Sorry, Come Again Sir?


A/N: Hello there. While this is hardly my first time delving into writing erotic literature or any other type of literature for that matter, I fear after a long break I became rusty, so observation is encouraged and cherished. This is probably a part of a series, although I have yet to decide on writing further. Please enjoy and don’t forget to leave me your thoughts. Ellen.

All characters in this story are over 18.


How I came into the revelation that my cunt is absolutely running wild when I even think of older, scruffy men is unknown to me. I was perhaps too busy fucking myself to understand the enormity of the information that suddenly sprang to life. It must have been around the age of fourteen, though, when after endless quick clit rubbing I turned into actually taking the time to explore the inside of my pussy and find I actually love the taste and spend minutes after an orgasm just sucking on my fingers. How easy it is now to just smile at the memories.

I went for cock next, this time with more in mind than just sucking it. I needed inside me as much and often as I could. By the time I got to be of age, barely legal and experienced in the art of picking up hook ups, there was little I hadn’t done. I’d at least tried most of it once just to spite my OCD.

During my last high-school year, I broke a personal record. It was October and I was so caught up in everything, including my family falling apart, my mother dying and suddenly finding myself alone that I realised I hadn’t got laid in forever. Well, four months but it was taking its toll and I was feeling it deep in my bones. What am I saying? I was feeling it deep in my cunt. It was this never ending ache that I couldn’t alleviate. This never ending itch I couldn’t quite reach to solve. It was the lack of cock in me. I still fucked myself every now and then, but it was hardly enough because you see, I didn’t miss only the actual sex, where some preferably forty year old someone (I was known to go for younger guys as well) stuck his delicious cock in me in all possible ways. It was more than that. I missed the chase, the knowledge that I would end up fucking that guy. It was the flirting, the foreplay, the way cum just found a way on my face and my glasses, in my hair and on my chest.

With a sigh, I got ready for school. School. It sounds like I’m in primary years all over again, now when I mentioned it. I looked at myself in the hallway mirror – that had got to be one of the dullest uniforms I had ever seen, dark blue and white, with touches of gray, with a thin tie that could be used for so much more than hanging there. I was never hot. Not in the way society pinned hotness to be. I had a bit of a belly and some hips and my legs weren’t thin and my ass wasn’t perfect and I was relatively short. I learned to work with what I had, though and I was pretty. Not beautiful, that’s something only the privileged possess but I was pretty and I had killer boobs. Double Ds always half spilling out of a balconette bra. I was hot and not because society made me that way but because of my red hair, because I was sultry and seductive and knew how to work cock. I had men at my little finger in ways perfect girls only dream of because honestly, who the fuck wants a corpse to stick a dick into? Apart from necrophiliacs, that is. If you can’t move in bed, you’ll have to settle to a sad life.

I had a boring life in school; just going, sometimes falling asleep, barely ever finding anything worth studying and I spent most of class time reading or skipping to chat with my best friend. Well he didn’t know he was my best friend but and I’m exaggerating a lot when I call him that, but he was cool and valued my opinion. I also called him “Mister C.”, cause he was some sort of principal. I’d just spend hours in his office until he kicked me out. And while I normally had no scruples when it came to married men, I was forever in love with his child and couldn’t wait for him to grow up so he could make me a happy milf. Besides, Mister C. was too vanilla for me, he seemed like the guy who’d make sweet love to me and never pull my hair when I dropped down to suck on his balls. I could be wrong but no matter how much I wanted to fuck a teacher, he was not the one for me. He taught sociology and that was about the only class I was still paying any attention.

I’d fuck teachers before, just not ones in my schools. I had a weekend getaway on my eighteenth birthday with a Psychology teacher I met online and he spent half the time he fucked me telling me how I had an unresolved issue with my father. Hello? Why else would I want to fuck men over forty. I had to sit on his face to shut him up. It was brilliant.

Now, each and every one of my three-gone-one-left years of high-school I found a teacher I could watch in class and fantasise about fucking while they kept trying to teach me shit. It was entertaining and it made time fly faster. The damn private school daddy put me in was adamant against leaving its premises until adana escort class time was over and I was slowly withering away in there. In my last year, this new teacher came into the campus. His name was Dale something, I never knew his surname. He was teaching English Literature and even before seeing him, my friends told me I would want him – “he’s your type, Ellen, old and unshaved”. They were right because the second I laid eyes on him, I wanted his dick. He was teaching younger years and I had a hard time coming to terms with that.

