Intimate Evening


Note: This is my first story. I would appreciate any feedback, both positive or negative!


The evening sun slanted through the window’s of Jason’s living room, with a few rays hitting Jason himself. Fast asleep, the late evening light did not bother him, yet something, or someone, rather, would cut short his weekend nap.

Alice, Jason’s lovely girlfriend, was kneeling at his side with a mischievous look in her eyes. Carefully, she moved her hand to his chest, stroking Jason through his t-shirt, testing to see how deeply he slept. He didn’t stir at all.

Perfect, thought the conniving woman. She made sure her long brunette curls flowed down her back, not wanting a stray hair tickling Jason awake. Her hand moved to the remote control, lowering the volume on the television, lest a sudden noise wake him up. After this, she stroked his chest once more with her right hand, and let her delicate fingers slide down Jason’s body, down to the waistband of the boxers he was sleeping in. Her lovely brown eyes were intent on his lower half, while she deliberated on how to proceed. Too fast, and I’ll wake him up. Too slow, and nothing will happen.

Alice pursed her full lips together as her hand cupped the area between Jason’s legs. Unable to tell what was what, she simply held him like this, applying a gentle pressure and shifting her hand about just so, until she could distinguish between her boyfriend’s various.. parts. She bit her lip, holding her breath as Jason stirred momentarily. He was still fast asleep. She cupped him with a little more pressure now, and began rubbing her hand against the thin fabric of Jason’s boxers, her eyes intent on his face.

Jason didn’t stir, and Alice rubbed him more and more, starting to get a little disappointed before feeling a very distinct twitch against her right hand. Yes! She bit her lip to stifle a broad smile as Jason’s member began to wake up. She focused her attention on it, rubbing it through the fabric. It grew steady, sometimes jerking as she stroked its increasing length. As Jason’s boxers began to tent up, Alice opened up the hole at the front of his boxers, letting his member free.

With pleasure, Alice watched, until Jason’s manhood stood straight. Licking her lips quietly, Alice lightly gripped his familiar organ with her slim hand, her gaze divided between Jason’s shaft and his face. Still no expression, and his chest rose up and down regularly. Her fingers wrapped around his girth, and she began to move her hand in a pumping motion. He felt warm and potent in her hand; she could feel him throb silently, which only encouraged her to grip with a little more firmness.

He stirred. Alice ‘s lips tightened, and her hand paused, as Jason shifted somewhat, his mouth moving as if to speak. But only a breath escaped his lips, and he promptly quieted. Her hand began to move again. Throbbing in her hand, she drew in a shaky breath as she felt him, wondering why this was making her quite hot and bothered, while he simply laid there.

Then again, he DID like it. Drops of precum were oozing out of the tip of his engorged member, and if she wasn’t careful, soon her hand would be slick with it. She was licking her lips again, her eyes no longer on his face but fixed quite solidly on Jason’s manhood. She swallowed, and lowered her grip on him so that the head of his manhood remained untouched. With a quick look at Jason, she closed her eyes and leaned forward, parting her lips and accepting the head of his member into her mouth. She tensed as the taste of his precum hit her tastebuds, but relaxed soon after, focusing on how her lips were wrapped around him, forming a tight ring at the base of his head. Her hand was still as her head began to bob up and down, her hair cascading down her shoulders Şanlıurfa Escort as her full lips caressed Jason’s manhood.

Her eyes were still closed, and she tried to suppress her growing need for him as she continued to bob her head, keeping her lips nice and snug around her boyfriend’s throbbing member. She began moving her hand a little as well, though it was oddly difficult to co-ordinate the two movements. So focused was she on what she was doing, that Alice almost jumped up when she felt a hand slide into her hair.

Jason’s green eyes gave away his confusion as he looked down at Alice . Was he still asleep? Her mess of hair made it hard to see what was going on, but oh god, did he feel it. He realized he was grabbing her hair and pulled his hand away. “Hun?” he intoned quietly, realizing he had been dreaming of her sucking on him before opening his eyes and seeing that dream made real. He could smell her strawberry scent, and unconsciously took a deep breath of it. “Baby, what’s this about?” She was dressed in an oversized t-shirt, which regrettably hid her wonderful body from him.

Alice ‘s cheeks flushed a deep red, but she did an admirable job in keeping eye contact. “I was.. it was a surprise.” She shrugged her shoulders and looked away now, feeling timid and embarrased for some reason she couldn’t quite explain.

