Indecent Proposal Ch. 08

Big Tits

Jeez, I slept deep and long, totally shagged out, and totally satisfied with the warmth of Annabel’s body against my chest. Her cute ass insulated my tender balls as we lay spooned together in bed.

Eventually Annabel awoke, turned, looked deep into my eyes, smiled warmly, kissed my forehead and then headed for the bathroom. She enjoyed a long luxuriating shower before finally coming back through wrapped in a thick terry robe. She dialled up a large breakfast order so I headed to the shower myself.

By the time I came out wrapped in my robe a huge feast of fresh fruit, juices, and a cooked breakfast was laid out before us on the verandah table. We smiled lovingly at each other and then tucked into our feast.

Well today was going to be our last day together on the island as all good things must eventually come to an end. We whistled up the boat & a picnic and headed off to the private beach one last time. We enjoyed the day naked soaking up the sun’s rays with short dips in the sea to cool off so that our tender bits didn’t burn. We hugged & kissed as we swam but neither of us initiated any sex or lovemaking, we were just two workmates, possibly friends, enjoying each other’s company. As we swam I enjoyed admiring the beauty of Annabel’s naked beauty in front of me.

As we walked out of the water for the final time I thoroughly enjoyed watching Annabel’s slow relaxed gait as she walked up the beach, the vision of her lovely ass seared into my eyes and my memory. I had a hard on by the time we reached the towels. The sound of the approaching boat and the sense that sex would spoil the last special day together meant we dried off quickly and dressed; a great big wide grin on my face as I watch Annabel dress for the final time.

It had been an amazing week, beyond my wildest dreams and wanks over the previous months of planning. I had expected Annabel to have been a reluctant participant during the week, only there because the money was needed to fund her family. I had been surprised from the first day on how well she had accepted and participated in whatever I wanted of her. For years I had dreamed of undressing her, admiring her beauty at arms length; to see that beautiful ass that walked past my desk each day at work; to see, feel and taste every inch of her stunning body. But more than being a beauty that I wanted to shag endlessly, I had thoroughly enjoyed her warm and most of all that infectious laugh that resonated through our office every work day.

As we cruised back to the resort for the final time my eyes were locked on her continuously; thinking her husband was a very fortunate man to have this beautiful woman with such a warm loving personality. I realised that I had been very fortunate to have a week of her company and that the $50,000 plus dollars had been an investment in my current and future happiness as I would have these images & memories seared into my memory for as long as my brain held out in my aging years. I was rock hard with these thoughts as we stepped off the boat back at the resort.

The next few hours passed reluctantly packing and having a final dinner together. The Chef spoilt us with a mighty fine seafood dinner accompanied by a lovely bottle of wine. We chinked glasses together and toasted our week together; each knowing it had come to an end. I looked into Annabel’s eyes and wondered if her mind had switched back to reality and the thought of heading home to her husband and children, and a more certain future with $50,000 in their bank account. I was content that I could give them that certainty even though it had been at a price for them. I shut down those thoughts as I smiled at Annabel and reached for her hand as we both drained our wine glasses for the final time.

We checked out, and were then sat in the resort minibus for the ride to the airport. Annabel took my hand and held it gently in her lap as she eased her leg against mine. I turned to look at her in amazement as I had been thinking that her thoughts would have changed on leaving the resort as she slowly started making the adjustment back to her home life. Annabel smiled and burst out laughing as she looked at me.

“What?” I asked.

“The look on your face is a picture,” she warmly stated.

“How come?”

“You look like a boy who has to leave the toy shop,” she laughed.

“Maybe I am,” I laughed back.

“I have thoroughly enjoy this week, and you have been a perfect gentleman,” as she squeezed my hand.

I slowly lifted her hand in mine up to my lips and gently kissed the back of her hand as I looked deep into her eyes; enjoying these last few hours to the max with this unbelievable young woman and mother.

I didn’t know what to say as I didn’t want to say anything that could be misunderstood as linking back to our financial arrangement. I think Annabel had enjoyed our time together over and above the financial reasons for being here. I also think that she had just realised that herself; maybe she had been expecting to be a sex slave for a week catering to the whims and twisted fantasies of an unknown work colleague. I think she had been surprised that it had been me and Samsun Escort not a Director or Senior Manager; plus I don’t think that I had asked her to do anything that she had not been willing to do. Annabel had certainly satisfied all of my fantasies that I had had of her over the years; plus the two evenings with Emere and Anese had been a bonus over and above my expectations. I was hard again with these memories and the warmth of Annabel’s leg against mine. As hard as my mind thought against it, I so wanted to caress her in the back of the minibus as we travelled to the airport.