That didn’t stop me, though. I had plenty of time to watch him over lunch, to step in his classes and just pretend I was there for additional teaching methods training or just play the mysterious senior who would just be there. Now, Dale was a sight. Tall and rough, always with a dress shirt, always smiling for some reason, a faint scent of tobacco and scotch surrounding him. And suddenly, hello literature contests. Hello, reading club. Hello retaking exams because he was supervising. I was troubled about a man for the first time in ages because he was in a space I pretty much lived in. It was as if fucking my own family. Hello sudden wetness of my cunt.

I was doing nothing ridiculous such as popping the buttons of my shirt in front of him, sucking on my pen (okay, once or twice) or just throwing myself at him but I could swear he knew something. At one point, he took off the sweater he wore over his shirt during an exam he was supervising and I was simply lost. My classmate had to slap me back to reality; I left a draft paper with a little cock haiku I pondered upon.

What most drew me to Dale was that he was unattainable; he was unattainable and he had the most erotic combination of British and New Zealand accents. Where do you find these people? He was around forty and I wanted to fuck him for every month that passed since he was born. I was desperate to just be near him because that meant he could notice me. I took over his extra hours when he came down with the flu; I was going for a major in that for University and I was the only person in that whole damn school who wasn’t asking for money for those classes. I was getting so desperate for him that after I accidentally bumped into him and his entire height of 6’3 collided with me and he picked me off the floor and gave me back my books with a smile on, I had to furiously masturbate in the restroom and smoke my two after-cigarettes, risking expulsion.

It had got so bad, I couldn’t even go out to fuck strangers, even after I realised I could and should because they were suddenly not hot, hot tall, not rough and lacked the accent Dale had. I was so fucking bored into the pub I was for the night, I seriously considered just going home and reading something or watching a movie. And I swear, I thought I was delusional when I saw Dale enter that same pub. I was unaware until that very moment he even had any friends in the foreign city he found himself in. Apparently he did, cause he was dead drunk – even worse than I was – and avidly looking for fun. Any type of fun, it seemed because the second he laid eyes on me, he waved and came over with a smile.

“Ellen!” The music was loud but his accent was unmistakable. With a slur, since he was plastered. Instant wetness and I crossed my legs on the high bar stool for some friction. Anything that would touch my clit would do; my tight jeans were doing just the trick.

“Sir. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

He looked around as if scared to be seen and finally gave up on the pretense, took a cigarette from my pack and lit it. “It’s Friday, fuck it. I needed to get out and drink my week away. What about you?”

I needed a fuck. Do you mind? “I’m working. My client should be here any minute.” I puffed up my tits for that, threatening to make them spill from their confines. With a smile on, I took his scotch and downed it. Careful to wipe the corners of my mouth suggestively, I cocked my head waiting for his answer. He didn’t disappoint. With a small step back, he winked twice and struggled to keep his eyes out of my cleavage.

“There are certain things you needn’t share, Ellen. Not to a teacher. What should I do with that information, anyway? Why did I ever ask?”

He was so panicked for a moment I couldn’t hold it in and started laughing at him. “I was pulling your leg, Sir. Even if it were true, I wouldn’t let you in on the secret without having you pay first. And I wouldn’t expect you to do anything, other than ask me for a round. I am of age.” How the fuck did conversation come to exist?

He sighed in relief and eventually smiled, buying me a drink. “I shouldn’t even talk to you outside of the school, let alone drink with you.”

“Fuck the system.” Fuck me, as well.

We watched the people around in a sort of uncomfortable silence until I spotted something. The bartender was cute that evening and I winked at him, waving him over. He came in a rush, smirking. “Can ankara escort I help you?”

“I should hope so.” I grabbed his collar and Frenched him right in front of a teacher in my school. It was messy and wet and shocking – meaning it served its purpose. “Go on a break and meet me in the storage room.” I was completely unaware whether they even had a storage room he could access but I needed to do something and I wasn’t drunk enough to jump Sir right there. I got out of the barstool and followed the excited bartender named Tom to a door, waving my teacher good bye.

