A Surprise Erotic Relationship Test


Waking with my fist gripping my throbbing member, I smile. I was thinking of last night, still vivid in my fading dream, and how it was a night of surprises. It was also to be a night of testing the limits of trust.

“What is that smile all about?” my Lady inquired as I picked her up at her door for dinner.

“I’m just thinking of our romantic evening that I have all planned out for you.” I smiled, kissed her soft lips, stepped back and took the time to drink in the beauty before me. She had selected the flower summer dress that pleased me so much. The thin material hinted at the sexy red thong she had selected. I found myself instantly aroused by the shortness of the hem and the low cut bodice that revealed the lacy fuchsia bra beneath. I knew those nipples that I loved to suck and lick were erect even if hidden from immediate view. My eyes traveled down past her waist and noted her sexy legs ended at black open toed heels, her nails painted brightly red. My hand rested gently upon her ass as I guided her to the car, my touch soft, yet firm enough to reveal that whatever wisp of a panty she had on, it was pulled up well within her slit.

“Are you copping a cheap feel?” she teased with a naughty laugh, while rubbing her buns back against my hand, my fingers now pressing between the cheeks of her ass.

Opening the door I kissed her again. “Sweetheart,” I breathed my warm breath into her ear as one soft kiss was left along her neck, “I have nothing cheap in store for you this evening.”

As we drove to Shatorie’s, the Japanese restaurant that she loves so much, she held my hand firmly in hers, my palm gently caressing her bare inner thigh. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her breasts lifting with each breath and the flicker of a smile each time my hand came close to her cunny.

“Baby, can’t you wait?” she teased. Turning towards me she pulled my hand forward so that my fingers slipped further between her silky, soft, warm legs. Laughing she pressed my hand against her thin wet thong. “You might as well feel what is in store for dessert!” Laughing, she rubbed her pussy against my extended fingers and tried unsuccessfully to put a serious tone in her voice. “Are you REALLY going to make me cum like I never, never have before? I’ve thought about your message all day.”

Last night, before we went to bed, we had exchanged our nightly private messages and posted on our favorite threads at Literotica. There was always the friendly banter about who would post the hottest description of “I want you,” who would post the last “I LOVE you” for the night and who would be the first to respond in the morning with the turn on of “I NEED you.”

That night I had posted the following on our erotic romance thread: “Sweetheart I love you. I intend to demonstrate my ability as a lover that will keep me in your thoughts and dreams forever. I have planned an stimulating and lustful evening for you that I can assure you, in the end, will make you really, Really, REALLY cum like you have never experienced before. Just thinking back on this night, I expect that your nipples will instantly swell, you clit will expose itself begging for attention and your juices will flow in renewed desires for the pleasure you will receive. Please trust me, know that I love you dearly and that I want to pleasure you beyond measure.”

“Frankly”, Arane continued with a soft but serious voice, “You know already that there is not a position we have not used, or an orifice that you have not teased, that has not pleased me well beyond any lover I have ever had. What more can my darling do but give MORE of that wonderful loving I crave daily?”

As I came to a stop light I took the opportunity to turn and I look at her beautiful smile and her soft eyes, almost golden in the fading light. “Well Sweetheart,” I began, now slipping the fingers from my left hand across her slit and around her swollen nub. “I do want you to know that I listen to your every expression of desire and fancy. Tonight I think I hit upon a HOT one to really please you — for life”.

Noticing that she was wet from her own thoughts and anticipation I pulled the thin material aside to slip one finger deep inside, curling back to stroke her G-spot on my first attempt. As the light turned green I withdrew my finger, and I was rewarded with a groan from my lady as the pleasure momentarily stopped. She quickly grabbed my wrist, insisting that I continue my ministrations by replacing my right hand against her now exposed pussy. I was torn by the pleasure of feeling my fingers slide along the hot wet folds of my lover’s pussy and the demands that return my attention back to the road. However, the acceleration provided an excellent excuse to clutch her swollen lips, now released from the confines of her thong, between my fingers, providing the pressure I knew she loved against her exposed clit. I concentrated half on my driving and half upon the hot, slick juices now covering my Kıbrıs Escort fingers as I pulled the thong further aside and played them across her swollen clit.

