Special Assistant to the CEO


Wow, an interview! It was September, I had graduated with my Business degree in June, and had applied for countless jobs, none of which had panned out. Don’t get me wrong, there had been several interviews, even a few offers, but none was exactly what I was looking for. But I was excited about this one, so it made my day to get the phone call.

I had applied for the job weeks ago. Josh and Dan, a couple of my classmates, had also applied and had been rejected almost immediately. When I was not, I figured it was a case of no news being good news. It was a vague job title – Special Assistant to the CEO – which I assumed would include some making of coffee and picking up of dry cleaning, but I didn’t care. The CEO in question was one of the most respected in the country, sitting at the helm of a multi-million dollar company, and unfailingly referred to as one of the most creative, insightful, and ethical businessmen in the field. A chance to work for him, even if it was just managing his schedule or answering his phone, would undoubtedly be a valuable learning experience.

Anyway, needless to say, I arrived at his office the following day well-prepped, well-dressed, and just a bit nervous. I had chosen a professional but flattering black gabardine jacket and skirt, offset by a slightly low-cut red silk blouse. I carried a leather portfolio containing everything I thought he might ask to see – another copy of my resume, recommendation letters, transcripts. When I arrived, I progressed through a series of receptionists, until I finally found myself in his office. “He’ll be with you shortly,” a kindly older woman said, smiling as she motioned to the chair across from his desk. “Can I get you anything?”

“No, thanks.”

“Alright, I’ll be just outside if you need anything,” she said, closing the door on her way out.

Well, I thought to myself, I can’t see that he needs any more people to answer his phone, manage his schedule, or even make his coffee, given the army who had just assisted me. So perhaps this job really would enable me to use my business smarts!

After just a few minutes, the door opened and I quickly stood to meet him. “Jessica, I presume?”

I had seen pictures of him, but hadn’t realized that I would be taken aback when meeting him in person – he was bigger than I expected, about 6’3″ and with an athletic build. “Yes, Mr. Peterson,” I said with a smile and a handshake, “it’s an honor to meet you!”

“Thank you. And thank you for coming. Just give me a moment to gather my thoughts.”

He sat down behind his desk, and I returned to the chair opposite, watching him intently. He opened a manila folder, one of just a few on his clean desk, and I could see that he was looking at my resume. I took a deep breath, and tried to prepare myself for all of the possible ardahan escort questions that might come by way. But all of the mock interviews I’d been through in school couldn’t prepare me for what came next.

He looked up from the papers, his piercing blue eyes locking on mine. I expected him to speak, but he did not, for what seemed like minutes, as he seemed to search my face for the answer to a puzzle. It didn’t make me uncomfortable – it wasn’t like the many experiences I’d had before when the boss was asking questions of my tits – just made me wonder what it was he was looking for.

Finally, he spoke, confident and calm, explaining exactly what he hoped I could offer.

“You undoubtedly noticed when you arrived that I have plenty of assistance here in the office. There are several people tasked with organizing my days and making sure I have everything I need to be an effective leader. What you might not have seen is that I also have dozens of employees already meeting other needs as well – recent college grads such as yourself ready to churn out reports, create presentations, hold meetings. So what I’m looking for with this position is really something quite unique.”


“I’ve made some calls to your references – those you listed on your resume and those you didn’t – and I’m confident enough in your professionalism and confidentiality to have invited you for an interview. You’re actually the first.”

“Well, thank you. But I’m not sure I understand the nature of the position?” I didn’t want to press him, but I also couldn’t stand the suspense much longer – what exactly was he looking for, anyway?

“Let me start by asking you, whether you choose to take the position or not, never to repeat anything you hear today. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that I could make it very difficult for you to find future employment if I so chose?”

“Um, no, of course not.” Was I interviewing to be some sort of business-world spy?

“Good, I’m glad we have that established. I need to hire a special assistant so that I can have a go-to person for projects which aren’t quite ready to unveil to the whole team. I also need that person to be on call to me for other special favors. So, how experienced are you, exactly?”

“Well,” I said, happy to finally have an opening to talk about my resume, “as you can see, I held two internships while in school, and…”

“No, Jessica, that’s not what I mean. I’m asking how experienced you are, in a sexual sense.”

“Um, what?”

“You see, I’ve watched too many of my peers get caught in embarrassing scandals – caught with their pants down, so to speak – that I’m interested in having someone actually on the payroll to take care of those needs. But of course that person must adıyaman escort also be qualified to do some legitimate work for the company. And, in fact, capable enough to take on some serious projects, to build the experience necessary to be able to move on to a better position in the future. About the time you’d be ready to move on, for example, I’m sure I’d be interested in finding someone younger to take over these duties.”