After checking in and handing over our suitcases we retired to the bar to pass the last 90 minutes before our flight started loading. We shared another bottle of wine and enjoyed each other’s company; however we were both quite quiet, lost in our own thoughts of the week, each other, and possibly how we would handle it in the future.

Soon our flight was been called and 20 minutes later we were settled into our seats together. As the plane rotated up off the runway Annabel took my hand and squeezed it. The warmth of her leg pressed against mine as the plane gently turned towards New Zealand and home made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and a little horny.

The stewardess came through with drinks placed on our drop down table. As Annabel sipped her wine her hand slid to my leg and gently stroked it. I turned my head slightly towards her in amazement. She, in turn, turned slightly towards me and smiled as her hand slid to the inside of my thigh and travelled northwards.

I was amazed and hard; nearly choking on my wine.

A rich, peel of laughter filled the plane as Annabel enjoyed my surprise.

God, I loved her laugh; always had, and always will, as her palm coasted over my hardness in my shorts.

Annabel asked a passing Stewardess for a blanket as she was feeling cold. With the great service that Air New Zealand is renowned for, Annabel was quickly handed a warm blanket. Annabel spread the blanket out over our laps under the tables as we finished our wine. Once this was in place she stroked my hardness through my shorts and she leaned back in her seat and let out a contented sigh.

Fuck, I loved this woman! She knew how to tease and care for a man! I looked into her eyes with lust as I had so many times during our week together. She gave my old man a squeeze to show she was feeling the same.

Oh Yes!! I thought, This holiday isn’t over yet!

At this time the Stewardess’s started to deliver our dinner and I am sure I saw the slight smile on the lips of the nearest Stewardess pulling the trolley down the aisle towards us as she realised what Annabel was doing under the blanket. Annabel and the Stewardess looked directly at each other and smiled. I guessed we wouldn’t be disturbed for the rest of the flight.

To make life even more interesting Annabel lifted her left hand off my hardness and slid her hand out from under the blanket to grip my right hand. She slid my hand under the blanket and ran it along the top of her thigh until we reached her knee. She then gently moved my hand to the inside of her leg and eased it an inch or two up her suntanned thigh.

Annabel let go of my hand, and moved her arm left under the blanket until she had my hardness under her fingertips. With her right hand she opened up her container of salad and removed a sliver of raw carrot which she brought up to her lips. She turned and looked at me with those soft loving eyes of hers and very, very slowly sucked the length of carrot into her mouth and swallowed it whole, whilst at the same time giving my hardness a firm squeeze.

It took all of my self control not to cum in my shorts there and then. This lovely lady, come minx, could still surprise me with her raw sexy, teasing nature.

Well two can play that game, I thought, as I peeled the foil top off the glass of Waiwera Spring Water. My right hand slowly ran up the inside of her warm tanned left thigh pushing up the hem of her summer dress at the same time. I loved the feel & touch of her firm thigh flesh, sensing the heat of her pussy a few inches further up the valley of her thighs. Slowly I lifted the glass of water to my lips as I felt Annabel ease her thighs apart to give me free access to her pussy. I gently squeezed that upper two inches for thigh flesh that feels so smooth, but firm just before a ladies’ pussy, the heat emanating from her pussy warmed the back of my hand. I turned to look directly into Annabel’s eyes.

There was a need and a hunger there in her eyes; she squeezed my hardness to emphasise that need.

I teased her further by extending out my tongue into the glass until my tongue dipped into the water. Annabel sighed quietly with need; a fire smouldering in her pussy that was threatening to spread throughout her body. She slid down in her seat slightly trying to bring my fingers against her pussy.

Now I might be a bastard at work, but I couldn’t tease this beauty any longer; so I rotated my wrist and eased a finger along the ridge of her pussy lips; she sighed loudly making the nearest passengers turn to Samsun Escort Bayan look at her. I wasn’t surprised to find she didn’t have any panties on; but in a way I was.

She squeezed my old man to suggest I should continue to move on her pussy. I took a drink of water, one to tease her and secondly because my mouth was desert dry in hot need for this woman. I swallowed a mouthful of water as Annabel’s eyes pleaded with me and her hips thrust forward in an effort to drive my finger between her lips.

