first aid room, why? `Can you get me a couple of dressings and some iodine for my arm? I can’t go to hospital until my secret mission is over; Can you do that for me too? …Another biscuit? I held out my hand, Colin nodded and took the biscuit. He looked round the den; `Do you sleep in here too? I nodded `But there is no toilet’ He giggled `No, I have to use the one downstairs, maybe you can stand lookout for me, in case any of those Russians come and try to shoot me again’ I winced holding my arm, making sure he saw `Do you think you can do that? Another nod. `Colin can you get me something to eat now? And maybe some dressings for my arm? But remember you can’t tell anyone I am here, and make sure no Russians see you, they are very devious’ I looked at him `What Forts too? `Especially Forts, if he is the most important one here, okay on you go, don’t be long and remember “mums the word”. I tapped my nose; he mimicked me and scrambled out of the little entrance; I crawled after him and watched him pick his way across the room to the door. He stopped before opening it and waved, then he was gone. ** Fort’s continues the story I had no idea what had come over me and Davy, we seemed to be at it like rabbits every opportunity we had; we had moved from the bed and into the shower together, it didn’t take much soaping up of each other’s bodies to have both of us hard again; I had pinned him to the shower wall and fucked him again; my cock sliding easily in to his cum filled arse. Once I had cum adding to the load he was already carrying, we finished off showering got dressed and headed down the stairs. `Oh Fort’s, Davy, have you seen Colin? `Hi McPhee, no, I am afraid not, we have just gotten up, didn’t you see him when you got to bed? `Yes, but he got the hump and stormed off because I wouldn’t tell him, what we were doing last night’ `Well, Athol definitely doesn’t want the boys worrying about their being escaped Germans about’ McPhee nodded `I know’ I added `I am sure he will turn up’ This time it was McPhee who ataköy escort nodded. Davy and I continued on down the stairs to the first floor, where we were nearly bowled over by a running boy. `No running, young man’ He looked round as I grabbed his arm, his face panicked. `Colin, it’s you, you know better than to run in the corridors; McPhee is looking for you, where are you going? `None of your business, let go of me!’ He pulled free and quickly headed off along the corridor, I was about to follow him. `Colin, wait’ But he was gone, I looked at Davy `What was that all about? He looked frightened of me’ Alas we thought nothing more about it and headed into the staffroom. Athol and a grinning Archie, looked up as we entered. `Oh, your finally here’ Archie looked away, trying not to laugh. He turned back to us looking deadly serious. `Davy, feather’s’ He brushed a hand across his hair, Davy looked at me and tilted his head down so I could see the top of his head; with that both Dad and Archie, burst out laughing again. `Ha, ha, very funny’ Dad picked up a bit of paper. `Right, you two, I have heard from the POW Camp, all of the prisoners, apart from one, have been recaptured, they have no idea where he might be, but I am confident there is no reason to expect he will come here. I have decided, to keep the story as it is, not a word of an escaped prisoner is to reach the younger boys; However, Masters, staff and Prefects, should all remain alert, just in case’ Davy and I nodded; on the surface it seemed a sound assessment and decision. `Fort’s, I have as you can see had a new safe fitted in here, it is for some of your new regalia and Orders’ I glanced round, a large steel cabinet, was against one of the walls `Wow, when did that arrive’ `This morning, nearly killed the blokes trying to get it up the stairs and in here, it will make sure things are more secure; that is real Gold and diamonds on those Orders, plus, you may want to keep the original Draco ring in the safe; we can have another replica made for you to wear’ `But dad, the Grand Duke made me promise I would never take it off, it can only be removed when I die’ I thought for a moment, noticing his face change; dad didn’t like the influence the Grand Duke had over me. `But its great for keeping the Orders safe and also the “Red Dragon”, Thank you’ He nodded. `Dad, I was wondering if you would let me, somehow pay for a disadvantaged boy to come to the school; you have done so much for me and I want to help someone else out’ I turned to Davy, he took my hand and squeezed it. Archie and Dad looked up at me. `Well, that is very generous of you Fort’s and it looks like you have both spoken about it already’ I nodded `We have’ `Great well, would you like me to speak to Mishcon and get it all drawn up? `Please, that would be great. Dad, would it be possible for me to buy something for Colin, he has been a bit funny with me since we took the Dragon figure from him, would that be okay? I was thinking about some lead Soldiers or something like that’ Athol nodded and gave a little smile. `That sounds like a great idea; he is a troubled little boy as you know and I can’t help thinking McPhee is not the right guy for him; but there you go’ Dad turned to Archie. `Can you run Fort’s into Inverurie and see what, if anything, the old toy shop has left’ Archie nodded. Athol looked back up `Oh, Davy in all the excitement, it slipped my mind, sorry, I don’t think your uncle has said anything to you or been in touch’ Davy shook his head `I haven’t heard from them since they left’ `Well, you will be, they are both joining the teaching staff here at the start of the new term, I have invited them up as soon as the school breaks up, so they can spend the summer holidays with us’ Davy grinned, his eyes tearing up `Thank you Athol, that is great news, really great’ `Oh, and finally Forts, this arrived for you’ He handed me a large envelope, with a beautifully handwritten address in copperplate handwriting “To His Imperial Highness of the Blood Imperial, Prince Drageon Drageonivanov”. I looked at Athol `What is it? `Well, the embossed address on the back is Buckingham Palace, so I imagine news of your “finding” has been mentioned to the King, remember his father George 5th was Tsar Nicolas’ first cousin’ `But why would he write to me? `Forts there is only one way to answer that’ ** Colin continues the story I had managed to escape from Forts and Davy, I ran into the kitchen, Landers was busy helping Gregor, who