It was a Good Day

Aria Lee

I was walking to my desk this morning and she was already sitting at hers, next to mine. Desks touching side by side, her seat not more than 3 feet from my own.

I sat down and said “morning all”.

Every one replied back except her, just a kind of grunt. She’s really not a morning person. She’s 5 foot nothing, long black hair, fairly tanned skin. She has a stunning body. Not thin or skinny, but in shape.

We get on, we laugh and joke as I do with all my colleagues, but there’s nothing flirtatious between us. Of course I’m physically attracted to her, but that’s it. To me she’s just a colleague. Our paths would not cross outside of work, and although she’s 20, 17 years younger than I am, she acts younger, like a stroppy teenager and with a ‘world owes me everything’ kind of attitude.

Today she was wearing her usual tight long sleeved black top, that shows off the roundness of her boobs. They’re not big, they’re not small, they just look like perfect handfuls. She had one of her short, tight skirts on. This is what she wears every day, only instead of her usual black tights, today she had her legs bare. Something I haven’t seen her do before.

Whenever she gets up from her desk, she’ll turn in my direction and then stands up. I never pay much attention when she does but today was different. I couldn’t help but try to see a bit whenever she stood up.

The day went on as uneventful as any other day does in this job and then the end of the day arrived. People were leaving and I was wrapping up my work for the day, as was she by the looks of it.

She turned to me and said “they’ve finished renovating the floor upstairs, have you seen it? It’s like ours but completely empty. It’s so weird. No reception area, no false walls, just completely open.”

I replied “cool, I’ll pop up and have a look on my way out in a minute.”

She said “come on, lets go up now, I’ll show you”.

So we locked our laptops and went upstairs. Our building has the main reception and entrance at the front, but with the car park being at the rear we use the fire exit which leads straight to the car park. We went through the doors at the rear of our office and up the stairs to the top floor.

At the top of the stairs is one door which when you go through has a shower room/toilet on the left then double doors going into the newly renovated office space. I looked through the window that runs the full length of the locked door. “It looks so weird without anyone or anything in there, it’s huge” I said.

All of a suddenly I felt her grab my left Bursa Escort hand and drag me. As she did, her other hand grabbed the door handle to the shower room and opened it as we stumbled towards through the doorway.

“wha…” I tried to speak as she kissed me. I heard her lock the door behind her.

Still kissing me, her tongue starting to wrestle with mine, she ran one of her hands down from my chest to my cock and pressed her palm against it through my trousers. I started tracing my fingers around one of her tits before cupping it, but still not really sure what was going on. This was a complete surprise to me.

She continued to rub my now growing bulge through my trousers as she started moving round so her back was no longer against the door but mine was. She stopped, took a step back, pulled her top over her head and reached behind to unzip her skirt. She gave a slight wiggle of her hips and let it fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Fuck” as I exhaled.

Completely naked, she reached down lightly ran a finger along her pussy, as she slowly walked backwards and sat on the bench that was against one of the walls.

As she sat she leant back she put her left foot up on the bench. Her right foot still on the floor she let her knee fall to the side, giving me a clear view of what her skirt had been hiding.

“Come here” she said softly.

As I got in front of her I bent down to kiss her. Our lips were just about to meet. She put her finger up to my lips as if to stop me.

“Lick me” she whispered.

I looked into her eyes for a second and she bit her bottom lip. I knelt down and took in the view. Her cunt was so smooth, not a hair in sight. Her inner lips slightly open as if waiting for something. She reached down with one hand and parted them more. They were glistening with her juices. I leant forward and ran my tongue from the bottom to the top of her wet slit. She tasted so sweet. She let out a little moan. As I was licking I stopped at her clit and sucked it in between my lips and flicked my tongue over it. She let out another moan and a giggle.

I leant back from her for a second, unable to take my eyes off her beautiful, small pussy. I leant in and took her right nipple into my mouth and with my right hand put my middle finger into her tight wet pussy. I could feel her juices increasing as I arched my finger inside her against her spot. Her left hand playing with her left nipple. I turned my attention back to her clit. I licked, nibbled and sucked on it. All the while fingering Bursa Bayan her she rolled both nipples between her fingers, eyes closed and head rocking from side to side. I eased my ring finger into her hole to join my middle finger and alternated between sliding them back and forth and keeping pressure on her pleasure spot. She started moaning more and put her left leg over my shoulder and pulled me in tight.