Her fingers tightened around my length and held tight to tell me to get on with it and get her pussy lips split open by my invading digit.

I obliged.

Annabel tried very hard to stifle a groan.

God, she was so wet; my finger eased straight into her tunnel in one gentle push. I curled my finger upwards to find her sensitive g-spot as my hand pressed firmly over her clit.

Annabel bit her lip trying so hard to contain the passion burning inside of her; while at the same time sliding her hand down to cup my balls through my shorts to communicate her need.

I put my water down to save spilling it as I focused on rubbing the roof of her pussy to stimulate her most sensitive spot on her body. Under the blanket Annabel’s hips humped on my finger in her seat.

I leaned sideways and whispered in her ear “Dial it back a bit or we will get complaints.”

“Not from me,” she huskily groaned back in my ear as she squeezed my cum laden balls once more.

I was so close to cumming.

“Put the meals on the spare table by the window,” she huskily instructed me. I did so with my left hand as my right hand was otherwise engaged.

Annabel let go of my prick and reached back to grip my wrist to ease my finger out of her molten pussy. She slid her dress back down over her thighs under the blanket; returned her tray table to the upright position and threw the blanket off her legs.

I looked at her in shock and amazement; my finger soaked in her pussy juices.

“In a minute follow me to the disabled toilet and quietly knock twice on the door,” she instructed.

I looked down to check my crotch wasn’t showing any dampness as I put my table back in the upright position. Half getting up I looked down the aisle behind me to see the Stewardess’ still doling out meals & drinks as they worked their way to the back of the plane.

Easing out of the seat I made my way down the aisle, taking care not to nudge any of the diners. I reached the disabled toilet, looked both ways conspiratorially and knocked twice very gently. The toilet bolt slid back and I opened the door, stepped in and closed the door behind me.

Annabel was kneeling on the toilet seat cover, her dress up around her hips, the straps of her dress off her shoulders, and the top two inches of her dress unzipped from the top between her shoulder blades.

She looked over her shoulder and sexily whispered “Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me one last time,” she instructed.

I stared at the beautiful apparition in front of me; knowing that another of my fantasies was about to come true.

“Daddy, I’ve been a naughty girl and I need to be punished,” she breathed in a husky voice, “Fuck me hard and deep Daddy; I’m a bad girl.”

With one hand I ensured the door was locked, and with the other I was trying to undo my shorts as fast as I could to release my swollen prick that was bursting to be out of its confinement and buried deep in Annabel’s hot, wet pussy for one final and unexpected fuck. It wasn’t going to be lovemaking, we were both too turned on for that; and there wasn’t time for a gentle romantic interlude. This was going to be a very basic doggy style fuck between a bitch in heat and the local mongrel dog.

Annabel had her forearms up against the wall, her arched back reasonably upright because of the confined space, and had her cute arse turned up as a padded buffer for me to slam my hips against.

I stepped into the space for a wheelchair alongside the toilet and stepped out of my shorts and pants as they hit the floor. My prick was rock hard, throbbing and ready for action with my cum filled balls slung below.

“I’m ready Daddy,” from Annabel was all the encouragement I needed as I fed the tip of my prick between her cheeks and pressed it firmly against her pussy lips.

“Yes Daddy,” moaned Annabel as my fingertips sank into the flesh of her hips for grip.

“Brace yourself Shelia,” I grunted as the typical New Zealand joke about Aussie foreplay.

A rich peel of laughter filled the toilet as Annabel appreciated the joke; quickly followed by a loud groan as I fucked, fully depth, to the hilt into her pussy in one long powerful thrust.

“Oh God Daddy!” she cried, “Fill me one last time.”

My fingertips sank into the flesh of her hips to get a firm grip on her as I eased my hips backwards until the tip of my prick was just in contact with her pussy lips.

“Please Daddy, we don’t have much time before they finish serving the meal,” she instructed.

I wanted this moment to last, it was one of my greatest fantasies, and probably any mans greatest Escort Samsun fantasy – to join the Mile High Club. I kept her waiting with my prick just splitting her lips as I reached up to unzip her dress down her back.

“Daddy please!” she begged, her hot pussy needing to feel my man meat deep inside her.

I kept her waiting as I slid both hand under her armpits to seek out her lovely tits one final time.