Jason knew her too well, and promptly sat up. “Oh no.. don’t play coy with me now..” he moved his hand to her cheek, caressing her soft skin with his thumb and the tips of his fingers. “A vixen while I’m asleep, and now this once I wake?” He got down onto the floor, kneeling besides her yet with his body facing her. His cock was still hard. His lips couldn’t help but smile as he wrapped his arms around her. “Thank you for the wake up call.. Ha, I thought I was dreaming..”

Alice smiled, and closed her eyes as she snuggled into Jason’s warm embrace. She could feel Jason’s hardened manhood pressing up against her side, and that made her smile broaden slightly. “I could tell you liked it,” she responded, her tone playful.

“Mhmm.” Jason buried his nose into her hair, taking another breath of her strawberry bodywash. “You deserve a bit of a reward, I think.” He loosened his hold on her, and let his left hand drop down into her lap. He lifted her oversized t-shirt, revealing her blessedly long legs. His hand settled on her lap promptly, and he nuzzled his nose into her hair, speaking softly into her ear, “Open up for me, darling.”

Surprisingly, she did, though after a moment’s hesitance. Jason’s hand came down slowly as Alice separated her knees for him, still kneeling. He drew in a quiet breath as he felt her soft, shaved pussy. “Mm.. darling,” he breathed out, stroking her softly. Alice closed her eyes and began to lean backwards, arching her back slightly and holding herself up by placing her hands behind her.

“Let me just..” Without finishing his sentence, Jason carefully eased the tip of his index finger inside of her. He immediately felt how warm and wet she was. Warm? She feels HOT. Jason watched as Alice mouthed out a quiet ‘Ah!’ as he invaded her, but she made no move to stop him. So with that in mind, Jason gently eased his finger deeper into her hot, wet body. “Baby.. you got like this from simply touching me?” Jason inquired, wondering how she managed to get so aroused. It usually took several minutes of touching, kissing and petting to get her to this level of.. readiness.

Alice bobbed her head, answering wordlessly. She didn’t want to talk. She didn’t want to think. She just wanted to enjoy the feel of him; she wanted to let herself be taken care of. Without quite meaning to, she bit on her bottom lip as she felt Jason’s finger slide in deeper into her body. A soft wave Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan of pleasure rolled upwards from her stomach, bathing her body in a momentary glow. She felt his other hand moving now as well, sliding under her baggy shirt. It crept up her flat stomach, his fingertips pressing down on her flesh enough so that she could feel his nails; it felt so wonderful. The roving hand was soon cupping her left breast. Cupping and squeezing, massaging her while the finger inside of her began to withdraw and then rush in deeper. Her mouth opened and a sharp moan slipped out. God.. please don’t let him think that I’m in pain.. I don’t want him to stop.. She thought to herself, basking in the quick burst of pleasure rushing through her body.

“Just tell me if anything hurts, ok baby?” She heard Jason ask. Alice nodded quickly again, her eyes still closed and her body waiting. His left hand squeezed her full breast again, and she shivered as his thumb caressed her hardening nipple. The finger he had inside of her began probing, caressing the interior of her walls. Another quick moan slipped past her lips, though quickly followed her a rational thought. How can he be doing this, at the angle he’s at? Opening her eyes, she looked at Jason and blinked. Somehow she had turned so that she was now facing him. His left hand was massaging her breast while his right one was settled in between her legs. When did I TURN? She surely couldn’t have been that out of it..

Jason watched with curious eyes as Alice ‘s gaze took him in. She didn’t seem to understand something. Deciding that she needed a distraction, Jason promptly leaned forward and kissed her. Their lips met, and at once Jason’s lips parted, the tip of his tongue reaching out and asking permission to pass her lips. She granted it immediately, and soon they were wrapped up in a deep, passionate kiss. His tongue caressed hers with a deep hunger, and her mouth seemed eager to offer itself to him. His finger probed her pussy tenderly yet in earnest.

He rubbed her interior silently, paying attention to one wall at a time, making sure it was fully caressed before moving on to the next. Upon touching her upper wall, he felt her mouth open up in anticipation; she knew where he would touch. Eager to please, he made sure his finger was deep inside of her and began to caress a wonderfully sensitive spot that she possessed. He had always assumed that was the g-spot, but had never asked her. By the way her hips squirmed and her chest jut out, it had to be something remarkable.