I kept sucking on her clit and kept my fingers pressed inside her. Adding and releasing pressure on her spot. She kept moaning, trying to stifle the sound. It wouldn’t have mattered, no one goes upstairs. She gave up trying.

“I’m gonna cum, don’t stop”.

I added more pressure, almost lifting her arse up with each thrust of my hand. She put her other leg over my other shoulder and squeezed and moaned and orgasmed. My right hand was covered in her delicious juices.

I felt her body go loose as she slumped back, panting. She grabbed my right hand pulling my fingers out of her and brought it up to her mouth, licking and sucking her cum from my fingers. My other hand went for a nipple, but she giggled and squirmed.

“No, don’t, they’re too sensitive”.

She pushed me up to my feet and went straight for my buckle. My trousers and boxers were on the floor in one movement. There was string of precum hanging from the tip of my cock as it stood at full attention. She grabbed at the swollen head, wrapped her hand around it and slid it all the way to the base, smearing my precum along its length, pulling my foreskin all the way back. “mmmmm” she groaned and leant forward and licked the underside of the head before wrapping her lips around it. She started sucking on the head, rolling her tongue around it in circles before taking it all the way in. Gripping the base, moving her head back and forth then having her hand move in time with her head, wanking and sucking. I was still in shock that this was happening.

She pulled her head away breathing heavily looking at my now even harder dick. She grabbed the base again with one hand as she continued to wank it with the other. She angled her wanking hand up then started to lick my shaved balls. Sucking one of them in and out of her mouth. I took my shirt off.

She pulled away and said “sit”.

As I did she knelt in front of me on top of my trousers and went back to sucking my cock with one hand wanking it but in a twisting motion. This felt incredible. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out for but I didn’t want it to end.

“Have you got a condom?” she asked, Escort Bursa

“No” I said with a sigh.

She pushed me back so I was lying down slightly but up against the wall and she got on top of me.

“mmmm, maybe next time then”.

She had my cock pressed up between her pussy and my stomach, sliding back and forth against it.

I leant forward and went for a nipple, taking it into my mouth, while cupping and squeezing the same boob with my hand. She was moaning, grinding her pussy against me. I could hear her wetness. I was getting close.

After a minute she got off me and sat on the bench to my left. She put her right leg over my left and with her right hand starting wanking me. I leant over and with my right hand started fingering her. We were kissing each other for all we were worth. I felt her wet hole tighten around my middle finger as it went in and out, then I held it all the way in, pressing up against her g-spot again, kissing her harder as she was moaning into my mouth. We were pressed up tight to each other, breathing, or rather panting in time.

She tensed, and whispered in my ear “I’m cummi…” which turned into a moan as she once again orgasmed on my hand, breathing hard in my ear as we were pressed against each other. I kept my hand going with the pressure inside her as she continued to orgasm.

She tried to kiss me but it seemed she couldn’t quite function while in the midst of cumming. She’d stopped wanking me, now her right hand was just gripped around my twitching member.

Once she stopped cumming she started stroking me again. She got down on her knees. She made a ring with her thumb and first finger around the top of my balls and gripped it tight making my cock appear even harder and bigger. She used her other hand and stroked it, slow at first with increasing speed.

“I’m going to cum” I said.

She leant forward and was sucking and wanking me. I started to cum in her mouth and she kept going, never letting up. I was in heaven. My whole body was tense. I had no control. I noticed a bit of spunk appear out if the corner of her mouth and run down her chin and drip off on to her boob. She kept the head in her mouth, sucking every last drop, still lightly stroking me. She released my dick and it sprang up, slapping against my stomach. I was spent. I didn’t know what to say.

She looked at me, swallowed and smiled as she used a finger to wipe what was on her chin towards her mouth, not wanting to waste any of it. I just sat there, still hard, watching as she got dressed quickly.

She bent down towards me and gently stroked my cock and whispered “have a good weekend” and left.

I took a minute to let my erection die down, got dressed and went back downstairs. She’d gone, everyone had gone. I grabbed my coat and left.

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