Tom proved a nice distraction. He had a seven inch long cock he stuck in my cunt as soon as he freed it out of my wet mouth. He pulled my hair and pushed me into the wall, fucking me furiously. When I emerged twenty minutes later, Dale was sitting down at the table chatting a skinny blonde up. I had just come hard for the first time in months and I let it go – that time.

School afterwards was awkward and I had little interaction with Dale. It wasn’t until the last day of school before Christmas vacation that we even spoke to each other and that was a total fluke. After that day, I learned to appreciate educational systems, their rigorosity and Christmas in general. Because how else could I have fulfilled my fantasy?

I was so happy I was leaving school I realised I forgot all my reading materials in my locker and I had to go back on the last day. Dale told me later he was so happy he was going away for Christmas, he forgot all the papers he needed to grade in his class desk. I was far from the Christmas spirit when I stepped in the upper level of the building, that was in fact an attic. It got so hot at times, it was Hell. I was planning to grab my shit, get coffee and head home for more quality time with my books. I never even thought of finding anyone else there, let alone the object of my recent sessions of riding a dildo.

Just as I was preparing to leave, I heard a loud noise coming from his class, followed by a strangled “Fuck it.” and I headed to investigate. Seeing him on his knees, trying to gather papers from the floor was just so damned funny I had to step in and watch him quietly. It was a good couple of minutes before he noticed me and I could have sworn he had a small heart attack.

“Ellen! I didn’t see you there.”

“Obviously, Sir. What are you doing here? I thought you’d be long gone away from this shithole.”

“Papers to grade, long hours to lose while grading papers.” The mass of documents slipped again from the desk and this time I kneeled down to help him. We worked side by side to arrange them and I could tell he was nervous about something.



“There’s no need for being so tense. I mean, it’s not like anything happened that should make you feel that way.”

“You went and basically had sex in front of me. I call that something that happened.”

I laughed softly. “You’d know if I had sex in front of you, Sir. You’d think about it a lot afterwards.”

“I do anyway.”

“What was that?”

He sighed heavily. “I said I do anyway. I keep remembering your face right before you left and I just wish I was a little bit drunker so that the image would go away.”

I cocked my head to the side and smirked. “Does it hurt you? The image, I mean.” There was no turning back now. We were alone and that could have easily been the only time I had him so close and so free to be coerced. “The image of some student in your school sucking cock? Getting fucked in a storage room? Coming wildly on some unknown man’s cock? Screaming his name? Does it hurt, Sir?”

He sighed and raised an eyebrow. “I know you wouldn’t know this, Ellen, but it’s not so comfortable to walk around with an erection all day.”

I smiled. “Don’t you have someone to take care of your poor aching dick, Sir?”

“Not as often as I’d want to, no. Especially not in school, where you are so easy to spot and your mouth is so perfectly drawn for having a cock in it.”

I went around the desk all his papers were and I dropped to my knees, arranging my glasses better. “You said it yourself, Sir. Let’s see if there’s truth in your words.” He was silent, careful not to ruin the moment. I placed my palm over the impressive bulge in his pants and I looked up at him. “If you want this to work, Sir, you should know that I absolutely cannot do it without you pulling roughly at my hair. I need it and I need you to fuck my face. Simple as that.” His eyes shut for a moment and I took that as approval. Careful not to hurt him, I pulled on the zipper and in one fluid movement, I had both his trousers and his underwear down to his ankles. Surreally, there was the object of my wet dreams, long and thick, with a darkened head, perfect to suck on, the veins large and inviting. I wet my lips and bowed my head.

I started off slow, lazily drawing my tongue over his hairless balls before sucking gently on one. Eventually, his hands found antalya escort his way to my hair and he pulled my head back, making me look into his eyes. “I thought of this for so long, Ellen.”