I loved the way her firm warm flesh filled my hands and her nipples slid between my fingers. Her nipples were like hard bullets as my fingers closed around them as I cupped her breasts in my hands.

“Pleeaassee fuck me Daadddy,” she begged.

I increased the grip on her breasts as I slid my prick balls deep upto the hilt into her hot tunnel. We both groaned out loud in utter pleasure and satisfaction.

“Give me all of it,” she half begged, half instructed.

I was happy to oblige as I started to saw my hips backwards and forwards as I solidly fucked her hot wet pussy.

“Oh yes Daddy,” she groaned as her arms started to absorb the strengths of my thrusts ramming her forward into the toilet bulkhead. Her pussy muscles came into play, gently squeezing my meat as it pistoned in and out. I could feel her hot juices lubricating & oiling my length as I fucked her hard.

Annabel in turn thrust her arse upward to accept my thrusts and pushed back in time with my thrusts as we mutually pounded into each other; my cum-filled balls slapping into the underside of her pussy. We were both starting to sweat in the confines of the toilet as we fucked ourselves silly.

I wasn’t going to last much longer, and as much as I wanted to slowly fuck her for the remaining duration of the flight; I knew that wasn’t going to be allowed or possible. Instead I squeezed my fingers together trapping her erect, sensitive nipples as I rolled them between my fingers.

“Oh yes,” Annabel cried in passion and need as her body reported all of these sensations to her brain.

I picked up the pace as I hauled her backwards by the her breasts pulled tight against her body as I lunged deep into her pussy again and again. My balls slapped against her pussy as my cum started to boil inside.

“Fuck Annabel, you are a truly amazing woman,” I praised in open admiration, almost bordering on love as I slammed into her padded arse with my hips.

“Yes Daddy” she groaned as she squeezed my meat hard with her pussy. I nearly came there and then.

Taking a chance at this late stage of our fucking, I took one hand off her breast and thrust it between her thighs in a frantic search for her clit. I wanted to give her an orgasm to remember me by. My hand thrust between her warm thighs seeking out the heat of her pussy. Her thighs were slick with her juices pouring from her pussy as we fucked. My middle finger soon found her spread lips and my prick pistoning in and out. A slight adjustment upwards and I found her erect, exposed, hard clit. Her sudden hump upwards also told me I had found her love button as she groaned out loud.

The thrusting of her hips drove my fingertip hard backwards & forwards against her sensitive clit. Annabel started to bring herself off on my fingers. Her pussy seemed to get even wetter and hotter as I stimulated her clit with my rough fingertip.

“FUCK DADDY,” she yelled out too loud, “I am going to cum.”

I didn’t care if the rest of the passengers heard us or not. What could they do? Throw us off at 30,000ft? I smiled as I continued to fuck her hard, knowing that this was going to be my last two minutes of fucking this amazing woman.

I squeezed hard on her nipple, and started to frig her clit with my fingertip as I kept slamming hard against her arse. Annabel was now been pounded mercilessly against the bulkhead.

“OH GOD DADDY I AM CUMMING,” she screamed, as her pussy clamped down hard on my prick almost bringing me to a standstill and making my eyes water. Her hips slammed up and down violently as her orgasm tore through her. I struggled to hold her and my grip on her breast and clit increased to steady her. This additional stimulation and possibly pain only triggered her senses up another notch in response. I hung on.

Two final thrusts were all I could manage before I groaned out loud myself and slammed deep into her climaxing pussy one final time as my balls let go. My hot cum surged up my prick and splashed deep into the depths of her hot molten pussy. Annabel hips just continued to hump on the end of my prick; her buttocks rubbing up and down my hips as her head sank against the bulkhead. Rope after rope filled her, my hot prick throbbing.

Our bodies were still throbbing of their own accord as we both eased down from our orgasms. My rock hard prick felt as if it was in a furnace; the heat of Annabel’s sodden pussy was just unbelievable. I was still buried up to the hilt inside her as my prick continued to throb trying to send every single last drop of cum into her hot throbbing pussy. I knew our time together was over, and I had accepted that before boarding the plane. This final, urgent, passionate fuck was truly an unexpected added bonus that also ticked off my fantasy of The Mile Club. But still holding Annabel with one hand cupping her full breast, my other hand trapped between her juice covered thighs, and my prick still deep inside her; made it very hard for me to finally let go of this beautiful woman in my arms.

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