“Yes, Darlin” she smiled towards me as she lifted her hips to press back against my probing finger. “Baby, you constantly keep me aroused so I have no idea how it can be any better.”

Laying back in the seat she gave up any pretense of modesty in the car or fear of being seen. Her voice, now deepening with desire said “Gawd, you turn me on so much.”

As she pulled her skirt up high she leaned back the seat and spread her legs wide, to ease my access. I was aroused even further as my love closed her eyes, completely abandoned any resistance to my continued probing touch, and softly placed her left hand upon the swollen cock trapped in the confines of my slacks. She knew I did not wear underwear when we were together; when she wanted my cock she wanted no unnecessary delays. She laughed, but kept her eyes closed as she came upon the wet spot where my pre-cum had already soaked through the material.

As we drove I watched her heaving breasts, so near to spilling from the confines of her lace bra. Probing her deep with my expert fingers, I stretched them wide and was rewarded by a shudder in her pussy. As her pleasure built within I dipped my fingers deep inside of her and I could feel the walls of her warm wet slit began to expand, trapping my fingers inside. Ignoring the passing cars her hand slowly crept up towards her own breasts, fingers sliding inside her bra to reveal and play with her elongated nipple. As I saw her chewing on her lower lip, I knew this was a cue that her climax was building.

Arane began to take command of her own pleasure. Pressing my hand firmly against her mons, my lady pressed her hips forward as she coaxed my fingers across her nub and helped to press them deep inside. I was beginning to lose any ability to drive as I sensed my fingers and hers, combined, probing her pussy and exciting her clit.

Grabbing my wrist she squirmed and began lifting her butt from the seat. As her needs grew she thrust my hand inside of her soaking wet pussy like it was a dildo, driving my index finger deep inside to hit her cervix. “Help me baby!” she cried.

Pressing my hand down at the wrist she caused my thumb to press and flick across her wanting clit as she tugged and pulled on her exposed nipple. “Think of my lips tight around your clit,” I said in my deep, sexy voice. “Think of my mouth pressing hard around you, sucking your clit into my mouth, my tongue darting back and forth, urging you to cum as I suck on your clit.”

As she thrashed on the leather seats, now slick with her juices, I was enthralled by this aroused vixen as she continued to use my hand as a surrogate for my now swollen and throbbing cock.

I was becoming very turned on, watching and feeling her approach her climax. I could sense the pre-cum oozing down my cock. I wondered if I had the control needed to let the night play out and not immediately claim her aroused and wanton passion for myself. Pressing my hand repeatedly deep inside she began grinding herself back against me, all while pulling on her nipple like it was a piece of rubber till it was stretched taut. Her eyes shut tightly closed she began to shout, “Gawd baby, I’m going to cum, FUCK ME darling, OH MY GAWD YES, YES, YES… JIMMY, FUCK ME, YEEOOOH!” Keeping my fingers stiff and spread wide I pumped her as hard as I could all while keeping constant pressure on her clit until her second climax exploded and the sensitivity of her clit demanded that she push my hand away.

As Arane slumped in her seat, my fingers exited her sated pussy with a slick plop, spilling more juices upon the seat and soaking the hem of her dress trapped below her shaking bottom. “Oh baby, my darling, darling, man.” Her voice was a soft, almost distant, whisper. “How can you make me cum so fast, every time?” Needing no answer her hand softly patted mine upon her thigh, her legs still shaking with her after climax shudders.

“Are you still hungry?” I asked, knowing that after a cum like that she normally wants to rest and recharge herself.

Now smiling that dreamy smile that makes me swell she turned to put her head on my shoulder, her fingers slipping inside my satin shirt to tease my hard nipples. “MMMMMM, do you mind if we just go back and… cuddle?”

“No sweetheart.” I replied with a chuckle, “I actually thought this might happen.”

Looking up at me like a cat with her favorite mouse she giggled, grasped my swollen member through my slacks and said, “Well you know, this does not count as something new, just something unexpected.” Laughing, she cuddled around my arm, gently rubbing me for the short ride home.

Arriving back at my home I quickly raced around the car to help her exit her door. “Always the gentleman, or did you just want to see my swollen pussy?” Then she gave me a kiss and a smile Kıbrıs Escort Bayan of appreciation for the way I treated her.