“Good, so I won’t expect you to last too long the first time or two.” God, I love sucking cock. I opened my mouth, let my tongue slip out and with a steady hand, I took his dick and slapped my mouth with it. He didn’t even have to force my mouth to close on his dick because within a moment I moved my head and his dick slid right into my throat, most of his around-eight inches anyway. I sucked in my cheeks and toyed with my gag reflex enough so that it was reduced to a minimum. He grunted and wrapped my long hair around his fists, pulling my head back so I could breathe. At that point I was so fucking happy for something happening I could have easily choked with his cock and enjoy it. I coughed twice and swallowed the extra saliva before sucking on that perfect head and covering the rest of his cock with my both hands, rubbing in circles around it. Soon enough he pulled my hair tight and eagerly fucked my face, hitting the back of my mouth every time. He was chanting my name and I might have fallen in love with him right then.

“I’m coming, love.” He was desperate for a release and for a moment there he wanted to pull off. I had a split second to think where men expect to come if not in your mouth. What, he was gonna shoot his load on the walls of his classroom? With a final moaned “Ellen”, urged by my nails sunk in his ass cheeks and keeping him in place he exploded in my mouth. Part of his tasty seed went down my throat and I happily swallowed it. The other part stayed on my tongue and I proudly showed it to him before swallowing multiple times. I wiped at the corners of my mouth and pushed my glasses up. I had yet to meet a man who didn’t fantasise about my secretary face. He grunted again at the sight and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me up.

His lips found mine and after a hard bite, he stuck his tongue in my mouth. “Where the fuck did you learn to do that?”

“Not in school, Sir, that’s for sure.”

He smiled and roughly grabbed my large boobs, toying with them. With little effort, he grabbed my ass and placed me on the desk, unbuttoning my shirt. He bit on my collarbone hard and licked the wound he inflicted, dropping his head further to my tits, that were now out of the bra. My nipples hard and my boobs squished by the lacy piece of clothing, he sat down on the chair and started working on licking and biting my nipples. His voice was raspy when he marvelled. “Such wonderful heavy absolutely exquisite breasts, love. How can you even hide them with that ghastly uniform?”

“I can’t. And you know it. You wanted to stick your cock in between them for the past months.” I loved stating the obvious. His hot kisses went further down to my belly and for the first time I felt slightly conscious about the way I looked. His tongue swirling in my belly button made that thought become lost in the pleasure he was offering. With quick fingers he made short work of my jeans, slapping my thigh to get my ass up so he could peel them off.

In a couple of seconds his nose was touching my lacy panties, sniffing hard before rubbing with it. “So wet, love. Do you get off on sucking cock?”

“Yours? Every fucking night in months.” He took the soaked clothing off and with a quick look at my face, he pressed his strong tongue to my clit, licking it in circles. I grabbed at his hair and kept him there, anxious to get some release from him. His fingers were holding my hips in place as he went lower with the flicking of his tongue, finally pressing me down to the desk and pulling my legs apart. His chair came closer to the desk and he started licking me fast, two fingers finding their way in my hot cunt. I screamed as he started sucking on my clit.

“God fucking damn it, yes! Lick my cunt, Sir, make me scream!” He chuckled against my wet pussy and I could feel rush after rush of sweet juices come out. I stopped his hand and sadly pull it out only to suck at his fingers while looking him in the eye. I was long gone at this point, he could have asked me to do anything as long as he provided release. I had dreamt of this man and his entire body just pleasing me for so long. He tweaked my nipple on his way back to my cunt, right before adding another finger and sticking them inside of me. I was madly pulling his hair and moaning uncontrollably. “Please make me come, Sir. Please, please let me come.”

He curled his fingers then and touched that spot inside of me that I could never stimulate enough to actually have results. My head snapped up and I pulled his head so he could look at me. “Sir if you keep that up I’ll come. Hard and wet. If you’re not into that, well – OH FUCK.”

He was smirking at me. The fucking bastard was smirking as he lowered his lips and tongued my clit again. His fingers were furiously disappearing inside of me time and again and I could feel every scratch of his nails on my sweet spot. “Oh, oh! I’m gonna come, Sir! I’m gonna come so hard, I’ll squirt all over your fucking face, god damn it!” I was babbling in pleasure, pinching my own nipple and I’ve gone as far as pulling my tit up to bite one of the hard peaks. “Keep going, I’m gonna come! I’m coming!”

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