Stacey Swallows


Reese had been chatting on the net more and more over the past few months. Study for his high school exams had dwindled into chatting and playing computer solitaire. He was in a chat room named ‘Playaz and Hoes’ when he noticed a rare occurrence, someone from his girlfriend’s town. Reese lived about an hours drive from his girlfriend. He was 18 and she was 20, this made him a bit of a hero with his friends, having an older, and very hot girlfriend. The guy in the room called himself Pimpman69. Although Reese usually only chatted with women, he always said hi to a local. When Reese introduced himself and explained where he was from, the guy started bragging about all the local girls he’d been with. Reese, knowing most people lied online, just went along with it. Soon, the guy started sending pics of his conquests.

Reese had to laugh, they all looked genuine and were taken in the same room. He kept laughing looking through the pics until he came across one in particular. It was of his beautiful girlfriend, Stacey. She was topless, her D cup breasts out for the world to see. But worse than that, in her manicured hand was a big, dirty cock, wet with her saliva, obviously it had very recently been in her mouth. Her sparkling blue eyes looked longingly into the camera lens, her pink lips curled into a smile. Looking at the way her black hair was cut, at about shoulder length, Reese knew the picture was fairly recent, only about two weeks old at the most, and they had been dating for kırklareli escort over six months.

He couldn’t believe it. He had known Stacey for years as a sweet, innocent girl, and here she was in a picture holding a moist dick, ready to suck on it. This wasn’t what got to him the most; the thing he really hated about this was that she had never sucked on his dick. He had never even seen her topless, other than in the photo on the net of course. He probed the guy with questions, never revealing that he knew Stacey. He found out that not only did she give first rate head, but she seemed to suck off a different guy nearly every day. Reese took details of where this all generally took place and then hopped in his car to see if any of it was true.

Reese arrived at the club at 8pm, he was told his girlfriend would be there then. Sure enough, she was dancing in the middle of a crowd of six guys, all in their mid twenties. She looked amazing, wearing a tight pink top to show off her large breasts and a denim mini. Her lips were painted the same bright pink as in the photo Reese had seen earlier that evening. Reese sat on a seat off the dance floor in a position where he could see Stacey but could easily hide if the need arose. After a few more minutes of dancing, Reese saw Stacey take one of the guys by the hand and lead him out a side door into a hallway. Reese silently slipped out after them and followed them to a door at the afyon escort end of the hall. Stacey led the guy inside and shut the door. Reese waited a minute or so before approaching the door. He opened it quietly and very slightly so he could just see through into the room. What he saw shocked him.

His beautiful girlfriend was passionately kissing the guy, her hands fondling his crotch roughly. The guy began to remove her top and then her bra, Reese now seeing his girlfriend’s breasts for the first time, in the hands of another man. His anger rose as Stacey slowly descended to her knees. She said something Reese couldn’t hear as she unzipped and removed the guy’s pants. Suddenly, an eight inch cock sprang into view, narrowly missing Stacey’s nose. Immediately she sucked it in past her greedy lips and began to bob her head up and down on it. She moved with such grace, twirling her head around in fluid motions, obviously she was very experienced. It only took the guy a minute or so to groan loudly and then it was all over. Stacey tilted her head back and swallowed, smiling innocently.

Reese quickly hid as the guy stumbled wearily out of the room. Reese was ready for this, he put on a ski mask he had picked up on the way into town and stepped into the room. Stacey was just putting her shirt back on as he said, disguising his voice, “You aren’t done yet”. With that, he pulled down his pants and underwear, exposing a rock-hard 7 inches. amasya escort It was nothing Stacey hadn’t seen before, but she was still a little unsatisfied from her most recent encounter. You see, Stacey is one of those rare women who can cum just by sucking a guy, without touching herself. This, along with her skill, made her mouth the most sought-after in town.

Stacey walked over to Reese and whispered simply, “I hope you can handle this”, and kneeled down in the sexiest way imaginable. Once on her knees, she purposefully removed her shirt and then her bra. Reese nearly came right then. Close up he could fully appreciate the perfection of his girlfriend’s breasts. They were almost as big and round as rockmelons. He was so mesmerised by her breasts that her lips slipping over his cock head came as a surprise. He looked down and saw that Stacey had managed to take all 7 inches in one move. She then began moving her lips up and down his entire length. Reese had experienced blowjobs before, mainly from inexperienced schoolgirls, but he had never felt anything close to what Stacey was doing. Her tongue was swirling elegantly around the head as her lips continued their rapid attack, taking him in and out a few times each second.

Stacey’s breasts were jiggling as she began to massage Reese’s ass with her hands. Just as Reese was thinking things couldn’t get any better, Stacey had her orgasm. She began to moan and suck powerfully on his cock, her tongue moving at unbelievable speed. That was all Reese could take and he immediately began to cum. Huge spurts filled Stacey’s mouth, but she managed to swallow it all without spilling a drop. Reese collapsed into a nearby office chair as Stacey dressed herself and left him. Reese was beginning to think that he might forgive Stacey for cheating.

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