As we entered the house she turned towards me, quickly flicking the buttons aside on my shirt, one foot slipping out of her shoe. Kissing me deeply her leg lifted and wrapped around me, pulling my erection firmly against her. Lifting up on her toes she began to grind against me, her breasts jutting out from her bra and now in hot contact with my hairy chest.

“I give as good as I get, remember?” She then began kissing me as if a fire raged within her, her erotic tongue dancing and teasing with mine, drawing it into her mouth so she could suck and tease it with the end of her tongue.

“Wait, baby,” I said pulling her back, “You do not want to spoil your surprise.”

Biting her tongue, her lustful eyes were confused with my stopping her. “What is it?” she demanded, not wanting me to pull further back.

“Just follow me,” I directed. Then taking her hand I led her, still wearing only her one shoe, across the soft carpet and down to the master bedroom.

As I opened the door I gently pushed her in ahead of me. Her eyes darted around the room, first surprised by the candle light and then she tensed, sensing another was there. Backing against me, but unable to exit the blocked doorway, she looked up and asked, “Baby, what is going on?” her voice anxious but still filled with the lust within her.

“Just a friend, darling,” a soft voice answered from the master bath. “Why not join me?”

“Who is that?” she asked. Turning again towards me, her breasts firm against my chest, she knew a trust issue was at hand.

“Just someone you should meet, finally,” I laughed pushing Arane towards the bath. As we entered the steamy bath, a breathtakingly beautiful young lady in her early thirties came into view. Soaking in the bubble bath, that I had drawn for her an hour earlier, a radiant beauty greeted us. Her firm breasts were partially covered in bubbles and partially by her long dark hair. Her olive skin accentuated her deep brown eyes that were both inviting and erotic.

“Baby-doll, you do recognize me, don’t you?” the erotic beauty smiled proudly as her words were soft whisper, then accentuated by her sitting up to lift her perky breasts into clear view. Arane’s nipples became immediately firmer as “Baby-doll” had been the familiar reference used by her friend when ever they were going to cyber together. Not waiting for Arane to answer I quickly filled her in on the details.

“I must admit that I stalked your postings to the Bi female thread. You told me you wondered what kissing another woman’s breasts and nipples would feel like. So I contacted Debbie and asked her if she thought you both should meet and she agreed.”

Turning toward me, pushing me halfway out of the door she glanced back at the sexy lady in my bath. As Debbie and Arane’s eyes made contact she anxiously pleaded with our guest “Just a second hon, Jimmy and I need to talk” then to me she continued in a hushed whisper “Baby, I told you long ago, I DON’T share!”

Laughing, I took her into my arms, kissing her deeply, my hands on her ass pulling her close against me. “Arane, this is for you, Sweetheart, not me. I want you to go please each other.” Kissing her again deeply I said, “Now go! Enjoy!! I’ll still be here, ready, when you want your Man.” Pushing her gently back, I closed the door between us, knowing that the special joy they would soon share would be repaid in her passion and joy with me five times over.

As I closed the door on the two lady’s, Arane felt a flush come over her face, her neck and down her still heaving bosom. A special gift of trust had been offered, in a completely safe environment, with no hesitation and no demands. Standing there looking at the door closed before her she felt a twinge of guilt for all the times she had worried that her lover might stray and share his affections with others. She had been so consumed with her sexual and romantic possession of him she had never thought that any other experience could in turn excite and strengthen their bond together. Yet here she was, given that very same opportunity, and she felt the confusion of excitement of what could be, mixed with the fear of what might become.

“Baby-doll?” Her friend’s voice was rich with her New York accent, “Are you going to come join me or just stand there staring at the closed door like a lost puppy wondering where her master went?” Debbie had always been so damn frank and Arane felt another flush, this time of embarrassment, for her inability to seize the moment. Deciding to accept the gift, Arane prepared to face and possibly quench the desire she had long harbored deep inside for this sexual creature clearly aroused and only a few feet away.

“Debbie, how?” she stammered, then stepping out of her one remaining shoe, she took a few steps closer to the bubble bath still steaming from Escort Kıbrıs the hot water and the hotter woman within. “I’m sorry,” she offered as an apology with a slight laugh, “It’s just I was so shocked to see you, especially with Jimmy in the same room.”