was sat in a big chair, directing, Landers and that big German guy Bruno. Niki waved as I went in, I would have to watch him, he was a Russian too. `Hi landers’ `Hello Colin, how are you? `Well, a bit hungry, any chance of a sandwich or two? He glanced at Gregor, who nodded. Landers quickly made up a couple of cheese sandwiches and put them on a plate. `Could you wrap them for me? `I thought you were hungry? `Err, I am, I want to eat them outside’ Landers picked up the plate and got some greaseproof paper, he quickly folded them into a small parcel. `Any chance of an apple too? Gregor looked up `You had better eat all your dinner, young man’ `I will Sir, sorry I am just so hungry’ Landers added an apple to my little pile. I picked them all up putting the apple in my pocket. `Thank you’ I quickly left the kitchen and headed for the first aid room. `Oh, there you are Colin’ McPhee was coming down the stairs. `Where have you been? I was worried about you’ I hid the sandwich packet behind my back `What’s that in your hands? `None of your business’ `What? `I am not speaking to you, go back to whoever you were with last night’ `Colin, come here, stop being silly, I wasn’t with anyone, I told you that; I was doing a job for Athol’ I couldn’t think what to say, so I decided aksaray escort to head off down the stairs and out of the Castle; the field dressing would have to wait. `Colin, come back’ I didn’t stop running, I thought McPhee might follow me, but he didn’t; phew. I headed to the stable block in a roundabout way, I didn’t want him to see me heading straight there. I hadn’t seen Fort’s at the window watching me. I arrived back at the stable and headed upstairs, calling out. `It’s me I am back’ I heard a rustling from the corner and headed over, peering into the den, I could see Robert’s bare legs and feet, I got down and crawled in. `Your naked? `Yes it was getting a bit hot’ I let my eyes drift over him, he was totally naked, his thick cock looked half hard, the foreskin was partially back, the cockhead wet and shiny, he had a blond treasure trail and bushy pubes, but otherwise looked hairless, not like McPhee or Forts. `I got your sandwich and an apple, I couldn’t get the first aid stuff yet, hopefully later’ `That’s very kind, thank you… I was just thinking about you’ He gestured me closer His cock twitched and flopped from one thigh to the other, he stroked my hair. `You remind me of my little brother so much, he used to like seeing me naked’ Another twitch of his cock, this time it seemed to swell, lengthening and thickening; I sat watching it. `Do you want to touch it? He seems to like you; see he is coming up to say hello’ I shuffled closer and reached out my hand, wrapping my fingers round his shaft, it felt warm and still a bit squidgy. `What does your friend McPhee get you to do to his cock? `Everything’ I felt myself lowering down to his cock a hand stopped me. `Hey Colin, why don’t you get stripped off too? Seconds later I was naked like he was, `Come and give me a cuddle’ He stroked the side of my face, his hand sliding down my body to my arse cheeks, he cupped one and gave it a gentle squeeze. I reached for his cock again, once more relishing it’s warmth; it seemed harder now as I eased its glistening head into my mouth. I could immediately taste him, he precum sweet in contrast to his rather musky cockhead, I Pulled back his foreskin, the stronger taste igniting my taste buds; I remember Forts cockhead tasted stronger than McPhee, but then McPhee was cut, Forts was like Robert, uncut. I cupped his balls as I worked on his shaft, my saliva and his leaking precum, turning the surface skin, slick and smooth. I pushed down to his balls, my nose feeling the tingling of his bushy pubes; again, my nose was hit with the strong smell of man musk; he obviously hadn’t showered for a few days; any doubts I had he was a secret agent vanished; he couldn’t shower because he was undercover. He let out a low moan as I moved to lick his balls, his hands gripped the side of my head and lifted me off. `One minute’ He shuffled back so he was sitting up, his thick seven-inch cock sticking up from his lap. `Why don’t you sit astride me and I can kiss you like I do my brother? I nodded and got astride him, my knees up either side of his waist, I could feel his hard wet cock against my arse cheeks, I giggled and moved about until it slipped between them; Robert moaned, pushing his mouth to mine, he wrapped his arms round my back and pulled me closer, his tongue pushed mine aside as it invaded my mouth, he dropped one of his hands and placed it on my hips, he was giving me little wiggles, positioning me just where he wanted me. It was my turn to gasp as his cockhead smeared against my pucker; he knew exactly what had happened. `Just stay there’ He moaned as his tongue continued to explore my mouth. I felt myself pushing my bum downwards, his cock head eased into me relatively easily; he wasn’t as large as McPhee. I slowly slid down his slick shaft, he let out a sustained deep moan as I did. `Fuck you have taken it all’ He whispered into my ear as he began to nibble my ear lobe. I felt him thrust upwards with his hips, gently at first, but becoming more urgent with each thrust. `Do you do this to your brother too? He nodded as he continued to thrust into me, his breathing became faster and deeper, his hands both moved to my shoulders, he forced downwards, pushing me hard onto his cock, his legs spreading apart, enough to make sure I was well impaled. I felt his chest it was covered in a sheen of sweat, I slid my fingers through it. kissing his lips, he returned my kiss; passionately, he began to gasp, his hips driving his cock into me hard; I felt his cockhead swell and as he flung his head back, his cock began spurting into me. He seemed to let out a low rattle, his eyes shot open, he cocked his head and he pushed me off him; I landed on the ground `What did I do? `Shoosh’ He hissed at me and rummaged in his pile of clothes he pulled out a pistol. `Colin, Colin, are you in here? He put his finger to his lips and got on to his knees, the gun pointing at the entrance to the den, I mouthed “it’s Forts”, he glared at me and slid back the pistol slide. `You brought a fucking Russian here? He mouthed, sneering at me; I shook my head; hearing the footsteps getting closer. ************************* Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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