I was frozen in my chair. I was shocked – at the whole concept, at how cool he could be while explaining it to me. And shocked that I wasn’t storming out of his office. He could tell that I was still listening, so he continued.

“What I want is very hard to come by in this world. I’m looking for someone willing to be my personal slut, at my service day or night, whenever or wherever I ask. But that same person also must be capable of maintaining a professional demeanor, handling some serious work for me and the business, and completely, utterly confidential.”


“If you can meet those demands, I’m prepared to offer you this salary.” He stood up, walked around the desk to stand in front of me, and handed me a scrap of paper which noted a dollar amount in the high five figures. “And I’m serious about what I said earlier. I do want this person to be able to move on to, shall we say, a more traditional position in the future. If you choose to take this job, you are free to look for other work in the future, I only ask that you keep me in the loop, as I do have quite a considerable amount of experience in the field, and can offer you valuable advice. So, that brings us back to you. Do you think you’d have the experience to carry out this kind of work?”

I was still shocked, but with each word he uttered, calmly and confidently, I moved closer to deciding to take the job. Perhaps if he wasn’t who he was – if he didn’t hold the high reputation he did – I wouldn’t have taken him at his word. But I did. What the hell, I’ll go for it.

Rather than answering him in words, I dropped to my knees in front of him, so that my face was directly in front of his crotch. Looking up at him, I reached for his belt. He smiled, obviously pleased that I was taking some initiative. As I worked his belt free and unzipped his trousers, he slipped my jacket off and tossed it aside, proceeding to fondle my tits through my blouse as I massaged his cock through his boxers.

Keeping my big green eyes locked on his, I fished out his hardening cock and began stroking it with both hands. I could tell that I would have my hands, not to mention my mouth, full with his impressive length. Keeping both of my hands moving back and forth, I began exploring the tip with my tongue, still keeping my eyes on his. He now reached inside my karabük escort blouse, forcing his hands inside my bra, and pinched my nipples firmly, and I responded by gasping quietly and then taking more of his length into my mouth.

After a few moments of this, my hands and mouth busy pleasuring him as he felt me up, he suddenly pulled his hands away from my breasts and began weaving his fingers through my long blonde hair, gathering it up in his hands until he had firm hold on a ponytail. With such force that I had no choice but to move my hands away, he forced me down onto his length, the tip of his cock reaching the back of my throat.

I gagged for a moment, but quickly regained my composure and relaxed my throat as he began fucking my mouth fast and deep. His balls slapped against my chin as he thrust his hips forward, and I took them in my hands and began fondling them, tickling him gently as he continued to thrust.

He let my hair fall from his fingers, and reached down to unbutton my blouse. I continued fondling his balls with one hand, moving the other to stroke his shaft as I sucked him off. He slowed his motions for a few moments while he reached around to unhook my strapless bra, which fell to the floor, my perfect tits bouncing free.

“Perfection,” he whispered. “Will you allow me to cum all over those beautiful tits?”

“Please, they’re all yours,” I replied in a husky voice, completely turned on.

He grabbed me by the hair again, forcing me down on his shaft once more, and began fucking my mouth with abandon. I kept one hand on his balls, cupping and kneading them gently, then firmly, and one hand on his shaft, moving in a circular motion at the base while he continued to pound my mouth. It was all I could do to catch the occasional breath as he kept up this furious fucking for what seemed like minutes.

“Yes, that’s it,” he hissed, and I looked into his eyes as he pulled out of my mouth, pointing his long hard cock at my tits. I grabbed my breasts, holding them up to him, and he jerked as he shot a huge load of cum all over them. The warm sticky goo was dripping from my chest, and I pulled a nipple up to my tongue to lick what I could, showing him how much I enjoyed his taste.

“Why thank you, Jessica,” he said, handing me a tissue. I think your level of experience will serve me quite well. Not to say that there aren’t things we can improve on.”

“Believe me, sir, I’ll make it my priority to learn exactly what you want and need.”

“You do realize, Jessica, that you just made your first mistake as a professional businesswoman. You really should have signed the contract before giving the blow job.” He smiled. “You can trust me, of course, but I wouldn’t recommend that level of naïveté when it comes to other businessmen!”

“Absolutely, sir. I’ll keep that in mind,” I said as I signed my contract.

“Great. Go ahead and find your way out, Shirley will have more forms for you to fill out. I will see you tomorrow, and give you your keys. You’ll have an office here, of course, but there will also be keys to my condo downtown.”


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