Extending her hand she felt double foolish for formally offering to shake hands with a nude and clearly aroused woman with whom she had intimate relations, on more than one occasion, albeit via the internet and phone. Standing, Debbie laughed, the bubbles cascading over her full breasts, flowing down her flat tummy and coating her young shapely legs. Taking the offered hand Debbie shook it, like a gentleman, then quickly pulled the object of her desires into her loving arms for their first deep kiss.

“Oh gawd, Arane,” she breathed into her new lovers mouth, “I have wanted you for so long,”

Holding Arane tightly, afraid she would flee her embrace, Debbie murmured her secret desires to tease and please into my lady’s neck. Taking only a short breath, Debbie placed another urgent kiss upon Arane’s mouth.

Arane found herself responding to the urgent kisses, and pulled Debbie closer against her full bosom, parting their lips only long enough to murmur “Hon, I’m on fire inside my pussy with desire.”

As their bodies continued to slide against each other Debbie continued pressing her tongue deep, their tongues intertwined in the dance of lovers, the heat of their passion quickly setting aside the awkwardness of their initial meeting.

Stepping back but not breaking the embrace, Arane spoke aloud to herself as much as to Debbie, “I just can’t believe you are here, and you are so beautiful.” Her eyes now gazing shyly down the erotic body of her friend, Arane quickly noted the pubic area was shaved clean of any hairs, and the nipples were taut and inviting.

Delicate hands cupped Arane’s face and after Debbie kissed her deeply she spoke frankly, “I thought you would tease me to death the last time we cybered and then you never called back to commit to our actually being together.”

Taking one of Arane’s hands in hers, Debbie pressed it against her heaving breast, she then began to rub her firm taut nipple using the palm of Arane’s hand. Sliding her other hand down Arane’s tummy she slipped her hand between her friend’s legs, touching the object of her long desire. Sensing no resistance Debbie kissed her again and forced Arane’s legs, now shaking, slightly apart so she could press her fingers deep into her prize, relishing the juices now coating her thin delicate fingers. Looking down between them Arane was amazed to see the deep red nails that adorned Debbie’s fingers scratch and tease her exposed clit and then plunge into her open pussy like little flaming arrows of desire. “So,” Debbie continued, “When your lover called and offered the opportunity to meet, I damn near came in my jeans right on the phone.” Both girls laughed at the visual of her lover calling to offer to set the ladies up. There was comfort and a higher sense of excitement that their meeting was going to be overheard.

“Honey,” Debbie laughed wickedly, “I’ll tell you the honest truth. I would have fucked him up one side of the apartment and down the other if that was the deal to get to be with you.” Then pulling Arane closer, her wet breasts damp against Arane’s black lace bra, she confided softly, “But all he wanted, Baby-doll, was for you to be pleased and for us to have our time together. So,” she now continued, making her words loud enough for me to hear in the bed chamber, “If you ever want to get rid of me, I’ll take him with me.”

Arane shook her head, her words unspoken; she felt both the heat of the bare breasts against her lacy bra, the pressure of the probing fingers deep inside of her, the feel of the swollen nipple rubbing against her palm and the chills on her bare back from the wet stroking of Debbie’s hands. Almost in a trance Arane stood still and was unable to move or initiate any action. “Get undressed,” Debbie commanded, “And get in here before we catch a cold.” Debbie’s departing fingers stoked Arane’s G-spot expertly and sensuously before breaking that contact. Arane’s trance was broken and Debbie sank back down into the tub and became awash in the hot water foaming with scented bubbles.

As Arane began to quickly get undressed Debbie admonished her in her typical direct New Yorker way, “Hey girl, slow the hell down, I’m not some jock you jump into the sack with for a 10 minute romp. This may be the only chance I ever get to fuck you and I want to savor it all.”

With a smile Arane turned away and slowly undid the back clasp of her lace bra, moving her ass seductively to the heated music within her pussy. Tossing it aside she turned her hands, cupping her generous breasts, exposing a deep chasm between her boobs. Lifting her breasts to her mouth Arane took one, then the other nipple fully into her mouth, the fleshy nipple already swollen from the teasing of her lover.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, “I know how much you like watching me do this.” Taking both nipples deep into her mouth Arane stared into her lover’s half closed eyes, sensing the tingle now shooting down to her own pussy.

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