Jason gave her breast another good squeeze, loving how well she filled his hand. Her nipple was hard now, perfect for suckling on. Her pussy was now perfect for something a good bit thicker and longer than his finger, too. He pulled his finger out of her, and ended the breathtaking kiss they had been immersed in, giving himself a few seconds before speaking. “I want you to ride me,” he said, pausing in order to suck on her lower lip, “Please ride me, sexy?”

Alice heard his request, and was about to think about it. Yet before she could, a prompt ‘Yes’ came out of her mouth. She blinked once, and watched as Jason smiled and began to lay himself out on the couch. Am I losing my mind, or my inhibitions? she asked herself as she got up from her kneeling position. Standing up, she looked down at Jason. He had taken off his boxers, and slipped off his shirt, setting both in a pile on the floor. He really looked quite dashing, laying like that. Trying not to feel too self-conscious, Alice reached down and grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, then slid the entire thing up and off of her, letting it drop to the floor.

Jason’s eyes were soon on her, of course, taking in every detail. The pleased murmur he let out Escort Şanlıurfa made her cheeks warm up. “Be quiet, you,” she reprimanded him half-heartedly as she began to straddle his hips. She was soon biting her lip as he looked down at his manhood, which had either stayed hard this entire time or simply revived itself in anticipation. Alice watched as Jason reached out and held it, keeping it steady for her. Placing her hands on his firm, broad chest, she lowered herself down onto his member, feeling her body take him in inch by inch. Here eyes were closed as she let out a happy, sensual moan. “Yes..”

Her nails dug lightly into his chest as she wiggled her hips, settling herself and eliciting a breathy moan from Jason. She took in a deep, happy breath as she felt Jason’s hands settle on her hips; she loved it when he did that. She leaned forward, placing more of her weight on her hands as she lifted her hips, sighing as she felt most of his length exit her. God, it’s such a snug fit! Trying not to moan, she eased her hips back down and drank the ecstatic murmur that came out of Jason’s lips. Starting slowly, she moved her hips up and down in a slow rhythm, basking in the glow and waves of pleasure Jason’s manhood was giving her. She could feel her walls squeezing him, intensifying the pleasure and sending chills up her spine. “Jason.. God Jason,” she moaned with her eyes squeezed shut, hoping Jason wasn’t staring up at her while she rode him. A quick glance down revealed that his eyes were closed, his head tilted back into the couch cushion. She quickened her pace.

Jason tightened his hold on her hips, arching his back as he let out a low, sultry moan. She had lulled him with a slow, steady rhythm, then surprised him with this. “God, baby,” he murmured out, looking up to watch her as she rode him. Alice ‘s breasts were bouncing, swaying above him with such allure that he reached out and cupped one. Bringing his mouth to her soft skin, he started kissing. Kissing and suckling, making a steady trail toward her hardened nipple. Upon reaching it, he let his tongue play and took delight in the moans that came out of Alice . “Yes.. be.. loud for me baby,” he encouraged her, moaning out mid-sentence from the pleasure she was giving his cock. You’re so fucking tight, honey..

Letting go of her breast, he still kept his lips on her, knowing that his slow sucking would drive her crazy. Despite the growing pleasure her tight pussy was giving him, he still wanted more. His hands stroked her sides, her hips, and then gripped her, his body brimming with lust. “More..” he said, before guiding her hips up and down, coaxing her into riding him harder, faster. She was remarkably pliable, speeding up her pace until they were both panting, moaning out with every other breath. Jason was moving his hips underneath her, complementing her movements with small thrusts that made Alice cry out in ecstasy.

Moaning, and the sound of their bouncing, supple hips slapping against each other filled the room. Jason’s cock was a throbbing rod, piercing Alice ‘s pussy again and again. He could feel her walls undulate and begin to spasm. That, combined with the increasing pitch of her moans, told him exactly what he wanted to know. “Baby, I’m getting close,” he told her as he thrust up into her more vigorously than before. His cock was pulsing with pleasure. He felt her hips crash down on him harder than before, until all he could do was squeeze his eyes shut and moan. “God!” he cried out, digging his fingertips into her hips as his cock shuddered, shooting out his load deep inside of her…

“Ahhh!” Alice cried out sharply as pleasure coursed through her body, consuming her. Her orgasm was.. indescribable. And draining. Immediately her hips stopped, and she brought her body close to Jason’s, curling up against him. She then moved her hips quietly, just to enjoy the continued feel of him inside of her. Jason let out a happy murmur and stroked her bare back. Alice smiled joyfully, and kissed Jason’s chest before closing her eyes to rest with him and bask in the afterglow.

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