It Comes Naturally


We lay beside one another totally relaxed in a room lit only by moonlight. The late summer breeze drifts gently through open windows, caressing our bodies like the touch of a familiar lover.

I inhale the scent of your hair and listen to the sounds of the evening. One by one I filter through them and set them aside. The sound of a car in the distance, the sharp chirp of a cricket in our back yard, the faint rustle of the curtains and the gentle sound of your breathing.

I roll toward you and admire your body in the moonlight. The dark tresses of your hair spilling over your pillow and reaching past your shoulders. The graceful curve of your neck, the swell of your breasts rising with each breath.

You purr contentedly as I run my fingers through your hair, sliding my hand downward to cup a breast and gently brush my thumb over a dark nipple. Just once, enough friction to make it stand up hard as if daring me to lick it.

I do just that, moving over you and taking your breast in my mouth. You inhale sharply as I move my right hand over your stomach. My fingers encounter the thin strip of hair guarding your entrance and I stop to let my hand rest there just a moment.

Both of us love this point in time, the brief seconds of anticipation as our bodies begin to respond one another. You lean up and kiss me, pushing me onto my back, kissing me deeply and straddling Şanlıurfa Escort my waist all in one smooth, sexy feline motion.

You break off the kiss and sit up as your run both hands down my chest and through the thick patch of hair below, stopping at my hard cock. You stroke me gently and I hear you chuckle quietly. You are pleased with the effect you have on me even after all of our years together.

We know every curve and plane of our bodies, we are far beyond surprises and new discoveries. Even so my cock pulses gently in your hand and your pussy is already wet as you lift yourself up and gently slide me inside of you.

I growl in pleasure as my cock slides home, eliciting another laugh from you. Your sexy laugh makes me even harder and I feel your pussy squeeze me playfully. Now its my turn to laugh and you bend down to begin kissing your way up my chest until you stop to kiss me deeply, your tongue playfully finding mine.

You plant both hands on my shoulders and keep your face close to mine as I feel your hips begin to rock gently.

“I love you so much” I say quietly into the dark.

“I love you too” you say as your pace quickens. “Your cock is so hard tonight.”

“It’s all you, hun”, I say as my hands cup your swaying tits. “No viagra required this evening”.

“I want you to rub my clit. I’m so turned on tonight it’s Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan not going to take me long.”

In another move born from much practice together I wrap my arms around your back and roll over so I am on top, never breaking stride. I feel you wrap your legs around my back as I thrust into you deeply feeling your sweet pussy grip me like a vise.

You can sense me tensing up. “You aren’t going to cum early like some teenager are you, Mr. tough guy?” Another sexy giggle, followed by a smack on the ass. You are in a playful mood and you know I love it. It is when you are at your sexiest.

I hold myself up on my left hand, with my right I reach down to gently tease your clit. This time a low guttural groan originates form you rather than me.

I thrust into you harder feeling the pleasure build as I continue to rub your clit. You begin to moan softly and I know it won’t be long for you.

After all of our time together your flexibility still amazes me as you somehow manage to snake one hand through our entangled bodies and grab my balls. You know what this does to me and I know your motive.


“Unn-huuuh” you groan, your ability to communicate rapidly diminishing.

I increase the pace, turning myself over to the pleasure building deep within me. You squeeze my balls gently as I work on your clit Escort Şanlıurfa with my fingers.

The room that was silent moments ago is now filled with the sounds of passionate lovemaking. Your gasps as my deep thrusts hit bottom, my ragged breathing as my hips pump in a fast, familiar rhythm, the wet sounds of quickly stolen kisses and my cock gliding in and our of your wet pussy.

Some evenings turn into a contest of the wills as we try to outlast each other. Not tonight though. Tonight we turn ourselves over to the animal passions of the moment, careening downhill toward a shared release.

“I..ungh… I’m gonna cum soon hun….ungh” “Me too babe..mmmmmm… just let it go..” “oh yeah… ohhhh…. I’m cumminnnngg” “yeah..yeah yeahhhhhh”

Your back arches as your pussy begins to convulse around me. At the same time you lose your grip on my balls as they pull up close to my body and I begin to grunt like a rutting bull.

You sit almost straight up as your orgasm hits full intensity, throwing one arm around my neck and holding on tight as I erupt inside you. Both of us moan as we return to earth amid the aftershocks.

I roll to my side to curl up next to you, kissing your neck softly as I try to catch my breath.

“I love you hun.”

“I love you too.” you respond, reaching up to caress my face.

I fall asleep feeling the breeze blowing over our bodies and listening to the sounds of the evening. One by one I identify them and set them aside. The sound of a dog barking. The sound of the same cricket still chirping sharply in our back yard. And finally the sound of your breathing, deep gentle breaths as we fall asleep holding one another.

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